Geometric Abstract Art lesson preview how to paint large texture artworks

Geometric Abstract Art lesson preview how to paint large texture artworks

Hi. Welcome to Art Fusion Productions. Today
we’re gonna take you through an abstract artwork. We’ll do it step-by-step. But we’ll fast motion
it up for you so you’ll get to see the whole thing come together. So sit back and enjoy. [music] Well here we have another finished artwork.
I hope you enjoyed watching the beginnings of this artwork come together. I wasn’t able
to show you the whole artwork, because it’s such a slow artwork to create. You’ve gotta
be so slow and careful. It would have taken such a long time on the video to do that for
you. So I’ve just added a short glimpse of how you see it come together. It’s just a
matter of putting colours on top colours. To start off with. I used a nice textured
base to start off with. And that gives us a real interest in the artwork. I’ll zoom
in so you can have a little look and you can see all that texture lead-in that I’ve used
in underneath here to get those textures working for you. Then once you’ve got the texture
on, you’ve gotta be able to tape-up all of these shapes, and we’ve gotta be able to do
that in a way where we can keep those sharp edges without paint bleeding through where
all the rough edges are on the texture underneath. So I’ll be showing you the step-by-step format
on one of my next DVDs in my series. So if you wanna go onto the website, check out the
website and see a whole pile of other art lessons with completely different art styles.
So, I hope you enjoyed that. And until next time, happy painting.

44 thoughts on “Geometric Abstract Art lesson preview how to paint large texture artworks

  1. Love your videos – I've learned a great deal. 

    At the beggining of the video, how did you achieve that marbled color look (both white and black, and then under the red) – that's a technique Ive been trying to master that for weeks and can't figure out the best method – thanks again!

  2. SO WONDERFUL !! To use a non verbal extract in a two dimensional, non confrontational genre is so lucid in its non vectoring statement The organic complexities..of inter diametrics,simplified to the kallagian concept is brilliant..

  3. How do you make super thin perfect line as seen in 'Suprematist Composition 1915' or 'Supremus No. 56'?

  4. Wow!!!! I am mesmerized by the creating process. I am definitely trying this. I don't know what you use for texture, but I will use my imagination and come up with something. If I wasn't in such severe pain right now, I'd jump straight to it, but I promise you I will do it. Thank you for inspiring me.

  5. Hi, I love your detail explanations of the processing, and, will purchase your DVD's or, download the program. I am amazed. I am an artist who never painted abstract, but, started doing it, since my son, wanted me to paint some for his office. I look at yours, and, being inspired by your work.. so far, i painted quite a lot, but, difinilty , not as good as yours. perhaps, after watching your dvd's i will learn more. i use the sponge, newspaper, and, others to create texture. but, i am afraid of mixing the colors, like you do, or, others abstract painters doing. Fear, fear, please go away. Thank you so much. wish i was coming to Au , to take the course, perhaps, in the near future. However, for sure, i will get your lessons. Thank you again.

  6. by the way, forgot to mention, i went to Lowe's and Home depot, and, picked up all the samples for colors, and, what matching by rooms, to get closer to the colors that i want. so, i am not using the color wheel, but, all that i could find in those 2 stores, in the painting department. ,

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