Galaxy Nebula Painting | Beginner Acrylic Tutorial | The Art Sherpa

Galaxy Nebula Painting | Beginner Acrylic Tutorial | The Art Sherpa

UFO Sound Effects Hey everybody, I’m Cinnamon Cooney, I’m the Art Sherpa and in about an hour I can show you how to do this AMAZING galaxy painting. Totally accessible for beginners, totally fun for experienced painters. Get Your brushes, get your paints, get your canvas and meet me back at this easel right now. We are gonna do this and I am gonna blow your mind at how fun it is. Alright, Let’s go! *THEME SONG* Hey! I am so glad all my Hartists are coming back and excited about galaxy painting. It is good to see you, we are going to get our space on! If you’re new to Hart Party, this is how it works, I do a thing, you do a thing, together we get a painting done. And I’m going to explain to you the correct way to GALAXIFY. We’re going to actually, really, really, really paint some nebulas. We’re actually doing kind of the Carina nebula today, so I’m super excited about that. We’re going to get our geek on and our Space on. First things first, Materials You’re gonna see this black canvas. I usually start with a white canvas, but we’re going to start with a black canvas today because there’s a couple ways you can get this black canvas. You can buy canvasses now that are already black and if you are painting with a little brush I feel like you should start this piece with it already black that way they can just enjoy the fun part of it and aren’t worn out But I did this by just applying two coats Two Coats TWO COATS of Mars Black paint. But I could have bought this already black, but I just applied two coats and I didn’t think you needed to sit through me painting two coats of black paint. So first there was nothing, just blackness, but then I also had this creative idea so we want to go over the pallet. The pallet is Phthalocyanine Blue (green shade) or Phthalo blue. This is Napthol Crimson, Napthol Crimson and I like this but you could get a deep magenta as well and get away with it. I’ve got Cad Yellow, mmmmmm but Hue, don’t eat the real Cad. I’ve got Dioxazine Purple. I have a little Mars Black here just in case. You remember that Mars Black I painted that with two coats. Titanium White and then i have a little bit of my Gloss Medium and Varnish which you guys should all have in your studio by now anyway. If you’re brand new you should definitely have this because at the end of this I want you to varnish this and put it up and there is going to be an i-card with a how to varnish video. So awesome that. You guys saw the galaxy painting and got real super excited about it. That’s up on Etsy if anyone is ready for that. Make sure you have a nice little cup of water. That helps because acrylic paint is water based. This one is kind of crazy so what we are going to need is some jacked-up brushes. The trick to this is some messed up brushes and I’m going to show you an example of like what I mean how just, look how abused. I never throw my brushes out, I keep my abused brushes because then they become alternative art tools so it’s actually kind of good when you lose a couple like when you’ve been just rough on them and you’ve been scrumbling with them and doing things because they become great cloud and space nebula brushes. If however, you are really new to painting and you haven’t had the privilege yet to destroy a brush, look, they make brushes – stippling brushes, this is a mop for acrylic, this is a short round. These you can just buy at the art store we want something that’s just (foonf foonf foonf) that’s what you want so you can get the soft thing. So, those are the things you need. A delicious beverage, yes, for your galactic painting because we are going to paint MILLIONS, AND BILLIONS AND TRILLIONS OF STARS! I also have sort of this moppy brown, I actually use this to hit another brush against. Sort of a bright abused brush and then for some detail work I have little detail rounds by Creative Mark And I have a quarter-inch bright. This is just the kind of stuff you want. This is going to go in really quick. Hair dryer makes your life easier. Alright, let’s get started, let’s get our space on. Because we’re going to paint millions and billions and trillions of stars and it’s going to be so fun. First thing we are going to do *dog backs in background* we’re going to take the emptiness of space I’m sure you’re hearing my dog in the background. The emptiness of space *dog barks in background* and we’re going to start giving it some light. Ok, are you ready for that? We’re going to start giving it some light. And how we’re going to do that is I’m going to take this little brush here, I’m going to get it wet. Right? and I’m going to get some paint on it Right? Now here is one of the first things that we do different than everybody else is we start with our stars in here. Now I’m going to stand back and I’m going to whack this brush into this brush You guys can absolutely use a practice sheet of paper before you hit your black canvas. I am going to populate my sky. I’m going to end up with paint all over. This is NOT NEAT. Don’t do this near your fine china or things that you are super fond of. If you guys have done the toothbrush with me before you’re absolutely welcome to do that here. The toothbrush trick will work as well, which is just use an old toothbrush and go flick flick. if you need a little more control, but I kinda,this is how I get my waves and stuff. I like this it gives me a sort of random, I’ll change the direction that I’m whacking, and you’re like “wait that’s different than what everybody else is doing” THAT’S RIGHT! We put in stars because you know what? Space is deep! It is endless and it is deep and it has depth. Depth like a Jason Silva Shot of Awe video. You should go watch one of those ‘cuz that will just *pshhh* blow your mind! Deep like we are in a singularity and stuff is happening. Ok. So you’ve gotta put stars in. Then what you’re going to do is you’re going to dry those stars. *NO AUDIO* So we’ve dried that. Um, remember with your hair dryer it’s not the heat, it’s the air – Keep it about six inches back and move it around. The reason we want to have it dry is so we can create a layered effect and we don’t want our little white stars picking up into our