Ghent, City of Arts and History

Ghent, City of Arts and History

22 thoughts on “Ghent, City of Arts and History

  1. Hi there, we've been really enjoying watching this, especially as we film 4k natural sight and sound walks in soulful cities, and have just filmed Ghent too, so it's lovely to see another eye view, thank you for taking the time to add this lovely video (making Ghent look so very beautiful). Perhaps we could subscribe to each other and share more?

  2. Nice video. I'm visiting Belgium soon and I will definitely visit Ghent.
    I can't wait to come again next year for the lights festival.

    Would you please give us some info about the soundtrack ?

  3. Vivir dos meses en esa ciudad es amarla y no querer dejarla jamรกs aun espero regresar y quedarme definitivamente.

  4. OMG…it's an awesome place, I so love it. wish one day i have a chance/opportunity to visit. Thanks for sharing your awesome place, highly appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I was born in Ghent, live in Canada, but grew up in Belgium. I can feel it in my soul when I see those pictures

  6. @blowupthosepigs There's a lot of hidden gems like that here in Belgium, sadly most people only know Brussels – not exactly our crown jewel. If you're ever in the neighbourhood be sure to visit Leuven (Louvain) as well, and of course Antwerp (Anvers) – my favourite cities in Belgium.

  7. Respect. I live in Gent & can confirm that you have filmed the essential (touristically) of the city. Some nice but hidden places are however lacking.

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