Genestealer Cults Vs Adeptus Custodes Warhammer 40K Battle Report 8th Edition

Genestealer Cults Vs Adeptus Custodes Warhammer 40K Battle Report 8th Edition

right guys welcome back to the channel Bryn is here once again you've been only four stories a half and still getting tripped up on mister record years look this saw easier for yes now you actually beat the you have bunker patrol I did so you might still at least get three 1001 games here and you've been practicing and not changing your list of no game with the exact same West which is probably gonna be me less for the dark art as an orphan yeah yes and I'm watching steel occult saw there's some new models in here you guys want to seen before bring you budging silicon will never see the light of day again they are they're hard they're they're hard to play well there's so many synergy so many rules to remember that they're not an easy army to play and if I'm honest if I was born about a bunker and I probably wouldn't tell me just if there were me on the army I could probably do it but with me cycling so many different armies it's just easier at home where I've got everything out I've got plenty of spear see and obviously there's not time constraints so I've brought for detachments Jinxy Colts are come on point hungry and you often see a double battalion a lot of the time yeah and it's not necessarily bad thing and I hold my hands up I need more height depending um I've had 25 pin it for around about 18 months and I'm not in a rush to pay more I might have more uh kelegian opinion well technically Lucy Pinder teleme yes I am doing more because I know I only have fifteen and five better moss but I am going to contrast the rest of them the dye the dice walk quickly on the table like you think doc allows a glass summer know it's like gin super cool so like one yeah home beer yes to be fair they outnumber the Dark Eldar several orders to warm up yeah massively so I'm I don't think i've got my so we compare the list out you know there's a couple of things I'm going with my time go for a beefcake patriarchy but yeah we're just gonna have fun with it before I go any further I do want to give a massive a shout out 12 Higgins thank you very very much for support as you guys are absolutely awesome and have enabled us the backdrops I think you'll have actually seen all of the backdrops at this point there's five and you know what bring it just it absolutely makes a difference yeah and thank you to everybody the support the channel I'm gonna give a massive shout out to Terry from demon skips who's present bases are fantastic the tone colors and the objective markers there he supplies as well and the movement race don't by Games Workshop movement rates I didn't say that go buy them from Terry Thomas ed yeah JW's will be overpriced yeah just say he said that might not make no wait just they probably will be they look nice yeah yeah now you're gonna see bring again on the channel very soon well possibly very soon what I might forget you behold the camera oh cheese man yeah because you want for the loop Seahawks oh that's true yeah so she can do written you can hold the camera yes are we pointing the camera directly at all of the time just so that she says dancing gig over yeah so no further ado guys that's what I look through both of the armies well my army and brings couple of models I was gonna say yeah mine doesn't all right guys here we bought the Jean Steve occult is back cuz Britain doesn't like other placards it's it's a lot it's a lot to take in and there is a lot of synergies and everything and I'm gonna have another guara yeah and I apologize now because I won't gonna do it very badly so I have a battalion a spearhead a vanguard and an outrider there we go so everything is twisted helix apart from the outrider which is the rusted claw yeah yeah so the rusted core is headed up by the jackal alphys and then two squads of jackals with a wolf quad with a incinerator and all of shotguns and improvised weapons there we go and then we've got the Achilles with a spotter I don't know what the spot doesn't remember things yeah and a missile launcher so that is that twisted helix we've got the battalion we've got the outrider and we've got the spearhead so for huge queues that I've got is I've got an icon Ward Primus patriarchy and omegas Magus has the crouched chillin relic and the site powers that he has chosen ah psychic stimulus and might from beyond patriarchy has a Costigan mental onslaught he's also taken another relic which is elixir of prime specimen and he is the warlord warlord which means he is gonna tip biomorphic duction add one to your Warlord's attacks and strength characteristic combined with the elixir of prime specimen that's an extra attack and extra toughness and an extra wound so basically he's got extra to it and because these twisted helix is +2 strength no he's enough because he doesn't benefit from the Creed cross it cause why would he benefit from you doing great oh yeah of course it's not easing charge or anything I've spent one command point to give the Magus and the Primus wallet rate as well so of course the Primus is tick and alien majesty to increase all of these auras to 9 inches and then I'm going to take bond survivor on the merits just to reduce the damage by one there's not really any others that benefit them so yeah so then the troops that we've got is a unit of 5 acolytes with to demo charges a unit of 20 chaps with shotguns yeah – grenade launchers one mind and laser and the leaders got a chainsaw then we've got a unit of 20 acolytes the leader has a lush verdant bones on we've got to rock saws – rock cutters to rock drills to demo charges and a partridge in a that's all now and then we've got three goliath rock grinders with clearance incinerators cost the nice and then for elites we've got the kalam off we've got the nexus but by your fear just with his Crouch Lee yeah and then we've got 10 our bearings the really over costed the absolutely not worth it but I need some three damage to my father authorities saw there's four hammers hype them off with an improvised weapon and then five picks comes in at 17 48 points Brin so I would have started with 11 command points but I'm down to 9 because of the relic and waltrip yeah that's all of it brings custodies where's your army well this is all I remember the broom her all right okay so just enough to do is it yeah okay well if you watch the game I did a couple weeks ago you mere recognized everything from it yes identical we've got warlord who has Guardian spear Guardian yes but it'll be the relic gatekeeper yeah he will have the warlord trip impregnable mind so he has a deny the winch yeah we have Alaris armored shield captain yeah he has Eagle Eye I believe it's called for the +1 invulnerable sieve yeah we have to Excellus kratos critters that'll do one with storm shield one another osama with these ballista squared yeah both are magnificant for the -1 to hit balls for troops we have three units of custodian guards each word has two Spears and one Sentinel glared and storm shield yeah we have the heroic Telamon dreadnought with his a roughness storm column and telling on kids the source Easter so ever it's pronounced and the plasma fuel source on the plasma future on the speculoos and this time I will remember a fire twice if it's nonsense done still we have the van Atari with two van Atari lamps and one Tarsus Baclaran kinetic destroyer and we have three lavertus but us creators that's their not remember the names you know what door even since last time you'll hear you know what this is now I know I'm doing a lot better yeah I know how much damage it castellan outdoors and everything now hurry we will see so you're out you're outnumbered what Oh God at least three or four to one well I've got 40 50 I've got at least 60 infant yeah so it's at least three to one yeah so welcome back after deployment my deployment talked a lot less time than Bryn's which is sign it was quick yeah in fact I spent more time come traffic how many tokens ah wasn't putting down yeah so I'm down to nine CP cuz I've spent two Brynn has spent Victor the blue games as well yeah on which guy me warlord yeah so you got two one free reward per turn which isn't a bad shout yeah and the mission that we're playing is beachhead yes so at the end of each turn if you control your own objective you get one point if you control the cellular one you get two points if you control your opponent's you get three points but it is spearhead assault deployment which is the one with the point in the middle which is why you know I could have deployed about here which Brynn pretty much has but I'm not because Brynn is going first Brynn is going first not even gonna try for to seize the initiative hell no I'm gonna let you go first because you can't move within 9 inches of me that's right so let's come back after movement so of course by scoring at the end of your turn I did mean by the start of your next turn yes so bring