paint. Now, I’m going to get one of my super abused brushes. I very much like this super abused brush. It’s a half-inch angle on a longer handle and I’m going to come get it just a little bit wet but then I’m going to dry it off on a paper towel and I’m going to get a little bit of blue, just straight blue, add a skitch of white, just a small amount and I’m even going to put a little of my gel medium in there because I want to make it a little more translucent and I’m going to start putting in my nebula shape. Here’s what you have to do to really succeed at space is NOT make patterns, NOT make really geometric shapes. You want to wander around you want to be like I’m like Jackie Chan and I’m like the Drunken Monkey. You want to be wandering around here just being crazy. My pressure, another thing that is happening is my pressure is very very light, Ok? My pressure is very very light. See I got a little bit of that gel medium and a little bit of white paint, so wipe off the excess. So as I’m painting I’m not applying a lot of pressure and you can see how where this nebula is this gorgeous blue nebula, which is going to kind of wind down in this direction. Right? Are you having fun yet? I love this. Millions and billions and trillions of stars in the space. UGH! I just love space. I seriously love me some Sci-fi awesomeness. I will absolutely, I’m one of those enjoyers of Sci-fi that I will mix franchises. I will Dr. Who with some Star Wars and layer over some Star Trek I just don’t believe in division. I think all the Sci-fi is good. I’m gonna come down here, I’m keeping this pressure kind of light. it’s tinting. Right now what is happening is sort of just telling me where my blue nebula is going and I’m doing this thing that’s called scrumbling. So if you didn’t have a messed up brush, you will by the end of this Alright? Scrumbling. Make sure my pallet cam is on cuz you guys will be like “what is she talking about?” *singing* We are doing our space race, we are doing our space race, we are doing our space race, and it’s really fun Oh my god, I think I just had a Blue’s Clues moment! *laughs* Oh no! Oh No! Are you guys liking my Yoda hat? I’m liking my Yoda! I’m so excited to be putting this up. Seriously, this is a piece I’m personally excited about. I was so thrilled to know you guys were excited about it that you wanted to know how to paint space. and look, once you can paint it on this you can paint it on anything You can spray paint a wine bottle black and then do space on it. You can definitely take black jeans or a black denim jacket and you can space those up. You can pretty much just paint anything you want black with the appropriate medium and once you understand this process of layering the colors, you will have space. By the way, this is great for classes. You see how I’m wandering down and wandering up and wandering down. *Cinnamon makes strange noises* You’ve gotta be like that You’ll be like *strange noises* MMMMMMHUM. I’m a little wound up today. Are you noticing? I’m noticing I’m a little energetic today. I don’t know what that’s about, just happy I think. Happy to be painting this, for sure happy to be getting out of my bottleneck and getting some videos up Getting stuff working again. I love that. So these are just some weird wandering little shapes. Hopefully you are kind of seeing it. And look, you don’t have to tell people this is the Carina nebula. They don’t need to be looking up the star pattern Right? I mean I just had to pick one to use and you know they totally, especially for Pinterest, completely edit these things like crazy. Going up, going down, going up, going down. Just layering it up and it’s that translucent-ness to the paint that is going to create that deep space We’re going to keep splattering. Don’t worry. We are going to have paint on us, we’re going to have paint around but we’re going to have a good time. Right? I feel like I need some blue up here. Hopefully you can really see how I create these sort of random particle gaseous shapes. This is going to so help you with clouds and other things. Sometimes it’s weird stuff. It’s like painting a jelly fish will absolutely help you paint glass. That’s true. And sometimes painting nebulas will completely give you the breakthrough you need to do some clouds Just, you know, these art skills kind of all inter-relate. And they’re like “How do you do space so well?” Cuz, dude I can really do some clouds., so this is like having absolute fun The sources of light are crazy. Right? Nope got it too wet. Notice if you’re getting it too wet. You want more gel medium in this. Right? Painting this up, painting it. Yeah, if you get too much water it can get bubbles in there and you don’t want that. You just want translucent I will wipe my brush where I need to. Got that going there. Alright, now I’m going to lighten up my blue. I’m going to come over here to my white and I’m going to create a very lighter blue. Still add a little gel because I need it to be translucent and up here I’m going to just dust I’m going to dust, start to dust, dusting the explosions and particles of space. Thinking about Carl Sagan Thinking about cosmos and about Barbarella and just anything that makes me feel spacey. I’m sending the Millennium Falcon out, I am imagining this could be a place for the Tardis to go. See how I’m using this just ruined brush and I’m creating these layers. Creating like layers here, Ok? Adding some highlight into this. I’ll come over here and dust a little atmosphere Yeah! dust a little more atmosphere, some here. Dust a little bit, just dusting it. It’s about really light pressure. You definitely want it to be blue but you want the pressure to be light. Right? Because that’s how you see the layers underneath. You don’t want to lose the stars that you put in there They should faintly shine through. Right? They should faintly, faintly shine through and that is something that you want. I think I’m going to get some dark blue again and a little of this because I’m seeing that I want a nice little arc of blue here. I’ll come back, so you can just layer right over that. Layering, layering, layering, layering layering. Being crazy, making sure my shapes are wild. Here’s the trick where space comes apart and falls apart for people is the panic that it’s not