100 thoughts on “Fungus: The Plastic of the Future

  1. You know what,China has more than 4000 years of history, but we can not fucking find any Chinese ancients people’s traces outside,because they all used ceramics ,bamboo baskets, wood boxes to keep water ,food,and almost all stuff. Only 30 years by now, you can see colorful plastic garbage almost everywhere you come in China.

  2. So if this stuff decomposes so easy you can throw it away in your backyards….how will it last in your home if you spill water/liquid on it or if you live in a humid climate? I can see using the fungus for packaging materials, but not furniture, clothes, etc. ….and why do they have to make a stupid looking 'branch' chair w/ mushrooms on it? Just make a regular looking chair that someone might actually buy, not some artsy fartsy pos nobody would dare sit on…

  3. If you would use that on a large scale wouldn't that require insane amounts of starch and other materials? Doesn't sound very sustainable to me.

  4. I've been hearing about "plastic's alternatives" since the oil crisis in the 70's (yes I'm old). And now we utilize more plastic than ever before. People really don't give a shit about the inviroment and oil corporations are too powerful. They rule USA government and USA goverment rules the world, so we are screwed. If we continue to let "the invisible hand of the market" decides our future, nothing will change. It's the same about energy, now it's cheaper to produce it throught geothermal or solar panel. But we still build coal-fired power plants, baby boomers really destroy everything just to keep their wealthy growing and growing.

  5. I do have a question about the switch between plastics and fungi. Can fungi be used as a sterile environment? One of the reasons why plastic is so great is that it can be used to protect things like medical tools, for example, needles. They need to be sterile. On that same note, needles are supposed to be one-use which makes the plastics they were stored in destined for the landfill. If fungi can't be used like this, seeing as it's a very natural environment, it might not be quite as useful as plastic.

  6. could this material perhaps be used like in a cooler or thermos here there is a thin layer of plastic to keep the liquid from seeping out with a fungus to keep the structural integrity so we could use it instead of plastic bottles

  7. So it’s more than just plastic. You could have a fungus chair with a fungus cushion held by fungus staples and sealed by fungus thread

  8. I'm always impressed by people who arent native english speaker but still try to answer the interview in english. It just shows their learning and dedicating nature.

  9. Hemp makes the best plastic and it is natural, helps people and very versatile, it creates oxygen, and safer for the environment. Why go out your way to grow a parasite? Why do the most backward outrageous suggestions for plastic alternatives get videos when green plant sources are the better choice for the earth and all living creatures?

  10. I think humans are going to destroy the Earth no matter what. But I'll still make my part in trying to at least slow down the inevitable destruction by working as a packaging design engineer!

  11. What about the long term effect of fungus desolving with bacteria etc, is this what will kill the human race if it generates new dangerous micro life?

  12. Not very practical right now. But very promising if someone could figure out to make potato starch in really efficient large batches that could support this. Because making plastic right now is really efficient

  13. Nice idea. However, I would like to know more about the overall energy (also generated mostly using unsustainable means) spent in the commercial scale production process before calling it a better/greener or a sustainable alternative. As of now it can be considered a supplement. We all need to think of better use cases where this innovation may be applied in a more "sustainable" way.

  14. Fungus is the answer. Matterials, bio fuel, microscopic environmental remediation, food and medicine. Bees need mycelium. The use of fungicides is one of the leading causes of CCS.
    Our world and the life here was likely the result of fungi spores from space.

  15. Anyone that is interested in real ways to help the planet can find hope. Learn as much as you can about the earth and its natural systems.youtubing Paul stamets is a great way to start learning about different fungi and how it can be applied to heal the planet and ourselves.

  16. The problem is the material is more expensive than package. And as you know, most people buy the cheaper product. Most companies would not want to adopt such packaging material because it will shrink their profit margins. Of course we could force them to do it by law.

  17. Good luck getting the petrol companies to relinquish any kind of control over any products that are derived from oil like plastic

  18. The question isn't if a substitute can be made. It's if the impending used plastics can be eliminated or utilized

  19. Nothing lucky about it. Plastic in the 80s was suposed to be to costly and now that it harms every thing it's cheap. very strange

  20. No pueden traducir "oil based plastic" "plástico basado en aceite".
    Oil se refiere a derivados del petróleo

  21. We could make plastics from cotton.
    Chemically identical to that made from oil but millenials will think it is green if we make it from cotton.
    We are leaving this planet to a generation of self flagellating morons.

  22. Why don’t we grow cow skin cells instead of fungus and wrap everything in fine leather? We would never throw away packaging materials. Probably it grows more slowly and it costs more but it would be worth it.

  23. How do you do an 11min piece on fungi and don't mention WHICH fungus they are working with. That's like doing a documentary about a milking plant and saying "They are doing some amazing work with animals in here."

  24. I'm frustrated about the fact that in the translation from the Dutch designer you guys (Motherboard) went on to translate 'grondstoffen' to 'landfill waste', when it should be 'raw material'. This makes the fungus technology seem like a solution to landfills! Still, the fungus technology is a really cool new material and has a lot of potential to make big changes.

  25. This is quite amazing and exciting! Now, I do understand that some bacteria or fungus can eat away at plastic..because we have a world filled with that with which we must deal.

  26. Ok but is it better for the environment than plastic? There's no mentioning in the video of any studies on that topic.

  27. Guess I need to read-up on fungus derived biomass.. I'd been focusing on algae, which is often more water and energy (light, heat etc) intensive..

  28. And once they’ve developed an alternative to plastic they’ll need to get rid of the plastic we already have!

  29. Somewhere in between the "cork" stage and the softer stage it might be good for the soles of shoes. Or the cork stage even for how cork is used in modern shoes like cork wedges, sandals, and other footwear components.

  30. Its a great innovation but how much it s cost for a bag iam an a indian we use cotton bags instead of plastic its cost 5rupes how could a man invest to much money on this

  31. So, we'll need a biotech lab for each type of plastic bag, zip-lock bag, and any other little plastic thing?
    I'm overexaggerating, of course. Perhaps, there would be some kind of general manufacture kits,
    nevertheless, isn't it would be thousands of times more expensive, then casting resin, and therefore not economically feasible?

  32. This is wonderful and inspiring, I'm thankful for brilliant minds that want to work for the good of all…..perhaps fungi can save us……..

  33. Those molds could be so much better if you sprayed them with a nutrient fluid first, dusted the sufraces with sawdust, and then filled it with waste fill and spawn.

  34. The great thing is, anything you grow can be made in one piece, so not only is it strong, you don't have to do any machining or shaping afterwards. To make it last longer, I imagine just adding a waterproof coating or rubbing it with linseed oil would do.

  35. This is one of the few things that really matters. It's not a new Tesla car, the newest smartphone, or the dumb social media status. We humans are so ignorant.

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