one score this one yeah or not yeah but but but but I know how to reveal my entire army yeah so I'll tell you what re you crapped on how God have a nipple not from this offer nope you don't earn yep all waiting for you to ambush a nice yeah so now you get super epic excellent any idea what you want to shoot with so the bikers are shooting first into which one I just want to point out as well this one actually has the psycho and the five infantry in yeah that's it yeah well it was that one I was going out anywhere okay hitting on twos oh it's not in range Wims I want stresses or okay so I've got no say what's the damage d6 andrey ruling against vehicles i think or is that just the wound rule of three world yes Lee well I'm gonna roll to six of to survive Northern which I don't that's definitely two wounds that I've taken Yeah right that hurricane Baltar's are going into the other ins are you with in rapid fire engine or so just six shots oh nice I'm toughness for went on for that what if five Obama to feel I want the mixture of graphite Obama I believe they do Arvin's five Obama yep but there were five um ignore pain and I can redraw once cuz of me I can water oh I'll take one wound and put it on a pick so both Guardian squads here are going to shoot into the jackals friends just going to ship and boss together both within range re-roll the one or yeah hit straight forward the guardian spirit yes talking us for that long chuckles yeah I said what it is minus one but because I'm Blair the kaga get +1 1 August o'clock top us emboss that just leaves the big fella it does beam setting on the Tom on into the Ridge Runner yeah both hit yep nine five freeze we'll see a pig Oh minus 4 and I don't get anything from the Creed 3 damage apiece six worms I've got it ha yes I know so moving fears this guy run 5 inches he's gonna charge you and the bio figures get to do stuff at the end of the movement fears as well which I also forgot about and then at the start with shooting fears he gets to do something but I've also got the psychic fairs lots of stuff going on so the first thing I need to remember that Brynn is the bio fair juice because he could both the arbor ins when I find his entry oh look is that fire brigade right so the end mmmph is over all the dioxin on a1a model in that unit is slin no and I will draw d3 and get the buff but on this occasion because I have the little guy yeah I get them all – nice and pick one Wow so I get 1 which is +1 stress that's not bad considering twisted helix on +2 strength which I believe makes me strength 7 so I'm strength 14 with the hummus yeah that's not bad still only wounded him on 3 so if I get good that's right I find that not saw psychic fears I'm gonna go for might from beyond onto my patriarchy from my what he called niggas who is that it's so hard to see so my from beyond I think calls are funny and 7,000 107 yep so my picture has an additional plus-one strength and attack it's always currently standing at an extra three strength than an extra three attack you know the witch rule from me warlord because he's got the impregnable mind it goes that's built that is okay and then you know what just because I'm gonna go mental onslaught now is it the nearest unit no just select an enemy unit within 18 well guess we don't want to go for him that's a 5 which means it goes up because it's only across the valley over 6 so what leadership is here I'm presuming these leadership 10 I think well I'm also leadership 10 and this makes a massive difference now they did FAQ this to be not as broken as weren't used to be bred so what we do is we each roll a dice off if your score is higher the enemy units offers one more wound if the selected model is still alive then you roll again so I have to beat you yeah so if you tie it stops or if you roll a six it stops I've got a ladyship a nine but I beat you yep so you take one model wound then we'll go again I roll a two year-old a three it's equal to because you're one point less than me so it stops I could have been a lot remember when remember of did the Harlequin one on on your death watch rhino and it did like 17 wounds yes and that wasn't even leadership pissed okay so shooting phase saw she is gonna pick this unit to get +1 here which are counteract your -1 yeah I will then use extra explosive strategy markings for 1 CP and I will then use drive-by demolitions and I'm very very silly brain because I did not give them demolition charges yes yeah so the on got Boston charges but still it's not bad which means I would plus to the hit +1 to wound and each guy is getting D six shots the shotgun it isn't a bad shot with them to be honest but you know the blasting charges I'm getting for D six shots yeah that's all right so yeah the shotguns wouldn't have been a bad shout but obviously I get more dice doing it this way yeah so I'm hitting you on threes cousin lost 2-1 and then I'm wounding you on fives normally fours because of me plus one that's not bad now I just need you to roll normally Bryn so six it then of course I've still got the clearance incinerator as well nope – that's a wound one room and the clearance incinerator is out loud and they're heavy d65 do I like about this door in its strength five wand welcome – one more that's right cool everyone so the other guys are gonna shoot with their shop the other unit because they aren't within half range unfortunately but still get earth shots and of course I get all the clearance incinerator so again I do get +1 to hit still but I'm a minus 1 and that's one wound Northy yep clearance incinerator for Wow six shots that is four saves at minus one yeah sorry my bad it's one more wound cool and brynn I spent to see piece of door get one back yes I do okay the Achilles region runner is going to go next so I'm a minus two to hit you plus one so I'm hitting you on fives with the heavy stuber's that's two nor end nearly but then I've got the missile launcher as well I'm gonna go we're at Dyson just gonna use the fragments are because he's only got one word left hand I actually killed that one I probably would have fired the Kraken hop to kill another one so d6 shots wow I hit I don't work bad ridgerunner but we've got more firing the gore you know why heavy stubs from this into them so the fours and fives missed because I'm the heavy weapon and that's one moon with no rent fine and then the clearance incinerator is to d6 I believe Wow no its range 12 that's the the bonus of it Goliath rock grinder is clearance incinerator heavy 26 25 minus 1 3 into 12 so just three hits that is however two wounds at minus one yes he finally dies and you just to clarify you are killing the swamp field guy that is the one I put it on so yes okay then the other rock grinder is going to shoot into them also heavy stuber's didn't move so I'm just hitting the fives because the your minus one one moon fight and then and then and then we're going to do the heavy slippers from the other one into them I'll be hit on sixes because I moved nothing and the clearances interrater I should have mentioned who's going on the bikes by the way I survived they took their sixth or two wounds at minus one okay fine okay I believe that is shooting face I know I did do me psychic powers yeah did not it shooting face that is everything so um charge face Goliath into them first yeah we were just talking about this beforehand as well right so you're gonna get 12 shots with your ballers and then is it just two shots we miss out yes one does whimpers thomna 7/4 which I fail six up which are pass and then the missiles nothing charge distance that might not make it yeah um Denard I'm not gonna re-roll that Bryn and need to make sure the pitcher gets in all right so you get or watch again one hit with a baller doesn't wound I think I'm a plus two toughness ah didn't why I also forgot because he doesn't bend the credits fine I was a singular prostitute yet yet charged mountainous Isles no okay well he's definitely it just a little bit right so get this +1 attack for me wall odd trip yeah whole Swan attack from Mike from beyond yeah +1 attack for me relic yeah I get +1 strength from the psychic power yeah and I get +1 strength for me wallet trip but I don't get the +1 from the Pope Creed good so I'm stoked it that's all and I've got six tax base yeah plus the 3 yes it is so on what it's called two plus so I do miss with to what I'm strength it and correct me if I'm wrong but do I get the reward any 6s to win the resolved if minus six and the damage of three so I'm winning you on threes so that is five saves at minus three three go through nor d3 huge yep cuz I didn't want any sixes do you want to see P one of these yes believe your bikes are full engage nor do I get to see people while I kind of the CP buck yes I've already getting one back right so first one is – that kills one bike that's five damage and then that is one but I've then got two attacks with me familiar yay hit some threes but I get the plus one he's strength for so that's one