FRUSTRATING!! TRYING TO Make a Sculpture Out of Wood Dust Clay #teamtrees craft challenge

FRUSTRATING!! TRYING TO Make a Sculpture Out of Wood Dust Clay #teamtrees craft challenge

hey grains welcome to an episode of crafty misadventures for your viewing pleasure today’s craft is really special some of you may know there is a huge collaboration among hundreds of youtube channels and this collaboration is called #teamtrees this initiative was started by two huge creators here on YouTube mrbeast was close to 26 million subscribers how is that even a number and Mark Rober who is also close to 9 million subscribers and the initiative is that for every $1 donated one tree will be planted somewhere in the world where it needs it the most and it’s going to be a native plant that is to that environment every dollar counts whether you can donate one dollar or more it really makes a huge difference our planet needs us more than ever now and just to show you grains that I am also very serious I am donating to plant 1,000 trees so please go ahead and click that button whether it’s $1 or if you can’t that is totally ok please make sure that you do spread the word the idea is we want to make sure to raise 20 million dollars for 20 million trees before 2020 and since you tubers haven’t always had the best reputation in the past it’s our duty for ha duty to try and make sure that the mainstream media knows that we also can do pretty great things so not only is this a collaboration with other youtubers this is a collaboration with our community you grains have as much power as we do and so that’s why today’s craft is going to be a completely new clay that I haven’t tried yet this clay is called MakonnenSan it is a wood based clay that is made from recycled sawdust from a pencil company it is a biodegradable biodegradable Wow English number one and eco-friendly so when I went to Japan a couple of weeks ago and I saw this and I knew I was doing a #teamtrees video I figured this was the best material to work with will it be easy to work with I don’t know well I enjoy this will I be able to sculpt something epic from it I said I don’t know oh so as a geek there are so many trees out there to choose from for example there’s Groot there’s also tree beard from the Lord of the ring of course we can’t forget grandmother willow from Pocahontas and of course various other video game type trees like the ones in Kirby or The Legend of Zelda and so that is why today I am going to be doing the great Deku Tree and the only simple reason of doing the great Deku Tree is because it looks like has a mustache kind of want to do that compare fight you have a problem for those of you who don’t know the great Deku Tree in ocarina of time mm according to the wiki is a guardian of the forest and safeguards not only the lands around it but also the critters that live in it and so the reason I really also wanted to do not just the great must I love the mustache just let’s look at it again what a great is because since it is a guardian I wanted to have my own little guardian and I wanted to make it in a type of a bonsai look I also picked up this material from Japan that kind of looks like little leaves and little bush kind of thing I have no idea how to use any of these materials and that is why I am so excited much excited all right let’s get a feel for our material in case you’re wondering this whole thing cost me about three dollars well oh it smells smells like a forest actually I take that back it take it it smells exactly like if you grabbed a bunch of pencils and just started sniffing them just because you like the smell of supplies and it doesn’t make you weird at all and now for a first impressions on touching and oh that is dense it actually feels like the blue tack that you would use the stick things on oh my yeah it really does feel like blue tack it’s not particularly sticky but to each other it seems like it would stick my guess is that it’s going to behave close enough to air dry clay so hopefully we can use water to make it a little more moist I’m sorry for using that word smells divine it’s like an artist dream where you’re just surrounded everywhere by pencils color just art supplies so the first thing we want to do is make our tree base for some reason I don’t know why I decided to choose a base that was pretty big so I might actually need it both both blocks of clay English please today cooperate but those of you who don’t know yes English is my third language and the Deku Tree is portrayed as this massively gorgeous the piece of tree wanted to say piece of wood get your mind out of the gutter and there are options to either make the tree it with the mouth open or to keep it closed I kind of want an in-between because I want the mustache to be very prominent so I’m just going to make like a little crevice once we have the base I’m going to be using my cutting tool to make those little lines that look like the tree and then start creating the environment texture is going to be very important here some trying to texture as much as possible one of the biggest fears I have about this clay is how much does it shrink on the packaging itself it really doesn’t mention