going to look like anything. Dude! It always looks like something. You use this combination of colors and these random shapes As long as you’re not trying to make a star map anybody has to follow and you’re willing to just sort of relax about it, you are going to get some cool, cool, cool effects. I’m going to get some more blue here and kinda come in here with that blue because I really like it and I’m going to layer it. Layering it, layering it. Now the next color I want to get and I’m just going to dry my brush off on my paper towel, it’s what I’m gonna do I’m going to get some Dioxazine Purple. Now it is almost the color of the black already. Ok? So it’s probably going to take a titch of white to even get it to show up on any level at all. Dust it off here and come here and make a little bit of a purple cloud. You know when they take these pictures they take several different pictures one with infrared, and they photograph the oxygen and then they layer them together so that we can get a visual representation of what’s happening out there. So even though we are enjoying these on pinterest like crazy people they may not be exactly how it would look in the darkness. I’m going to come right here and make that shape right here of space. Ok? So remember, we are doing the Carina nebula, you know, so if you want to print out a photograph of that for your reference and say “hey I really want to do a very accurate starscape. I’m doing this for a star lover and I need to make SURE, I need to be sure that what I’m putting out there is like, the right thing.” Dust some purple here. See i’m just scrumbling. This is scrumbling, this is scrumbling. You know another place you can get destroyed brushes – is sip & paints A lot of times their brushes get so destroyed that they’ve got to throw them out and you can go by and be like HEY, kind of like the Starbucks grounds for your garden – I will adopt your ruined brushes because I need some That’s a place you could go. The ruined brush of one space is the art tool of another. I’m not even changing brushes here. I thought we would use all these other brushes but I’m kinda like right now just stuck with this destroyed brush and loving it, loving it. Purple right up here. I feel like it needs some purple. *silence* Come in here, get some purple in here. I like to add these little shades and tones. I feel like this needs some deep purple down in the corner. it’s weird, stuff shows up more than you think I’m going to have some pink there. I’m going to come here, get some blue on my brush, get some white because for a fact, definitely, definitely need to lighten this up right here. It’s too dark, too dark. Lighter, lighter. Right? Just find it, you’ll find the lightness and you just want to scrumble it in. Make sure that this has got some lightness to it. Again, this is about pressure. Right? This is about pressure and randomizing the shapes. This is almost an abstract painting. This is what this is, it’s almost an abstract painting. You’re just trying to find the story in this space in this location, you’re just trying to find it and tell it and make sure that the brushstrokes are blended. I just love destroying a brush. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh OK. Go back to your star brush, whatever you’re using. I’m going to get this again and I’m going to load it up with a little white paint and it’s a little wet. Right? Dab it off to make sure there is not too much extra. My abused brush and I’m going to splatter some more stars, because we layer the space. Don’t we? We layer it. So, SORRY BACKGROUND Your face is going to take it man. Just know that. Your face will take some paint. I feel it hitting me. Again, you might want to use the toothbrush flick. Find a flick and you can always practice on a piece of construction paper so that you don’t have to like – Are you seeing that, am I getting paint on my face? I don’t know. OK, back in the water it goes. Up comes the hair dryer. Six inches away because it’s already starting to look like something. It’s just crazy, I love space. Exhales loudly and whistles. *No Audio* How is that looking? Space, the final frontier! There are those out there who think that there are those down here that are lost to the galaxy for some unknown reason. Fighting Cylons and you don’t know why. Everybody is a Cylon. Everybody is always a Cylon. Cake is a lie, everybody is always a Cylon. RANDOM GEEKERY IS HAPPENING TODAY! So, now we are going to pick some spots because we want some different kind of stars. There are all different kinds of stars. If you’re homeschooling I imagine this is quite a teachable moment because you can talk about the very different types of stars. But we need to paint some of them in. And now is where we’re going to get our little brush. This little teeny tiny detail brush and we’re going to get a little bit of our yellow and some of our white. Ok? And we might even get some of our red and give them like even a little orange cast. Ok? What we’re trying to get is sort of this hot and here I’m going to put some stars some bigger ones that I can see And they’re going to have some layers happening. Again, I’m sort of following this star map here but then again I’m sort of not. Sooooo, you know, don’t use this to navigate space-time black holes like anything super serious. Right here I’m going to put a nice big star mostly because it has it. This is just as I’m layering I want this sort of layered effect and I’ll put these in actually stronger again in a little bit. These are the yellows and I’m going to come in and even do some blue and white like uh, definitely, definitely get these bad boys in there though. Use bigger little plops of light, they make a difference, trust me. And they can even have slightly different tones It can even be dot, dot, there’s some clusters and stuff happening there and maybe one is here. Right? Just painting some stars because that’s what we like to do. There is a big one that’s going to happen here So i’m going to put this circle in right now. This is not how everybody else does it. Believe you me, you do it this way, you can do this on the wall once you do it on the canvas. once you practice this technique you can mural a room You know what they call the type of art where I share with you teaching, and