GOLDEN Silverpoint / Drawing Ground

GOLDEN Silverpoint / Drawing Ground

GOLDEN Artist Colors Silver Point and Drawing Ground is an easy to apply Single Jar product. To apply the Silver Point and Drawing Ground first shake the container vigorously. Make sure that the product is homogenous and the Brendham inside the container is freely moving. Remove the seal in the cap if you have not done, so already. Open container and pour out into a wide pan a sufficient amount of product to accomplish the current application. Close the container and allow the Silver Point and Drawing Ground to sit for five minutes this allows the majority of the foam to dissipate. Dip your brush of choice and begin applying the Silver Point and Drawing Ground evenly across the surface of your substrate. Depending on the scale of your substrate that it may be necessary to work moving forward using a wet edge technique. After you have covered your entire surface or as areas begin to start to dry brush gently over the surface to remove any remaining bubbles. Overall Foam tends to level out well, but this additional brushing ensures the best surface possible. After the application is finished clean your brush using soap and warm water, then allow the coated surfaces to cure for 24 hours before marking. A Wide array of brushes can be used for application of the Silver Point Ground, however some brush styles may perform better than others. The best choice for a brush is one that has soft even bristles with good memory. cheaper brushes called chip brushes are less even to start with and do not have good memory. As You can see the cheaper brush has a combing effect. This is just a limited selection of metal stylus options You are not limited to any specific option if it leaves a mark it is acceptable Silver leaves a light grey mark that will Darken over time copper like this piece of pipe allows a shading technique. Silver Point Drawing Ground works well with many other Media. Artists are finding that preparation of a substrate with a Silver Point Drawing Ground produces a smooth lower absorbency. This unique form of surface allows for increased control of water-based media as well as finer lines and detail marks. Make sure to test media is on a separate prepared surface before applying to Major works. The high pigment load and Silver Point and Drawing Ground can be useful in lighting Dark or buff papers. As you can see the ground has a dramatic effect on the black paper it is being applied to, Thinner Paper’s like this generic computer paper are more prone to warping after being coated, taping down paper can dramatically reduce this warping. Tape paper to be coated to a hard rigid surface and apply as normal allow the paper to dry tapes down. Using Silver Point and Drawing Ground in composition holds unique attributes as uncoated areas do not develop marks from the metal stylus Here we have a paper with coated next to uncoated areas as you can feed rubbing vigorously does not transfer marks to the uncoated areas.

10 thoughts on “GOLDEN Silverpoint / Drawing Ground

  1. very cool! i bought some of this recently to try out. i was looking for something that would allow me to draw and shade more easily on a canvas. i like to create my "underpainting" for my portraits with graphite before applying my paint. i haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but after seeing this demo i'm excited to give it a try.

    paulette insall
    ~ mixed media artist & instructor ~

  2. Hi Paulette –

    So happy that you found this helpful! Definitely let us know how things turnout – we are always interested in seeing what artists are doing. Also, if there is anything else we can do to help, or any subjects you would like to see us cover here, just let us know.

    Thanks again!

  3. I have been using Golden Silverpoint Ground on watercolour paper and on parchment with silverpoint and, sometimes, a bit of watercolour. Very happy with it. Wondering about using it on small canvas and underpainting with silverpoint for oil?

  4. Glad to hear that the Silverpoint / Drawing Ground is working for you! As for using it under oils, that is not something we have tested. However, if you wanted to try, we would recommend first doing a test piece and always keeping the application as thin as possible. You can find additional guidelines for using acrylics under oils on our website at golenpaints (dot) com/technicaldata/techsheets (dot) php. Look for "Oil Over Acrylic Guidelines" in the Application Sheet section. Hope that helps!

  5. Potentially, yes, but it may depend on how much graphite you have to cover and it may require more coats to completely cover. The main concern is that graphite is very slippery (that's why it's often used as a dry lubricant in machinery) and marking the Silverpoint Ground with a hard stylus may cause it to break free or flake away from the graphite below.

  6. Steven, this ground has a very low viscosity almost like water. So, it retains minimal brush stokes, but it also might apply thinly in areas to reveal brush strokes so you can apply more than one coat for complete coverage.

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