Grolsch Beer Oil Painting Progress Vlog And Why I Went From An Easel To The Drafting Table

Grolsch Beer Oil Painting Progress Vlog And Why I Went From An Easel To The Drafting Table

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about the girls beer painting the girls beer bottle painting. I’ve been working on if you Saw part one if you watched part one, I should say this is kind of part two of that and You want to talk a little bit about why I took it off the easel because it’s it’s going I got something else up here now and It’s actually still in my All kinds of trouble here. It’s in I still have the still life up in here But I want to talk a little bit about why I took it off the easel why I am NOT working from life anymore I’m actually working from a photo and all these sorts of things but find out why stick around First of all, welcome back to the channel this role beer bottle painting has been kind of haunting me a little bit longer than it should have and I need to get something else Completed and and working on the easel and I do this quite a bit I I kind of jump around from drawing the drawing and sometimes I get finished with them right away. Sometimes they kind of linger It’s just the way I work. I don’t like working on one thing at a time. It just it slows me down I feel like I’m not getting any real progress I’ll show some some other clips of what I’m doing, but I use a product called homeless oat and It’s like a spongy dry board you can staple you can put pins in it and stuff like that and I like to use that to pin my my canvas panels down and I can work on them just as if I was just drawing in a book or something and And I actually kind of like that versus the easel. I spent The last couple of sessions correcting Still why it was on the easel correcting some of the proportions and the overall shape and and all that Was it real concerned with value yet or chroma in in the paint? I? Was I was really kind of more concerned with the shape Before I took it down off off the easel. So to me, that’s the whole benefit of site size anyways being able to look from back and forth, you know, and we’ve talked I talked about that quite a bit in part one but now I feel like I can really kind of relax a little bit slow down a little bit or focusing on the color and I don’t mind working from a photo really anyway But working from a photo that’s been kind of stylized in photoshop With the way I want this painting to look or at least closer to the way. I want to look There’s gonna be a lot more fun for me and it’s kind of kind of a hybrid process of getting the shapes in life, you know working directly with the still life and then working on the color in the Shadows and the values and the highlights all those sorts of things Working from a photo. So there are a couple of reasons why I wanted to get away from the easel Other than just needing the easel back to work on more projects. I find that working vertically with a maul stick and Even propping my arm up and doing these sorts of things. I Get fatigued a lot quicker than if I’m sitting at a table and working I just enjoy sitting down and and working on it that way so That’s that’s really the whole point in getting off the easel The easel is nice when I want to see something side by side or when I want to you know stand and work, but you know, it’s I Can only deal with so much of it before I just you know Get kind of tired of the drawing and get tired of the painting get tired of the stuff you know, I lose in just real fast and So yeah, I’m gonna I want to finish the painting it’s a it’s still sort of a study for me more than something I want to sell but Moving it off the easel is gonna make it so I can go back to using me So for other projects and I can kind of relax a little bit work from the photo. I work in 90 minute work blocks and it just it’s better for me to be able to work on multiple pieces at a time I can put a lot of paint out on the canvas and work one block and Take a break work another block take a break or another block take a break So on and so forth and when the paintings start to get a little bit too wet too messy I can move on to a different painting and not not really Have to worry about another easel or moving something and all that. So I really like working from life and if I can use this shadow box here often I Feel like it’s a more It’s more of a benefit to me in the drawing phases and the early under painting phases than it is in the later phases, so That’s what I’m doing with that. So yeah, I haven’t haven’t given up on it and I haven’t quit painting that painting It’s just that’s where I’m at. So That’s all I’ve got today have a great weekend we’ll see You

3 thoughts on “Grolsch Beer Oil Painting Progress Vlog And Why I Went From An Easel To The Drafting Table

  1. You can do it!! I was trying to draw a chimney the other day on a house and It took me almost an hour before I finally got it and I ended up throwing the picture out at the end of the day. Certain projects become a nemesis! Your art is really good, you are working on a skill level thats extremely high and little things that bother you most people wont notice. However I understand that you will know its there and thats what drives you nuts. Keep up the good work and maybe draw a fluffy bunny or something to help relax a little haha Have a good weekend!

  2. I really like this type of hybrid process. Without realizing it I started doing something similar with my drawing practice. I would start drawing something in real life but I would also take a picture of the subject so I could zoom in on parts to isolate them and it also helps me visualize the 3D object in 2D space.

    Great work on the painting. Keep it up. I love seeing the progress as well as the behind the scenes process.

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