you do it at home through digital media, that’s called dark matter art. Because we are in a democratized art you and me Because I know you can paint and you know you can paint, or you think maybe you could paint if somebody just explained it a little more. Right? So, now rinse this out and let’s do some white stars. Right? Just some white ones with some blue. Just a few of those Here and there and come fill those out later. Let’s dry those real quick. Dry’em, dry ’em. Gotta layer Stuff up. Now we’re going to get our good galactic brush out and we’re going to kind of do up an orange tint. Right? We want to create that feeling of gas and shape and want it to be a little more red though than orange and I’m going to come here and get some of my gel make sure its translucent, tap off the extra on my brush and I’m going to very softly up here dust a little gas. See now I’m thinking about the planets that are in this sector of space Maybe there is something living on them, maybe it’s a crystalline creature. You know, We always tend to think of things as life that reflects how we live, but space is BIG. Stuff is crazy out there. Not for nothing, it is crazy out there in the space. Right? It just is. Make sure you try to avoid regular shapes. Don’t let it trap you into making circles. you want to avoid making circles Down here I’m going to create kind of this little upward shape, dusting, scrumbling as they say Soft, this is very light pressure that I’m using. I’m layering this orange over the purple and it creates this whole effect *silence* Dust some out here. Put some gas in unexpected places. Right? *laughs* The ten year old kid in me is just laughing at the copious amount of the word gas that we use. But art should be really fun and nothing that we could paint should be intimidating man. A lot of people get really intimidated by the idea of space. Right? And you don’t just go “oh this is some form and shape and color” This is probably like the easiest, funnest thing I’ll paint all day because this is just form and shape and color. And probably if I just relax. See I’m making little circular motions, making circular motions, painting some space with you guys Now HEY! You could populate this with the Death Star, if you’re feeling kind of destructive or the Millennium Falcon, or the Tardis, or the Enterprise. I have been known, when I used to teach at Sip & Paints, which is where I was actually gifted this wonderful glass from the most funnest party ever, I would on occasion in random paintings just include the Starship Enterprise just for fun Fun stuff that you can do to make it your own, to personalize it into your life. You could paint a VW bug out in space. It’s your space. So I did this right after watching that move Interstellar, which was like, I feel like a very good movie, but completely tripped me out man. completely was just like, I really liked watching the science of Interstellar to see like what they were thinking when they were making this, because I was like WHAT? it’s just crazy, just crazy. Dusting it up here, some of this gas. Some of this gas. I’m going to come back with pink, but I want to give it that layer. I feel like I need a little bit more orange right over here. Aren’t you loving that medium right there that is just thinning out your paint, letting it be translucent and if you’re painting with student grade paints it will probably just do this. Right? Alright, I’m going to wipe off my brush. Now the next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to go a little more red I’m going to add just a titch of purple to it. just a little more red with a titch of purple. OK? I’m going to come in with that fun, fun tone. Right? Some of that in there. Just dusting around this upper section. I don’t take color across everything. Right? That’s not what I’m doing. I’m imagining the forces of nature that are happening in what used to be the Carina nebula and is now just sort of becoming my weird little nebula out in space that are causing these light effects. Ok? That’s what I’m doing. I’m imagining them. Seriously. I’m loving imagining it. I’m going to get a little more purple. Right? Add a little white to it. Oh that’s a nice, nice color. Make sure I get a little of the gel medium and come up here. Dust some of this in here. Right? So you just keep layering and layering and layering and layering, this is like seriously some fun stuff you could do. Could you do this on your blender? Sure, if you primed it with the right primer paint for painting on plastic and such you could totally do this on your blender. Just saying. Oh I did a flick. Sometimes in space stuff looks like there are solar winds that are blowing it. Right? This is our version of happy little clouds today. Right? *whispers Space clouds* Just love those. So fun. Add some gas here. You know? Just shading because that’s what it likes. Just shading it up. Creating some of this here and scrumbling here and there. Right? Loot at that coming together. Is that just crazy like IT’S BLOWING MY MIND! Now we need to get right into the pink. So, I’m going to get a little of my red and a little of my white. You want something quite pink. Get a little gel so it’s not too, you want something even lighter pink than that. oooh I like that. Dry it off on your paper towel. Now I’m just lightly dusting and I’m creating this sort of like solar windy gas around my star. Right? That’s what happens and I’m kind of trying to create some of these shapes that I’m seeing in these doctored space photos. I love the space program, may we never ever let it go. EVER! Seriously. We need to keep looking up. We do. We have a little trouble looking down, but we need to keep looking up. We need to keep wondering. I’m going to create this nice basin of pink coming into this. How fun is this? Breaking up those shapes. You can really see in the pink how I’m breaking them up. Dusting them, creating depth. See like how some of the stars are tinted by the pink and come here. *silence* Come here and pick up a little more of this light color and *silence* Yeah. That is just awesome! And you know, if you’re ever like I need some darker color, you can come right back with a darker color like this straight purple and you can just say I need this darker, darker color right here. I just feel