good morning ladies and gentlemen boys and girls children of all his Stooges of all kinds Sunday stream for the early birds that have come here thank you very much for supporting me if you're watching this afterwards hit the thumbs up button and if you're not sub sub it doesn't really matter if you're not if you like the unsub that's even better but I hope youse are all happy healthy and well we're looking a bit dapper this morning got me fucking hat on fucking cruising right along are you doing today flames good to see you buddy no I hope you will are you doing right all right mate all right all right sins in the fucking house sins arrived look out oh that's all just thought I'd say hello it's a Sunday morning here I'm normally supposed to be at the market as you know I'm supposed to be cracking away I've got fucking 12 planes and a whole bunch of little planes but don't worry boys all right we've had a big week all right all right catch that you change your Ching okay all right we chasing the chi-ching chi-ching okay and we're putting it in the pocket instead of just handing it straight over all right so we've had a huge week masks mainly masks had a huge Wednesday really really good Wednesday so just set the week up shop and supporting the old man not like you all right not like fucking new people all right they actually come here and support the old man all right get me out of this fucking plot huh it's not like I'm waste and I don't waste anything it's not like anything's wasted here yeah I'm not up gambling I don't stick shitting me on I don't fucking put it up me knows I put it in me pocket all right stash it up a bit stash it up a bit um it's been an eventful few days hasn't it in the news there's just so much so much going on but I find it's only going on it's only going on the net there's nothing there's nothing on the news news when you sit down and watch the 6 o'clock news everything's sweet in the world everything's fantastic we've got a few little problems over here but don't worry about that just eat your dinner fuckin mash you'll be on in a minute and you won't have to worry about anything we've got the football football stats coming in for you just give us a second so the whole thing's just glossed over everything is just glossed over it's just a joke like there is so much fuckin shit going on in the world and the most you'll see is oh um is the swimming the swimming this week okay because you notice how they're all sticking up for the Chinese have you noticed that ladies and gentlemen if you're in Australia you've got this big theme right now with the swimmers all right because this some young this Chinese swimmer some young and has already tested positive and I tried to do a blood test on him and he actually destroyed in front of them officials he destroyed the capsules destroyed the blood and he refused for the caps for the person to leave the room and their own security came the Chinese security came and smashed all the dark the blood vials and so he's under suspicion you know he's gonna go to court or some bullshit like that and all the other swimmers they won't get on the podium while he's becoming the number one and everything right because he's tested right but all the other ones are sweet right but looks accidents do happen so now they're throwing it back on the Australians because some of these kids out here they take you know whatever and they didn't even know that it was a league you know whatever I don't know so now they've thrown it all back on the UM on the Australians cuz you've got a young girl who took some kind of medicine given to her by a doctor and in the medicine is part of whatever so she's not allowed to have and she's only a kid she didn't know it she didn't even know had no idea it's not like this person is deliberately doing something to their body whereas this son young he would be do not think that that that son young doesn't take tablets and whatever is necessary that he can get away with deliberately okay knowingly don't think that he doesn't do that at all because he does I mean did you see his reaction when he lost he first lost when he swam against Marc Orton and he lost he lost in a big way right I'm talking he got flogged okay so he gets out of the pool he goes straight to his mum and starts crying right in front of everybody he just starts crying okay because he needs to win you say he needs to win okay you know I mean it's you know so for him to not win even you know that was Hugh you know straight to his mum have a cry have a little cry a little cry yeah yeah but next time you see the bloke our big E's and stuff like that I am telling ya he bawled like a fucking kid he bawled like a five-year-old he was all curled up and crying because he lost he lost you see so since then he's been doing anything he can to win so he's been doing you know it trust me there's a big thing on that here big thing on that right now but that's all there is out of all the world out of all the stuff going wrong in the world yeah someone fell on the train tracks your local train station here in Sydney did you hear about that Charles fuck now I'm in Melbourne you see that's that's what I'm trying to tell you man we've got all this stuff going on in the world and all they report on is 15 minutes of this swimming bullshit and then it's everything else is just glossed over and if everything going on in the world right there's just you know they concentrate on that to get the blame off sun-young you see it's all bullshit here you know that's what I've woken up to here all this propaganda fucking shit media that we have here so no I didn't hear anything about and I'll actually watch the news I actually have it on you know like all the time trying to you know and it's just a repeat upon repeat upon repeat if you if you watch the news that say 7:30 in the morning eight o'clock in the morning as you having a coffee okay and you leave it on around 11 o'clock it goes straight back to the repeat it's like they've got a fucking thing going and then they just wind it back and they just started again at 11 o'clock exactly the same news there's no different in anything I swear to you it doesn't change the entire day it's the same repeat the same repeats same repeated stories the same fucking thing the whole day along and it starts at eight o'clock in the morning see if you want to feel you know like you're watching the news watch it at eight o'clock in the morning because don't watch it in the afternoon it's the same news it hasn't changed in Australia it doesn't change because I've got the channel on and I leave it on you know and then I swap it over to PBS I swap it over to the other news official news channels right just to watch what's going on there but I'm gonna wake up to all this it's all bullshit the whole thing is bullshit it's I call bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit everywhere I go it's just bullshit it's just bullshit I'm alone I'm I'm home alone today I think mummys inside I think mummys inside I'm not sure cuz no one tells me fucking shit no one tells me nothing anymore they don't look at me they don't talk to me they don't do fucking nothing now it's the complete blank it's the complete to get you know the final final thing but they fuck off soon guys alright they go for another you know two-month holiday another two months holiday mum was getting pretty sick of it there's between me and you pretty fucking sick of ah here we go I still got three weeks left three or four weeks something like that but mums getting sick of it mum does all the cooking and the cleaning everything for a woman that lays in bed and she's not impressed mum was not impressed and mum thinks it's just now you know I sat down on a lounge last night a couple of red pills you know just say hello and mum thinks it's just that now and I said no that's all all the time you know I'm whole marriage doesn't no talk no nothing make dinner cook me I says you here I step back I step back and let you do because echo you weren't because echo echo echo so I Lamar you forward Charlie back okay if Lamar lucky Charlie forward Charlie do echo cleaning cooking who you think – you think you seem chin chin do huh I started laughing I started laughing I started laughing my ass off I said she doesn't move I said you're kidding are you kidding you're joking yeah I still owe no cheats no no no no no so anyway I can see what's going on here you know right the complete you know it's got the new glasses on it's got the new here it's got the new clothes it's got the new car it's got the new shoes it's got the new undies it's got the new HUD these guys get those g-strings on their love all right through the fucking Grandma's away they've been thrown away they're in the bead they've been retired okay they've been retired they're only four fucking when you get married okay yeah mum knows there is no doubt mum knows okay but she daughter is my daughter I said your fault your fault you she spoiled spoil all of life all of life's spoil all of life you know no no do dishes no cleaning no nothing and she said to me no no do it and nothing I do all no do any or how teach how you know you think now change you seem different now you think you see different now I started laughing out of who you really really think different though is same no just just a bed look at food hello ignore ignore you just look at phone hello no no even know even hello okay forget forget this no no no no so um it's a complete fucking shame alright you don't fool me anymore it's complete fucking bullshit the whole thing and then you know the first three years she was happy and all the rest of it but once they get it westernized that's the end of that so now now she's all prim and proper boys okay she's got all the hair down and new clothing you should see it it's fucking all glammed up everywhere it goes it's all glammed up it's all brand-new all right it's all brand-new since mom this morning I said her mom this morning I said you before I come here I said our mom chin chin yeah new glasses man new glasses are very pretty ma'am very pretty yet very pretty yeah very pretty I said ma'am new glasses new hair new clothes new shoes new car soon new husband new husband soon okay not long maybe six months six month new husband okay and I walked out and I'm not stupid this is although that's what it's all for that's what all this shit is about get a new one in boys and girls if you got a good job you fuckin own any money you could apply I am I am taking application forms so there's any application forms out there but you must be able to cook clean you've got a full time job and when you come home you've got to do all of that for her and don't expect any great amount of sex don't expect that God for if I could beat that I don't expect any attention or even hello as you're walking the dog forget that so really well anyone out there you know is I what are going to apply I concentrate on the masks that's what I fucking knew I'm gonna wake up to this bullshit so I pump my molds I pump my arts and I have been pumping I got my path by I got my path I got my paper in my pocket got bills paid got fucking tobacco got a little bit of green got fucking groceries got coffee milk got fucking shit boys all right and I've got paper in me pocket and Danka clients in the mind fucking where am I gonna line them up got them all lined up for next week boys don't you worry about that get some more of that fucking paper a little bit more folding for the old man all right now help fuckin you you don't even watch you fucking ad you miserable motherfuckers right my fucking healthy little maggots maggot put a fucking ad on support the old man pump that motherfucker with the sound down and pump that motherfucker they have unmonitored many taking my comments off me they have done everything they can to take from me so now it's time to take from them okay that's what it is all right it's that time let's keep this fucking rocking here so I thought of myself I go to the market sell the last by complying paying fucking and I thought that's what the fuck for my miles will concentrate on what I need to be concentrating on okay so I thought I'd do a couple of hours with you okay and do you it's just right it interferes I can't concentrate on what I need to concentrate on and that's doing that and that takes concentration it takes a few steps forward thinking right we're gonna write do this this and this and then that right before basically flames yeah it's a big setup it's a big setup and it's good pussy it's good pussy just doesn't give it just doesn't fucking give it out just it's once a month you know and you're you know and by that time because you're we were you're with her you're thirsty it's just it's just a normal thing you are with this person you're not out fucking anybody else you're trying to be loyal and all the rest of it and by the time she's giving it up you are thirsty now cuz that's just your pussy right that's yours right that's your wife right well fuck who else are you supposed to be after you don't I mean it's a normal thing right so you can't call a husband thirsty he's just being a husband that's all he is but he's not being thirsty he's just being a fuckin husband he's supposed to want to fuck his wife he's supposed to fuck him wanna lick that fucking biscuit he's supposed to fucking see that ass fuckin raw right you know I'm saying that's he's fuckin ass he married it he fuckin married it he's not out got anybody fuckin else what the fuck you get in your head like they've been they've lost a woman fuckin role here well you're not the woman you know here you're not the woman all right you know they they've lost their fucking role instead they're all men they think they're a man you know all this one's just spoiled this one is just spoil just plain and out you know thinks it's better then you will me or fucking definitely better than me oh yeah 100% better than me you know you can't have this fucking gold you're not good enough as a miner okay this is good gold okay doesn't matter that you buried me does the better he doesn't matter I wouldn't suggest getting married these days it depends who you marry of course but this latest generation that we've got going on now oh my god Farber I have not met a Jim you know I noticed more now than I have before um you know because I was trying to convince myself that I was happily married all right think trying to convince myself and trying to do things every day to try and make this person happy and she is that's not the goal here the goal is to rip the marriage fucking apart drivers both fucking in the drivers both apart and get me off the fuckin property and get some but get it right get a new one it'll be someone that speaks her language thing and they don't think I know that the mothers awake to it Ben don't worry about that she's all part of it she's all she's all clicked in and she understands what's going on there's a lot of conversations going on a little mini DVD um everything I do in the house is reported if I get bit ridiculous now and I actually fuck with their minds a bit I play with their heads a bit like a weed because when I go Beadnell they tend to look at what I'm doing everywhere I'm going you know like if I go into the kitchen they watch what I take out of the fridge you know shit like that you know little things somehow I just fuck with them I fuck with them I actually go into the fridge open it up and I'll pull out something that they that they own or whatever and put it on the counter because it's in the way of the milk or whatever and then I'll just use the milk watup what I'm doing and the whole time they're looking at the counter because they think that I'm gonna eat the food or whatever it is they're gonna think I'll fuck with it and I don't do anything with it I just fuck with him I just fuck with their head see like complete that I've got accuse the other day of eating spam eating spam ladies and gentlemen you know that khane spam I'll give you every that sheet but seriously if you have an 8 in skåne spam it is the most vile fucking shit thing you could ever eat in your life I mean seriously if you're on a camp in the middle of the fucking forest that's the kind of shit that you want right but in a general and generally you know oh I can't stand the stuff I cannot fucking stay in it I don't eat it I don't even like the smell of it it reminds me of camping when I was young it reminds me of going on camping you know and I haven't eaten that shit in 30 years I just can't stand the stuff anyway they eat it like no demora like they eat the shit bought they buy by the tray like not just a kid they buy the whole fucking tray cuz that's what they eat yeah I hate the stuff I really do so any when the mother comes out last night whatever was yesterday and she's got half a can of spam and she's accusing me of eating the half a can of spam and I'm just laughing my ass off I really am because it's getting ridiculous I mean fuck and that is ridiculous I mean I don't eat that spam now don't don't you regardless that there are two other fucking girls in the room two other Chinese are staying here you've got you know the echo didn't need it obviously change need you to need it obviously but you have two of these kids in the thing right and I have to explain that I didn't eat fucking Spain why said fuck that shit just I said well fuck that sheet all right exploited nothing 51 years old fuck that shit I exploited sheep all right explain if you think I hate that fucking stuff lovely fucking hats off to you you don't fucking know me at all you bitches don't fucking know me and that's what convinced me right there none of these bitches fucking know me they've never taken their time at a date if I can know anything about my past my family nothing they don't even fucking know me and they've been married and fucking in Rio are and you're in love yeah bull fucking shit you don't even know that your husband hates fucking spam I mean in all of nine years of marriage is he ever touched a fucking can of spam and the answer is no he hates the shit so why all of a sudden have I become this