Glitter Santa Claus Drawing Step by Step

Glitter Santa Claus Drawing Step by Step

Hi guys. It’s Anna. Today I’m going to draw Santa Claus and his sleigh. We are going to paint him with glitter. Let’s begin. Now let’s draw Santa’s sleigh. Don’t forget to draw Santa’s presents. Also let’s draw a tiny Christmas tree. Now let’s paint Santa Red. We’ll color Santa’s gloves Green. Let’s use Orange to color Santa Clause’s boots. We’ll paint Santa Clause’s present bag Green. Then Purple. And finally Orange. Now let’s paint Santa Clause’s sleigh. We’ll use Red. And Yellow. Now let’s go over the lines one more time. And now let’s color the sky Blue. Now it’s time to color Santa Claus and his sleigh with glitter. Let’s put glue first. Glitter time! We’ll use Red glitter for Santa’s clothes. Now let’s use Green glitter. Finally, let’s use Gold glitter. Did you like it? Make sure to LIKE and Subscribe~ Bye~

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