Guessing Acronyms w/Jaiden Animations & SomethingElseYT

Guessing Acronyms w/Jaiden Animations & SomethingElseYT

So that means we have to start the video. We have to give it like, an introduction… Ok …You have to do that. Hey, everyone! Welcome back to- Ugh that was bad… mmm… What’s going on everyone?!? This is your boy theOdd1sOut back again with another CCrrrRaaAAAzZzzZZYyyy video I’m here with Jaiden Animations and SomethingElseYT say hello! Hello. Wait, do we have to be more enthusiastic like. Hey, it’s me SomethingElseYT! Don’t be fake. I guess let’s just get right into the game. We have to– -…probably explain the rules that would be smart. James you thought of this idea. So… Well, way to throw me under the bus! You’ll probably get it as we go along, but basically we all chose words. Just a three-letter word and then we made an acronym for that word so an example would be B.U.S. would be big ugly snail and then we would draw a big ugly snail and then the other people would have to try and guess B.U.S. and we’ll give them clues we’ll push ’em in the right direction Well, it’s it’s gonna be a kind of a guessing game. ye. ye. OH YE! ye *meme trumpets and kazoos playing in perfect harmony and sync to create such a beautiful piece nobody would not like it* Me and Jaiden are basically competing right now. Prepare to lose, Adam. (Jaiden) So this is a three letter word, people watch my videos for my artistic ability. That’s for sure. ((yes we do!!)) I’m like trying to concentrate cause I wanna, I wanna beat Jaiden. Let’s hope this is good. So you guys can get this mmm? I’m such an artist. He’s narwhal Falling… under… F.A.M.! Is it F.A.M.? F.A.M. like like, yes fam or YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS F.A.M.? F.A.N. as in like air-conditioner fan. What would the three words be? F A N. Falling under Under NARWALS!! AAAAAAAA Did I get it? Did I get it? I heard falling. NO I said, it first. I said it first (Adam laughing) Awww. You said, you said F.A.N., it was falling under narwhals. YES! Aw. Shoot. I said F.A.N. but I meant falling under nar- ahahahahah! I gave that one to you, Adam. Oh now I have to draw Jaiden, oh shoot. I have to draw Jaiden in front of Jaiden uhhhhhhh… Perfect, so that’s kind of how you play the game, right? Falling under narwhals. I get it. You get it. Good. You won this round so I hope you get it. So it’s my turn right? *trumpets and kazoos* We ready? Yes. I’ve never been more ready in my entire life. We kind of have to like wait for the whole picture to be finished. Kinda. So, I guess, Adam! How was your day? I’m doing good James. How was your day? Ahh. It’s alright. Well that sucks. You guys wanna start guessing? TREEHOUSE BOX!!!!!! Is it under something again? Yeeeee. Yeah. Box under ground? Yeah! B.U.G.! WAIT B.U.G.!! butt. Yeah it’s B.U.G. Box under ground That was so fast! Yeah Get rekt Is it my turn now? *more trumpets and kazoos* Now we’re up in the stakes, Adam’s doing four-letter word. Did you guys know that laser is an acronym, ok. I only know it because I had it in the video once and it’s the light amplification by stimulated emissions of Radiation hMMMMMMMMMMM Which actually that doesn’t even spell out laser Yeah, what’s the z? so i- wait is it supposed to be laser as in s? Wait? Is there two sways of spelling laser? You’re asking the wrong person on how to spell Oh yeah, You’re right Cut to like all your misspellings in your videos I’ve done this new tactic where I purposely misspell things like REALLY wrong So when I actually do misspell something people will be like, “Oh! That’s just his thing he misspells things” So y-you cheat? So like when you actually do a REAL typo it’s like “Oh I totally meant to do that.” Yeah, exactly. My teachers part two video there was a chalkboard that said how to escape a restaurant And I used the wrong two on purpose, but restaurant was misspelled, so like I totally meant to misspell restaurant. You right, I believe you. Is it dirty… Ah. Orange? Ah. Can I solve the puzzle? Yes. Is it D.O.U.G.? No Whoa. What? I can’t read those hieroglyphics. Change your stabilizer