starving fucking person that needs your half a cane a fucking spam I know I'm thinking of myself hang on a minute if I did steal a fucking spam I'd steal the whole fucking chain cuz I'm I mean I know I just steal the whole fucking thing I don't give a fuck about stealing half of it I'll steal the whole fucking thing the fuck you talking about off a cane look how fat jeans fucking laughing Jimmy you get no warning tonight Jimmy son da you got a fucking zero tolerance can and I'm putting up with your fucking shit for fucking one second can you go fucking one warning that's eat only at a fucking past respects other than that fuck off you've been fucking warned I'm sick of your fuckin negative shit I'm sick of your four or five different fucking names you use you're not fucking Jimmy Thunder you fucking some other turn that fucking your Baba at fucking last week you're the same fucking dick heed that fucking turns up here every time changing your name you know the fucking anyone mining and you disgrace the fucking name of Jimmy thunder you fucking disgrace him so fuck off I don't have to respect you man you're you don't get given respect you're a nice engineer and you forget where you are you forget where you are fucking Lord OBE doesn't fucking need to give you respect you fucking dirty little can anyway what was I gonna fucking what wasn't we talking about sick of his shit I haven't eaten that since I lived at home Thank You Diane hey Diane fuckin sweet Oh excellent I told ya I didn't Bob anybody um but anyway yeah I haven't eaten that shit in years so now they're just looking for anything they can any any little thing they can to jump on me for whatever reason and you know it pisses me off you know and and I just think fuck you every time he's the bitch doesn't listen to nothing that you say she does not fucking give a fuck what you say now I keep that's not my food right there no there no longer my chickens apparently and it's no longer my responsibility apparently okay then sweet so what the stupid bitch does because she's a fuckin lazy fucking bitch when it comes to n she hangs it up into the cage in the middle there you know the black birds have worked out how they can grab it and they can grab it hold onto it and shake it and all the food drops on the floor and then it's come in Andy okay now the black bird can do that until there is nothing left in the trace seriously he can empty it now the thing wrong with chickens think the really fucked-up thing with chickens is is they only eat the black seed okay you near the Black Sea I'll show you it's all they eat they eat the black mate is Black Sea okay so these the chickens will empty this entire thing see there's no black seed in here you see how it's all gone yeah that's what they're after all the chickens want is the black seed now they will rip this fuckin thing apart to get any black seed that's in there if they see one black seed they will fucking empty the entire thing out to get the one black seed so you're wasting how much food do you need to waste how much of this food do you need on the bottom of the cage is going to attract rats mice and every fucking bird that lives within ten kilometre radius to come and have breakfast lunch and dinner here I mean of course the pigeons are gonna turn up of course you're gonna have crows and fucking mice have all kinds of shit here turning up having food like this all over the floor attracts mice and attracts rats it's just a fact so I take that out of the cage I put it over here it's more manageable when they've eaten I can sweep it all up put it back into the bag there's nothing left on there there's no fucking food for the birds Plus this close to the door the cats will guard it and the birds don't get any food okay because I'm sick of buying all these all the food I'm totally sick of it it's not it's not cheap shit okay and the and they will waste these chickens will waste no any balloons that live in this bird this in these great big trees here and all the other birds will sit on top of the fence they sit on top of the fence mate waiting their turn to come down and eat breakfast and you'll come out here in this ten pigeons in the morning 8:30 in the morning there's ten pigeons so I go in there and I tell her again over and over and over and it's like it's like being married to her she just fucking ignores you because you're a man you see because you're a man she totally ignore ignores you if I was a female telling you that then she would have listened but it's because it's me right and I'm a fucking idiot that she doesn't listen to me at all just ignores me says I know they might chickens and I'll feed them any way that I want to feed them oh really you spoiled bitch that's what I said well I mean these fucking spoiled fucking bitch you know I just don't listen to a man at all not even about chicken food don't listen to him about all anything laughs you just go and hang it up there and then you wonder why there's fucking shit everywhere and there's rats and fucking mice all over the gutter all over the fucking thing eating it there's 20 fucking pigeons out there eating it and that's my money all that's your mum's money I should say it's not my money this time is it that's why I was onto it so much you see because it's my money than they're eating and I don't want a fucking feed every pigeon and every fucking bird within a 10-kilometer radius okay cuz I'm the one that's paying for it okay I'm the one that goes down and gets the food and brings it back and feeds them in the attitude on it the attitude is insane how old is this person and she thinks her shit doesn't stink she honestly thinks she's the best of the best of the best of the best okay and how do you just agree with her and fuck being married to this woman what a fuckin nightmare then you don't even get a root you don't even get fuckin you know you don't get your dick fucking wet at all at all so good luck to you my friend good luck to you wherever you are good luck good luck to them new boyfriend whoever you be mmm because it seems to have a completely changed attitude down to us so I really hope your fucking something is pumping her if I could hope that I'll be a blessing yeah absolutely complete waste of I don't I I can look you wanna know what I've been doing I kind of like keep it to myself okay the last few streams but I'd be really really busy honestly III don't sit down I am non-stop in here and I always in here working and people think that I'm not and they thinking I'm a soul and all the rest of it and if you guys I Cal show you a cow show this is what I've been doing I'm not sitting here doing nothing I'm have created these over the last three or four days just over the last two days I supposed I did these works so completed them belts so you've got a strap unit so it holds it on your head then you've got the belt which holds it on your head so completed that which is really happy with that really fucking nice I've sold two of these this week sold two of these I just completed this one yesterday belted belted him up riveted belted strapped ready to go I sold one of these last week so I've got to keep that stock up Cory and I made the clown which I'm really really you know just wow just even I looked at it and said what the fuck did I just do like what have I done so it's not too much hope it's not too you know full-on for you boys I know it looks easy I know what you're looking at you God that looks really easy route but it's actually not to do this it's actually a job and it takes a while you know this might take three or four hours to prank this something like that it certainly doesn't take six months it doesn't take two years it doesn't take fucking what these Americans need to make I mean if I'm if I'm a bloke in a garage right and I can do what I'm doing in a matter of a few hours then what fuck are you taking six months in two years and you're a professional you're a trained professional and you went to college and learnt all this fucking shit and you take two years to make a mask and you think that makes you better what the fuck are you you need a slap in the fucking head you should be able to knock this shit out and fucking and you mean you're a trainer on I should take you two years two fucking years to make a Basque can't fucked it's just no excuse there's none so I made the clip I made the Freddy I've made the Freddy from a Facebook thing a gentleman asked me for a skin tone so I did the skin tone Freddy and I couldn't I can't accept paypal because I don't know if she changed the password and I don't have a bank account so you know the fucking sale fell through that fell through okay because I can't do what he's asking me to do and then I rented them online let's revamp the Myers just real just redid it again rethinking about it just keep thinking about it and redid it and much happier with how how it turned out just much much nicer he takes all he's a lot of like it's so I'm glad how he turned out yeah I'm a criminal ah Joey that fucking dickhead Malone and I'm gonna start giving these people names I'm not gonna boot a man just call him a name they fuck at least this blokes a total dickhead ladies and gentlemen likes to make a lot of comments and other people's Channel about me loves talking about the old man and I think you're just a jealous little fucking dickhead bite you seriously okay jealous little motherfucker absolutely jealous up the ass you are so fucking jealous it's a joke he really are you are this the most jealous person I've ever met I think it's what half the problem here is is there's just too much jealousy going on you know youth you want this and you you should have that or whatever just do your own stream man you can yell and scream and do whatever you want you know talk about whatever you want just do your own stream make your own videos and I did my chlorine so I've got to complete the quarry today this is my job today just to complete this so I've got one done I sold a chlorine this week also eighty bucks so I'm gonna do the dreads on email just I put them into position overnight and latex the inside of them okay that's what you do latex the inside of it put it into position on the mannequin head so that way you know the hair sits flat on the inside you don't have to worry about anything like that and the dread will stick up automatically the way you want it it'll stick up and then after that you would latex the bottom in here and latex right in here right in there just a little bit on the inside there which holds it into position and then you do or do all your rest of your dreading your dread work okay I've got heaps here to do all of this stuff needs to be tied off and sealed with latex all of this stuff and then it needs to be belt it and then painted that dreads need to be painted and then he's off men he's fucking so wait man I need one of those though I need that much I do need if I can velu a hat of a lure jacket I've only just started the stream darlin like thirty two minutes ago I thought the airport what happened to go on to the airport I thought you were going to the airport with mum didn't you drop the kids off I'll put your going to the airport I thought they'd drop the kids off I know the kids went with all their bags so they're definitely gone this is my little daughter string this is my four-year-old her name is in my streams and stuff like that you know you guys don't like that and all that kind of thing so as far as I'm concerned there's your answer to that it's my stream mate my kid ain't doing nothing illegal there ain't nothing illegal here all right I'm allowed to share my daughter man you know why because one day when she grows up man I'm not gonna have her at all you know that right all this all that little want all this time now it's gone four-year-old time is gone yeah so I need her I want to look back on it when I'm old and see my daughter alright well you got any glasses on no you broke the last pair of ray-bans you broke them you've snapped them on the freakin arms a really good pair of ray-bans really expensive ones and you broke them what are you doing monster head okay I wanted to sit down she's gonna be out here with me I'm sorry guys I didn't I thought that going to the airport I wanted to sit down and discuss this these people here with the mosque they've got no chance they can protest all they want but the council's been given money paid another dog attack and a Cranbourne woman thought she and a blabbered or pop buddy were going to die when they were savagely mauled but then a shoe mock stepped in the same kind of thing happened to me when I was walking chin Chin's dog she had this little dog that she was taking care of and we got around the corner and another dog attacked that dog and a big dog it's just I mean that a little dog yeah a little dog that it's got it by the fact I think it's shaking the fuck out of it so I kick the big dog straight in the head this kicked it straight in the head numerous times just fucking bang bang bang on give a fuck I grab the big dog by the fucking grab the by the side of the ear and fucking twisted the can grab daughter by the thing and then the kids come around I don't hurt my dog I'm gonna kill the fucking dog like mate you got two seconds to get the dog or I'm gonna kill the motherfucker I said see I can stay in there and watch it and although I'm gonna fucking kick the fuck out of that dog so I was kicking the fuck out of it and all these people come in in their houses I started complaining at me for kicking the dog I said fuck you all man the dog comes near me I'm gonna kick the fuck out of it I said I'll give a fuck what you think yeah you're my fucking bug snap at me she's not fuck you talking to Trent that's what I said oh you're the fuck you think you're dealing with let that can't come near me I'm gonna kick it the fucking gear to the head I said I'm gonna kick the fuck here or over the fucking joint like let it fucking loose then see what happens and it seemed I don't fucking keep the count in the head and I'll please don't no don't get the fucking dog away from me don't big money for fucking shit get the fucking dog away from me get your fucking dog um that's what I did I kick the fuck out of it unfortunately I caught I caused a big drama I caused a huge driver I really did Lord keep the dog I said on faggot matter you know it was on it was on this is honest truth it was on I told I was with a guy with thumb changing and I told him to keep walking get the dog out of here just go leave go so all these people around me man all screaming at me about this fucking dog and I'm telling moment kill the fucking dog I don't give a fuck about you the fucking dog or whatever may the dog comes near me I'll kill the motherfucker I said another thing chance any you come near me I'm gonna fucking kill all you can stew I say you better back the fuck off I see you fuck you think you're dealing with you motherfucker I said Oh keep the fuck at have any cunt that comes knee me I don't give a fuck you're a Tina I don't give a fuck who you're a fuckin Beach I had this fucking little blonde head motherfucker bitch fuckin come up to me and she's fuckin got a stick in a hain and she's behind me in a fucking turn I said I'm bitch I'm gonna turn their bum I turn you into a fucking paddle pop stick I said you come near me with that motherfucker or some one time I put that thing so far up your ass you're gonna think you're a fucking paddle pop I said don't think I won't fuck you with you bitch I said you just fuckin came up with a fucking baby stick behind me give me that fucking stick bitch I'm gonna turn you into a fucking paddle pop the fuck you think you're dealing with and it's fucking sneaking up behind me a little cunt so anyway this other blokes fuckin I don't know he's come out of nowhere and he starts shaking the one on the on the trees he ladies and gentlemen on the street they've got the sticks on either side with a ribbon to hold the tree into place and he's there shakin the fucking stick right he's trying to break the fucking stick so I went I went through him straightaway bangin for he more you want to fucking stick to your country Ryan fucking bang it's fucking eat the cat and I just he deep ideas fuck anybody wants a stick get on the grandi baby yeah I can't even fuck it I got I just seen him first I'll give a fuck I just get bunny belch yeah I took that is the threat I took that is the threat if I could just applying in out fucking threat so I've just gone straight at you just fucking whacked you want and he disappeared and the next thing you know mate he's come up from behind with another fucking stick and he tried on the back of the head straight on the back of the head man we fucking hates fucking got all fucking blood coming out of me hate and after that I went fucking I mean absolutely fucking apeshit I win fucking apeshit like to call police fucking ambulance I'd the fucking Street fucking cut off it was fucking pain demonium if I can I'd blood let's see it I fucking I saying the blood that's IDO fucking come he come he could beat you oh fuck I bite off after you chubby little cut off I could bite off his off oh yeah he's fucking don't touch your sister I a chameleon I'm gonna fucking belt you to life coming your he's fucking sister I if I can give me that give me that give me three and she fucking bail – if I could run she fucking run anyway I caught up with his little I caught up with a kid that fucking that hit me I caught up with him right and as he's running he's tripped over and he's on the ground he's on the ground I fucking grab the cunt and I've gone to build him and I looked at his face and he's like fucking 70 he's like fucking 17 it's a fucking kid a fucking kid so I grabbed him and I said I own you now you understand cunt I fuckin own you understand the damage that I could have done to you go home go home and a let him go not a let him go blood comin out of me hearing everything he's only a kid I mean fucking kid my seven years old the point he's done the point is that you fucking don't don't just hit the first cunt that comes near what surrounded me hold all the