like that would be there. You know? You can absolutely do that. You can keep adding, and adding, and adding to it. I’m going to rinse this out and add even more of a highlight. To everything. So I’ve got this like crazy like light blue highlight out there. A little more of that. Just lightly, lightly lightly. I’m going to star this thing back up. Right? Just making sure that my brush is light, just dusting. Just dusting. Wiping it. Getting some white and a little bit of this pink and I want even more white. That’s a lot of white. You want that. *silence* Alright, there, look at that. *whispers* Right here. Very light. Creating those little spaces. And guess what we get to do again? IT’S STAR TIME. Get your star brush out, because we get to get messy. It’s always good to get messy. We are nearly done with this you guys. It’s like the funnest, fastest, awesomest. Tap off make sure you’re OK. Hold your breath *inhales* *tapping sounds* I feel like I got it. Now, if you feel like at any point you got some stars you were not as fond of, you can either dust them out, blend them in Like I’m doing right here. Keep drying your brush. Because it will just become part of the space scape Ok? So, my point to doing this is not that any of this particularly bothered me, it’s just to show you that you that you are not stuck with anything if something gets weird on you or you are not sure how you feel about it This is space. It’s big. It’s infinite. Probably whatever you painted up there exists somewhere. In some fashion. I think you’ve got a good argument for like HEY! That could totally be in space. That could just be exactly like that in my section of the galaxy. I’ve watched a lot of Trek, I’m just saying it’s out there Gene Roddenberry covered it. As did Lucas. As did the BBC. So. Your version of space is valid. Unless you’re painting for some highly technical person, human partner in your life who is actually going to like try to star map this and then, you know, I’m really sorry. *laughs* Ok guys, get your little brush. I’m going to switch to my little bright right now and we’re going to start doing some star work. This is where I feel like pieces like this really come together. I’m going to get a real light yellow and I’m going to come in here on the inside of this and I’m going to just make this up-down line. Do some here, some here and then dust. Again, this is all about pressure. Everyone is like “how do you do that?” I work my pressure, that’s how I do it. See, I’m leaving a little bit of darkness there. So there is tonality so the stars have like heat and form. And then I’m just going to pick out some stars and I’m going to, you know, make them Too much paint on your brush will be the Number One thing that messes you up with just all of this. *silence* Just work it. Just work it. *silence* Just get your star shine on. *silence* Right? Just get your star shine on. Because you don’t know. I mean you kind of know, we’ve got some pretty good telescopes, but yours is just as valid as anybody else’s Alright? *silence* Yours is just as valid as anybody else’s. You do this on a wall, just paint it black first and then don’t get house paint when you do this on a wall. Paint the wall black with house paint, with wall paint and then get your acrylic paints to do these details. I’ve done a lot of murals and that’s why I get the results we get, is we paint with the house paint first, to get the base color and then we work the mural with our fine art paint. So I’m just putting in some stars here. I’m just populating my galaxy with some. Isn’t that just awesome as that is coming together. Some points of light. That’s what I’m doing. *silence* That’s what I like doing is creating the points of light. This is where the magic happens. I feel like there is a cluster of these yellows here and you could go back and do a pink and yellow star. you could just work these. All the colors that you painted with, you can star with. And you could, I’m going to come back and do some pink and yellows in there. Just shine around that. That was here. Isn’t this fun? Isn’t it easy? Oh my gosh! If you’re struggling just keep at it. This is a skill. I have absolutely 100% faith that everyone can learn It just is one of those things where if you just keep at it you can learn it, you can do it. It’s just about learning the brush pressure and getting the paint thin and breaking up those shapes. And once you do those things then the rest of this is just super easy. See, I’m just putting in some stars. I’m going to get some pink stars there. Go over these little yellow ones, paint in that. Isn’t that crazy because you can do that. Get some pink – pink stars. I think up there needs some more stars. I don’t really glop from the center ever, but I’m just sort of finishing this sucker out, so. Just put some in there. Right? That’s what you’re doing. Just putting some in there Letting them twinkle, letting them shine bright. Look at that. See, it just pulls together. I think we are wrapping up. I mean I am, but you guys can keep going, keep layering your nebulas, keep dreaming your dreams, and Alright, I’m good. The galaxy of dreams. You’ve just painted it and it wasn’t even HARD!? it was just fun and enjoyable which is just everything in the geekery universe. I feel is just fun to do for fun’s sake. Which is probably why I’m just like woo today. You, take care of yourself, be good to yourself, be good to the people in your lives Open your heart, access your art. Live open arted, paint, and share with me. I’m on Etsy, I’m on Facebook, I’m on Pinterest, I’ve got a web page. It’s all in the description. Materials in the description. My artist guy is going to make a really cool pinnable of the materials list for this. So just go. Twitter. I’m on Twitter. Just share with me anywhere what you’re doing. Um, come on man we are having a great time. Click, comment, like, subscribe, because I need you. *whispers* I need you to go with me to space and wear great hats with me. Alright, do your I did it dance. *singing* I did it, I did it, I painted space today, yeah, I did it, I did it, I painted space, say hey. And it was easy, it was easy, and I painted space today because I did it, I did it. SOUL RAINBOW Bye bye. I love you guys. See you soon. Keep painting. *instrumental music*