wound fights it so now you get to swing back go for tax each Wow strand six that's six I'm toughness six three is here but minus three-fourth invulnerable not to five up in Grenoble yeah it's fun to go through its so is it d3 age I do have several wounds you can't kill me but I'll have to still live or no I'm not gonna sleep here for damage you know I'm gonna do wanna kill the patriarch the the familiar for one what you'll be the three damaged one should have done these separately actually I tell you what on the one two three the one damaged one goes through first right so the one damaged one goes through first which means out I will of course close familiar because if I don't then he's gonna take the rest of the wounds anyway sore he's done before that wasn't so bad No I saw at the start of Bryn's turn – are you within three of the center of this I think I am yep so grin scores two points being within three of the center there if I'm realistically I should have probably charged them but that's my mistake so with a shimmer of gold the shield captain yeah blundered down here and the venatori have jumped over this way as well yes and that everything else has just pushed forward into the middle it sighs I should have charged you really should have I'm so surprised you did about forgot because I was sweat so you'd about the patriarch yeah you were we have had to clear up a portal I will say so and safe is yeah I saw that's good okay they're shooting fears there's a shoot for creation right sue well over there ship captain because Stella Knox is that rapid fire engine at the back of the the rock grinder right yes it is gets two hits its total of seven to five that's one what the world what's here but minus one which are possible and the ballistics within a day three shots three shots oh good job you can every girl for himself sent five and North Stratfor but so fast the wound not paying never mind right then we shall do rapid fire with the Guardian must be before we go any further why haven't retreated with them why haven't I retreated without merit yeah why haven't you they can't fire our charge they can fire because it's got fly candy yeah that's the rules yeah so you were treating an inch to say and shootin yes did you forget up written I I knew the cook I knew things couldn't fire when the retreat I didn't know there was an exception for fraud yes if you have fly you can retreat and still shoot oh right well thank you very low can I charge these now no I'll let you shoot all over watch it okay if they're alive you me cost you over right you want a ball with that next yeah 12 shots with you stomp over no okay oh you too miss Hauser I'm gonna go one into the rock grinder okay I'm one into the patriarchy okay I'm not going to be greed so another patriarchy hits wounds yup – for possible beautiful saves ER right now wounds yep but strictly me Armour d6 is it not to d6 with already it's a three three wounds that's our tip the three there we go right there so now we have this Guardian scored first yes I'm going to do this into the oberyn's okay these are two damage each under yes right there's only two guys though isn't that yes 24 shots okay I'm not I'm not gonna I was thinking about using the monsters vigor to increase the film up it was for I'm half an you damage anyway the one yeah and then I'm on a 5 agree role in one so I'm not going to I don't think it's worth the CP at this point there toothless five lightly talking us for 24 yeah we won't break is here but -1 so 6 up save wanders so then each one juices to one damage so it doesn't make a difference here so Fievel so you do one wound which kills that one wounded guy right then I'm the to full strength squats yeah that's squad in at the patriarchy can't outline juggles a closer Oh down yes I fair point yes yes just to clarify that's the central span yes the silver always a central spear that still fails strength for this isn't it yeah so two words a several speed doesn't have any appeal or does it isn't which means I get plus one let me save which is what's gonna four plus so I pass one I fail one one one damage so what we wind on that guy at the front there are four two wounds the governor believes they did and you know are twenty-four the fire last turned their alpha yes Oh as you see it there's not much to keep track off with other s the rest are is so the other squad will hit so I'm not believe the silver saw a woman on a four plus yeah which I failed kills off one guy and then one wind at minus one so you and you started on here which I'll pass nice and that was to damage some would have actually killed another entire jackal yes right then so now I will do me yep into the same squad yep Oh strength for still don't see it – one – one saw that becomes a five up still pass one fill one to damage I will tear that one and the look of a notorious or – yes right van Atari there's an Atari the two silver die so the kinetic destroy yes we should the real why that's a point I'll do the two M connect destroy into the Ridge Runner and I'll do the Benatar your answers in other squad okay so the destroy is there silver is up yeah okay and some 6s to hit isn't it yes or nothing comes at that it's o strength six shooting four threes so you've got to – to deceive on the Ridge Runner and 2-2 is here on the juggles right well the moans – on the Jackals I've warned get me plus one so what's the damage for them – we – each right so that that's gonna kill them and then this one's at minus 1 minus 2 minus 2 so we'll get a 6 up pass 1 feel 1 2 damage I will spend the CP yeah I'm gonna odd or explored because I know only one mortal wound no I'm not I'm not gonna do that I'm just gonna roll for it because obviously I would do more damage than yourself if it's doing d3 I absolutely would have done it how the chance of killing oh yeah absolutely absolutely right I get you first strike no it doesn't come faster Thursday and the Telamon first time I'm gonna remember he looks launched yet yes plus I'm within range now cuz I don't think I wasn't I don't think it's only range 24 you still oh no I for me it fired him festive been jackals I know silly grin right then Oh I'm gonna fire these air the beam setting sail I'm gonna fire the beam at the middle rock Rinder okay why not the far one because that's already wounded potentially ah right oh yeah miss nor she'll come back there either but there is a wound – for what's the damage three okay I saw six up so that texture won't and loses its a incinerator right there that's that it is spot of charging nothing bring it right then those two guys are going to charge everything okay so I'm gonna go for d6 on more hits from the clearance incinerators the same on the sex on them once mm-hmm avianna yeah Wow for autumn other kids now this three wounds though a – one breeze yep and then shotguns that's three hits I do need fives one takes a wound and then we put the jack hole as well II was in there wasn't charging in but never mind carry on oh yeah no no I'm not all watch I don't want to pull him in Yeah right and Sewer the win I own right round to meet your squad door yeah that was the plan right there no the van Atari will charge for long might fail yeah to Phil I'm gonna CP that one okay that'll get you in and I don't get your CPT back here we go that squad will charge the patriarch yeah five should just make it yeah and that's y'all do for now I think okay so when we want first I think I'm going to go with the Guardian squad into the patria course you are cause boss I know exactly what you'll do if I lay them over absolutely absolutely right then the silver Terrace is the scent Mansour okay just you just anyway that's a six oh and what strength tight right then I'm strength five with the Sentinel sword I'm strength sit with gardens or Falls for the Guardian spear and fives with the central sod cause I'm talking of six so one moon there yeah and then three yeah either central so at least – one – rights or five up past two – and that's also d3 damage yeah right so I'm gonna have to CP this nor and then the other one yeah nor so to d3 damaged Bryn for kill them that's not what I wanted what do I absolutely that lets me fight it before I'm removed that is a blonde question yes do I get that CP back law yes I do so that does unfortunate get prints near the wall art do I wondering up now probably not it's not worth it to CP Guardian squad who are they attacking naught oh that's a point yes the gold dice will attack that squad mhm silver days into this squad oh he's on normally wrong ones though toughness force would be we're not threes so you've got three to save at minus three without squad what is it – really that's what right well I've got no save their sword you want to do you do three damage for three it leaves him on one wound because the quads have got for each over here oh yeah you have 3 d3 do I will take this on the quad first of all right 3 which means the next dice will kill on killing and then d3 just the one sword does actually