neighbors on the street cuz I kick this dog and it's the local dog right they all know that dog I don't give a fuck the dog was grabbing the other dog buy this buy the thing and shaking it so I kicked the fucking dog in the head a few times and let the dog go seemed reasonable to me what the fuck you want me to stand here let me just sustain there right watch me watch me watch me why fucking scream it ahead she's screaming kid chedis fucking screaming you know you got no idea the dog is killing the other dog so I'll just keep the fuck out of her stick I'm kicking the motherfucker and it eventually let go of the dog and the woman came over don't eat my dog I've been I'm kill the motherfucker I will kill this fucking dog I'm gonna kill you get this fucking thing away from me I've known fact I'd stop by dog it's not live I could no you know there's a blue blue heeler dog a blue heeler dog yeah um I just kicked it in the snout you don't go for the body it's too covered in fur and it's there to muscley you just go straight for the jaw just just keep the cut in the jaw my side of the jaw it's the only place that it's gonna have any kind of pain receptor kick in there and uh yells yeah you know I mean does that lets see your fucking dominated now you know you're not the head of the fucking pack now you little Cod I so the dog is shit scary you know huh this dog is fucking scania cuz you gotta fuckin hurt it anyway move on sorry I tend to ramble a little bit I'm an old man that's what old men do what's going on with this Epstein situation ladies and gentlemen hey hey what's carrying with the Epstein fuckin sick to work being reported because they don't tell you nothing you don't hear anything of X fuckin shit at all if I have the door closed then it fuck's up the whole reception right because it's Wi-Fi okay so we need the door open but we need the door covered yeah what wait a minute wait a minute yeah it's almost better huh ladies and gentlemen just takes five or ten minutes I just thought of it okay I can do that I can do that I've got this reading there I can do that I got the sheeting there I could just hang it there and just hang it down so blocks that fucking Sun there okay all right so just give me a minute here we'll work it out right anyway I hope everyone is happy healthy and well okay yeah yep that's it I that's better don't tell me I still got the problems okay so we got the silver pile around it doesn't okay let me tell if it's not one thing it's another I gotta throw the fucking silver thing around there because I just got the glare off the silver thing so I'll turn it around a little and then it'll be greed in the background will have a green background one minute can that not work Neal yes touch it out a lot doesn't it oh god I'm an old maid I think this poor girl sitting on oh well that was a quick trip to the airport they mustn't I went to the airport the muscle went just as a train station or some shit it wouldn't surprise me that his personal puts them in a train station 11 year old 12 year old let me finish this cigarette relax I've got to have some breakfast I haven't eaten any breakfast or anything like that I've just gotten up had a cup of coffee and and looked around me a little bit and felt hang on a minute you know anyway they prefer if I just stay here Oh judge I've got to take all my groceries out to the garage now anything that I buy so I've got all my fucking shit out here now so they're pushing you further and further away you know we can't have any of your stuff here you know we don't eat your stuff and you know you're not allowed to use our stuff so you're better off to keep your stuff out in the garage you know that's the fuckin yeah anything they can any little thing they came anyway nothing on the Epstein in let's get on to change the topic you weren't banned none of yous were banned well none of youse were bein you know bein dying and not even bein you don't get dramatic fucking sir I we were baby you know he did it to us ah he's a bastard he's bein where your level of your bed and if you get back in the room you don't a moderator as far as I know can't being you become moderator apparently to timeout thing or something like that but as far as I know he can't outright being you only I can do that you know my own fault we get a lot of fake ass motherfuckers in e so oh good on your dying well it's nice to see anyway that's right you can watch the Joker Christmas trees now I can't anymore end fuck and they took my paypal and they took all that off me men or she changed the password so I can't do PayPal payments nothing like that I'm a trusted not a problem but there's no way of paying me there's no way of getting it through so can't help you I will just work angel we just work mate okay we'll just get the masks done and work may get some planes you want to do me a favor get me some planes I can't fucking buy any come on she's gonna get him so know what I'm gonna do there that's why I thought I'd hold up on those last fucking 12 planes I've got or whatever the large one and I've got I've got a whiff air whack a small one but they're a $5 unit they're only a five dollar sale so they gonna do a lot of sales you understand they're a good plane this morn but they just have your sale you know you'll go from a ten dollar sale down to five the person will spend five right so this is fuckin only tiny plane and the compared to big one but in their fuckin mind they've just saved five bucks now doesn't do anything writer just blank just complete blank nothing there's like it's nothing nothing there at all I don't know I have to take it down to the block in what I got a from in Caribbean market he put it together for me so I got in and take it down to him but this week has been the only lick I've had some paper in me pocket the rest of the weeks have been pissing down with rain freezing fucking cold and a complete nightmare as in regards to the market turning shit over on days like that they only come there for the particular things you know that was pouring with rain freezing cold and it's a market they only come there for on that day for particular things they don't come there to buy a plane ok you know they they you know there's no good selling rings and shit like that you know it's not going to it's not going to work ok it's not the day for it and all you're gonna do is burn stock it's what I call burning stock so you'll go along to a market on a day like that you'll pay for your rent your petrol all those expenses ok and you've sat there for until fuckin 3 o'clock or 2:30 or whatever it is and I'll see your time okay all of that you've got to consider all of that and you know you're walking out with negative you're Neal negative every time so whatever you've sold on the table is gone ok you can't replace it you have to come up with new money to buy that stock you can't use the money you weren't that day because you knew it enough right you're actually negative for the day ok so your expenses your $20 in fuel you put into the car you know all of the expense of the stall you might have lunch you might eat lunch there which is another big mistake so you'll go up to the cafeteria and you'll spend another $17 on lunch so you've got to put that on top of that okay so your expenses for the day might work out to be 80 bucks 70 80 bucks by the time you've taken it all into thin well you know yeah so though I find that say just burn stock so I don't go today's a good day today's a good mark a day for planes great market day the plane excellent we could also sell a couple of the masks to the shop down there you know I mean that would come in handy but they're the same thing that I could do on Wednesday there's no difference it could do the same shit on Wednesday so our mouths will just do that there's only 11 planes in the car boys there's 11 big planes left and that's eat we're not sitting on boxes on them if you remember we had boxes and boxes of them yeah there's no fucking boxes it all God so don't tell me the old man doesn't know ok the old me knows no you hear him all inside now mom said she was very tired my mum to me last night so tired Charlie you know do all you know I just you you you want to do no good complain you want to do you know I said Ben you cooking you do for all you know tension no cook mom Jinjin maybe once once let's eat let's eat and big compliant big big complying all like I'm playing complaint alright so yeah she's a woke up to it mom's a wake up no she has a 34 year old 36 year old woman that doesn't leaves like a claim no see what happens keep going Joey all you do is come up with negative shit all the time you know that everything you write man is just fuckin negative shit it really is just negative shit also you're a liar you're a plaque of Lima you know female man you're no female man your pretend to be a female you're a man and you pretend to be a female there's no way of my male talks like that that's female everything you say on other people's thing it's all female shit dude you're a fuckin pretending a little liar nothing more than a troll and stooge let's see and you pretend even being a different gender whatever gender suit you on the day before oh and be your friend just fuck of a thumb the can up can no man I'm just reading comments mm-hmm anyway I was looking at this epstein thing I was looking at this epstein thing let me let me move on here now I'm just seeking a fucking sheet in there fuck you I don't need your ass that badly I am so sick of your negative fucking shit man every time I turn around you got a negative comment about me by family so fuck you you're out of here fucking cop boom you're out men mm-hmm let me organize this properly here you'll have to get a new name boom can't do it to lab we've got people outside the neighbors tend to have a little fucking heart attack available only the ones gone fucking back inside again well it's the old woman she'll be an earring report off he's on the phone I don't give a fuck yeah anyway the other day we were having a conversation about this Epstein thing just had to deal with that little fucking better shows riding in number I was telling you that it goes further than what we've been you know we've been told mate this guy is hooked up this Epstein he's hooked up the motherfucker man he doesn't deal with me and you he deals with the ultra ultra rich the ultra banker he's hooked up all right in a major way did you know he was found in his jail cell the other day all curled up with marks on his neck I've already tried to get all of him men they've always tried to get all of him okay so it's just a matter of time man and apparently he's dropping a lot of names Ryan's a lot of names being dropped the concert he will end up dead if you keep he keeps going they'll end up dead he'll end up dead you know a little suicide in the in the what he call it you know in the in the cell he's naming too many names all right there's too many names too many links to different people remember I was telling you how I thought that that everything was taped everything that he was doing was recorded you know well I was right everything has been recorded there's been time dates everything and that's his power he's blackmail it's his power he's blackmail and it's full-on leads right back to the Mossad leads right back to Israel and I told you it did I you know I mean I'm gonna be saying that weeks and weeks ago that I reckon it ties all back it's all being constructed this way he is too tied in men there is so many famous world politicians and vak and everything have been to this island and I imagine that it's fucking disgusting isn't it isn't it disgusting like the whole thing and apparently the island set up that way you know he's like the stepping stone he's the he's the guide stone or whatever he's the one that holds the two that holds it and organizes at all and it's quite sickening what they've done to these kids ladies and gentlemen you know he's only on charges from 2004 or some shit he's not even on latest latest addition charges he's on old ones they're trying to get him on anything they can he's got too much power make too much money I love to have the judge is keeping him in jail not giving him bail not giving him any bail your man's been getting a bit of a coffee fucking coughed lightly you know staying here on a fucking floor is not the best thing for a human over time it's just not okay so I'm getting a bit of a chesty fucking cold a bit of a chesty fucking cough you can you can say it's from cigarettes or whatever but it's it's more than that it's it's you know it's more than that I believe I tend to wake up three or four times during the night I can't help it just fucking wake up and then go back to sleep again so I don't think that's that's good I don't know I've been thinking about it a lot but anyway anyway that's life so this is Cranbourne leader okay so our local newspaper came out on Wednesday so they're coming they're gonna have a new mosque here there's a lot of mosques around here ladies and gentlemen there's one just around the cross where the railway tracks are it's a massive fucking building you've got no idea it's absolutely massive and they're gonna bar up as much land as I can and erect as many as I can okay because we're basically surrounded we are surrounded anyway furious fear pardon me furious neighbors have vowed to take the fight against controversial plans for a mosque in KC to the state planning tribunal chaotic scenes erupted outside the gallery after the council voted to approve two applications last week with several residents hurling insults at councilors well they've been paid councilors have been paid they get money they get support they get donations contributions whatever you want to call it and that's all he's got to do oK you've got to find out the individual counsel of what they're doing on some program or fucking whatever and you give money towards the program or you buy the kids whatever it is it's missing whatever and that's bang that's how you get this shit done okay a religion of peace religion of peace yeah as long as you obey them okay as long as you obey them you'll have peace okay you wanna you want to fuck a nail down then you're left peace the minute that you are cup know you'll need cement bollards all the way around you you'll need cement bollards protecting fucking marches or some cement bollards protecting you know everywhere you go anywhere there's a crowd is there cement bollards and they're not there for me and you we don't drive a fucking truck through a fucking crowd of people but these people do these people will and they'll do it in the name of how dare you fuckin celebrate that that's just you know a Christian and not you know and they will drive a truck through the fucking joint it's being done in Melbourne it's it's insane we've we've had people driving entire cars and trucks through the main streets of Melbourne here and just killing fucking running people over and yelling Allah Akbar out the fucking window and then when it but when the guy gets busted I know he's got nothing to do with that he sees just an Asian he's an Asian they don't he doesn't even color the fuck of what he is he suddenly becomes Asian and he doesn't he doesn't practice that ideology on owner and doesn't do that ideology they fucking lie they absolutely lie ok so now there's all cement bollards all the way through the city everywhere you go I haven't been in there for you know but everywhere you go in the city on every attraction the aquarium all of that is all cement bollards all the way around it because they don't want cunts fuckin driving a track through it ok anyway cuz it is you know it's just mean you doing it you know I mean you do that kind of thing don't worry about that don't worry about the Allahu Akbar that's fucking normal that's just you know completely normal nothing to see here Terry Ryan said said dozens of neighbors met last Wednesday tonight Wednesday night to plan their V cat fight against the narrow Warren North Moscow North Mosque mr. Ryan who has lived in the subway for thirty years so the neighbors were still disgusted the council had failed to listen to them despite receiving almost 800 objections that's a few objections don't you think I mean that's a few neighbors don't you think that's a few a few signatures 800 we are now in the process of seeking legal advice and I'm speaking to several people today about our case I got to admit that you know if you know if I if I went down there made a film of and showed you this mosque not only would I be questioned and if I can probably arrest it because the cops would be called straight away because you're taking a picture of this mosque but it's got the things on the top the round things with a little thing on the top it's it's a full on you know wherever they came from mosque it's not it's not an Australian thing it's like it's got the little ball or that the little thing on the top with its seed things covered I don't have to explain these things but the building's definitely from you know wherever you want to call it fucking some foreign fucking lien 2,000 years ago you know I mean it doesn't fit sitting in the area we're talking housing all the way around it is normal housing and here you got this monolithic fucking thing with spires and things sitting on top of her and you know it's full-on man it's huge building its massive and that's still not a good good enough for them that is not good enough okay you need more Seder don't you love that that whole thing how they worded that for him Casey antique mosque Crusader counselor Rosalee crostini said a mom or a morgue was completely inappropriate for the locational they've spelt the wrong the name Brock that the mosque name wrong at a bog they've got the yeses in the ours big stuff that's all it was a yes in the artist rich as you get older you know instead of reading the paper like normally it goes further and further away so you end up like a foot away from the paper to read it Islamic Council of Victoria spokesman or here we go so there were there appeared to be an essence of Islamophobia within Casey so they call any objection