#GinaBAhrensDesigns Team Project ‘Salvage My Art’ Collab with Shelley Studios

#GinaBAhrensDesigns Team Project ‘Salvage My Art’ Collab with Shelley Studios

hello everyone its Shel C from PaperOcotilloStudio and today I’m sharing with you a project I did as a
collaboration with another person from the GinaBAhrensDesigns design team that is Margel from Shelley Studio and she sent me some art I sent her some art she sent
me some happy mail along with the art and then each of us are going to use
Gina B Ahrens Designs products to modify or alter or change the art the
idea is called ‘salvage my art’ this is a little bit of a slippery slope because
if you give somebody a piece of art that you maybe didn’t love that much and you
want them to change it or improve it or give you ideas and they go and
completely change it in and paint over everything that you did and then you’re
just like well what did you think it was ugly or something what you know so I’ve
done this before with others and I’ve done collaborations like this where I
make a background and give it to someone else and it doesn’t know is I don’t know
it’s it’s a weird thing but this is what the challenge was for this month for
Gena be Aaron’s designs and so that’s what we’re doing so this is mardell’s
piece and it’s on a piece of canvas board and it has a lot of papers glued
to it and I don’t know what she didn’t like about it but one thing that I
thought maybe she didn’t like was that it was very rough and bumpy like the
collage had dried in and bumpiness and it’s also very bright and a lot of a lot
of elements going along a lot of crazy stuff going on maybe it was too busy so
I figured the first thing I would do is I would sand it and when you sand
collage you can make it flatter but it also does kind of give you a distressed
look which is really interesting it also can calm down any harsh lines
that might be there that you wanted she maybe not be so harsh so
i sanded it up and then i need of course to seal it back down as much as possible
and instead of just going ahead and putting another coat on I went ahead and
made some glazing because also my color choices are really seasonally driven
they really are and it’s even though it’s still hot here in Arizona and it
feels like summer I know it’s not the light has changed though you know the
the way the light is has changed I know that it’s becoming fall and I tend to go
towards more warmer colors in the fall that’s just what I do it’s what I like
and it’s it’s just something I don’t know maybe everyone’s and I like that
but so I wanted to calm down the bright colors in the patterns and so I used
quinacridone gold and I mix that in with the glazing and brushed it over the
whole thing and then I blotted some of it back then now I’m using my finger and
a little bit of unbleached titanium paint and then also I’m gonna use the
quinacridone gold which came out way too much you fast but I’m gonna use that too
with my finger to just kind of blend things together there was harsh lines
and I wanted it all to be more I don’t know just more blended more calm down a
little bit because this is going to be my mixed-media background layer and then
I’m going to put stuff on the top of it so if your background is too wild and
crazy’ these are techniques that you can use to make them calm down a little bit
you can blend in some of the harshness by using your finger and some paint and
you can use glazing medium which is just basically paint without pigment in it
and you can tint it whatever color you like and you can also use that to kind
of make everything feel like it’s one tone or calm things down a little bit so
here are a couple things that I pulled out to use from Gina be Erin’s designs
she has an Etsy shop the link to what I used the link to her at sea shop all
that would be below the video so you just click that show
more also before I forget I do want to remind you that I have a coupon code if
SH al shell 1:5 so she’ll 15 is a coupon code that you can use on Gina’s shop to
get 15% off the products so I got out one of the stamp sets which my favorite
stamp in that stamp set is a scribble scribble words and I stamped some of
that randomly around the piece using archival black ink that’s a type of ink
that when it’s dry its permanent and then I like this stencil that looks like
a color wheel and so there was these other circular designs that Marge L had
put on there I I feel like I’m saying her name wrong it’s either Marge L or
marquel and I’m never sure if I’m right or not and then when I say it I feel
like I’m saying it wrong so hopefully hopefully what she won’t be mad she
won’t be mad that I can’t say her name right was never actually met in person
she won’t be mad that I’m changing your art this much it’s freaky and scary but
anyway back to what I’m doing I used some Naples yellow with that color wheel
stencil from Gina’s store and then I’m using this one which is these little
split circles to me they look like coffee beans I don’t think that’s what
they’re called however but I will be sure to link everything that I’m using
in the description box below so you can find the exact thing if you’re really in
love with it and then for that I used like a bright green paint because there
was some of that bright green in the background and I wanted to bring it back
forward again because things are getting kind of muddy so then this is a new
product that Gina has and I just got it I haven’t used it yet and it is a
acrylic guide for drawing a yin and yang symbol that is a hard thing to draw if
you’ve ever tried it actually is hard to draw and this has
three different sizes it’s so it’s got a bigger piece a medium piece and a small
piece to make three different sizes of yin and yang symbols and you could also
use it to to draw a teardrop or a fish or lots of other things it’s just a
guide has a circle on it so you could use it to draw circles it’s a useful
little thing I saw it and that symbol is mean meaningful to me I think that it
means balance balance between the forces of nature which are really unbalanced
right now and that’s like um we’re getting some crazy weather balancing