leave one on one wound the venatori will yeah Bioware right we all hit now I shall check on my doings so that's all T plus one so your strengths sexy we're not race yeah that's not good what appears the Spears so this P is a minus three which I don't go safe against and the Tarsus booklet is minus two which I don't know serve against so what's the damage for each other one each for those right so you want me to apply the ones first yeah it's not kills without one and then wounds the next one and do day three well the foot one dice will kill the first one yeah so that kills that one and then that kills the support then this kills the same one so that's only one okay so I'm gonna have to kind of split these two attack back so the wolf quad has improvised weapons which means I get north and basically soar one attack in a force which I miss and then these get a three attack because of me leader at the venit area and I don't hit that's it yep that's what tends to happen wants to could snort it and here I can mess I forgot the charge here what you want to do it cool okay so I get over watch with the Queen's incinerator for six automatic hits force so that's 4 minus 1 3 and then the heavy stores and one hit doesn't work you know what else I forgetting to do what go on tell me what I forgot they did with all be combat units mr. Collier yeah I've all got one light I've got nothing else to spend those points huh and you can't even get one more Guardian Howie the more you charge distance you need a name oh so yeah every time you would have gone first with this guy before there yeah but it wouldn't make a difference private exit shrimpy it pretty well for himself yeah so I'll see if – two – two water six up no what's the damage d3 who are ya 1111 Brittany I need four sixes to live one oh yes one two three four five six seven I've took two wounds I've got one left ha you know I was gonna do though what we remember Misericordia oh no great role for himself it's strengths fives fives – wound No okay so I'll tuck back with my guys Rock right never at this point unfortunately only gets d3 attacks but I do have a stratagem there I can use called devoted crew use the strategy let's start of any turn oh well do three attacks for three force to hit two hits strength 9 nice one wound – stupid 4 oh well gosh now is that over there yeah I said forgotten is a record yes let's go for it go for it yeah saw I actually unfortunately have some real tests to do because there are mine jackals these are leadership attack but no I saw you did it up these these are leadership in I lost three he said they would pass he's leadership seven lost four – who needs a three he's fighting one can run away on a six why the ladyship here – my loss right oh yeah fine so that's it mm-hmm autumn my turn I want lots of stuff to do Tauber and I've spent 2cp on lying and wet okay to put them there three inches where yeah in my shirt and fizzle we'll be spending one more CP to let them throw grenades right but I haven't placed them yet but we Primus is nine inches away I would just dump the hides there because I am using a perfect ambush would you let me move D six inches closer to you so I'm on three CP as a result of using that I'm gonna have to read all that and if I roll a one I'm going to cry that is much better I was hoping to say you cry so I'm done with two CP and there are gonna be four inches away from them so I will be using one CP in the shooting appears on that and unsurprisingly I'm kidding I'll ask my point to meet that charge but I've just spent when I add if three four five I've just used six cuz I read it was three four perfect ambush to fly and where and wanted every wall I don't one command point back that's okay I can accept that I can live with that's the only one this time so right I want to place them properly and then we'll come back with the psychic and shootin soget fears might from beyond on to then operands I get it on an eight because I'll get +1 because of the crops come on breakable whined go on my sword you peril that day three rooms well it would be but you're not psychic us we don't pile I've got an impregnable mind that's why I don't there oh okay so yeah they move closer for them get this right the Primus is basically picking him to do all of his stuff to which is I plus 1 hit rear all ones and stuff like that because my range is 9 inches because of me certain wall or trait so they've got lots of odd or pistols to shoot yeah so that's going to be 19 10 12 14 16 I don't know whatever look saw a teen or pistols have one demo charge at the Telamon saw a door I only get the plus one to hit in the fight fears but I'm wounding u16s reroll on ones and the reason is it indices control the demo charging me leaders gone lash button born sod yes one wound so just demo charges are coming up next operon and these are very very handy so they're in six I'm now within range of course I hit strength it I wound its – 3 D three four one oh boy I'm no spending extra explosives on these so ten guys can throw grenades so ten guys are gonna throw grenades into them yeah I want to do two crackin heads I'm the minor laser and you know what everything's going into that everything's going everything's quiet then so I'll get 10 d6 shot Brynn yeah oh that's our X so I'm pulling the shotguns in as well simply because I'm still wearing your own fires with no rent that's right so this is all the shotguns plus all of the grenades and I haven't done the grenade launchers or my nightly as it yeah here we go and yes you're on Brit vision now brilliant vision yes yes are we ready are we ready in the words of mr. Bourne are you ready here we go that's a bad roll that's what that is good grief oh there's not very bad roll don't worry red either that's really not a good roll is it I think you've just thrown out the probability theory in this what way to dice yeah vile vibes yes that's what I'm gonna buy there bring it but you're all three ones there's one more do you just want them all then I don't even know how many shots actually hard day you know I should have countless movies and this is nor red nor end twos one two three ones told ya right to grenade launchers crack when it's both miss mine and laser I don't even know how many shots of mine the laser is one shot basically allows counter right it's Kelly morph its incinerator and it's outline jackal time so she's gonna pick that unit and she's gonna shoot how did she go plus one hit which means she's hitting on ones well twos because you might either way I hit Oh system or words no it's a wound rock strength for door no fears the word oh well so heavy Stuber and incinerator it's born into them so I'm gonna have six shots with the heavy Stuber two hits nothing cleans the sinner ever gets it shots forced a wound that is 5-1 ticks into the wound takes another world saw over the other side the heavy stuff is into them like in the bikes fives one yes and then the clearance of sinner era nine shots need vibes law to kill that biker should you need a three pass yeah I'll see day one he passes I found at one point baptize I've already getting one back this time or care hmm what else what got the fight I've got the kalam off left over this side you know what auto pistol from the I can water he hits he wins no oh you're sweating Librium does the Magus and the bow fear just not have I'm gonna piss I'm gonna double check because I have no idea – or pistols from the bio fair just and the mere juice kill him off and I should have done this guy first but never mind I won't go for the Guardians just because I'd rather kill an entire squad yeah – – one more – one breeze – damage each so close the one guy but I believe that is everything that's all the shoe sting it's not a lot saw charged fans brain they're gonna charge it at him all up there in these are gonna charge your guardians and them right I will do day 3 flat first missiles okay six or three rolling ones one hit strength three still wound – first I never fire it very awful he's me safe what film you see it okay so I was a bill tip and what's the damage III so the two becomes one yeah and then five past and I'm going to turn it to a spice girl no you know two becomes one they do and then you've got your yeah it's silver one wound know if they passed me imma series charge distance our mawla 77 for that rock grinder oh you mix it with a nine and then oh yeah you lost three all of them are gonna charge both of them and he kind of watch because you can't see through the roads ten shots for this I am going to play on flinching strategy so hit on fives yeah yeah so shooting twice 5 shots apiece from the ball thrown 5 strength by it's all threes – -1 fill me safe so that's one dead so far I want to keep trying um they just move them there oh yeah just six shots yep two hits one one well – – no save one damage plus 2 we have got 2 D 3 shots automatically get 6 so 3 that's right and rent – – no save 3 damage so 5 Bob it only kills 3 it's it was very damaged or all