Islamophobia isn't that great it's not great you just call someone a name that's it and that's it that shuts them down that's supposed to completely keep them quiet you know how dare those 800 residents have any any objection to this right they're Islamophobic there's 800 Islamic phobic signatures there that's all they were regarded as they wouldn't regarding the signatures of actual residents of Australia they don't want this shit around them and the night calling in the day prayer and all that fucking shit um you know like we live in Australia not in some fucking you know African fact and whatever backwards whatever you want to call it I round I don't know you don't know where you come from if I can go back there take all that fucking shit with you a mere a main dar Stapledon said she appreciated residence objections against the mosque but considered both applications by their planning merits what the fuck does that even mean planning merits so you don't even take it any consideration of anyone around you it's planning there would even mean you dumb beach I'm sick of these fucking women in palmate I really ain't did you notice I said the the mayor is a woman Amanda rah rah every mayor is a woman everyone every one of them there's not a fucking mirror out there that's a–that's a man anymore because they've been served taken over fuckin where the women where the powerful where the men now that's the fourth wave feminism they're the men they're the men they don't need you they're the men okay and that's why they're not female anymore they don't give a fuck they don't care which is really weird okay that's where it ends is that it was ever an inch that's the whole thing is it just the two little two little bits okay let's see does that wasn't much was it and estates sporting result Talan Talley Ana neighbors rejoices Council agrees to buy the land neighbors living in a Cranbourne north estates so they're overjoyed after claiming victory in the fight to keep open space in their neighborhood well he better not tell the fucking Islamic state they'll come and put a mosque there if you got open land um he's got these rare birds in Australia don't you'll find him out in the trees all right I've got these rare birds man beautiful birds in Australia they're everywhere here in that in their themes magistrates lambs lacks penalties for drugged up drivers a magistrate has blasted the ridiculous penalties how you doing darlin dealing with that avalanche avalanche of dangerous dragged up drivers on our roads during July 15th court case magistrate said he would jail them if he could but as the law stands ice fuelled foods fools behind that wheel cannot I agree I'm not in them I don't want to drugged up people on the road I don't want people on ice driving it's pretty bad now that's the hook now people can get ice easier than they can get great it's easier to get ice than it is to get green that's frightening that's really bad no love it's daddy's toy every day you come in and ask me you can't have it all right that's dad's toy you get hold of that in your bloody broken look at I got and I so glad I got it before the new movie came out fuckin black man and comic ladies and gentlemen black man and chronic I got this really you're right and the new movie comes out soon man the new movie comes out I got all three of them J is the most expensive one this one ah Silent Bob he's the most hardest to get Sol and Bob the other two are pretty regular but he's the choice speaker okay try and get him guys try and get them before the movie comes out because after the movie comes out these are old shoosh shoosh alright there's obviously no kids in the house and then it's a diamond toys exclusive diamond toys diamond toys exclusive normally there's a date on these kind of things these toys there's no date I can't believe this shit what Y it's love over and over and over the same thing over and over and over it's the same thing over and over an hour remember being married to another okay and you'd be busy working or doing something she'd open the back door up and you're supposed to drop everything you're doing because she's opened her mouth and you don't know what she's talking about but you're supposed to have dropped everything oh my god everything because you like I know what you talking about you know you can at least walk out and tell me but now should've stand them down at the back door and you're supposed to have listened to her I said well I'm working what are you talking about hundreds of echo shush okay shush hundreds of finds at Varick and narrow warren stations if you think it's tough getting a parking space at barrack and narrow warren stations you're not alone the latest Department of Transport figures reveal more than 500 parking fines were dished out the station's last year making them among the world worst in Victoria they are that the council patrol up here over and over and over all day long all day all day okay and if you're if you're parked in the wrong spot you're parked over the line you will get a 60 dollar fine and you know what I do ladies and gentlemen I screw them every time you know what I do ladies and gentlemen I tell you a little secret about the parking stations and I'll tell you a secret about the train stations you've got the train station you've got the car park okay and you've got the street thank you be quiet what's this what fuck what did you do guys just give me meat if you wouldn't mind let me make a cup of tea I really could would like a cup of tea so just give me a minute and I'll just I've already got the kettle going so uh she's hurt her nose or something I don't know I looked over and she's got a little thing of blood there coming out of her nose so I went in grabbed him took her straight inside he's she easier again she spends her day area with dad every day you think I'm a bad person right well my daughter's with me every day I walk in there she's in bed on the phone it's normal that is blunt mean I know this I don't know if that's Chronicle black man I don't know if it's I'm not too sure down to be honest I got the other one up there I'll show you you want to see the other ones I'll keep them in protective covers I've never been taking it no you have only taken them out once to look and then I put them back in there in there bubble wrap again because these are really ultra collectible like seriously ultra ultra collectible dial and Bob's put away using a box somewhere in the wrapper nice huh isn't that cool those places just for daddy no no no no no it's very special toy that's for Dad thank you very much we put him away so one of the in mint condition one of them in his own bubble envelope yeah he's gotta have a little lie-down all right has a little sleep y'all like me action figurines I'm writing to me action figurines I like Meowth me action figurines don't give them to echo he's sick is he he's having a little lie-down he's sick I used to have a shop just have an action figurines shop it was cool yesterday it was called heroes and villains in Melbourne he it was called heroes and villains got sold on action figurines mainly they imported him from America and sold them off bang as soon as I get him I get a cup of tea boys and girls yeah ba ba make a cup of tea Babar cup of tea you you're my annoying orange okay you're the only annoying orange ER in here yeah yeah yes but in the top it's a and then we have some breakfast okay see the name in okay fucking question you know I'll just go yet yep it's like me fucking business let's say I regard it I really do which one audit blunt mean I think that one blunt mean and that one's chronic up there that one's chronic here yes you don't forget that this was that this is the same person I said the other day you know I lied and said I got took 300 and or can I have 200 so I'll leave you with a hundred bucks so I'll just soldiers stay where I am you know just a rave so she just asked me if I'm a gondola market and that old have order being gone if I was going to the market there's nothing in the market I can't do today that I can't do on Wednesday I don't have any extra stock okay um the masks like we only got these masks to sell the bloke I haven't got ten of them I've only got one of each so I have to make more I have to make more Freddy's and more Michael's big demand on the Michael big demand on the Michael's big demand on the Freddy's so I'll take it to him on Wednesday and take that one to him then take another one with you so I could double them you know there's no and I don't think eleven big planes is any reason to go running to the market make sure they want slimes the old woman's hitting me up for 500 before for echo for her to go to China she says I need 500 bucks just for you know it goes clothing and you know food and stuff like that and then they about three or four hours later they're sitting there telling what did what are you doing are we gonna go to Guangzhou City and we're gonna stay there for a week and I said her mama said how much how much money she said ten thousand you want ten thousand Australia China dollar ten thousand so the mother is spending a fortune on me on this woman a fortune and I just everywhere she goes there's a holiday here a holiday there and they go and eat the restaurants and go and eat here and going eat there and then my mother sitting there going but Charlie no China you know tension says no and I just started laughing I says Charlie ain't going anywhere I don't care I'm not going anywhere I go let's just start a little venture to another city just to have a look at a city good kill bye bye yummy yummy yummy yummy spaghetti yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy more spaghetti for dad you make me spaghetti yeah where's daddy's cup of tea because daddy's got all this work to do later all right he's got to do that Cory I want to finish that Cory I want to get a belter today I need to go up and get a belt from the shopping center that looks mental so far don't you dare pain it Darwyn see that's a bunch dare put any paid on that mask that's not for you to paint and she's gonna paint the freakin mask boys and that's red paint on a white mask are you kidding me get out of here no chance whatsoever none not aware you Gardens I mean get out of here get out here I just mean don't paint this it's a saying it doesn't mean you have to leave it just means don't paint this mask you want a raw mask echo you want to raw mask all right all right fair enough look you can paint this one all right all right you can paint this one for Dad all right you can paint this one too you know you can paint this one how's this one you give the big or you take it over there and do the painting then which one you want to do that one there yeah I'll tell you what we'll do kid no that's you're not painting that one she wants to paint the original vinyl now you can't paint the original vinyl love cuz its original don't spin me around exactly they're Christmas exactly I can't imagine survived by making masks so I mentioned you can't delians because you can't fucking do anything much you are a programmed person you go to work every day you got a job every day that's it you get trained up and you don't leave that job you don't think outside of that job you just do that job every day and it comes to a Friday and you think you're gonna have Saturday and Sunday off cuz you're a fucking genius should be working Monday to Friday well you live your life the way you want to live it that doesn't mean that other people live the same way okay it doesn't mean that way it doesn't mean it at all it doesn't mean that I'm not capable of it me I mean no offense to you but I mean I'm sold fucking five hundred bucks with a fucking Mouse this is flaking lines fucking shit Ching motherfucker okay so kiss my ass just cuz you can't fucking do it don't tell anyone other they can't fucking do it okay it's as simple as that just cuz you can't do it you don't mean it can't be done yeah well instead of been out the truck and trying to kill yourself fucking Rio I see Danny thinking I've got fucking 120 dollars with a mark worth of plane yeah big fucking deal so we'll hit that little bit we'll sell out of them and we'll go and do these two masks to the planet actually we will have a Myers a Freddy and a clown so we can plant to him okay so there's fucking 150 to 200 for those three masks wholesale so we'll walk in we'll do the do the planes for the day we'll do a little bit of wholesaling with the masks and we'll walk out with another 300 huh no I haven't had to Kakadu I can't pull a grand awake anymore and I'm not giving it to the bitches even if I did I'm not giving it to him there's no fucking chance how much of a mug dude would you have be made how much of a fool would you feel if all this time you've been paying all this you know you do it you paint paying it all right you've been paying it all and your ass is still gonna end up where you are now it's not gonna change anything she doesn't love you she doesn't love you okay you've been told by the mama she hasn't loved you for a long long time I'm sorry for a long long long time okay you know in a long time no love you okay that's that's facts so it doesn't matter what you've done or whatever the woman doesn't love you okay so your fool and don't forget man that will have you out here without any food no yeah I mean don't forget she's cut you know all of your resources off all of your avenues off that you would use to pay your bills and that's being cut off at the same time she's expecting all of her bills to be paid I mean no offense boys but I find that just hilarious that you actually take away the resource you take it away okay and then at the same time you say I still need to be paid and yet you cut they didn't come off you cut it off you just fucking cut it all off right and it just baffles me it really if you had to just left it the way it was everything would have been sweet I would have sold the masks on eBay 80 US dollars the masks we would have would have been flying right along I would have had plenty of money for my whatever whatever would buy planes fucking keeping the ball rolling but she doesn't want the ball rolling you see yeah she doesn't like that she doesn't like you've got money she doesn't like you've got food she doesn't like you go in and cook something to eat no doesn't like that at all okay they don't like that you're supposed to be starving no seriously they get pissed off when I buy a coffee milk I buy a coffee milk they get pissed off no Matt you're going on these big holidays and shit like that fucking good luck there I mentioned the guy you got over there's a bunch a much nicer fucking boy you know he's got some Chinese bike correct dear double down double down I thank you sir mental health is very important Chezza you've got to keep on on top of your mental thing cuz it does get to you a normal man if he wasn't awake to a lot of this would be heartbroken he really would he would be mentally fucked no cuz he's got a full-time job comes home to this the same thing he's now sleeping in a garage he gets no if I can add all nothing and he's still paying all the bills are you kidding me and how much in that would go your fucking head would go and listens to nothing that I said listens to nothing even about the chicken feed will not even listen to a man about chicken feed because I'm a man right that's all of this of course I named Jimmy of course I fuckin aim course I am except for the mortgage I'm not paying your mortgage he's gone done telling me it's not my house when I'm paying your mortgage for I'm not that fucking stupid it is hurtful though it killed it all off yeah I'm just a bum that's right jingfei I got a bum make this dog I'm just a bum I'm a bum mate with a big fuckin a big bang hmmm I knock you fucking straight between the eyes that's what I am well there is no emotions from her Damian has been the same always been like that Charlie I said why why I go inside lay on the bed on the phone no even look she said far the same father same I said I don't like erage works because the father goes away for an entire week he's gone he leaves Sunday night and comes home the next Sunday died he's gone for the whole week okay he's gone well I like it you know because I really like the cats all right the two cats you know look both of them are really nicely nice animal comes in sits next to me and sleeps palmy is also nice to me because I feed them okay and she's really really nice to me they don't but they'll come in here and and I don't know I feel bad you know this is their home you know package them up and send them off somewhere for six weeks to say somewhere else just because of what how I feel seems a little bit unfair I just on me because they've done nothing wrong to me and they've been nice animals you know I mean if they've been nice to me I like to chew in all that kind of thing he's cute he's a nice animal he's a nice animal you know so I was kind of like I don't know what to do about that you know I don't want to you know the cats don't deserve that and I know that they get stressed if you put them in there and send them off somewhere else they get very very stressed they think that we don't love them anymore and stuff like that you know I've been abandoned and stuff like that so I don't know you can keep running your mouth night it's not a problem okay well you say that man the maids well does say on the back of it man you know you can read it for yourself sorry man I'm just catching up on some of this meaning I caught up with that fake it shows up but it does say on the back of the meds lower lowers your libido that is the big thing on the back of the main lower the libido and this woman has no libido I mean fuck now I think it's just me right boys I think it's just me okay no offense her in a gated kind of mentality so to have to bang me you know more than once a month he's I don't know maybe too much of a chore you know me because I want to hammer her I want to absolutely do all kinds of things to her and she won't let me oh my gosh that is very very pretty look like pretty hair no mom's done for her yeah like