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  1. Oh no, I'm now having major problem, so hooked on your fantastic videos that I still haven't got round to trying to paint any of these brilliant paintings πŸ™‚ Just want to try them all ha ha ha. Painted my sons' bedroom ceiling as a galaxy about 20 years ago, wish I'd had this to watch first :). Thank you so much for sharing x

  2. ha ha ha well this is the first painting I've attempted. Hmm I know what I did right, that was the two layers of mars black on the background ha ha ha. Think I've learned a bit about physics, something about every action having an opposite one? I'm all starry, so are my cd's, my phone, the floor and my dog! Brilliant fun. Got too carried away with the scrumbling and virtually wiped out my background. I REFUSE to give up, will cover everything in sight with bin bags tomorrow and have another try. Loved doing it. Thank you so much for giving me the incentive to have a

  3. I have been trying to paint the northern lights….this lesson has really helped me to do just that….thank you πŸ™‚

  4. I thought I'd already subscribed to you. Oh well, I'm on board now. You are quite the entertainer. I loved the video and painting is awesome. And your presentation is superb and refreshingly goofy – I mean – fun as hell to experience πŸ™‚ Nice inclusion of an adult beverage; I'm a fan myself. And the pictures behind your work area, especially the tree and the girl with the umbrella, are very, very nice. I especially love the girl with the umbrella. Beautiful work!