your life between your creative life and your half to life balance to me is just
an important concept balancing your in your diet so that you remain healthy and
you don’t eat too much of things that make you sick just balance I like it
so I was first going to draw them on to the canvas and then I changed my mind
and decided I would use them as a cutting guide and I had these papers
from a gel printing session that I did with Pam pastels and I will be sure to
link that video in the iCard so that you can find it if you want to watch how I
made these papers using Gina’s stencil designs they’re all Gina stencil designs
I have this little box of all Gina stuff and I just keep it all together and
these papers were in there so I knew I could use them in the project so I found
a dark one and a light one balance between light and dark and I’m tracing
and cutting out the pieces for my focal image here out of those two pieces of
paper that have some stencil design on them and so they work perfectly with the
project because it’s all about Gina’s designs in Gina’s store and using Gina’s
design team so now I’m gonna stick those on to the piece using liquitex matte gel
medium and I’m trying to get them centered on they’re centered in from
side to side and then just a little bit closer to the top then the bottom
because I’m gonna put the word balance on there and so I’m like trying to get
them on there correctly so that they are centered you know that’s a tricky thing
to think getting a thing centered is just tricky always is no matter what
you’re doing so I get them okay and I straighten them and smooth them with old
gift card or something and make sure that everything is sealed down and then
I go ahead and I put some matte medium all around the X everything the rest of
it to make sure that everything’s sealed like that ink and everything that I put
on there and I’m happy with that I think it’s fun
I think it’s meaningful and I like it yep there I am putting more more matte
medium on there so that it’s all sealed everything sealed in for sure then I get
out my Big Shot cutter die cutter and I have this strip
alphabet from Tim Holtz alterations I don’t think they sell this anymore but
they might I’ll have to go try to find the link for you if they still have it
but I’m taking those scraps from leftover from the black paper and
putting them on to cut out letters and need the letters for the word balance so
of course I’m gonna have to cut the a twice because there’s only one a on this
the strip yeah you know it’s a thing but I do get there I also Mike adjusting my
thing underneath to make sure that it’s the right height and I get my letters
cut out and I have to cut the a twice there we go you know how this works it’s a it’s a
manual cutter die cutter I have lots of dies that go to it so then I separate
all the letters from their backs so that I can and they don’t want to come out
I’m not sure exactly why but they they’re kind of finicky they don’t want
to come out and then I’m gonna put those on my canvas with some matte gel medium
I’m using my little six-inch straightedge to keep myself straight so
I make sure that it’s straight with the bottom and then I put the letters all
along the top and let them kind of settle into that gel medium and then I
kind of press them down with a wet baby wipe and then I go back over the top
make sure everything is sealed in with the matte gel medium and everything is
pressed down good I hope you’re enjoying this video if you are please remember to
give it a thumbs up leave me a comment or question below go and check out what
Marge L did with with the thing that I sent her and I don’t know if her videos
up yet or not I have to go figure that out when I post this but keep an eye out
for that also all the rest of the design team was paired up and they did projects
with each other’s art as well and I know that pegs is up because she was partners
with Vicky from messy table studios and I saw her video so I know that’s out so
just take a look for that you can um you can use the hashtag Gina be Aaron’s
designs that’s like at the beginning of the video and you can come up with lots
of design team projects from this whole year of things that we’ve done with
Gina’s designs and her products from renze store of course subscribe if you
haven’t already and turn on your notification bells that’s pretty
important for my channel and share this pin it on Pinterest share it on Facebook
whatever you want to do all those things really helped out my channel so what I’m
doing now is I’m adding some shading whenever I do collage I like to put
shadows around the things that I’ve glued on there so that they don’t look
like they’re just stuck on there but that they actually had an intention and
a purpose to be on the project so I often use the
stability’ all pencil and a a water brush to blend the pencil I also pressed
out a little bit of my acrylic paint from my pasta pin onto my under paper
and use the water brush to add a few highlights around here and there on the
the symbol and also on the word balance so that it stands out from the
background a little bit just a few little highlights so yeah this project
was fun I enjoyed it and I hope that that everything is cool over at the
Shelly studio and that she doesn’t get annoyed with what I did with her piece but it gets a fun it’s a fun challenge
to do and I recommend you do it with some of your friends make some sort of a
background and give it to them and see what they do it’s a you’ll be amazed at
how your Styles meld and how interesting it is so that’s it for me thanks bye bye

12 thoughts on “#GinaBAhrensDesigns Team Project ‘Salvage My Art’ Collab with Shelley Studios

  1. Really nicely done addition to Marcel’s background. You were respectful to what she had done and added your delightful “Shel touch.” Love the papers you used for ying and yang.

  2. WELL DONE! You were respectful of her original but then took it forward by muting the background and adding lights and darks over it. EXCELLENT!

  3. The importance of being centred and balanced in life. 😘 Really like the Yin Yang symbol templates, Shel. Great result!

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