Getting Out of the Art Funk · Fill a Sketchbook With Me! #6

Getting Out of the Art Funk · Fill a Sketchbook With Me! #6

Hi my loves. Welcome back to my sketchbook. Well actually, I’m working outside of the
sketchbook today on paper. Just trying to keep up that regular drawing
habit, seeing what art I can make today with an hour or less. And for this session, I’m attempting to finish
off this painting I started in my last video, one of my hour-long, chit-chat videos where
I paint and talk in real-time. For this painting, I was using a reference
that I’ll have linked below, painting on Strathmore’s mixed media black paper, using mainly Holbein
gouache with Royal Talens black and Arteza white. Plus a synthetic round brush in number 4 by
Jackson’s, but all of that stuff will be listed in the description. The point of this painting was really just
to get myself back into painting after Inktober. I talked about it a lot more in my previous
video, but I’ve been feeling a bit lost and unsure with my art, and the best thing to
do to figure out where you’re at and where you want to go, is just do something. Do anything. And use wherever you end up as a starting
point for where you want to go next. So throughout the process of this painting,
I’ve learnt a few things. I want to focus on my use of colour, and I
want to make more of an effort, maybe do some intentional practice, really achieving the
style of painting that I have in my head, getting that down on paper. And I just want to say how much I appreciate
you guys for your patience throughout my journey in art, through the ups and downs and doubts
and experimentation. Its not easy trying to learn and grown while
also sharing your works in progress online, but I’m really thankful for this community
of people who are just genuinely understanding, people who are in the same boat, and people
who just generally don’t get bored of my here, there and everywhereness. It’s such a valuable environment for growth
and I honestly do feel quite free to keep trying and trying again until I start to figure
things out. I’m actually feeling much more positive since
my last video, I think because I’m gradually working my way through the mountain of other
work I had on, and I’m just now finding more time to make art again- without feeling guilty
about the other things I should be doing. I think by the end of this week, I’ll have
a proper level of balance back, and I have about 5 different videos I’m excited about
getting started on, different projects that I think will really help in getting me to
make more art, push my style, work on areas that are lacking, but also enjoy it all and
get some great videos out of it. So I’m feeling better. And I have a lot of you all to thank for that. For the encouragement and just for being open
with your own feelings about your art and being able to relate. I have to say, after about the first 15 minutes
of this painting, I was already starting to get bored. Maybe because it was quite repetitive, just
leaves. Leaves on leaves. But also, because I think I had already gotten
out of this painting what I wanted to get out of it. I wanted to get back into painting, I did
that. And now I’m ready to tackle the next thing. Which will be style. I know style isn’t something that you necessarily
go looking for, but it is something you can refine and make clearer, kind of set the blueprint
for how you approach your work. So yeah, got bored of this painting and I
think I will leave it where I left it by the end of this video. I tried to get all the leaves in that framed
the flower, so it still does work as it is, just without the extra background stuff. But I’ll let you watch the rest without me
talking. I’ll just finish by saying, if you’re in a
slump with your art, know it’s natural. If you’re not satisfied with anything you’re
doing, it’s okay to recognise that, that’s a valid feeling. Take a break. Then come back and do something different. Do something you’ve been wanting to do, or
do something you’d never even think of doing. And then look at what you’ve created and think,
‘Right, where do I want to go from here?’ There are limitless opportunities for creativity
out there. And they’re all available to you. Most of them anyway. I mean, I’d love to get into at-home pottery
but where am I gonna put a kiln, you know? But anyway, don’t limit yourself in your mind
to what you think you’re capable of. You can do any of it. It’ll take work and practice and perseverance-
but we have time, and every step forward is a step forward. You’re getting somewhere. You’re getting better. Anyway, thanks for joining me for this painting
session, I hope you feel inspired to do a little something creative today as well. And I’ll see you next week for the next one. Bye!

40 thoughts on “Getting Out of the Art Funk · Fill a Sketchbook With Me! #6

  1. Thanks for watching 🙂 I forgot to mention, the 'Greenhouse Essentials' Inktober booklet is only available until midnight (GMT) on this coming Monday 18th. That means you have 4 more days before I take them out of the shop! <– Get it here if you want it!

  2. Oh the flower looks beautiful. I find myself to be both inspired to create so much and post videos agin after a long break because of a move and a baby, but also feel scared to go for it and throw myself into it….because what if I do not accomplish much or anything at all.. I love your videos.There is a softness a comfort to them. Thank you for making them.

  3. Love your channel Minnie. Great style of editing/curating the videos… the music etc etc etc. Your channel is one of my new favorites. Take Care 💕☕️✨

  4. I have never been this early Minnie i love you and you were my inspiration to get out of my art block much love you were also my inspiration to finish inktober this year……i love you….also i forgot i love the delicacy of this elegant flower….

