Full Maloney: Impeachment Could Turn Into Partisan ‘Circus’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Full Maloney: Impeachment Could Turn Into Partisan ‘Circus’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

46 thoughts on “Full Maloney: Impeachment Could Turn Into Partisan ‘Circus’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

  1. One year is a long time for this mad man ( Trump) to screw up our country even more. Stop letting him make decisions.

  2. Mueller did not have the power to exonerate president Trump, so the word exonerate shouldn't have been written in the report at all.

  3. Open impeachment hearing because it is the right thing to do, even if only House impeached him. At least, at the voting booth, Dems will have an impeachment done.
    Subpoena trump for Impeachment hearing. TV win for Democracy.

  4. The words we use, "collusion" and "exonerate" are not even legal words, they have no meaning, really. Certain people are going to be paid back

  5. Everything will work the question is what message Dems will left!
    You have everything in your hands dems you have the gun the bullets and the law to use it.I don't care about this reelection joke this dumb has more chance to be reelected than me to put a foot on Mars but it's about what will be the message for the future president and administration!
    "Are we above the law?!!"

  6. i wonder if a single demecrat heard mueller say no collusion no conspracy …..lololol…yet you still debate impeachment …
    the smart demecrats know,that would be politcal suicide …
    but the angry ignorant kortezes,,swallwells,,al greens,etc of the left are to stupid to realize it would cost them the election ..if it hasnt already done that …russia,russia,russia …

  7. Like it or not, Trump is winning, and as much as I hate to say it, get ready for not only another 4 years but also the total demise of American civilization, brought to you by the GOP and their handlers. America, you get what you deserve.

  8. #PutinsMoleNeedsToGo, sensational press aside, the Vote is America’s hope! play the NIC trump card.

  9. the repubs have not been tearing apart cities like the libs. when the real americans decide to act it will be at 500 to 700 meters. dont worry you wont feel a thing.

  10. If a cop sees an assault and robbery in progress, does the cop hesitate and debate the efficacy of making the arrest? If Trump were a Democrat the Republicans would already have impeached him. President obstructs – president impeached. If you would just do it as part of your job – which it is – and stop all the analysis paralysis! Partisanship is already maxed out. Make the Senate own its shameful cowardice. Let Trump trumpet – he will anyway. About this and a thousand other things. So what? It is your fear of it which gives it power.

  11. Impeach ANYWAY. He more so than any potus before him including nixon, has earned it. It's a duty to do so. It's not about parties, it's about high crimes and or misdemeanors. His actions warrant impeachment. Tommy Becker's comment

  12. It would a taken many more years to get trump to testify – he's guilty and his attorneys know it.

  13. Morally bankrupt is abusing your position by attempting to do opposition research and calling it "oversight".. Morally bankrupt is supporting abortion on demand. Morally bankrupt is encouraging foreigners to take their own children away from their home and dragging them thousands of miles, effectively kidnapping them, to invade the US.

    The Democrat Party is morally bankrupt.

  14. Even though Trump is an amoral, vile, despicable CON-MAN who LOVES DICTATORS & HATES America’s HEROS, & who has OPENLY AND BRAZENLY broken many rules/laws, TRUMP has 90% of Republicans supporting him, including the Republican Congress and the MAJORITY of the Supreme Court. Republicans have been outsmarting Dems for a very long time because they are 100% RUTHLESS and only care about WINNING! The Dems priority is gender-correct pronouns and protecting ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS (I mean undocumented non-citizens who have entered the USA through no fault of their own).

  15. Hmmm and the impeachment proceedings of clinton wasnt? When do they start doing their job instead of looking for excuses. Of course it will be partisan you moron.

  16. Breaking news
    Schiff downplays impeachment, says that at this point, Trump is only leaving "by being voted out" – The Washington Post

  17. What difference will it make to start an Impeachment inquiry, apart from giving more strength to House subpoenas, nullifying claims of "executive privilege", and raising the inquiry above the level of the AG? The GOP circus will happen either way, will it not? Voters who elected Dem congressmen and congresswomen but like Trump and want to see him re-elected (?!?!) will hate the House either way…

  18. Not to impeach is saying everything he’s doing is right. Do your dang gone Job. Shameful. What about the American People? Bump the Senate GOP

  19. I blame Republican lawmakers for putting Party before Country. History will not be forgiving to this era. This should not be a partisan issue. Republicans need to practice what they preach. Our leadership must follow the rule of law, and must be held accountable if they don't. The Republican Party has shown they can't govern. They don't mind violating the Constitution or Laws…as long as they have power…its okay.

  20. Maloney is absolutely and obviously correct. The republicans in Washington are morally bankrupt and much more concerned with their career as republican politicians they are about the country or its people.
    Of course, maral bankruptcy includes a huge percent of the American population.

  21. The Democrats won't push for impeachment and are relying on the American people to oust him in "the most democratic way possible". But in the report, and highlighted in almost all discussions about Mueller's testmony, is the fact that the Russians are going to interfere in the elections again. We know how effective that was last time and that Republicans are blocking attempts to prevent that. Are they taking that seriously? Or aren't they?!!!

  22. It is going to be up to the American people voting Trump out in 2020 unless there is a major bombshell to sway Republicans who have no values to impeach the sob. You did a great job Senator Sean Patrick Maloney as did all the dems and Robert Mueller. Mr. Mueller's disappointment and sadness at the Republicans behavior was palpable. He did what he came to do now it is up to Congress and the American people….I hope states take it upon themselves to protect our elections since cowardly McConnell and the GOP won't.

  23. The difference between Democrats and Republicans is that when Democrats are in power they're too scared to use that power, but even when Republicans are out of power they still manage to wield power! The Democratic Party is weak, cowardly and pathetic. That's why people don't vote for Democrats. People like strong leadership, not weak leadership.

  24. what they can do, is transfer his felony charges to a state court, and that court does not abide by OSC rules of not indicting a pres. So the state court can pick up the charges, and indictment any president, and send them to jail for their crimes. Granted he'd appeal, all way the supreme court, and he has a right to do that. but at least he and others would go to prison for committed their felony crimes!

  25. The only way the people will get to know the truth about Trump is for them to see the investigations on TV. Impeach now!

  26. It is a circus the Democrats are all CLOWNS and have done NOTHING for America but offer SOCIALISM AND COMMUNISM THERE NWO AGENDA.

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