  5. Right that movie was good but trippy. I watched itΒ  few times.. Love your work! Very inspiring . Ill be starting the new yr out teaching a class with a non profit org. so thanks for these

  6. This is my first video of yours I've watched. I was looking online for how to paint a galaxy. And you are absolutely amazing. I will definitely have to try some of your other works :).

  7. I'm intent to replicated this beauty on my son's ceiling. wish me luck. by the way love your videos, I'm also a Doctor Who fan and will do my closet doors as the TARDIS.

  8. I'm so glad I found your video; I have had a black canvas (that I painted) for about 9 months now….. been looking for a great tutorial for mine and my husbands space themed room ( he must love me; cuz hes letting me design the entire room) but i couldn't find one that looked easy enough for me so it has just been sitting there………… all in all i LOVE your video; subscribed; and plan to get moving on this very very soon. Yours looks so beautiful. I really don't paint much, but i do craft. I'm sure your help is all i need. Plus I love your humor and antics!!! Thanks for making this look like fun while others make it look like a challenge!!!! Loved your Yoda hat too!! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  9. You rock girl thank you so much for this. I'm sorta new to this stuff and it's a pleasure watching your videos. Very helpful and soothing. My daughter and I watch you on our big screen tv and take in the information. Keep them coming and your hilarious πŸ™‚

  10. I have stopped up so that I could finish watching you paint the galaxy. Spellbinding! I will have a go at this on a small scale then I think I would like to paint one of the walls in my guest bedroom with a star scape. Thanks for the inspiration.xx Sue

  11. I love your videos!! Thought I'd try this one out during a sick day, but I'm just getting more and more frustrated with each attempt… It's not turning out like I want it to and I'm about to scrap my current one and go for try three, or just pick a different video for today πŸ™ I think Each time I try adding the white I end up with shapes instead of whimsical space. Any advice?

  12. So Blessed to have found your channel! Great Artwork with Joyful humor! Liked and Subscribed! Thanks & God Bless!Β O:)

  13. Know this is older painting, but looked up Galaxy painting's & was so excited to see you had one. Watch your videos every week & love your lessons. Beginner, but painting this for grandsons room. Even more excited about this now that I've found one of yours to use for reference. πŸ™‚

  14. You remind me of Bob Ross and your video let me believe in myself to maybe take up painting again after a disastrous art class in college.

  15. Hello, First up we not only share the gift and love of art but we also share the same name. I am also a cooney but spelt a different way. Your work is breathtaking and I enjoy hearing what you have to offer. Being a art teacher I get your point when you break everything down into steps. I also enjoy your flare of hats they too are a real form of art. I think you Rock! I will be watching more of your shows and would like to know how to watch a live class.Β Here is something kind of odd I first stumbled on what I found out later was your moms sight. I think she is a real gift and keen to watch. Again we have that in common my mother was also a artist. Mom has left us now but he gift of art lives in me and through me along with her art supplies, lucky me. I hope to hear back from you but would understand if I do not, due to your busy life. Be well stay happy and healthy! Best Wishes [email protected]

  16. Hi! What kind of gloss is that? I tried to paint this last night…sadly, it didn't work out so I've repainted another two coats of black over top and I'm ready to start again. Thank you for posting this video! You are very entertaining and fun to listen to. Not to mention extremely talented. πŸ™‚

  17. Cinnamon could you do a galaxy nebula picture with Dr. who painting I think that would be neat.

  18. OMG! Love the hat!Β  Thanks for this tutorial… for a long time, I've wanted to do some type of art piece like this! Thanks!

  19. I love nebulas. You are amazing at art and this video helped me create a nebula that was so pretty, my parents decided to hang it up! Thank you so much for helping me! πŸ™‚

  20. wow this is so stunning! i will post a pic on instagram of my galaxy drawing on my diary cover… my username is _oslerartz_05…do see my page..hope you like my art…keep making new paintings!! cant wait to see!!!

  21. I am soooooooo excited to try this. I think tomorrow may be my geek day. Thank you Cinnamon for taking the "nail biting" out of wanting to try a "galaxy" painting!