  5. please don't ever stop making these peaceful videos! they motivate to keep drawing and fill every page in my sketchbook!❤️❤️❤️

  6. I got my Greenhouse Essentials booklet yesterday in the mail! It’s so cute and fun~ thank you for always inspiring me with my art and always being so open with your art and expression on your doubts! You’re an amazing artist and I love watching you grow, never stop!! ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Thank you for you videos ! I really appreciate the motivation to keep making art even if we are unsure of where things are going ! I have been feeling out of place too with my art after inktober ..You inspired me to open up an art shop to sell prints of what I created over the past month ..( It opens Nov 22 ) And I’m starting to create more work even though I have no clue where I’m going ! Thank You !! Loved your finished piece !!!

  8. Just so you know, Minnie, your journey is part of the reason I'm here and I'm sure that's the case for others too! It's lovely to see the beautiful creations you make, but it's also really good to hear how you develop and grow and doubt and keep going. It's inspiring! You framed it like a drawback but it's why I've stuck around so long!

  9. I really enjoy your videos, art journey and updates. No matter what phase of art-making you're in, the art turns out so beautifully, and the struggle you mention is never apparent!
    You said something that really struck a chord with me. That is, making art without feeling guilty about the other things you feel you should be doing. That is a constant battle with me when I sit down at the drawing table. The problem is those 'other' things that need to be done are usually unpleasant tasks that I constantly procrastinate. Just an ongoing battle that often gets me down so I keep trying different strategies.

  10. Seeing your journey wading through what you want your art career and life to look like are some of things I love most about your channel. I shows you’re a real person just trying to figure it all out, just like me. So, thank you for your transparency. 🙂
    Love this painting, and love the gouache on black! 🧡

  11. Your videos are simply delightful…..and your art stunning….and such a fabulous gentle voice ….a real treasure to watch x

  12. Wow Minnie! This painting is so beautiful, thank you for your videos! I really hope you give yourself the same kind words you give to your viewers because your work is awesome x

  13. I love watching your art journey it's one of the reasons I love you and your channel! (That and you have a really lovely personality and voice)
    My copy of your greenhouse essentials book and one of your house books arrived yesterday and they're so pretty! My mum loved them as well ^^

  14. I get that lost feeling too. For me, it's because my style and interests evolve and change, and I always feel like each piece is heading in a totally different direction from the last. Experimenting is so important. Just go with whatever is helping you to make "good" art. We're all on the same journey together!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous even if unfinished ♡ I've never used gouache myself but it's always so fascinating to see the colors mix so smoothly. I'm honestly a little scared of entering the world of painting – it seems to be quite the learning curve going from only sketching, inking and minimal flat colors.

  16. Hey Minnie, I took a sculpture class and tried some sculpture afterwards. I also thought about the issue of firing your work. I did go down to one of those stores where you paint a vase and they glaze it and fire it for you. They were willing to let me fire it in their kiln for a fee depending on the size. Maybe try that?

  17. Hi Minnie, I've been subscribed for a very long time. (I just didn't comment back then lol). You've motivated me to get my crappy videos out the way, to learn more about video making and coming up with ideas to share here on YouTube. It's been awesome and motivation to watch you grow. Your authenticity is transparent and unmatched on such a saturated platform.

  18. My art journey started d day when i watched ur first video where u told how u quit ur job n BCM freelancer. That was d first day when something stirred within me n i found out that drawing n painting is juice of my life,a thought of which gives me immense joy on this earth.Thank u so much for igniting that light within me n creating this beautiful community. I don't get bothered how i draw or paint i just love the feeling of being in it. Plz make more one hour videos bcz these videos r so satisfying plus they inspire me to create n draw while watching the video.

  19. I love your videos, and also that I can relate to your struggles. Thank you for sharing your journey ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  20. my favorite thing to do while watching your videos is to draw along side them (although now i’ve Pavlov’d myself into wanting to draw when i get a youtube notification) and the reason why is because you talk about your journey through art! i didn’t draw for a couple months bc looking at my art made me extremely uninspired but i’ve slowly gotten back into the routine of practicing and testing new things thanks to you 💓

  21. I always watch your videos while doing art somehow I feel like it’s a friend doing art with me in the same room. Thank you

  22. This is really beautiful, Minnie. I love how you captured the depth of the bloom and leaves. The colors look particularly rich and striking on the black paper.

    Style from head to paper/canvas: oh yes! I feel you so keenly on this one. I have had an idea for a children's book going on 6 years now and badly want to illustrate it myself. However, when I sit down to draw, the images never turn out how I want them. It is a question of several things: my skill level is not where it needs to be, I have a problem translating the style I want, but also, despite being a visual person, I don't visualize well.

    Guilt about doing art: story of my life. Yet if I don't get some balance with regular duties and creative outlets, I go around miserable, grumpy and constantly frustrated.😔

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