95 thoughts on “Glow in dark moon – SPRAY PAINT TUTORIAL by Skech

  1. Hey guys this one is little long and boring video but also fun project 😀
    Let me know down below did u liked it 🙂
    Love u ALL !

  2. not much of a glow in the dark person but that turned out really good!! nice job skech! can't wait for your next one!!

  3. Very cool! I love that spray effect spray 😀 Too bad the stars didn't show that well… Maybe sprinkle clear coat as stars and use the powder on the clear to create the stars? 🙂 Would love to see you try that out!

  4. Just absolutely amazing as always. It is such a joy to watch you paint. Thank you for sharing your awesome talent.

  5. Hey, Sketch! I absolutely love your work. With the help of your videos I've started spray painting as well. I would be interested in seeing how you would approach a Lava Lamp effect. Keep it rolling my friend!

  6. Darn awesome……I would like to know which type of paint and sheet you use.Thank you. Fellas

  7. It was Awesome!! Just one suggestion. The stars do in the blue glow paint to see a more 3Dish kind of look. 👍🏼 as always keep up on amazing those who watch it and find an inspiration to create art with spray paint.

  8. Could you do spiral galaxies for you next video? Not many youtubers have done it and with some planets around it as well!!

  9. Skech it was not boring. I just loved it. Something different. As usual another piece of great art. Thank you. Keep more coming!!!!

  10. I will definitely be trying this technique. I love your channel and learn so much watching you. I could do without the music in the background though. Just my preference.

  11. Hey Skech, everytime I look on this channel, I get amazed!! Keep up the good work! Your talented as shit!!💪🤙
    I will be just as passionate about my work when I become a grownup. That's how I want to live life. Doing the things I love with/and/or the poeple I love. You have inspired me alot. They video was not boring! I loved it!!😄

  12. @Skech Art: Great tutorial, man! Those glowing spots looks like meteorite holes in the moon. 🙂

  13. Thanks for the guidance, it really makes it a tutorial now!

    Another awesome video keep making more

  14. hey Skech I have a question. do you have any advice on how to perfect your art work? like how to get a clean picture without paint spatters everywhere?

  15. The friend asked me in the next one, which is what puts the last of all his paintings is transparent. Another question as it is called the paper in which you work, thanks I hope you answer me

  16. Hi! I'm fairly new to your channel and to spray paint art all together. Can you explain how you use the fire and what its purpose is? Also do you have any tips to keep my paint from bleeding. I'm working with just black and white and I'm doing simple space scenes.
    Thank you!

  17. It's great seeing the differences between dark and light planet. It's a shame that we can't notice that with the stars, but it is fantastic picture. See you!

  18. Me gusta tu contenido tu manera de expresare y Hacer Arte!!!👍
    Like ya tienes un nuevo Suscriptor 👍

  19. The paint drip technique is awesome it looks realistic…. Awesome work man I wish u hit 1 million sub in this one weak and have a party at weakend😊

  20. When you brought it inside and before you turned off the lights, it almost looked 3D. Really cool results.

  21. well is look cool in the dark but as expected we can't see the star maybe irl but not on video ^^ nice work anyways :p

  22. I know this video is old but I just wanted to start off by saying love the magic u make with the paint which I just started my own little paintings as well barely two days going but I love it so far and ur videos inspire me thank you and if u don't mind let me know where you were able to get the glow in the dark spray paint I'm am from the United States.. hope to hear from you

  23. hey i like the way you do it.. it inspires me to make one to give to my girlfriend in her birthday.. i just want to ask if you use acrylic spray paint and what part of the glossy paper you use thanks so much for your reply 🙂 🙂 🙂

  24. Make wolf glow in the dark painting and I love the way you explained the whole process you are the only one who explained like this👌👌👌❤❤

  25. That glow in the dark is boss skech me & my wife made a mini moon on a sticker for our daughters room. Keep it up i watch everything your awesome !!

  26. Love your work and videos – However this one was not my fave.
    Kinda looked like you sneezed all over it.
    Just not my taste.

  27. This is awesome and helpful! I noticed that the drip effect you used for the stars with the glow in the dark spray didn't really show up when the lights went off. Do you know what happened and how to correct it by chance?

  28. your art in amazing mate , ive started recently doing stuff myself and am learning alot from your videos 🙂 , just about to start using glow in the dark spraypaint in my art also using it to make a clock with in my art

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