  22. Didn't have correct gel gloss medium…. But did have a slow dry gel medium, turns out, just in case you are wondering, they are not interchangeable mediums. πŸ˜‚With plenty of water I was able to thin the paint and turned out ok. I plan on getting the correct medium and painting a couple more now that I know the process.

  23. i am catching up on all your space and galaxy videos and practicing these techniques .. this is fabulous .. thanks for all you do Cinnamon and John !! we love you !!

  24. I love your spirit, Im very hopeful that by watching you I can get past this block iv been fighting for along time now. part of which, maybe a little scared Iv forgotten how to paint. looking forward to your videos. Oh love your look and the part about putting wishes and other things. βœŒπŸ’œ

  25. I haven't seen the art sherpa in a while and I have to say I missed her so much love this lady she is awesome and so inspirational

  26. I love this so much. I could watch your videos all day. Your personality is contagious in such a wonderful way! πŸ’›πŸ’›

  27. Cinnamon could you use the sponge technique that you use for your aurora borealis as opposed to using brushes? And I'm totally adding a uss enterprise to this! !

  28. How do u create the gasy nebula effect? I'm trying to paint this right now and it would be a huge help if someone could tell me. Thx.

  29. I just found you so not sure if you still respond but… Im just getting into acrylics and tried my hand at space. Im having a couple problems maybe you can help with? How do you make the paint that translucent? Also, how do your blue nebula clouds look so "real". Mine seem to look awkward, very obvious brush strokes (even when stippling) and nothing seems to look like it's blending in well together.

  30. Cinnamon I was in a hurry so I put your video on 1.5 time. I laughed so hard i almost fell out of my chair. You are a beautiful soul. And I love the space painting

  31. My husband and I are going to redo our baby's room in space when he gets a little older. I plan to do this on one of the walls in "glow in the dark" paint and use a black light as his night light.

  32. I know I'm a little late to this video but, I just love this painting. I'm going to try super hard to make this for my friend. She's in love with space. I'm only in junior high but, I know I can do it!!

  33. I was reading your list of materials but I don’t see what gel you used. I’m going to Jerry’s this Thursday 12/7/18 and I wanna pick one up. Idk what to look for. Please help me.

  34. Hi, This is a great painting! I have a question… Is it ok to work on board though? I do a lot of paint pour work, and prefer Board over canvas. By board I mean Pressboard, or as you might now it as Particle board. I prefer it as it does not sag. I am exploring more conventional painting techniques to enhance my skills, and was wondering if with this kind of painting it would be better to work on canvas over the board I use.

    I've watched a few of your videos, and like the style and pace you teach.

    Much love from South Africa

  35. Just watching this now (January 2019) love this style of teaching Cinnamon! You’re a hoot!! (See what I did there?!) haha 😊 Love your work! Many thanks for being you!! ✨

  36. U r sweet…. I Luv galaxy my favrt subject is geography…… Nebula…… 😘😘😘😘😘😘 Gud…. Well done…..

  37. Hiiiii just a quick "Thank you so much" for these tutorials… a group of friends and I get together about once a month for a "drinkie paintie" where we pool our resources to buy canvases, paints and drinks and then put one of your tutorials on and follow along and attempt to create art πŸ™‚ We're all beginners but we have such a fabulous time and some of our stuff turns out pretty okay! Ta much

  38. Stargate SG-1 is it a pretty good embodiment of whats going on out in space, Gene roddenberry's brother had ties in the deep black programs of the government. The Moon is a hollowed-out asteroid used as a base, and is where the inspiration for the death Star came about. There is a breakaway civilization of Nazi's that went off planet towards the end of WW2, Germany lost the war, the Nazis just expanded out. Anddd the monuements depected in 2001 a space oddesy we're representing real megalithic monuments found by our own secret space program, oh and Stanley Kubrick did direct the πŸŒ• landing just after filming for 2001 was done. I picked up on the suttle hints you were elluding to "being woke" , so I offer these galactic fun facts for your viewers to go explore themselves πŸ˜‰

  39. I absolutely love your videos! You are easy to follow and give amazing direction! My house is filled with my artwork that your direction helped create!

  40. I started using an animal haired paint brush for the first time on the purple part and it felt awkward. I was running out of studio time anf got heavy with the purple by a mistake. I couldn't turn the volume up in the studio so I didn't hear you say soft paint 😞 I wonder if I can fix it up next week…

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