16 thoughts on “Granville Bantock: Lyric Poem

  1. im trying to find exaples for a lyric poeam and i dident hear any words do we need words im confused now

  2. Thankyou for introducing me to this piece which has a lot of charm (and is sympathetically played). My favourite orchestral work is 'Overture to a Greek Tragedy', but I must check out some more of his work (especially as he is a distant relation!)

  3. Thank you! I can't distribute his piano works, which are still in copyright – but you may be able to get them via a library. He is not really a major piano composer. I note that Ronald Brautigam has recorded his 'Three Scottish Scenes' but do not have that score!

  4. The New Grove only has a selective list. Some years ago I read a biography of Bantock, which I think had a works list. I suggest that you might try emailing Westminster Central Music Library and see if they can help – they have a website which you can Google.

  5. From Spain:
    I am very very very interested in the works of Sir G.Bantock.I would like to have a complete list,in all categories.I haven´t found it in the web (there´s a very complete in wikipedia,but it is not complete)
    Could anibody provide?
    Thanks!! and sorry for my english 😉

  6. If the reviewr of the live performance in 2004refered "kitsch" from its negative meaning, he was completely wrong – this piece, even though episodic, is daring and has modern- romantic flavour. Thanks for uploading!

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