dude. You know what James? I will. Can I solve the puzzle? Yes. D.O.M.E.? D O M E? Dirty Orange Overly misses No. It’s dirty orange? Yeah. You dirty orange! Ooooh. Gettin’ demonitzed. He missed. And he- DO And if he hit him, he would be d-dead What? Dirty orange very Extreme. D.O.V.E. no I keep wanting to say miss Dirty orange… Might Kill Wait wait wait you you wait- Kill? Yes D.O.N.K. Yes hmhmhm DIRTY ORANGE CAN’T KILL! D.O.C.K.! Wait you got it Wait. Who said D.O.N.K.?? What? I didn’t say. I said D.O.N.K.? D.O.N.K.!? Yeah wait What kind of word is D.O.N.K.? Is it dirty orange… … never kills, er? What is another word? NA NA NA NA NA It’s like NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA… Nnnnnnearly? YES! Nearly kills! Ahhhh hah. YYYYEEEEAAAAAAA!!! hah *trumpets and kazoos* So it’s a four-letter word. It’s gonna be fun. This is gonna be fun. Dinosaur! Ste- yeah, you know what. No I’m not even know. I’m gonna say anymore I don’t wanna give you guysmmm. I wanna get the little letter hints or letter points those are like point three points Right? hahmm. Are we keeping score? No. Bronchiosaur. Oah Under wear? sw- Swimming suits. Bronchiosaur’s underwear. Isn’t it like a Brachiosaurus? People are gonna let us know I just know ’em from Land Before Time and in Land Before Time they’re called long necks and also leaves are called tree stars I had a computer game of that of Land Before Time and there’s like this hay maze And I was really scared of that game. Tony the Tiger, angry Tony the Tiger. Is that Tony the Tiger. Is it? I don’t know. Tiger, it’s just a tiger, angry tiger. Yeah, that’s actually good a ve- an angry tiger. Okay, so bronchio-saurs under an under wear angry tiger I’m gonna do something and you might be a little confused on what I’m about to do. Okay. In my mind it makes sense. Justin Bieber’s – is it an Emo Tiger? Emo tiger. Clllose Marka Tiger!! I was wrong. Maybe I should start giving you clues now. I think he’s like a- “It’s not a phase mom” tiger. You gave it like a little hitler stache. That’s makeup. That’s makeup Oh, okay. Geez Actually you’re right. It does kinda, NO it’s makeup We’re all agreeing that this is a tiger? Yeah. So angry Emo tiger with bronchiosaur underwear This is a big clue. Tumblr Tumblr Tumblr tiger. A feminist tiger. Let’s throw out some clues, it’s still the wrong layer. What was this dinosaur called again? A bronchiosaur. I think it’s Brachiosaurus. Brachiosaur- A long neck chiiiio-saurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Sauce Sauce s-s-saurrrr. Sips or cut to like all your misspellings in your videos *in slow motion* Cut to like all your misspellings in your videos. hah Ahmon… Okay, so that’s that’s the first one. Now. I’m just coloring it. Now. I’m just like adding some little details. B A …E Is it B.E.A.N.? B.E.A.N.! This isn’t, this is, gonna, this is so fun. I like this. What is he wearing? Pantiess… Is it- B.U.T.T. – B.W.U.T.T.? B.U.T.T.! Okay, but yeah, but like what’s the sentence? What’s the sentence? uh. Bronchios, b-b-bronchiosaur- a- under wear Tony the Tiger. Tumblr Tiger? TUMBLR TIGER! No. mmmmm Tumblr shaming. Underwear Ticks off. TRIGGERS TIGER. Triggers tiger YES. Wait wait. What was it? Triggers tigers. My favorite word. Yeah, so it’s B.U.T.T. I kinda wanna finish this drawing now. James Alright. I’m not done yet *trumpets and KAZOOS* Okay. Okay, okay? So mine is four letters now. Wait, I can’t see your thing. L-look with your eyes. Well a- you’re right! I should. Wha- What was I thinking? I was like should I draw a stick figure?
Nah. I’ll try a little bit. I think me and Adam are closely looking at the drawing just you know thinking of things and we’re not just talking we’re just being silent So James. What Adam? You daaaaummm Parents. Parents Am I right? a fish. An eel! Am I right? a fish. An eel! yyyyeah Mom eel. MEAT! Mom eel, mom eel, M.E.M.E. What the. You got the word but you didn’t get the- OH I hahaha Mom eel- mom eat- mom eating meat eel. My eels mom eating my eels. Mom meating my eel. No. No. mom eating Marcos’ eel. Look at those eels. James:Mom eating many eels!