on your else address what are you taking it off for I know you just took it all apart the wall is undefeated my friend I was standing here on Sunday Wednesday in front of me in the cow novels where's my hat don't take my head off and throw it on the ground give me the hat back okay I fucking hate that he take the head off my head and throw it on the ground all right that just pisses me off uh I was explaining the MiG tail this bloke on site on Wednesday and of something they had him with women hit the wall 30 to 35 men maturer when they get to that eggs what are you doing he's yakking on um come on put it in my hair anyway this mature guys walk past us and he's nicely dressed he's got eighties 50s nice pair of jeans on shirt jacket he's looking really true okay really true and that's point of the man I said now this is what a man looks like when he matures huh he gets his money together he gets his shit together he doesn't have no female stress in him an if we ask this gentleman right here wonder if he's married or not I could probably guarantee he's not married I said look how happy this guy looks I said look at these like he's magnificent smile the guy just smiled at me cheering man I said ages like fine wine just gets better with age just just matures and gets more better whereas a woman gets the 3237 then generally they can do it halfway through it too you know that doesn't look at my daughter's done to my hair look at the torture that I have to do do for you well I've got no choice you took me my daughter it's okay CD stop putting comments in and Delina I can't we such a huge movement right now that's why you have such a lot of men waking up to it in their unemotional you know train wreck a lot of these a lot of these females just train wrecks men or train wrecks waiting to happen I mean this one now is all done up I mean new glasses new hair new clothing new underwear new car okay really pimping out really really you know new shoes really pimping out okay so she's trying to what we had in the old days we called cock it we called um you know you're showing your colors showing your your peacocking your peacocking okay so you trying to get attention okay so that's what all this is about is you trying to get attention okay and you want to change yourself to make you feel better and all the rest of it and at the end of the day you want a new dick at the end of the day you just want a new husband a new fucking dick okay and yeah that's all it is it's all of this and I'm telling you the first block that says hello or the first body and it makes you feel fucking ill considering that you're married to it and you have to put all this fucking effort into you have to put all this fucking effort into it and the end of the day ain't gonna give you nothing but at the end of the day another bloke will just say hello how are you you look really nice you look really pretty and cheese on it she's fucking on it okay plus I was the first I was just the first experience in your whole life you've got it you're not I mean it's no good just having one dick the whole life that's not gonna work in today's society you know then you gotta share it around a little bit so yeah that's all good man you know good luck to you love and there won't be another one she won't have another key so at least I got her well now you'd like to think so dalliance in the old days I did in the old days you had that you know mate I'm afraid not all right they've got too many too many other bits of DNA they want to try out you know they like to get up to at least ten loads of DNA you know 12 loads of DNA it's preferable they get to 25 and more that is what's really the magazine's that they read but it is preferable yeah so no no it wouldn't take hold a whole lot you know simple hellos that's all when they had some fucking idiot and she's so gullible you got no idea how gullible this woman is she is so like me so I mean we had something on the internet so it doesn't take you know just a stranger good but me you don't even believe me about the bird seat you don't even don't even don't even believe me when I come in and explain to you over and over again what happens when you walk away oh fuck no just put it out there anyway how dare he say anything to me how dare he if I could say that to me right and that's what it's about it's pretty fucking full-on men you get no biscuit you get fuckin nothing bros well it's true most things even married loads of DNA in and by then month by the age of 30 they've had fucking 10 boyfriends 15 boyfriends 20 boyfriends by the age of 30 they've been tossed like if I could salad mate and they've got more DNA in and then the fuckin Caesar salad fucking dressing – Florence like seriously there are some smelly veggies out there right now there are some smelly fucking veggies out there right now oh my god I'm afraid so slim you're only as good as your resources me once your resources ran out let's see this is she cute so yesterday and the day before she's with the little girls because the girls were staying here and playing with them all day long while she's out here with me all day she's not inside and we already know what inside is the televisions turned off she's in her bed watching her internet and her mum's in her bedroom watching her internet and that's it yeah the key would be laying in bed with her mother watching like an iPad or fuckin something like that they don't go anywhere they don't do anything whereas I get off here and I take her down the park and come back and cook some sausages in the braid and we cook the sausages together and all kinds of stuff together so I spend the entire time with that guy so that's what I'm blessed with I'm blessed to have her alright Bobby here take the hat off that looks good I put all that stuff in there that doesn't look good yeah that sounds pretty sick Christmas trees a month I once made a man with a pregnancy finish he would meet women who were like eight months pregnant able he bought off eBay he would use mirrors and show her the insides yeah well he must love the older you know rule no BS gather your power brother yeah I am day me slowly miss Pauling then it took me a long time to get over things you drop the pills to sinking you know of how you know but I I knew a long time ago sorry I'm just playing with me daughter relationships just cause drama stress and worry you're better off just a video games unfortunately swim in all of that you know we don't get no veg there's no Vegemite in any of that that sucks it's time there's no there's no there's no biscuit let's just come man you know you gotta be kidding me man's gotta go with that biscuit that sucks man should have a dose of biscuit everyday okay that's my lollies and biscuits I don't want that man get a mail vibrator he says yeah I got one mate I got two of them I need both of them fucking go at the same time that's my vibrator right there man alright come on enough you over and over and over okay come on inside now go you go inside there from the world right yeah you be careful you are princesses little monster baby yeah it's the same as this one I'm giving you here you have this one go and get my hat for me okay look at my hair looks like she young get in my head for me come on just took both of them come on one for me one for you one for me one for you you had that one team up don't drop it on the ground echo okay you guys ever try these ones mini rolls made by Cadbury really tasty guys let it melt in your mouth for the coffee really nice not expensive five dollars 15 for a packet of 10 coal nothing shows up you'll be like a photo say hello you're supposed to do whatever lap but just because you're that you're the mean parents their culture the mean does everything the man is supposed to have a full-time job and if they're comparing me to their dad to her dad her dad's a fully fledged fucking engineer what he's a genius the guy's a little genius okay and the second thing is that he can't leave push he's not allowed to leave he has to go where the government tells him to go he's not allowed to retire he's you know he's supposed to retire at 62 and they're making him work until he's 70 so they're getting an extra eight years fucking labor out of him okay that's the government so if he had any choice at all he wouldn't even be there okay and he has to go away every single week he goes away he leaves on the Saturday comes home on the Saturday and he's away at a different city building something for the government some heavy-duty shit for the government but he's right up there and he's you know I mean in charge of a whole department over there in the government so it does really really well every wery you know and they're telling me that I need to be the same I need to be like him like you got to be country who has no choice he has to do what he's being told okay yeah he doesn't have a choice he doesn't have a choice did you already eat yours yeah you already ate it you're so quick gone ah that's for you betray well if they gave them you know intel on fools like me may imagine what they're gathering on a decade like you I imagine the fucking information flow from your fucking dickhead mind anyway my bloody chocolate chocolate everywhere I'm so Bill and Hillary are still overseas they're still over there they haven't come back okay you like that betrayed I'm glad you got a sense of humor son you've got a bit of a sense of humor around here if you don't you're gonna get kaboom but anyway they lived in that they're still in the country they're over there in Ireland look at that chocolate off they're over an island still haven't left so they're not gonna face anything over here Epstein goes all the way to the top Epstein knows everybody Epstein has got them all on tape he's got them all recorded and that shit is in Israel that shit's been sent off he's gonna go off men they think are they gonna kill him real quick and let if he starts naming names it's gonna be very very interesting because Trump can't wait Trump's awake to all of it okay Trump is awake to all this shit he knows men whether he's playing the game or what I don't know what he's doing over there but it seems to be a huge distraction considering there is so much other stuff going on it just seems like a big distraction to me and so is this Muller report eula meeting the mueller hearing alright I was watching that the Mueller hearing and how do you people put up with these people how do you put up with these people well these are fucking idiots these are the fucking idiots of the idiots you think I'm a dickhead fucking mate watch the Mueller fucking hearing I mean you got a room full of fucking absolute Stooges who answer nothing they don't answer anything I don't need to fucking love me for six hours are you kidding me it was just a back and forth load of rubbish the whole lot six hours worth I was stunned like there is just nothing being said here whatsoever it's just backwards and forwards like playing tennis and I was just standing down the fuck no wonder your country's fucked no one of the whole thing's fucking they hate each other no one every kind of fucking hates each other over there I mean have a look at these can push a button it's just fascinating men because they are the biggest wankers of all time these people in these hearings and even the senator you know he's trying to ask a question and that bitch is just dodging it left right and centre he's not gonna get fucking shit he ain't gonna get nothing out of her she just dodges that he dodges it they throw back it's not part of my not part of my this not part of this not part I'm not part of that I don't know anything about that never heard of this never heard of that Beach and speed on fucking TV the last seven days it's been on fucking internet fucking the last week so just just negate the whole question all the questions I know I haven't read it I don't know I haven't read it I don't know I haven't read it yeah it's not part of my thing everything they asked was just fucking bullshit everything I was just seen this stunned shaking my fucking head I just found the fucked of these people get him and I think well that's why they're in power it's because they're dumb fuck they wouldn't wouldn't have them in power because they'd be questioning them they'd be questioning them but because you're a dumb loyal motherfucker the way you are bouncing it backwards and forwards you are perfect for the job and you're not there to give answers you're there to distract you're there to divide you're there to divide and distract and that's that's your job that's your job you know so you don't get any answers you'll never get any answers out of these people I find it amazing absolutely just stunned and that's America we're in trouble the joints run my pocket bunch of fucking psychos all funded by the fucking Israeli fucking lobbying people who really controlled it all they're the people that control all all the Israeli lobbying people the Jewish lobby whatever it is they're the ones that completely control it all yeah I would do the same slim if she's already got kids mates to get it I mean that's that's just you know you can fuck her don't worry about that there's nothing wrong with shagging it and then leaving oh she's got a couple of kids no problem you go pee you fucking pump the fuck out of it then you go on give it a wipe down and you go home sweet but don't don't get it a move in you don't want to move in cuz then you become willful buying yeah supplying yeah and if you can't supply that yeah that pussy suddenly becomes gold that's what that pussy suddenly becomes you know you're not worth you can't mine okay yeah so it's weird how the pussies become so valuable it becomes valuable because they don't they don't give it out you're on a limited limited thing with it and then when you have got it after a month you have got it right and that person's going hurry hurry hurry quick quick quick quick it just makes it more horrible it really does makes it more fucking horrible quick quick quick quick quick hurry hurry hurry like fucking you haven't had any of this for a fuck on a month do you mind if I take me fucking tiny love like you know I want to have a little look but you rushed all the way troops and then they're all pissed off with me that I'm not at the market it's a great market day it is actually a good market day but today is the same day same weather is Wednesday I already looked it up I already looked it up ok so we've got the same weather as Wednesday and why don't we go out and find out what stock we've got in the car just to make sure we've made the right decision oh we'll go and we'll go ahead and confirm it eh just to make sure because from last memory of last week I remember there's only I kind of live in planes I think a can of 12 big planes and then a couple of boxes of a couple of bags or little planes so yeah yeah I think so I think we're gonna let me go and take a piece they remember in the old days you know on a day like today we have all we'd had off this beautiful day just a beautiful day there's not any there's no wind there's no wind completely calm anyway sorry I would take him to spring Val I would tell the girls will take you to spring Val take you for lunch at one of the restaurants there so I dub I'm lunch cost me 50 bucks or something for the lunch so that's what I would do in the old days nowadays on the pant I'm a horrible man and they don't want nothing to do with me what are we let sit for big fine oops sorry okay so these are big wine let's say fucking at most 20 units like that make up these points I'm gonna stack of these little points five dock units got this okay so we've got those two boxes these are all nail polishes that stock boys my neighborhood this is my you know my nice quiet street this is my normal normal day really yeah it is really pretty find this is in my front yard I put all these bushes in when I came to just dirt there was nothing here so I bought all these planter them all and get a bit of growth in the garret in the garden block my garden I bought all those at Lamar cactuses and that put them all in the ground plant of that tree it was just a little tiny sapling when okay I think the market is only 15 minutes away boys like literally 15 minutes away from where I live it's not a big trip okay so I've got that bit of stock in the gun in the car in the bags we've got paper in our pocket we've got masks on the camera to do so and I mean there's always avenues it just depends what you need every week if you need a grand a week just to survive then you need to rethink what you are doing in your life okay because you shouldn't need a grand a week to survive look you really shouldn't you know I don't know what I know what's going on in your life credit cards part car payment all that kind of thing but it's pretty heavy-duty man when you're getting up to that just for expenses I've got a little bit Shazzer tirana ma'am one of my fav fucking one of my favorite cars is to Toronto especially one of the old ones what a beautiful car yeah I don't have any kids in this screaming really quiet here really quiet yeah man if I'd have done that effort had been within a different thing slim I remember when these when these women were in China now on one of her holidays and I was in here working selling the polishes and I was working Tuesday Dandenong Wednesday Caribbean Friday Saturday Dandenong Sunday Caribbean and selling the nail polishes and man I fucking carrying the shit in and out of the truck and setting it all up putting all our man it was you know no kind helping me not not not a single fucking sale did you help with me and I took that money to China and the hands straight out you know hand is straight out you know she wants every dime you've if you've earned all right while she's been on holiday I remember her coming back that was one of her arguments when she came back here that she didn't have like a lot of money to come back to you know you should have what she's telling me you should have at least three grand in savings really that's what I should have you've estimated while you're on holiday that your little worker you