right right right so I lose 5 but that's not too bad I'll take that and then they need a four they make it absolutely absolutely so I'm gonna go and pull him in and yeah charging with bikes yep yeah no he's not charged he's not combat wants to really saw yeah let's say that's moving right bear with us down here because this is gonna be so I am strength for what because I'm twisting helix I'm actually strength fights or will wound you want fives at least and the Primus lets me get +1 to hit and then re-roll want to wound that right yeah yeah that's right which obviously will be here sort the born sword first so the puss want to hit hits I'm winning on fiery rollin ones that's – a – – brain for one dementia 600 yes No so that's one wonder he's lost so far now you always want to go with one of the special weapons last so what i'm gonna do i'm actually gonna attack another Rendon Claus with everybody else right because a law you don't get as many attacks it is minus one with a chance of minus four yeah I just feel against the Telamon that's probably better to go with so that was 1 out of 15 it's special ones that's 9 so I'll have six guys left with two attacks each with the remnant clause there we go so these are hitting on twos to missus when there are five sorry rollin ones right saw wait there do you not read all the ones for the prime mrs. to hit no no no Yuri wrong wounds of a one for the any units that target the unit that are selected no I mean for the prime missus rolls for buffing unit noise plus one to hit Bob like I was hitting on twos so those three at minus one yeah six up nope and then one at minus four six one dr. Kwan anyone having yeah oh yeah five six all right so we've got the rock cutter roll a d6 each time this model stuff is down from this weapon if you roll higher than the models remaining number of wounds it is instantly slain so that's the last weapon that I go with yeah the rock saw is probably the next one to go with so I'm gonna have four tucks when we rock saw all hit these are strength times 2 so the strength 10 3 is reroll on ones it's minus 2 minus 4 2 damage each such or the in EMEA sixes so you take three damage on it so next we're gonna do the rock drill let's have a look so after the barrier has made all of its attacks roll a d6 for each model that suffered damage from this weapon but it has not been destroyed on to Pontius or a mortal wound and you keep going so twos all hit strength ten to three three rollin ones I'm not going to sleep here – at minus 43 right and then 6 up it's only 1 damage nope so I've made all the attacks it's one of two pumps you take a mortal wound roll a six up on a three plus C so for another one it stops there I'm gonna sleep here no I'm not I'm going to keep me CPR ear or in case I actually how many wounds of a dunya six only one 6 the rock cut has d3 – could get you down with the rock Cutlass I think this is worth keeping me yeah so I'll hit this of the +1 but I'm sure there was one and we'll subtract one from the raw so that one misses number plus one minus one strength 10 do i CP this that's the thing that's minus 4 I'm gonna CP that yeah so three five ups 2 4 3 2 D 3 4 damage tall takes four more words which means you've taken ten yeah right roll a d6 each time a model suffers damage from this weapon if you roll higher than the models remaining number of wounds but each time that you take damage so did to go through yes so at the – lots of damage if you roll higher than the models remaining number of wounds is instantly slim I will now see Pirie wall yes so no instantly sure you know insulin yeah what – explored oh do you explored six no no wow God they did some work there like didn't that absolute monsters that's the first actor well if there's anyone that was going to do it it was definitely gonna be there I mean by all means right when I get more pended I wouldn't have the blasting charges in I would have more cutters or drills and well drills or saws even but the rock could I think it's handy having to in there to do something like that hi singing Eunice Wow so now that that's over Bryn do you wish to interrupt well you can't want to got one CP so the only way you could do it is using the Kasturi specific one for if you would in range of an objective marker but I believe it's only him little in range yeah it is within three isn't it Bryn spendin one CP on Dominic guardians to let this guy fight you put four tax into the Acolytes yeah Toombs we rule for himself and so he strength it so I'll be wounding backlights on two squares of Goliath hilarious for it so two acolytes are dead and you've got a – to serve on the rock round nope damaged d31 damage not depends on how many wounds because I do have one CP left depends on how many more wounds it's actually going to do yeah it's d3 but then I'm gonna hurt a lot of my units but at the same time I think I'd rather there's potentially only day three to mine which one even half his wounds you'll kill one your acolyte you there were a lot the in axis yeah I'm not gonna do it I was gonna see it that's it that's a risky one yeah so I'll just remove that it would have I think had I not had as much there probably would have been worth it to die so I'm gonna kill me leader because he hasn't fought yet and he's got a lash whip he still gets to fight anywhere yeah one wound – – and that's with his borne sword so I'll do one wound and one of the guy dies yep so I might as well go with them so I'm gonna go with me Rendon Klaus because again as much as out near an extra attack with Nicole this knife I just thought the read oncologist seems better so I get two hits strength of five your toughness five yeah so one wound minus one cool I'm gonna go next with these guys so down here we've got one two two hammers and oh no three hammers and three picks into the coast doggies I pick a hammer and an improvised weapon into them yeah so the hammers are the arbor ins this is where it's putting a very very tasty bread because I'm gonna do so much damage to ya they you'll hopefully just take the stories off the table and go home well I'm hopeful so the hammers for example the power hammer is two attacks I get six attacks with me power hammer and hitting you on force cool the Our Strength six have been twisted here it's the strength seven because it might from beyond is there WS four plus three plus all right yeah I remember the hammers will minus one the I yeah so that's why I took the three up I am essentially so 14 yes they still three damaged or they do and you will have to roll them separate cuz you've got a storm shield in that so I guess you all know him first yeah yeah yeah loves it and then we've got three guys with picks so three is to hit the pics our brand user source strength seven two threes hurry Wow but guess what everyone gets to myth one attack with the Rendon clocks I remember this so that's a – stupid so I'm guessing you're gonna tear down in the stall shield bye everyone do you may know only the paper whip it why sure is the pics that have that rule 12 do yeah it is only the Pixlr than that so i'm bob that one first is at minus 4 on the storm shield real d3 damage to and then to of -1 oh wait you have to do these separately as well yep yep oh good oh I like that look a bit different one hammer into the cradles missed and pick into the Pro Tools one hit that's a window – four how long Pixar – for the – – something still fails and the d3 would kill the guy on one wound it would yes and then the rending cloth from him yeah hits feels – wound Oh God yeah I've got the improvised weapon meant to hit walls for each attack so I'll get them actually makes six attacks went to the – Worf here threes improvised weapon is strength times – so I'm strength 14 yeah so that's four wounds are – one and each one is too damaged yep kills the storm shield should have ruled them separately actually it's against the prayer oh yeah sorry it is yeah my apology and then I get one with your head from Australia yeah hit it does wound it's – one see if cool well I expected that look all much better more it did yeah I was concerned without combat and if you rock grinder stop charged as well mm-hmm the good news is because among wounded I get d6 + three attacks whoa look at that force strength nine – good for d3h you want to win so kill them for forwards anywhere and I haven't gone with these guys yet no oh haha no you did the last words or guy because he put it that when you go yes so they know I'm sure I won but the Rendon cause with them I'm sure did oh you did yes yes she was saying about this knife yes yeah and then bring us a tuck back with his print off who actually has no close combat weapons no he's just giving you some fist twisting to wounds final one more dice so I lost six over there and they're not brilliant for every the bravery its I needed to oh no I have I'm gonna spend my last CPT roll up for two so I passed and I can't generate I'd see penny back sort of getting one in my turn yeah Oh doesn't bad that went