42 thoughts on “Glenn Gould-J.S. Bach-The Art of Fugue (HD)

  1. Every touch of his fingers on the keys is brilliant like the music of Bach itself.

  2. This, for me, is the epitome of being an artist. He isn’t just playing the piano. It is not just music. This is an outpouring of pure emotion. Close your eyes, and, yes, you hear music. But, mute the sound and focus on just his fingers, and you will see a dance. Each step as important as the last and those that follow. He isn’t just playing music; he is telling a story. You are able to watch as his body reacts to the story within this piece of music. You can see it on his face and even in his posture. His every movement shows love, pain, euphoria, misery, loss, recovery, yearning, highs, lows….life. He isn’t pressing keys in a predetermined order and set to a specific tempo. Most anyone can do that should they desire. He is truly living the music. That, in my opinion, is something exceptionally rare. I feel very honored to witness his amazing performances.

  3. As watching this, realized how gold this was just to see GG playing and his fingers grace those keys… Wow! Where da hen did u get this gem?

  4. Même le silence qui enveloppe cette musique devient sublime et intense. Il y a Jean-Sébastien , le géant, le génie, le maître, le fleuve, qui irrigue et génère toutes les musiques du monde et son serviteur Glenn Gould,, immense interprète.
    Il m'étonne de constater que 457 personnes n'aiment pas. Des sourds ? des handicapés mentaux ?

  5. Ça rentre par les oreilles, ça passe dans le cerveau, ça continue vers l’âme pour la faire vibrer. C'est puissant et magique.

  6. The essence of his performance is in the left hand when it doesn’t touch the piano. At times his characteristic whisperings of the notes become unintentionally too loud and distracting.

  7. I do give Bach his credit for his composition and Gould, but even though I m part German and from Costa Rica, and pianist and composer, but honestly, there are many current authors that deserve also much attention nowadays such as Hector Piazola, the author of "Titanic " and a Costa Rican author who composed a very beautiful piece : Manuel Obregon, and why not, my own Original CD music , not that close but rich in melodies. US citizens are very discriminative and I would also say "racist" about talent anywhere else but in Europe , and their own place.

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