can come back and there's gonna be three grand sitting there on the counter foyer okay good entitlement and it was pissed off it was really pissed off that I didn't have a big lump for her to come back to you know while she's been away so you know you can't carry even a pocketknife here you'll get done for a concealed weapon all right the minute you walk away if you buy a market borrow knife at the market as soon as she puts it in the bag and hands it to you that's a concealed weapon if a cop is standing there he can charge you with concealed weapon okay and it's that's that's a big charge here okay you it's a concealed weapon all right so don't don't buy any knives sharpened knives unsharpened knives whatever use you've got a cop you're carrying a knife on you and you're gonna hurt somebody and you know how they are okay how dare you have that okay because everybody's a murderer if they've got a knife on them then they're a murderer okay how dare you be armed you know what do you need that for yeah if you need anything you just call us you just call us and we'll arrive there after the fact about an hour later but don't worry about that you just give us a phone call look in Australia man they're actually trying to push that you're not Aleve and allowed to protect your property you know I mean seriously you're not even allowed to protect your property are you fucking kidding me that's what they're trying to get people to believe here you know there's someone's breaking into your home you're supposed to just call them don't interfere and then the burglar because if you hurt them then they can sue you and you can get into charges for that and all that you know but we're gonna charge you for that because you hurt them on your property as they're breaking in yeah don't believe any of that shit do not believe any of that for a second okay that's bullshit it is absolute bullshit you go to court with that and and yeah you'll be fucked you know you go in the court and say no you're protecting your family protecting your house you don't know he's intentions you don't know what he was about you'll get you'll be fine okay and don't chase the Connolly you're guilty the minute you chase him you are guilty okay and a father was awoken at 4:00 side of his daughter's bedroom okay inside of his three-year-old whatever kids bedroom so he's of course gone apeshit nah he's gone fucking apeshit he's built of the guy whatever the guys jumped out the window and he's taken off now the father instead of just staying with his family inside the home and protecting his phone his family has actually climbed out of the fucking window with a piece of wood or whatever climbed out gone after him and his run down the road and he's he's belting this bike down the road with a piece of wood and the guy ends up falling down hits his head falls down hits his head okay now that guy is doing ten years jail okay he's doing ten years jail let's see if there is there is no you can't there's nothing you can say against that okay the he chased the men down in the street you know you left your property you trade you know I mean he's just right there was a big thing about it here and there in the write-up on Facebook about it and all that and I just pay it out on these idiots you know who think you know it's fine to run a cunt down on the street and start and you actually end up killing the bloke I said that's just not on doesn't matter he was off the property he was away from the daughter he was out of the room he had no right chasing this man down the road and all the rest of it and he just he's just completely out of place and he's gonna do jail he done ten years he's doing ten years so learn from that okay and he was fine while he was on the property the minute that he left the property and chased the guy down the road that is called premeditated murder okay it's fucking simple as that you are fucking gonna kill this cunt that's why more chasing him down the road with a piece of fucking wood okay so it's called premeditated fuckin murder so you're going to do ten to fifteen is the hard time with the big boys with the big boys okay I don't vote nice so I Amy and I don't vote for any of them sexo mania sexsomnia never heard of it sexsomnia that's a new one that's a new one six up there fuck it out I have noticed in regards to all of that the fudge-packers there's all these new letters now there's a whole bunch of fucking letters after the lgbtq I there's a whole bunch of fucking alphabet after that and it's just a joke it's like everybody coming out of the woodwork and they all just add a letter on to it and now they need to be recognized they need their rights they need this they need that and it's just a fucking just a pandemonium nightmare I mean seriously you've opened the door to just anything and just add a letter there and we'll put underneath the umbrella where it needs to be protected you know same in Australia mean the same thing I love them they love them here man being a heterosexual it's not male is not really good you need to take it in the ass okay they love that you need to suck a dick I fucking love that alright you come and tell them you half gay fucking Asian paraplegic living in a chair ourselves like a sheep as I love that shit man you'll be a child you'll be the mayor don't fuck I'm vote you in might you'll be p.m. at the end of the day you'll be running the fucking country it's getting the bad joke everywhere you go just females in charge everywhere everywhere you go every maze and fucking female all the judges are female I mean fact just ever they just they control everything I could take you up to the shopping centre up here and look in the restaurants you know and they're all female there's no men working here there's none they don't serve coffees they don't fuckin do anything these are all female whole shabang everything in front of you all female workers okay so the men have been phased out okay phased out listen men support the channel if you can't and I'll give us a sob give us a fucking thumbs up if you can well I thank you for your letters I've been receiving letters from people and receiving like these little things they send me and stuff like that it was face cream that I needed not facial scrub I don't have if some stuff send me some platings you're bastards that's any fucking shit I said me some planes send me shit that I can use if I can write get out of this fucking situation because I'm being baffling myself how am I gonna get planes how am I gonna continue this fucking continue to do this you know I mean these bitches are running into the ground these bitches are running so you got no fucking stock you've given all your money to them and you are stealing food you're stealing you know to eat you know I mean because you've given all your money to them and I find it just preposterous I really do these these Chinese men man they must be fucked up the Chinese male must be really really fucked up just so pussy whipped and fucking just man join it up the world right cuz damn it's expensive pussy and you don't get it you know you don't get enough of it you don't get enough of it I don't think once a month is anything to brag about once a month is nothing to brag about you know to feel like a slave to make a coffee no you don't you know you don't give a head job I know I don't like that but I like having my pussy licked you can lick the pussy though I'll go out okay then even if I can sitting here I can bang bang bang got all fucking happening and you look up and it's on its phone it's on his phone it cannot be fucking bothered to even do that so your marriage is over man a long time ago a long time and then mum said to me no she hasn't loved you for a long time no I'm sorry very very long long long long long time yeah that's your husband no same old same old I'm not gonna do today we're gonna try and get a little bit the pipe at a task sell the unit's that I've got maybe I should have done that well she's got a great biscuit man refusing to love honor obey refusing to do anything it's dead set dad said you were looking with a woman who will offer your coffee this was years ago brings you the coffee and then she's walking away I said I feel what ask live whenever I do anything for you I feel like a slave whenever I do anything for you so after that she doesn't do anything you know she doesn't do your washing she doesn't do your cleaning she doesn't do your cooking she doesn't suck your dick she doesn't fucking open a leg she doesn't just ignores you she just ignores you not because you are just down you're down the pig you know were bad anymore you know given her a grand you need to give her a grand a week to make her happy she needs a grand a week and she needs to keep any money that she's earned okay she gets to keep her money that's that doesn't get touched that's for her savings and your money it suddenly becomes our money and she uses that for all expenses for everything and when she runs out of that she blames you it's your fault okay it's your fault oh man that was horrible dalliance ah fuck it was like death man was like copping a head job a fuckin death like it was just stank the fucking whole thing distinct fucking horrible ID everybody don't abide me yeah is a good gig man you don't have to do shit you don't have to do shit you know the do shit for the man you're married to he has to do everything I mean even the mother put it on me you know the man has to go at him work just to bring home all the money for the woman and give all the money for the woman I said what about the main what does what what does he get you know she just didn't understand the question she did he just flew over the head because that's what they used to they used to men going and the father comes home and does the cooking and then he'll do the cleaning he'll do the plane then it's to me I'm no wonder I'd never see the guy smile I've never seen him smile nor once and I've never seen her give him a hug you know a simple hug I've never seen that never seen him give him a signal give your dad a hug love before we go you know no no no he's fine he doesn't need a hug now so they just got no loving him they've got none just helping out well equal you know they need to be treated equal only common they're not happy unless they're being treated equal no they're not happy with just being equal because they don't listen to anything that you ask they don't do anything that you ask in fact she'll argue with you or she'll just ignore you so it's their way or no way I mean a perfect example is the chicken thing I mean how many fuckin times do you need to be explained that you are wasting 90% of this fuckin food and you go straight out again and put it straight back in the cage you don't even think about it you don't even you know he's words to you mean nothing nothing he makes an old man Eddie fucking Jesus Christ mate yeah jeez you're pretty quick it does put some ease on you and plus it your eyes go tend to get tender a bit cross idea mr. Jewish cuz you watch a shitload of porn I mean you've you've fucking downloaded fucking five gig of the fucking shit all you see in your fucking sex in your sex of marriage life is porn that's he get used to the fucking porn brother get a premium fuckin edition of fucking pornhub and fucking hook it up hook that bad boy out bed get some of those fucking beautiful fucking Japanese housewife finds new lover or something like that and you know the husband doesn't want to fuck her anymore or something she just had a kid and the husband doesn't he just just bangs it a little bit and that's it and then the other than the massage guy comes in and just smashes it absolutely thrashes the fuck out of it just smashes the fuck out of it and she goes from being this prima proper fucking housewife doesn't do this doesn't do that so just being a total sex life just does anything the guy wants to do just drop of a fucking hat and she's given him a load you know it's just insane this is fucking insane by the end of the movie she's begging him she's begging him she's begging him and the husband's standing there any child do anything he's looking through the crack of the door it'll never be that way they've empowered the women you've empowered them now you know they need to be equal and more they're not happy with the equal they're not they're happy being in charge they want to be in charge and then like telling you what to do and what not to do and then you have you not allowed to say anything you're not allowed to even open your mouth that's called abuse the minute you say anything in regards to not agreeing with her that's abuse if you say the word no bitch is not listening to you at all and so you'll raise your voice all those double fucking abuse and I'm going down the police station and get an intervention order unless what they do and that's that's that just gets them their power cuz you know that you can actually say anything to these fucking beasts to fucking women anymore you can have an you can't have an opinion they don't give a fuck and don't talk to them because they don't like that you haven't got any money well what's the use of talking to you haven't got any money yeah I mean can't get anything off yeah we used to be able to do that carbonator well used to be able to keep them in their place but nowadays you can't even do that I mean you can't even fuck him you can't even get him in bed I mean that was where we ruled that was where we were that's the way we would get our revenge back okay and we've put up with this shit all fucking day along all week long we've listened to all their fucking bullshit but at the end of it man we get those legs open we get that fuck and we smash right we smash right but if you're not able to smash and it's once a month it's a lot of pent-up fucking a lot of pent-up fucking shit man you know you've got no intimacy with this person you've got none you got none she doesn't even want to touch you this is not this is this games been going on fucking years it just said I had had enough I'd had enough all right I'd had enough I put my foot down and said no it's just bullshit this fake fucking marriage has to stop it was me that said that not her she was happy to continue it going on laying the bedroom just ignore you you walk in there she just ignores you yeah I had enough I've had enough I mean especially after two months of waiting I waited two months you know I come back and you can't even be bothered to have a five-minute conversation if I can just can't be bothered with me at all and it's quite sad as a husband like you walk out of the living room you to shake your head like what the fuck you know I haven't done anything wrong I paid all the fucking shit I paid all the bills I've paid everything you come back I've got stock I've got food and you fucking sit there and you can still come put on the holiday okay I haven't been anywhere but here so you really does your heading and getting ahead I'll just divorce court you've got no chains don't go to divorce court it just it just lets the state it introduces a state into all of it and gives them dictatorship over at all do not get involved with the state in regards to kids and family law court and divorce court and you know they'll fucking tear you apart and the woman ends up with everything do you got no chance the woman in always ends up with everything always all right well they doing all they gonna do is cry they sitting court to have a cry let's see judge just fuckin hands at all to him just hands it all till gives you balls in the fucking purse with a little string attached to them and just as here you go love whenever you feel like if I could just bang that against the wall a couple of times make you feel better he is these balls on a fucking string for you you know you know they family look what you fucked all you'll get is a lot of heartache you'll get a ton of a ton a ton of heartache I mean really you you'll find things about yourself out that she's told them that you didn't even know existed you will find things out that you didn't then aren't even true and all she has to do is say it in family law court and now you have to go out and prove that she's wrong you have to prove that she's wrong not only that but you've got to throw one back at her you can't just it's fucked up it's like fucking mini warfare and then all the ones that work out is the lawyer the lawyers get paid big big big money five ten fifteen grand by the time it's all over that's what it's going to cost them in and all he's heart and he's headache and all that and he's not going to end up with anything he won't the lawyer will tell you that if he's an honest lawyer he'll tell you that they'll tell you go through all of this you know cost you a fortune and I can't guarantee that you'll see these kids I can't even guarantee that you'll ever you'll have a conversation with them or you'll talk to them he said there's no chance that she's gonna put him on the phone there's no chance she's gonna drop him off a lot of these female now when they get divorced and they made a new bloke they suddenly become into a no-contact parent what's that well a no-contact parent is that she does not want you to have any contact with them in her eyes this new guy is their father that's the one that fucked her to get these kids and they're he's kids now they're he's kids now so you know contact parent and that's what she wants no contact not even a phone call because that's a reminder you see it's a reminder all right and they don't want that they just want to move on and it's all it's all honeymoon season everything is all cool and you know anime like she's fucking swallowing the load and swallowing the loads as much as she can keeping it all fucking sweet all right and that's all it's about and they get rid of you and you'll go through six months of that man before they can you don't end up with nothing you're signed up with nothing you're not gonna see your kids he doesn't think they loses that's bullshit Christmas tree stop talking out of your pussy lips he doesn't think that at all not all marriages are the same are you really dying so how's