really bad for me it went bad for me I could have killed more yeah but you you killed what you really wanted so at the start of Bryn's movement fears you want to control that one because their troops and their troops which does get you two points which actually puts Brinn on five victory points to mind not based in your again home because I didn't have any troops there at the start we moving fears I didn't have any troops there at start my movie fears and nobody was up there yeah play me a game bring some movement fears they move backwards they moved into there and oh one guardian oh yeah and you yep I like this all right then sir psychic fear is a short but sweet in front there it was right there saw he is going a rapid fire into the Kellum off okay I believe the karma pakshi house – want to hit this little check I think he does with it yep three three he's a Jean stealer yeah babe it bit more hoorah no one sieve nope – damage obviously it's too dark yes it's day three in course bomba know somebody wounds you guys before yeah yeah and he is going to shoot that squad what that of them boys that from do different squads yeah he's going to shoot the bikers about the core of dog reward for himself yep strength for toughness for spores war are what's the opposite of minus 1 so plus 1/5 oh yeah the dead yeah damage what does Mark know we got three wounds still it damage I like it damage right then and the two central cleared shots yep into the other room yup both hits wound yep I should just check see if there aren't you kind of know I have to charge that well I can shoot that guy back in the into him if you want I could through actually ask you into that squad okay where's Joey rapid fire guardian Spears three – it's one with that and non with those – yeah so – five ups fill them both and then one six up feel it it's a three die right there Bennett Ari yes they are going to shoot at I think the go is going to be closed as well the front guy could shoot the I can ward what the other two would have to shoot either the court or the Goliath the fruit guy will shoot at the icon ward not doing him separately the where's the other two horn enter the Goliath okay with it yeah guys right into the Goliath solvers the clinic destroyer it is I'll get another raw for that spent six on BOTS or needing fives to wound have a piece of Arts what any of these we're incidentally I'm loving your print out sir in shooting we are all – tubes including for the destroyer yes it's the only damage difference no so the old to damage you yes pass one so it's too damaged yeah six up slights hit three wounds which means I've took five oh you're gonna love this Re Mi oh yeah warlord into those guys oh I'll come back after I've done off watcher yeah the shotguns do one wound yeah and then to crack on AIDS and the mining laser know he's in and the hay is what a charge both of them okay kill him off two hits one wound – one yeah and then the Alpha misses yeah he's it the venit re are going to charge the I can ward the Magus and the Bible pages okay I want your three blastin charges four five two and four Boston charge that's why I can do that doesn't work yeah they're probably going to make their the long bomb foot he is going to charge you incinerate a geezer in my die here you could almost die – what nope and yes the long ball how far is it it's it okay yes I'll say it come on no okay Oh that'll do right there you've got no command points to interrupt over you know so I will go up with these guys down here for this so subtle beard is strength five but the strength six saw the sword rolled on twos and the other one on three yeah what's the EPI they're all minus three I believe there was five dead five right then him he was he golf off he's gonna do wanna tuck into the Keller more yet to juggle alpha toughness toughness three and four all right and saw the it was the gold that was against here so that one's wounded on threes that one two in concert so the alphas fine but the calm off fill these in one he dies but yeah the blue blades kickin some amount the backside the warlord Oh hit yes spent six yep – hippie three okay so three more died The Bachelor oh and he rarely no it's just his fist he's alive did not want to see that re right then it's the VEX or the Bennet are you even mm-hmm no it's two or three attacks but who's gone well life starts at Point yeah I do while they separate because they put one into each one like pretty much so one of the Spears into the bio Fergus one wound I guess I'm probably thought I was safe and it's a lance – its – three okay I will kill the room oh yeah I'll kill him Steve three yeah right then sir now against the Magus okay or wound no safe is – two three wounds each no alright okay well I should have had a crops new model cuz I did pay for it you did yes oh that so I'll take one on the couch learned and then due to wounds to hips right yeah I'm afraid against the guy Cooper see you – three again no safe hey buddies feel more fit so if you knock that feel more pain on everybody oh yeah I can walk does he get film up here I thought was plus one strength no the other ones feeling up here oh yeah it's not a lot it's fine we did three wounds to the air to the bio faithlessness thing oh look he's dead you did three single wounds to the Magus all nothing changed day three wounds against him so that's four wins reward four wins I was walking for more there right then so now you're getting an actor with the first non charging your initial it's got to be against the other ins it has to be okay especially knowing that I can ward is dead yeah okay so the silver is the central blade it is yes that's everything here their toughness by because it might from beyond or silver Nate's for gold mace through this one's been killed outside I do sound that we're yeah have you cut through me armor on all them yeah this is well that's just one damage no everything is day three I will just roll them all in its role so every single one of them becomes a single damage because I reduced the dominant by one yes so I actually take five wounds so I'll kill a pick a pick and then wound a pick because I need the Hammers to go through so now it's my turn yeah I'll go with these or he's on six wounds isn't he saw I'm not likely to get through yeah I want to go through spent five saw one of – four takes a wound often so he's down to five and you get the callback it will they have to be here yeah some punches Oh dear me oh okay so I'm gonna go over there and count what attacks I've got left so I'm gonna go next with these I'll put two guys with rending cause gonna fight the printer and then the saw everything else has gone into the Guardians saw I'll tell you what blue is the Rendon Klaus saw that's at minus 4 for one damage that's a minus 4 for two damage right sir the rending cloth on these four ups here finally and then these ones are too damaged for damage apart so then I've got to remand Klaus and once or again into the other guys so I'll just do the same again Purple's the saw who are not so good that is amazing not that is pretty good super three pause one woman out here okay I then have a lash book with warm sod from my leader so I still got the +1 from the Primus and there are – chokes the Bourne swords one damaged right this is where I don't want to get complicated course I need to do and you do these in the right order to make sure that I do enough damage so I'm gonna go with a heavy rock good first I don't know if you only got one wound up in yeah yeah yeah I'm gonna go with the rock cutter I'll do them both together with off so I'm a plus one minus one to hit that does wounded or it's – stupid so you're on you're in von it kills them now normally I would then ball to see if I've done to see if I can Slayer the model if I hadn't already killed him that's why I was wanting to get the two through but I've got the heavy rock drill next saw three hits and choose to wound – three four was threw up on a to push to take a mortal wound on a three plus we take mortal wound I was ringing off from their CF combo Sabrina's going back with him rerun the ones because he exists and Tuesday all look I'm dead so I've got does his 13 guys here left 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 solid 14 attacks 5 10 14 so I hit you on fours that was a four I'm strength for two wounds no to attacks from him into their crit or guy one hit one wound takes a wound it's down to three that's not bad I'm gonna go with the Alpha X the alphas not combat think monster really three attacks he hits with two she is thrown three so if she wins with one nope The Magus will go next make this actually has three attacks you know he goes with eSports stuff as well three hits strength 3 5 yeah I'm actually spent 6 because of my Creed – 1 d3 one wound really buy or fear just next the bio fear juice has it's got an injector gourd yeah so it's strength pulse 1 3 tax we strength 4 stam 5 so or two hits one wound at minus 1 sorry it's not -1 it's no no no on always