right off the bat great start so I realized in editing this video that I had did not record a clip of my room before it was painted and redone and everything so here's a picture of what my roomie used to look like it was like that for a while but now it's a really great space yeah so I'm gonna show you guys how I did it the whole the whole flip the flipper oh yeah hi okay so I'm back already we're gonna do something a little bit different today I'm gonna be answering your guys questions that came from my Instagram onto I'm gonna make this more entertaining first questions what grade am I in I am a junior in high school and what class are you taking I am taking AP studio art again this year I took it last year did a drawing portfolio that she I'll be doing a 2d portfolio and as for the next question how do you manage a PR it's very hard and you need to set times every single day to draw and conceptualize oh wait look at this this is I've off to this oh and then ah ok sorry when I grow up so I'm interested in the arts obviously that's all my channel is about but I'm also interested in international relations and Environmental Conservation so there's a lot there so I have not figured it out yet but those are my aspirations and my interests okay this is great so you can watch me struggle here for a second yeah great um oh yeah there it is alright and you guys want to know what kind of sketchbooks I'm using recently so my favorite sketchbook is my handmade sketchbook that I've been using for the past year so but I also love the larger Strathmore just normal sketchbooks and most recently I've been using a Rodya sketchbook which has also been really fun to play around in my friends Ella asked how I sharpen my colored pencils and I do that just with a normal pencil sharpener some people use a knife and they like shave it I ain't about that I just stick it in a handmade sharpener ok wait something Goods about to happen I finished the first coat from dark green to reddish orange pretty deep the issue expect was that this freaking telephone I swear to god it only rings when nobody wants it to ring what I did not expect was it to look like a pokeball use a visual of all and here's my room wow that was not the goal but here we are I guess that's just my childhood dream coming true there's no going back but I kinda I mean that's kind of good he's gonna keep going I did not properly introduce this part of the video but I know this is your favorite because this is what US artists in the community here on YouTube like to call peel porn so you can enjoy this for a second I'll add some volume and then we'll go back to our normal commentary sorry this wasn't even intentional I just found it so more question what artists inspire me the most and why at the moment I'm really inspired by muralists specifically Ari's and God help me I'm definitely not saying that right it's a ryz he does these insane murals and his painting style is just it's just it hits the spot so definitely check him out also James gene has been doing some crazy murals recently I just think working big is super neat and something I really want to try so I find that very inspiring favorite pencil for sketching I'm so glad you asked this question because I'm very passionate about this subject I only use really dark pencils so I'll usually start a sketch with like a 2b and then I'll go right into like a 9b I just love how soft the pencil gets and how dark it is and the line variety you can get with it is just it's just so good so definitely go dark it's a lot of fun you get a lot of contrast and it does a lot for your work so don't be shy and only use those really light pencils what's my favorite medium at the moment painting but it's impossible to choose one I love mixed-media I love mixing it up and I love trying new things so it's really just impossible for me to choose just one okay and it looks like we are going back to me in the present this is the future I don't know my camera died so I'll just show you around all right so if you remember my room had one desk over there and then it had an old gray folding table desk over here I'm saying there was this old guy he was moving to Florida my mom knew him from church and she was like Kay actually I don't know how it happened but he was like I got this desk and she was like oh my son needs a desk and here it is got a lot of great storage was able to like put all my stuff in it and I still have more space and it works next spot this is my bookcase there's books other books with pieces like this wall space so it works for me and then my main drawing desk I say main drawing us I use them pretty equally but this is like the art desk so I have forage and stuff here so in the last little area my room is this area here which is really just my bed and I really like the space mostly because of this all the art that I have here there are a couple spots obviously like here here here and then here where I still need to add things but for the most part like it's just a nice little area and during the day it's kind of like a couch I think that's pretty much it and everything's really organized my room used to be so bad that you could not see the floor that was a mess and I would get oh my god my mom get me every single day every day I'm gonna clean your room you know Matt you gotta clean your room so I finally like just purged everything things are put away you know what I mean like that makes you feel good so I'll just do one of these thank you for watching I hope it was semi interesting at least I hope you like the way my room turned out let me know if you guys think like I could do anything else cooler like I don't know I'm not really an interior designer but if you guys don't have any ideas or like things on the wall you guys think would be cool like really cool that you guys know of that you have in your room that you think I would like let me know because I'm really interested in that stuff um you know I want this to be a really cool space so if you really liked it you can throw it like on this video oh you can subscribe that would Wow crazy hopefully and I have some funny clips I could put at the end of this video if not that's all I have to say goodbye

30 thoughts on “Full Art Studio TRANSFORMATION!

  1. BrO explain why ur not posting you fricken ho (your room probably looks like it went back in time to before you didnt clean it now) im very sorry ma'am

  2. If I do this I will get tired and then regret doing a transformation.
    πŸ₯πŸ₯‘πŸ₯πŸ₯‘πŸ₯πŸ₯‘πŸ₯πŸ₯‘πŸ₯πŸ₯‘πŸ₯πŸ₯‘πŸ₯πŸ₯‘πŸ₯πŸ₯‘= me

  3. Not to be rude…but I thought you were Indian? and I was shooketh when I saw your face πŸ™‚ Also, your art is amazing like WOW is there anything wrong with you….???!!!

  4. I need space. You know what. That's it!! I will sacrifice my full size bed and get a sofa bed. So I have all the space I want for my art !!

  5. Great video, just maybe cut back on all the editing effects and sound effects? They’re a bit loud and distracting and take away from an otherwise great video

  6. Hi, when did you start drawing and taking art classes? You're really good for your age and I'm wondering what I could do to improve my skills at drawing. Also, what mediums do you prefer to use? Sorry if this is too many questions πŸ˜‚

  7. This is so funny you have a cow wall art near your bed, i'm kinda obsessed with them and have multiple artworks of cows in my room/studio (still subtle touches though, haven't gone "crazy cow lady" yet) and I totally could relate to this little part of your studio. That was a fun makeover to watch, the peel part was exquisite ahah

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