your marriage going Diane what marriage right you don't have one you don't have one sort of fuck you talking about don't sit there talking about marriage not even married you don't know you don't have you know never husband love there's no one you're taking care of you fucking don't take care of anyone but yourself so don't sit there and you're amongst your selfish fucking flaps and tell me about fucking marriage of this and marriage that cuz you're not married okay not married love you had your chance it's fucking over for you mm-hmm oh you went to the University of Toronto big fuckin deal it gives a fuck where you in doesn't mean shit oh you went to the University right so fuckin what so what you into the university I think you'll find he's changed his thing on mgtow you might want to revisit that lecture love because that's an old lecture and I think you got the latest lecture it's a lot fucking different than that and what's his latest stuff love in regards to make tower he's not that fucking stupid he just thought we were fools in a way we are fools all of us are fools all of us you women with your fucking feminazis fucking attitude and fucking legs close fucking pussy flaps fucking closed fucking attitude and you don't do shit for the fucking man so you're gonna wind up fucking grow a nice and old fucking with a couple of cats in an apartment and you're gonna think you're a fucking genius or surrounded by all of your sociology courses and you're you and by the end of it you've got fucking a shaved head fucking both sides purple and you're alright you're alone okay now the mgtow man same thing big town man same thing you know he doesn't you sick of that fuck language you never make him a coffee you don't offer fucking shit to him alright you treating like a can't see the East Beach wants to be alone it's a lot fucking easier he gets the save his money he doesn't have to fucking spend it on bitches like you trying to keep your fucking happy the only problem with it all is we both end up alone we both end up alone he ends up with his dog living in this fucking nice house and fucking all of all the toys that he wants the money that he wants and the bitches are over there sitting there with fucking cats and I think it's all I believe that it's created all this shit's created both these movements are created right they're created by men they're not this is a deliberate thing it's a deliberate fucking thing again to don't remember Maddie's and gentlemen the goal of the elites is to break up the family unit they don't like the family unit okay mum dad at home raising the kids no they don't like that at all they're very happy that there's an 81% fucking divorce rate very happy about that okay and that's the breakdown the Western society breakdown those foundations that we've had for fucking 50 years in the Lord and Christians and all that break it all down man all right this is a Luciferian paradigm we live in sites in this paradigm we live in we don't live in a Christian paradigm okay we live in a satanic fucking paradigm so they're happy to break all that family units down break it all apart destroy it that's that's their goal is to destroy the family unit so I want you to think about that and she's run along in your own little things you know and you think about your different ways you want to get your pasture you travel and at the end of the day you're going to end up alone all right yeah you know you may suit you to do that I'm telling you that's it's not good for you it's not good for your heart it's not good for your balls you know like it's just not good men are not you know we're not meant to be alone for fucking ever we're meant to fucking have a woman we're meant to we're meant to do all that that's what we're meant to do okay that's what we it's inside of us to do that so to end up alone you know 60 years old with a dog sitting there in your house alone is fucking quite sad all right and then you bitches fucking you know get to the same age and you've got two cats living at home with your mum and dad and you think you've kicked a goal do you think you keep the goal where you're 35 36 years old and you live with your mum and dad this is her my mum's gonna be here forever so you're always going to be living with your mum far how is that life how is that life how is that life you know it's not it's not life yeah well that's where we are now here with this one that's where we are now you know she's living with her mum forever my going anywhere they go to China together stay there together come back here together no she's got a little thing going over there in China she disappears chin chin oh yeah she'll disappear for two and three days at a time she's gone okay she's in another city okay with her friends okay so yeah you can bet your ass he's on that fucking dick mate that's what she is echo offered the parents and that's it man she's gone okay she's gone you can't get in contact with her you can't call her you can't message her nothing man and you were trying to tell me oh yeah I'm just I'm at karaoke well I'm at karaoke I really you're a karaoke I yeah I just laughs what you can't even get a good fucking excuse like karaoke ayah and it would not wouldn't and in all honesty I could see this one playing there I could see this one you know it's had a little thing over there okay and that's it it would be loyal to that it would be loyal to that it would forsake all husband or whatever it doesn't matter you know it would be loyal to that because she's banging someone else and if she's not banging it won't be long before she is begging I mean come on guys I've seen this woman completely change new hair new glasses new clothes new underwear lose shoes new car the only thing missing is a new factor husband it's all that's missing seriously a lot you know the old the old g-strings are out and about I love this fucking great get rid of the grandmas the grandmas have been retired I love that I love how the grandmas have been retired and this Emily Emily long you keep reporting on you keep watching my streams dont u this is Emily long and you keep reporting to this dubbed bitch you keep fuckin reporting to her telling her what I say yeah I fortunately I don't give a fuck don't fucking care you can keep that pussy you can keep your fucking friend just when she comes back give me my divorce just give me a divorce but you can tell her that just give me my fucking divorce December the fifth or whatever it is and I get the paperwork organized just sign the paper let me out of this fucking shit Oh leave me out of this fucking let me out of this I don't want to I don't want this anymore you know more than what she doesn't want it yeah fucking bitch you think I want this do you yeah I'm a fuck I'm all the way up to that just a complaint it's horrible to be woken up it's really easy you prefer to be asleep you prefer furphy did it no you know you're just wondering right so we've got vicious dogs still at large cranber– more – thought – she or a labrador puppy are going to die they'll savagely more by two dogs two dogs have got out of a Fenian and they get back in and no one knows who they are well the rest of it is just bullshit some about animals Casey's most wanted oh look at this agent having your fucking picture in the local paper imagine having your pictures in there ladies and gentlemen look at the head I don't know that head hey she looks like a real charmer right okay now so these are the scott blake all 24 and 23 year old this month additional cases mouths wanted features a bunch of alleged crooks and misfits from dove tantaran and cream crimes ranging from robbery and theft to burglary and deception unit detective Senior Sergeant has some advice for the later suspects he wants rounded up hand yourself in often offenders and suspects are wanted on warrants are where or whereabouts can be easily entrapped and quickly dealt with it let their local police station by merely presenting themselves and explaining their personal situation is preferred but to avoiding police it is actually you'll get you'll do a lot better if you just go and hand yourself in and give them a fairy tale we encourage all wanted people to get on the front foot and contact police in the first instance to arrange for their they've processing in them so they're given them all here KC cops wanting for suspected burglary and theft of Motor Vehicles Heather kalgard Samantha Dickenson so we've got three females out of two females out of five all right so your females are pretty much responsible for your own set of crimes okay you're not exactly all fucking mother teresa's are you okay because your pictures are in the bloody crap in the paper mate my pictures not in the paper mmm Bank card theft the man who allegedly use the stolen bank card several service stations in Cranbourne last month is wanted by police Bankart was then used to make fraudulent transactions the rest of it is all entertainment and we've got things for to hire people all we have I think I think it's a 13 pages you can't end on 13 no it ends on 16 13 is an unlucky number here on trailer so you get ins and 16 pages hole up you're not much on that also got something for you here I've also kept something for you I've been in the paper a few times not just once I've been in the paper a few times for many different reasons remember I was telling you the other day how much it costs for them to send you a letter remember I was telling you about that the other day okay you remember I was telling you a lie select child support fund dollars and for a vendor send you a piece of paper yeah I'm not lying okay it's 200 and they regarded as a penalty for overdue amount okay penalty for overdue amount now no offense or anything but is why would you want to find him on top of that an extra two hundred and five dollars I mean if he's struggling to do this right why would you give him an extra two hun to pay that doesn't even go towards his own kids it goes only towards your towards your fees and you can't tell me that that's not a setup you can't tell me that's not how your company earns money or it isn't in front all right you know me because this is how you earn money this is big money imagine this going out to thousands of fucking people out there are thousands of fucking people out there and every time it's two hundred and four dollars so every time it's two hundred and four dollars so who knows what this company turns over in a fucking a week right it's big money it's not little money it's huge so I wanted to confirm that video just to show you that I wasn't lying to you and that I'm not paying them a fucking dime okay just want to get rid of me fucking details because we've got Stooges in the fucking joint so I've got to be careful you know so I'll fold this one and fold that one get it all fucking organized but then that goes to show you right okay that's two hundred and four dollars man to send a piece of paper and that's what they want off me eight and a half grand just in there fees the kids not a dime that is very charged –is that's the money they're demanding okay all right and it's ridiculous like it is absolutely ridiculous all right and you can call them up and so on please don't send me any letters that cost this man it doesn't matter they're gonna send it to you anyway it don't matter that's how they own money okay so don't think they do there to do you any favor there there it's fucking Rob you and steal as much as they can from you and if you had a job these people would be the first ones to call the boss and have a have you have it garnished they will garnish you without any doubt whatsoever there is none there is no doubt that these people will contact them to garnish your wages and all they're after is the eight nine eight thousand eight hundred bucks that's all they're after you know if you could just pay that everything would be great you know just not a problem if you just pay the children four dollars every time the letter came in you know wouldn't ever would leave from these people they would not give a flying fuck as long as you paid their fucking fees okay other than that they're toothless they're absolutely toothless they can't do fucking shit for you and they can't do shit for her like you they can't you you know and they can't say to you okay look you know this is your arrangements for your kid you weren't able to do these arrangements she didn't want to drop him off or you know you weren't able to see your children on those times you know this is what it should be all right no no no they don't give a fuck about what she's done they don't care that you haven't seen or spoken to your kids in six months your kids she has told them you're on heroin that is what your client has told my children that I'm on heroin and I'm in jail so what are you gonna do about that you know or we're not here to discuss that we only here to discuss what I'm here to discuss that I'm not here to discuss that right we're on two different two different paths here I need this answered first you know like you guys want all this money out of me but at the same time you're telling me that I'm not allowed to see my kids I'm not allowed if I can talk to my kids like it's just a joke you know it is just a joke and the government puts you into debt that's all this agency does that's its job is to put you in debt it's not to help you please don't get in contact with these people they will not do anything for you they have no legal or no teeth they've got no teeth at all these people okay and even if you try calling them and you try and reason with them you know the woman on the phone you're fucked if it's a woman you're talking to forget it get off the phone you want to speak to a man and you've still got no 90% chance he's gonna knock you back because he's a full-on feminazis motherfucker he is a walking talking veg okay so you really gotta be up battling up a hill but if you get a woman on the phone to talk to you've got no chance none none she will stick they're arguing black and fucking blue that you need to pay these fees and charges first you need to make an arrangement first before we can even go anywhere before I can continue the conversation I need you two to make an arrangement with me and she wants your bank details she'll want your job she's gonna go after her she's gonna go after the lot yeah I'm not wrong if you go if you deal with these people at all you'll know that I tell you the truth if you have to deal with these people at all you will know that I've told you the truth there's no point why do you it's very easy to find out whether I'm lying or not especially it's very easy to find out whether I'm lying or not especially for a streamer it's really easy to find you guys to find out right so what's the point in lying right well at least that's my dealings with them that's my dealings with them that's what I should say that's my dealings you know you might have got on there and they liked you whatever but I've never spoken to one of these women that will help me in any way none they just want my money that's it that's as far as the conversation goes just make an arrangement to pay that debt they call it a debt okay you owe us money it's a debt it's amazing how you get a debt out of sending a piece of paper like seriously the I said okay how is it a debt you sent me a piece of paper I haven't you haven't had to work for you haven't it to do anything for it it is just a simple piece of paper in the mail that you are charging two hundred and two dollars for I said and then you want to send me a letter that you want to put you want accrue interest to it on a daily basis you're going to accrue interest on a daily basis I yeah well I'm out I'm out I have no contract with you I'm not playing any contract with you I make no verbal arrangement with you i negate any verbal arrangement you think you might have with me you have no agreement with me whatsoever because if you're gonna do that to me then I am fucked you're fucked you're gonna accrue interest daily who and the fact of these people think they are like seriously you've just got done telling this woman you don't have a job you don't have a fucking you don't have this you don't have property you don't have a car you don't have any assets you're a fucking right you're just surviving not good enough it's not good enough it's not good enough they don't care you know they don't care that you spent a month in hospital you they don't care about that they don't care you've had a mental breakdown they don't care that your heart and your head is just fucked okay and it's gonna take you months to get over this shit she just walks away she's monkey branched she has been fucking her ass off since she left she has been she swallowed fucking Twinkie loads by that time she doesn't she's fine she's monkey branch to say it's all pre done when a chick breaks up with you it isn't just there and then it's not because you've done this or done that no no no that's just the opportunity that's just the chance this has already been happening from three to six months beforehand she has already pre thought about it pre planned it pre-existed it in her mind or what her life would be like without you she has already pictured it all already gone through a head she's already planned at all now she just needs the opportunity she needs the opportunity all right that's all it is so they'll drive it into the ground they drive the fucking whatever relationship we've got with them they drive it into the ground until you've had enough you say mate this is fucked Rara and that's it that's abuse that's abuse how dare you say that I'm gonna end our relationship because you spoke to me that way yeah bullshit come on man don't believe any of that rubbish it's already pre-done it's already pre-done pre thought about pre-planned pre thought pre everything she's already she's already gotten over it man she's already gotten over whatever whatever relationship you had with her she's already gotten over it dismissed it and just fucking looked and starts looking down on you she doesn't look at you as what she was before now she's trying to