wins on a 2 plus so ii say I would yeah yeah fine oh this isn't going well the they're gonna have to go so I've got one two three hammers three picks and one improvised weapon so three hammers the three misses of their hit twos storm shield one at a time yeah yeah no kills him I should have gone with the picks first actually because now obviously one had failed picks and remnant claws so they're minus 1 1 and then the pic was at minus 203 but you want to for penny where D 3 yes he dies that leaves one guy left over there and that know you got punch back with him double punch yes because he was on you didn't yes you did you feel didn't ya yeah that's turn yeah so I lost six guys here for it's 10 amber every 7 so I lose 3 more and I lost no so I would pass because me leaders there and that's it yep actually oberyn's I lost two other ones did not yeah and the Arbour and our leadership 7:00 so don't 106 fine oh oh this is not good so my turn three yeah are you ready no only want me to say power was now human boy it was it was safe like acid emulous don't want to use that really saw I am a hundred too much he's moved to there he's moved to here and the M Prime Primus is right behind that wall saw retreated and retreated so psyche fist I want to smite haha that's d6 mortal wounds on your venatori oh yeah nice that was very nice it was below I just wanted to give you a psychic Hawk Brent he's been shooting to them so fives one hit one wound from a heavy Stuber that's him I have a sick sick feel no opinion against wounds and the psychic this you do so roll out now yeah you also know what – oh I'm safe so seven Flemish shots 3-1 takes one more wound drops it before no know that this guy yeah yeah blasting charges from the clan of us not the canvas the Nexus Nexus yeah three shots one hit one wound ah but you're doing that for right so we're gonna do three heavy stuber's and the flamer into him so I minus one to hit you something on sixes one hit doesn't wound 26:10 fours two three four minus one yep yep and then thirteen pistols from these into him to take the wind 13 pistols in you were the guy the one that's offer on the other side – yeah it's fine and I believe that is shooting phase charge phase to light this charging him right fire castellan axe reroll the one real the one for himself doesn't work no one will come in d3 ballista shoots three three ball the one strength five million five swooned puskás if it's – warner thing yeah what folks said he's gonna charge into him he has no guns Donnell come in and my Primus will charge into him oh he's not here actually he is cause he's right there okay so we're gonna go with this rock grinder first so how many tax door having a mom with five wounds well I think I've got d6 attacks yep d6 s d3 keys are charged and I miss nice so that one's only took one wound so I'll have six plus d3 always took three wounds yeah still be still fine yeah spent nine it's all threes – – Who am I soon like a boss – is next the price does you always keep my own comic as he's gone literally no protection he's got four wounds for tax even he has a born sword and he has a toxin injector I don't want to go over the toxic injector core because always wounds on a2 plus because I'm only spent five so I'll hit two plus watch where they're each time you ate a winner over six plus of this weapon it's a result of epi minus four so that's at minus 4 and then they're at minus 1 so really needing three – Beth and now my first non charging unit I'm gonna go over the arbor ants so I'm just gonna go over the hammers first do no I didn't do last time I didn't do the – morphs a sign so they all hit with the hammers even with the minus one twos there you go four plus on that one guy you absolute moron big picks and rending cause – to go D 3 he's dead that was my first non charging unit I've also not been giving any of us want to see well I just realized sit there there 12 missed three I wanted to start my movement fears I only had that one didn't up here I forgot about that I never put in my neighbor I would get two more for that last turn yeah why this this is my turn tho yo no bro I never did it for my alright okay so brings on seven to my three so that is three conceives there okay so I've got four five six left so six and leader gets an extra one strength force or fives two wounds nor end yep yep and that's it yeah twos cancel threes let's cut straight through to d3 damage for four damn it you do three damage so I've got two wounds remaining if we miss a record he is good why no yep nope now and he can punch that one two tips here nor own 4 plus 6 plus nope I take one more words I've lost 4 on that one there we go yeah yeah that's the end of my turn Bryn's turn for now seriously need to take back these objectives fast so Brinn moved the van Atari and the one guy yeah how long you watch you only got five models left no I'm actually still scared cuz my lip glosses right yeah sure the psychic fears went well yeah right then this Guardian is going to shoot that wolf good yeah what's the – one doesn't actually kill doesn't wound that's toughness for isn't it yes yes Oh mint he is going to shoot the Magus copper you're not he's going to shoot the utterance okay one hit it doesn't work right there charging yep he is going to charge the bio fear just on the Magus – blasting charges I got ten shots oh look he's in just a little bit he is going to charge he is going to charge the rock reinder no he isn't so he has to war first he does he's like the one against the Magus and two against the five theaters all hips one against each yep – three and it is too damaged the war the other is shield captain yep he's from uses misericórdia no shield captain yep oh wow yeah heavy I see you early 3 to 0-2 five wounds know who make you please unsurprisingly I'm good doing train butts in he's not gonna kill him and he's unlikely to do any wounds won't go with these guys so 670 attacks fives constant for one yep yep me guess the rock right one takes a wound I'm still on top bracket law I missed a record here so I get 6 plus I just get six attacks cutting dodged threes one see if God's AG and the bio fair just next captain oh yeah three – three dead click on your launcher okay so the bio features get his I call Gord two hits too close to wounds takes a D 3 damage yes that's what you get Brynn that's what you get when you let your heart win whoa I'm still hoping that their most important objectives you are you are not for much longer somewhere I'll test their bravery seven I lose two more I got from our scorn of the three the whole point you don't get him till start your turn yeah oh yeah that's another five yeah no brings on twelve I'm on six I've literally just got to really go for it now yes yeah so unsurprisingly he's gonna retreat he's not gonna really get to do anything but hmm I won't have to run them for inches but the gut plus to advance cause of twisted helix so they go an additional six the Primus will run six or he'll run it however these are now going to move this we're to try and take him because I have to stop Prince corn before the end of the game so it's going really bad for me I maybe shouldn't have run them because I could have potentially charged but realistically I wouldn't have been able to cuss and I was like twelve inches when the chances of that knowing it possible yeah there's not a lot to do he's gonna flame him however at the three one wound minus one nope and then the bio fear just which is they're gonna lob a grenade in three shots one hit doesn't wound and he lobbed grenades into him four shots one hit doesn't wound on that you're shooting fairs so no the arbor ins will charge him oh we roll the one now d3 veneered shots how long what did you roll the second set of two dice for four will ya you didn't hit I didn't know I'm done well ten in charge definitely gets me there if he doesn't die no one's gonna be watering there's be paying attention so this little with your ending cause you pick first yes so with the Purple's with a remnant clause so there are minus one one damage each real ticks one wind drops one two three that's minus two on D 3 damage 3 oh yeah so he's on three wounds left off Thomas three hits I'm still at strengthen 14 years yeah well no I'm at strength 6 so I'm strength 12 though the afternoon thrill this is for Eagle I was once who is in wonderful sieve yes yes eat it eat it Bryn physically pull your model off its base and eat it but I just point that Yuri it oh I forgot about her oh yeah I thought she was in with dead pile no oh well well so I'm honeymoons is your guy on three two hits two wounds on your in one yes come on come on yes have it and you've got no car mats to come out with I haven't so at the start of Bryn's movement fairs what's up Brinn you don't control any on or oh no are you gonna just jump in the middle and hope that you can survive to get two points on that one next turn you could attempt to run him and then hope that you survived everything during my turn