Grace VanderWaal: Finale Performance (FULL HD) ‘Clay’ | America’s Got Talent 2016

Grace VanderWaal: Finale Performance (FULL HD) ‘Clay’ | America’s Got Talent 2016

Welcome back, this is America’s Got Talent The finals, we are live from Hollywood Ten acts came to this famous theater Tonight hoping to win 1 million dollars And we’ve got just one more act to see She’s a singer, a songwriter and a ukulele player And she’s still only twelve years old From Suffern, New York- she is Grace Vanderwaal “This is I Don’t Know My Name by Grace Vanderwaal. I absolutely love you Grace.” Um… oh wait you’re not gonna watch this.” “I don’t know” “My name” “I don’t play by the” “Rules of the game… so you say” GRACE- I started writing because I was really bored “I’m just trying” It was kind of fun so I just kept with it. “Try~ing” Words that came from ME and my heart. “I heard you are my sister’s friend” I wrote ‘I Don’t Know My Name’ just in my room and now people are singing it all over the world “You asked me why I” “Cut my hair and changed myself completely” I try not to think about it too much cause I don’t want to get myself too freaked out. “I’m lost” “Trying to get found” When I auditioned, I would never think that I would make it to the finals “I’m just trying” “Just try~ing” And it’s just like… a dream. “I now” “Know my” “Na~me” I could possibly win this Like, I’m getting far “I don’t play by the” “Rules of the game” Tonight I’m going to be singing words that Came from my heart Hopefully they are enough. “Try~ing” To… win America’s Got Talent. *PAST GRACE* To find my way. You see a girl… in the hallway. And then you whisper to your friend… ‘Who is she anywa~y?’ You’ve forgotten what she looks like… in like a day. But your words don’t hurt me. I will be ok. Cause you~ don’t~ hurt~ me~… I~ won’t~ mold~ To… your silly words. I won’t live inside your world. Cause your punches, and your names, all your jokes and stupid games. They don’t work. Hmm- The~y don’t hurt. Watch them just go right through me. Because they mean nothing to me~. Try to change my shape… but baby I’m not cla-a-ay. Sorry not toda-a-ay Cause baby… I’m not… Try to change my shape! But baby I’m not cla-a-ay. Sorry not today! Cause baby… I’m not… Cla-a-ay~!! Your silly words… I won’t live inside your world! Cause your punches, and your names, all your jokes and stupid games…! They don’t work~!! No… they~ don’t hurt! Watch them just go right through me… because they mean Nothing to me~ I’m not… cla-a-ay… Nick: Wow! Incredible! Grace Vanderwaal! Pickin’ up the confetti! Howie? Howie: Amazing Grace… how sweet the sound… It’s not only a song… it speaks to you and you are amazing and I’m gonna take my couple of seconds To say ‘America… you gotta vote… Grace has to win…’ This is my favorite moment of tonight. Nick: Mel B? Melly: You know what? I really feel like you were in your ultimate Ultimate element tonight… I didn’t feel any nerves from you… You’re meant to be here… you’re meant to be singing your heart out… It’s YOUR song, it’s YOUR moment… well done Grace. Nick: Heidi? Heidi: You know? In a sea of jewels, I feel like you’re just the Rawest, most original diamond- or RAREST diamond of them all… Because I feel like you just shine that little bit brighter than everyone else. I feel like you’re a true gift to music. Nick: Simon Cowell? Simon: Basically Grace… I always say this to the people I work with, ‘Finding stars should be difficult.’ And people in a few years time are gonna look back at you and say, ‘The reason this girl did so well and why she’s gonna be someone we’re all gonna look up to…’ ‘…and remember is that because she did it… in a real way.’ No gimmicks- it was just you, and you deserve your praise tonight. And I don’t know what’s gonna happen… but… You’re gonna be there at the end… I can feel it And you’ve been amazing Grace and a fantastic contestant. Congratulations. Nick: Truly a superstar performance. How does it feel? Grace: I mean… just feels good to just get on the stage and get it over with and get it out of the way. Nick: Ay- a true, honest answer. ??? Good luck tonight Grace… So! That’s it! There are no more acts and there is nothing else these guys can do… It’s over to YOU America. You can vote online, you can use a phone, you can use the app and you’ve got until 7… (unintelligible) to vote for the act YOU want to win Tomorrow night, we’ll find out who you have chosen as the winner of 1 million dollars ??? I did this for Grace ;3

100 thoughts on “Grace VanderWaal: Finale Performance (FULL HD) ‘Clay’ | America’s Got Talent 2016

  1. The way she sang the word clay as it was a celebration of who she is. She sang it as if "THIS IS ME TAKE ME AS I AM OR NOT WHATEVER YOU DECIDE IF IT'S A YES..THANK YOU OR A NO I DON'T CARE."

  2. Grace! Please keep perspective that this and you are ALL about LOVE and Compassion and HUMOR! You are a gift to us all! Please don’t let anyone interfere in your path to ALL that is good! Thanks for sharing your love! We love you back! Anyone who tries to take away from her pure heart will perish! Love will protect!

  3. I don't know why that when I see her she makes me feel ok with the world hand that it has humble people like in it too & it's good !☺

  4. Why? Why lord? Why couldn’t you give me a little talent. This girl has dump trucks full of talent. I don’t even have a teaspoon full. Damn it. It comes to her as easily as breathing.

  5. This is simply a HOLY $!!X^ moment we will never witness again … what a girl! I still follow her journey and am back for another taste of this amazing performance… STANDING O

  6. How brilliant of her to have written a very good anti-bullying song!🤗
    She's so young and so pure

  7. That song is about being bullied she isn't going to let whoever it is get to her . So to the Bully up yours …..

  8. Знаете, она хороша! Особенно для тех, кто смотрит, но не видит (замечу в скобах Русские поделились со всем миром – знанием!) Пока нам жаль Вас… Но а после… Живите больше лет…

  9. Truly amazing, just amazing, she literally made me cry three different times from three different videos, back to back!!👏😭👏😭👏

  10. I love all her original songs and it’s crazy because I’m watching this 3 years later and it’s still such a good feeling to see her win !

  11. The incredible talent of a great artist, her skills keep growing, voice, manner with her audience, young face and at the same time an extraordinary internal strength, she is amazing, congratulations and "success always" !!!

  12. At 12 you should be a child and not serve for the ego of the parents. but let's see what happened to these people. Depression drugs. Children are growing and must first build an identity. And not hop on the stage for the financial power

  13. Not gonna lie she is very talented, like having written 4 songs that’s crazy. However; kinda confused how she won since there were many pitch and control inconsistencies in her vocals. Really happy for her though.

  14. This song has at least 4-6 different tune in each phase from main to refrain to bridge. She wrote compose & sang it … Found some of her written original songs are in Minor progression & Major triad (ex. Miss You) All these at 12 y.o or earlier. UNBELIEVABLE!

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