get rid of you you say so she looks down on you she doesn't look at you as a man you know she's running you down she's putting you down she does fucking nothing for ya and you caught fucking six months of that in fact and then she'll move on to the next phase yeah that's that's how they work Oh some of them that's how this one worked that's it run from that man why would I want to fucking pay a grand in fuck of the fees and charges to a government you dumb bastard keep running your mouth Jimmy Thunder you're a little fucking boy who lives at mums mum and dad's house with your PlayStation fucking four you know that you're not married you don't have kids you don't have fucking even a life bro you live at home with mum and dad I mean let's face the facts here mr. thunder what are you a fucking kid you play your playstation 4 you got all these big judgements Kay but you don't even left home yet you live at home mummy and daddy does your cooking mummy does your washing clothing mummy might even come and make your bed for you so don't sit there with your fucking bullshit what a load of fucking bullshit seriously what are you like 23 24 you know some fucking bullshit like that I don't listen oh this was amusing this was funny as fuck Jimmy Thunder would relate to this because he's a little fucking little the same quite a soggy little fucking complaining moaning little bitch that I'm gonna that I'm gonna talk about now if you go into the Michael Myers Michael Myers net I think it is the website on Facebook one of the chat rooms wherever it is anyway there's this fucking kid in there right and he's complaining that he can't buy raw masks raw Michael Myers masks okay I mean and he's complaining that there's a particular artist and it's a very well-known artist I mean you have to pick the top shelf right you fucking social justice fucking warrior you've got to pick the top fucking Shelford go for him right so you've actually you've actually contacted this person and you are demanding that he sells you roars in order for you to send that raw to another artist because you don't want him to paint it you want the other artists to paint it and that artist says you will I don't want to sell you any roars I don't want to I don't want to do what you want to know I'm not interested in that so you so you decide to go into the Michael Myers fucking website and start bitching and moaning about this person because he didn't do what you wanted him to do a hamper fuckin pathetic are you I paid out on the cunt absolutely give him a fucking thrashing in the comment section you south you sound like a self-entitled little bitch you sound like the kind of Beach that doesn't like the word no and when you hear the word no you have a little fucking tantrum and throw yourself on the floor and you're fucking a little little a little bit moist in the fuckin underwears don't you get a bit moist right that's why setup like I said you're 23 years old demanding another 54 year old person does what you tell them to do and if they don't do it well you're gonna come in here and you want to bag his name and all the rest of it I fucking paid out on it that's how I looked at it but you had all the comments you know saying well he should have wholesale done to you he should have done this he should have done that and then then they drop their ages I mean I couldn't believe in one of the guys said well how old is everybody any right now and they're all 23 24 22 they live at home and they are demanding that somebody do what they wanted to do or they're gonna get very upset like it's a fucking joke and this is an entire generation you've got the fucking 10 different all thinking the same way that you are so self entitled that you contact him and he says no so you come on here to have a fucking cry and you're expecting what from me like you're a fucking snowflake they're nothing but a fucking stooge and if I if you ask me I'm not selling your shit either I'm not selling your shit and I imagine that it won't be a single fucking artist in this room but he's gonna sell you fucking anything they don't want nothing to do with you right now man you're a cunt this guy's highly fucking respected artist that is his artwork he created it he's the fucking boss of it you don't tell him what to do you don't get that fucking you're a little punk who lives at home you're a little punk it leaves a mum and dad and you want atom and shit of other people's lives that's that fucking you can't wipe the deck you decayed that guy's will show you how long it how old you are Jimmy thunder why doesn't charlie just go bankrupt and wipe the dead oh man how old are you 23 us I'm run park geniuses man all geniuses yeah bankruptcy doesn't work for that man all right when you grow up a little bit and you do some reading you'll find that out no man your government steps in on that one slam in your fucked anytime the government steps in on anything you're fucked okay I mean their fees and charges is outrageous it's outrageous that you would charge 202 202 dollars 50 whatever it is to send a piece of paper okay and then you want to charge interest daily interest on it you want interest accruing right are you kidding me like who do you do you people think you are and you call them up and you're trying to make an arrangement with them and it's just not good enough for them they're not getting what they want and they're not there for my girls they're not there to get money for them though we're interested in their fees and charges get it into your head none of that goes towards the two girls none of it not a dime that's how this company makes money that's how they make money out of thousands of fucking men out there all right thousands of fucking men we're all paying this fee in debt to these fucking government agency just like if we don't live in America otherwise they come and put you into jail for that debt that you owe the government agency they would put you in jail for it to pay it off so be thankful because in America they'll haul your ass off your ass will being fuckin jail and you haven't done anything wrong you just haven't paid their fees and charges isn't that disgusting I get some date man the children I just got done how many times is a fucking stinking feminist need to be told none of the money was for the last fucking time you dumb bitch I fucking seriously let it sink into that Mellon fucking head of yours that none of it was for the kids none of it that's fees and charges only fees and charges only okay and no offense but I spent a month in a hospital after that after her break up I spent a month in hospital I spent fucking two two days a week in psychologists I was fucked right mentally fucking fucked it took me a long long time to get her over that marriage years years and years so I wasn't working I didn't have a job I was just surviving doing what I'm not what I am now all right you know and then I wasn't able to see him speak to him nothing no contact okay and then my daughter would call me crying and asked me when I'm getting off heroin you know she was about eight years old so she's told them that I'm on heroin are you fucking kidding and then another time like my daughter phones me up and tells me asks me when I'm getting out of jail I said well not in jail she said we'll get you our mum said you're in jail I said well darling you can't call me in jail if I was in jail you can't call me there would be no way of calling dad dad doesn't have a phone when you're in jail okay that's just the normal thing so she told him all these lies man just fucking come on man you know just just horrible just fucking you horrible person but anyway you know that's life I just laugh now I laugh because the love that I had he now has he can have that love he can have that fucking he can have that love okay and no offense buddy but I was fucking out and you were fucking her so she'll do the same fucking shit on you she did to me and when she's finished with fucking you and she monkey branches or whatever yeah ain't gonna be no fucking different there's no difference okay I think seriously dude if I could give me a break man she I was fucking her the minute she could I bet she got on just in case you realize that I was I was shagging her the fact that she was swallowing my dick like no fucking tomorrow and you think that we all she did his monkey branch what I've learnt now is called monkey branching and it just went straight from me to you that's he didn't have a break man that pussy got no air there's no air in that pussy man that pussy went from my dick to your dick that's he okay so that love is now yours that great um you know that yeah he's now yours you could fucking have all that bro that's that's what snapped me out of the psychologist let's say so she snapped me out of it she said this great love you have for her and you love her and she does everything for you you would do everything for her and well you know she betrayed you you know this is what she's done to you yeah now he has that he has all of that that's the love that he has it doesn't change the person is the same so she's telling him exactly the same as she tells you okay so you don't mean you got to think let's snap me up that's what made me realize you know hang on a minute yeah I better go and spend some time with my daughter okay it's been three hours exactly ladies and gentlemen I need to go and give my daughter some breakfast I'm gonna cook some sausages with her and I'll try and come back to you sway a little echo you already asked me that every time I come in here I'm not asking you again done asked me over and over and over the same time okay so been three hours that's enough and food for now or Australia me mouth before I saw Australia again if you're in Australia in Melbourne Cranbourne it looks really here I mean handy and see me be really good this is just a masks encounter I'm sorry I've sold everything that I had last week and just completed a couple of these in the last couple of days really happy with him how he came out he looks really nice okay Chloe your masks man plenty of masks he's on the thing today I'm gonna get him done by the end of the day I'll get him belted and finished a beautiful looking Cory big chunky mask and I'm going to work on the clown I'm going to do a mohawk clown so I'm mohawk in here and Mohawks I don't know how I'm gonna do it okay I don't even know if I'm gonna do it it just seems I don't have the hair to do that to do a mohawk the last Mohawk I did but just wasn't happy with it so I'm got to try and work out what I want to do with him we have no W G's here no WG sold them okay sold him yesterday for 80 bucks which came in handy so I needed to make another WJ anyway so I got one I got that project here and this one here main one is to get him done for the day to get him completed so I wanted to wish you happy healthy and well boys and girls I'm gonna let my little daughter play on her Annoying Orange you can never look at my Chucky's before you go if you wanted to mmm but I'll give her the phone now and she can play her annoying orange and watch me do some cooking I haven't eaten yet it's a living o'clock and the bitches are unhappy that I'm home they're just unhappy I mean preferably that you know you live in the garage you close the big garage pour that would be just great you know don't come into the house at all and I get watched like a hawk now if I walk into the kitchen they suddenly find reason to come into the kitchen and sit in the kitchen mum does not not hurt and that's just to watch me every time I go to the fridge she watches me but like something else she watches me it's a fucking joke little Piper so the ones I'm not gotten by anyway that's me cookies this is my backyard ladies and gentlemen we're starting to get a bit of sunshine now in the last month it's just rained every single day you can see my ground man it's just soaking wet mud right cuz we're just rained here so much so it's good to get a bit of sunshine apparently on Wednesday we're going to have the same the same weather on Wednesday for this week so fantastic she says please and everything today you say you say hello and esteem she'll spend the day with me later she stays at they were dead I cleaned all the sheets yesterday I've done all the dinners cleaned on the clothing got a do casting get these I was I quarries I've got clowns to do so much it's just like non-stop and plenty of projects to do I like my own my Freddie Freddie turned out you know come out with a little fucked up a bit you know in the cheetah in that just put down a little bit early or whatever I don't know just change the whole mask you change the whole features on it where's the money thank you where'd you find that thank you darling she's found a fifty you got anymore under there keep you don't need more 50s let me see the pockets you got any 50s in the pocket where's the pockets in the 50s you get all the 50s there for daddy give dad the 50s where's my where's dad's 50s geez now if you can do that everyday for dad that'd be a blinder now she got me a fifty help that ladies and gentlemen my daughter family fifty bucks um I don't know how that happened I don't know we've stunned because I'm pretty careful with my notes anymore stashed around there keep what else you got stashed or any you need bloody and the else you got stashed in he let me see if there's any hundreds in he got any green ones and if there's a green one that's my bucks try and find me a green one all right just try and get me a couple of green ones or buy some planes I've got an ya governor I had one more box of planes I've just thought about it boys remember remember I just thought about it I just clicked it just clicked just then hang on a minute my mates got a whole box at the market I haven't thought of that because I haven't seen him he wasn't at the market in the last same as me he's been just giving it away because of the rain and the wind and the fucking coal so you'll come back and I can win it when blues up like I do he's got a whole box 120 units I just thought so no wonder I've been able to save some money it's God telling me it's the higher above telling me but you're gonna need money to buy this stock that's why just there's a voice inside telling me no no no keep the key to keep a kipper for now you need to Bank it by that box hundred twenty units of five bucks five to thirteen six hundred you need 600 divided box of planes 120 units that's the goal that's what we're trying let's go please isn't it just worked it all out it just dawned on me that just dawned on me see ladies and gentlemen one thing leads to another right you think we're playing executing right so we can make an arrangement with that with that box okay we're gonna have 120 units red big ones they fly like a motherfucker okay look if you want to do me do me any value at all send sometimes maybe in your country shares of an audio maybe in your country not here not here Sharon they don't have that here you're not in you're in Australia you're often on fucking lashes you're in the wrong country love me doesn't apply different country payday loans I don't have anything you'd be quiet enough asking me over and over and over it's exactly what okay fair enough look you've been a good kid it's been over three hours you've been a good kid sorry sorry sorry yeah okay then fair enough well I've never heard of it hopefully shows I don't tell them about allah azza shh don't tell it that shit love oh I like me quite life okay I don't know anything about that man if that's correct that's correct I don't know but I'm far as I know good fucking luck with that yeah doesn't seem like contempt of court though is that right shows you just more fun okay I'd okay okay I'll get a go go to court like this dressed like these chairs Amy Amy Amy track he paints mate got me jacket on got me hat on in court I go she has a not a problem off we go straight to court Chaz's here I'll cheat on the photo sir and factor will get rich as Iran do it she's fucking Google to judge hang on a minute Chaz's just gonna google that and we'll get on we'll get on so if I could peddle this he'll get out of these peddled easier I'll just get my mate Shazzer she's got a fuck I'll be on to that anyway that's what you do I don't know the Lord's men all right I know you don't want to be involved with them okay you don't want to be in these courts all right they're not a good place to be for a man they're really not a good place to be for a mean one kid all right look I'm gonna fucking say goodbye my kids my kids all over me and she's been a very good kid okay wants her annoying orange I'll try and come back four years a bit later on a sale Lodi is a bit later as soon as she's finished with me I'll come back but until then I'm gonna do my quarry so you know I'm working I'm doing the quarry and get them ready for next week to put on face book sell on face book all right thank you very much for your time okay thank you for everything you do for me thank you for sharing and liking and all that kind of stuff and I hope you've enjoyed the three hours I've spent together hope it's been fun I'll try and come back a bit later for you okay after lunch I've got to eat something I haven't eaten all day so I've got to eat something I don't feel well and I can't do shit until I've eaten so anyway stay happy healthy and well and we'll see you in a few hours you know I hope it's been a good stream and hit the like button sub button whatever the fuck it is if you don't like it then you know unsub alright but I'm sick of all these down thumbs I mean for simple simple videos you give it me a shitload of down thumbs I think it's the same people with multiple names but anyway stay well and thanks for viewing and all caches in a couple of hours after I've eaten lunch I think I've got a client coming there's someone sending me messages so I'm gonna have to deal with that also so I'll put the camera on if I get a client's yesterday and I didn't put the cam on I didn't put the camera on for you and I meant to yeah anyway take care and we'll keep your seeds next time

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