or you could just go into that objective we we didn't come here in a drawer all those or anything hairy nor photographer and you are beating me by six points so far and I have two turns to potentially try and get more points Anja yeah but in those two turns you are going get it yeah I have that for 2 turns I'll get 4 so I was still beat you by two points but you have to hold off for two turns which I don't then you look at Lineberger yeah so you're gonna have to literally stay on the objective and then hope I don't kill you tell what it is yet oh you mean forgetting about him as well well particular blood games nature of the blood games even when I on got much to think about I still forget most of it right then saw that is movement done yep we are gonna try and hold this and pray that between the two-year-old and line breaker that I can hold that enough and long enough yep saw rapid fire that guy two shots by effuse why you want for the bio figures he's not going to do much damage here there's a flame a guy there that's there's a bike there's a quad with a flame on one wound and then there's all of them which will come charge any sort fire with rapid fire no no right so this into the wall for good point I started so even if you just studies for wounds it still have a chance of killing it yes oh it snake eyes as he born at the Acolytes he certainly is stuff is this 450 the blood games victory the blood games six what's the effects – one till six one two three four [Applause] but if if it was me given the mortal wound potential all the drills and the chance to rule and kill I'd take the sword oh yeah right then that's all my shooting doing yeah it's in there I don't want your day three extra attacks hey charger I'm charging it with the guard first but him yes okay Harry still is one hit doesn't work fours 4-1 two wounds three straight down or getting within half an inch that's absolutely fine and I'm guessing your wallets calling as well oh yes oh look right might as well go AWOL on us he's got more attacks I may as well do them all because they've all got the same chance to hit and share damage well no because you've got all you've already used for football games I'm here yeah twos yep strength six one yeah – right no save six down that air three damage a kisser leaves them on two wounds which means it's got D three attacks for – I'm going to go in your wall odd no no I want to go into Guardian I miss okay that's what still sore morale on them I lost six one of us believes I need a one so on my turn start my moving thing is I control that one and that one for four more victory points puts me at ten catching up Brent so I guess what did dr. drew that's all for him and then they're gonna go to their saw first of all blasting charge from him six shots but see when killer some Daft cooks historian Guardian two hits two wounds nor end homes cloth heavy incinerator from him into him three two – one he dies for auto pistols and a blasting charge from them five blasting charges but the auto pistols the same sort doesn't really make a difference at all oh love with me dice on alright so that's a four hits five swoons – nor end mining laser excellent huh she hits she wounds – one he says and charge fears they're gonna have to go in huh read all the ones won't hit know what threatened saved – 1 3 die crap three died was it I want to take a drill and a cutter and the leader for ya mix it put in half an inch so as a result of that the quad is also gonna charge I thought he makes it in the bio field just will charge I thought my six and that guy will charge it there we go saw unsurprisingly it makes no difference what order I go in here doesn't know bio phages two hits two wounds – oh that's lots of – good Oh with that this one always wins one are two processes type of ink on Titanic unit if a character loses any wounds as a result of an attack with this weapon roll a d6 after all the various attacks are being made if the result is higher than the models wound characteristic which is 7 then you say it's Mark Hunt or more than a six so it's just two with no rent yeah right wolf quad two hits strength for one wound nor end the acolyte misses the drill hits two wounds oh that could be it we're there with that sore is it for each wound I've done heavy rock drill roll a d6 for each model that suffered damage from this weapon this phase but was not destroyed to this one days yeah so how many words you don't even know he's down to two currently so a 2 and a 3 and you I'd kill ya he's dead yeah that's Slayer the warlord as well so that puts me to my nine victory points just to point out as well bring my boy to his turn then score nothing but then at the start of my turn I would score one two three four five six which actually puts me at fifteen pulse line breaker Ansley the warlord puts me at 17 – Bryn's 12 so I made a muscle come up and then last two turns yeah it it was there was a moment where I didn't think I had enough to deal with you it was in all honesty it was losing the event I read about six my ta a massive difference because I feel I might have might have crushed that side with ya most held up the aberrant yeah absolutely then guys yes it cost me a lot of CP enough in that charge balance but I want to lose that so it was three to move D six inches further forward is then another one that re-roll it and I'm pretty sure I rear all the dice in that combat fares as well so that actually cost me five CP but it was worth it you know what hats off to the unit of twelve Jakob a flight hybrids down here it's still one guy left yeah and you know they stood there and took it like a man in warlords face yes and Goliath's pretty good as ever I did forget about her and I think I was too aggressive with me bikes I think I went too far forward too fast and I think had I actually gave them blasting charges I understand why people use that stratagem I actually forgot as well but I could have moved after I used that strategy for the I think yeah what my intention was to charge and then I totally forgot and the patriarch I feel like you should have done a little bit better but up from forward and best gonna say he was sort of strong when he's the one for a bit wasn't yeah absolutely absolutely it is always surprising the thing is that when the four bikes were there I couldn't not go for them like that he was my best chance of being able to take them out in one swing saw that is it Bryn what do you think of Jean Cielo cult when you're on the opposite side of remember yeah it's hope I've played them reasonably well I don't feel like I did any massive mistakes yeah true true and teri oh yeah this is I don't think nor know the Telamon oh teri that teri yes well yeah yeah but I think you didn't realize how bad that 21 unity was gonna hurt ya and you know what I don't think many armies have got the ability to be able to take him out like that so you know uncle I think I got lucky as well yeah well I got really lucky using the command point you're giving the unflinching for five-plus yeah absolutely and they just kept rolling got a couple of sixes and the laughs salute so that's it guys Brin thank you very much once again for bringing equal stories around we'll have to get them around again in a couple of weeks and take on yet another army yeah and guys I hope you've enjoyed this battle report it's been a pleasure to have Bryn around once again thank you very much for watching and we'll see you again soon

10 thoughts on “Genestealer Cults Vs Adeptus Custodes Warhammer 40K Battle Report 8th Edition

  1. Nice game but the glaring mistakes are embarrassing to watch. Overextending movement turn one – pretty much game over because that stupidity but I decided to keep watching.
    Then the other side forgets to charge the custodes in return – wow.

    Turn two, the noobfeast continues with not breaking melee with the jetbikes from the stealer monster in an epic wtf moment and I´m like, with this level of rookie play anything can actually happen since no matter how bad a turn gets the other player could in fact balance it out the next turn by some equal insanity – I keep watching, lets see what happens 😛

  2. Wouldn't it have been better to wait inside the deployment, tie up the GSC with troops on both ends and let the telemon + shooting/charge/fallback with the bikes have been better?

  3. Great report! I don't think forgetting to charge the Atalans into the Custodes on turn 1 was such an error. Odds are they would have been wiped out without doing much anyway.

  4. Good battle report guys. Always good to see large model counts against small ones. Only sour note was the death of the dread. Re-roll was used on the wound rolls and a second one was used on the insta death roll. Good to see the GSC in game though. Complex army at the best of times!

  5. Oohhh, I like those Custodes with the dark armor and gold trim, especially the bikes!!! New (ish) intro is sweet! Thanks for sharing!

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