Guest Artist Trailer - Cinequest 2019

Guest Artist Trailer – Cinequest 2019

we have a contract that pays actual money you are going to god-knows-where Michigan whatever that is in the car with one of those places you go oh no not at all in fact I grew up this escape do you know the dress of Paris's what's he in her class no he's a playwright and he's here right now who told you about my little problem your agent former agent oh I didn't know neither does she my play does he look horse me don't worry about me I can take it baby criticize each other in the theater all the time that's how we grow up through through credit criticized Asia I have never been more closed I'm more clothes than the casket was at my father's funeral come on I had to meet you to experience your essence I have an essence not not essence it's not just a play it's art when it all comes together it's better than movies it's better than TV can they get it on my phone you

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