Girls VS Boys Makeup Artists || WHO'S BETTER?

Girls VS Boys Makeup Artists || WHO'S BETTER?

guys it's me this is mine this video is a different kind of video because today's video is a video of knowledge my comment section is basically divided into three things hate love you guys and I know you love me too so debates is divided into debates and one of the main debates on my channel all the time is whether the artist is male or female by their the better artist is a male or female several times when I do my verses videos it's always either a guy does my cheaper makeup and a woman does my more expensive makeup or vice versa and so people always debate in the comments oh that was better because it was a guy or that was better because there was a girl so today's video is gonna answer that question just kidding this is never gonna be answered this question has no answer it's raining and I'm offended but what we're gonna do is we're gonna see who does what better or at least we're gonna see each different point of views or between these specific yes and guys that you're about to see which in this video I've contacted and my best friend Zoe we have two very talented makeup artists it will studied makeup in the same Academy so it's kind of fair and they both have the same level of experience they both have 25 minutes to give me a really nice social makeup look what's happening it's raining and your you won't stop so get right into it don't forget to like subscribe and follow me on instagram and let's just get to it yeah i like that i yeah yesterday I was watching in the night videos dramatically dirty yep husbands learn timer or stopwatch okay it started yeah the border now you're definitely the audience is unimpressed this is college an old collectible art on the old collage I'm going to draw a princess look did you hear that 18 minutes shut up [Applause] [Applause] is it your mother [Applause] I mean literally look for apps Wow listen 20 minutes is nothing to define beauty bitch there [Applause] yeah so 25 minutes later and this is so look 2020 this bunch let me know you guys what do you think I look I'll be very honest sure I like yours I like the foundation color more from Zoey but your eyes look incomplete yeah yeah I feel like this look was generally worn for the nighttime okay let's do the same no they're not they're not on our ends actually this eye looks bigger than this yeah I think in the Sun yeah – Feliz Sun so guys that was it I hope you enjoyed this video it was a different kind of video and just let me know in the comments who do you think won now remember this video isn't basically saying Oh males are better or females are better at makeup it's debatable that's the only reason why it's never gonna have an answer but yeah I just thought it was a fun idea to do don't forget to comment down below like and subscribe and like the video but yeah bye leave get out also we had 20 minutes 25

49 thoughts on “Girls VS Boys Makeup Artists || WHO'S BETTER?

  1. The girl gave you skin that is luminous, an artfully styled brow, and a neutral lip color that allowed your eye to do the talking. I wish she would have spent more time highlighting and contouring, but, overall, it's a suitable day look to wear to the office. The man gave you sun-kissed summer skin, a chiseled cheek bone, a strong jawline, and a wider, more uplifted eye. I wish he would have used a loose setting powder to tone down on the shine in the skin and I wish he would have brought the lip liner slightly above your upper lip line to give you a fuller mouth, but, this is a smoldering evening look that would ignite jealousy in friends and, even better, it would inflame the passion in a date. I love this look and prefer it to the other. Though, you are fabulous in both looks!

    And thank you for the consistent content!

  2. Its not about being male or female its about how much you have dedicated yourself as a person towards that art or whatever field you are in.

  3. 8:33 if that background music was playing in real life and the clock was ticking and I was doing someone's makeup I would have poked an eye.

  4. Chama tu vives en Ecuador pero pareciera que no hablarás nadita español 😹 me da curiosidad saber tu historia amiga besos 💗 adicta a tus videos

  5. I actually likes the Female side. Her side was soft and very complementary to your face. The Male side wasn’t blended as nicely, even though he was able to pack on more color he didn’t have enough time to pull of such a heavy look. I think for the time allowed the Female side actually did better for the time that was allowed. Both of them have skills though!

  6. your bother is cute but not to the point where it's necessary to stare himself in the mirror for several minutes. guys like that will rarely compliment their girlfriends & appreciate her. i hope he grows out of it

  7. Hmm, hard to tell, these are both different makeup style. I like the male side better but her side is not bad at all.
    Nah, there is no answer to who's better, men or women.

  8. Left side looks like a princess look and the right side looks like a barbie look. I really like the guy's eyeshadow and your friend's make up is really clean and smooth

  9. The male MUA did a much better job. With some mascara and fake lashes it would have been amazing ❤️ love your videos!!

  10. I liked both sides, but I believe the male artist did a better job. Even though the foundation color was a little bit off, it was a more complete look and it was very flattering.

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