Adam:Mom eating more eels- Mom eating more eels- YEAH! YES! Mom eating many eels. I had it. I had that I blamed myself for saying it out loud *TRUMPETS AND KAZOOS* One two three four five. This is like advanced territory We had a hard time with B.U.T.T. Girl, dress, lady, teacher. WAIT you got one of the words. Is it James? What? Adam you don’t have to go fast. It’s ok. You can take your time. You can draw good if you want. Boxing glove? Tiny lady? getting close * quietly* Is it midget lady? No, she’s ans- I MEAN WAIT- Answering? More tomatoes. Oh, so they are tomatoes? No, no, they aren’t tomatoes. oh You’re close though. They’re apples. They’re big cherries. Are they big cherries? Okay so, they’re apples Lady answering apples? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPP. Just L.A.A.A.A.A.P. Huh. LAAAAAAAP Another one. Teeny-tiny is there two T’s? Something lady answering. Tiny lady answering Apples. Is it L.L.A.M.A.? Ah Ah Ah Wha-hahahaha Little lady answering many apples? You just pick up an apple you go, “Hello?” and then someone on the other line goes, “Is banana there?” *trumpets and kazoos* I actually lied to you guys. This is a six letter word. I thought of it And then I was thinking of acronyms for it, and I was at wait this is a six-letter word. Aaah who cares? Is it J.A.M.E.S.? That’s a five letter word. Never mind. haha JAMESSSSSSSS Charmander! Ok, yeah. Ok, Charmander. Angry Charmander Asking For Lots of Pickles. How’d you get it so quick Adam? So Jaiden? What’s the deal with airline food? Funny you mention it. When I was getting a ticket for Europe there’s like a meal option, because it was like an eight-hour flight. There’s a meal options and one of them said bland meal. hahaha hmmm Yes, I would like one bland meal please. I would like my meal extra bland. Egg. I’d say- eh. Kind of close. Kind of close Poliwhirl Poliwhirl. Cinnamon buns! Cinnabuns Ahh Is it another Pokemon? Cookie Is this the 7th generation? I’m getting hungry. Meatloaf Egg roll! Ahh! charmander eating egg rolls and he’s angry. Charmander angry at egg roll that’s too hot for consumption. Sassy eggroll. Sexy egg roll. S*** egg roll Ooo Charmander Angry at A Sexy egg roll. Sexy egg roll. Is it C.H.E.E.S.E.? mmmmmmMMMMMMMMMM Charmander hunting Every exci, sexy egg rolls. How did you get egg roll? Cause I drew an egg roll, Jaiden. Charmander Hmpphing Like HMMMMPH Everyone. OOWHA- Charmander Charmander Hearing everyone EAT SEXY GR-EGG ROLLS!! No it’s aw. I like to say my- my words with enthusiasm just in case I do get it right. Enormous. ENORMOUS SEXY EGG ROLL. Dang it. Jaiden’s doing better than me I… dislike Dislike Charmander hates Charmander hates! Yeah! NO! Charmander hates everyone’s enormous sexy egg roll Good job team! *more trumpets and kazoos* Okay, so this one is five letters. Oh, I think I know one of the letters Ant It’s an A. Yes. Are those petunias? Oh. Those are guarding tools! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Electric ants gardening. EgAD! Oh there’s a little elephant. Ok This little lab in a g** AHMMMMMPPPH Wait long elephant. EYEAH! A wiener dog elephant You guys are really close. Wiener elephant! No, Adam, you’re going farther away Electric ants gardening long elephants. Electric ants gardening long elephants, yes, all sword Yeah! So what’s the word? EEEEAAAGLE WAIT NO! E-energy Energy Yeah, go Eagle E-agle. EAGLE!! HAAAAAAAAAAA HAHAHAHA Dangit HAHAHAHAHAHA E-AGLE E-AGLE HAHAHAHA I got it! caw-caw Cock I’d like to guess eAgle for 500 So I guess everyone go watch everyone else’s videos now if you haven’t already W-when people see this we’ve already been to Vidcon right? Oh, Vidcon was so fun you guys. OH YEAH!! I LOVED VIDCON! I loved that one part. hmm James, I can’t believe you said that on the panel. Okay. Well, thanks for watching everyone and as always wear your seatbelt Okay okay BYE!! BYE! I don’t like that ‘bye’. Don’t put that one in.

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