how much shrinkage is going to happen so I’m really crossing my fingers that not much will I feel like I need to explain how unpleasant it is to work with this clay it smells nice and the texture really is nice and dense but it dries up very quickly I’m going to try and put on the face right now just because it keeps drying but way more quickly if then I can keep up and actually sculpt normally I like to spend anywhere between 30 and 40 hours making a sculpture but this one here is not leaving me much of a choice but to work within maximum two to three hours and I have to admit I’ve never really done a kind of facial feature type thing that wasn’t very cartoony so this was a completely new experience for me especially considering the clay is just not cooperative I was going to attempt something just just a little maybe this much this much not smart as in pretty dumb I really wanted to make extra branches on top and then put like cauliflower type patches a little bit of everywhere but the more I’m working with this clay the more I can tell you that if I try to do something that is anti-gravity even if I put little sticks here and there the chances of it breaking are going to be pretty high is that going to stop me from trying no let’s do it anyways because I told you I’m not I’m not a smart cookie so I’m using bamboo skewers to put in in different sides of the head and then try and hope that the clay will stick to each other and at least that these bamboo skewers are deep enough so that it doesn’t fall off and of course I am struggling so much to get this clay to smooth out by golly this better look good after I promise there will be way more details as I’m trying to paint and put on more stuff but do I look like I know into the future no I do not at this point right now I’m feeling just just a little overconfident because the skewers went in smoothly the clay was smooth pretty smoothly and I feel like disasters just waiting for us around the corner before I can put on the batches of foliage right on top I don’t want to push my luck so I’m going to wait about one hour to let this piece solidify just a little bit before putting more weight because I’m not an engineer but I feel like if something is too too much weight to like that engineer language that’s my limit but I would need to all right so here I am an hour later and I am wearing a sweater because Canada land of the cold and maple syrup so I did put a skewer all the way from from the middle top all the way to the bottom to make sure that it is a little more stable because even after an hour it was slightly wobbly so now in order to make my top piece I’m going to be taking a coil paper crumpling it up a little bit and then putting some of that clay right around it I really don’t think it’s going to be stable enough to hold on its own so I will be using the help of my glue gun here we are 48 hours later because holy moly I had no idea that this clay would take forever to dry but it makes sense it’s wet wood a couple of you have been asking me and yes this is Philip DeFranco merch it says why be informed when you can use your feelings as facts and interestingly enough while I was filming this video he commented on my previous video because it had his other merch which is pretty cool thanks Phil I know it’s a pretty needy small creator but I’m independent now so as you can see it did dry up there were quite a few cracks here and there but I have to admit since we chose to make a tree those cracks just seemed natural so I’m pretty happy that we went with the tree so what I’m going to do now is I’m going to take my glue gun and just glue on the little blotches of trees right on top hopefully it’ll stay because I don’t even know if I put enough support but fingers crossed all right now for the fun part in airbrush so this is only my second time ever using an airbrush for a project I’m really excited but also really scared because I don’t know how it’s going to be reacting with this kind of clay and as we can see from the picture of the great Deku Tree it’s more of a yellowy Brown rather than a reddish brown so I’m going to go ahead and use this one here it’s a liquitex acrylic ink then of course we have to shake it let’s see how that looks by the way since I’m really new at airbrushing for those of you who are used to it are you supposed to put the darker colors first or the lighter colors I don’t know I had so much fun airbrushing this I just really want to airbrush everything so if you haven’t gotten into airbrushing things and you’re sculpting don’t be like me and wait so many years before you try it out it’s actually really fun it’s looking really cool so far now I’m really curious to try out these miniature model type bushy things and I have no idea how to use it the fact does say that we can use some glue and then water and then stick it but I don’t want to do that I just kind of want to put them randomly here and there so I’m just going to take the tacky glue and put a little bit of the tacky glue here and there and start placing little bushes I want them kind of to also climb a little bit so it’s I guess kind of like moss but not quite I felt like the little Moss were just a little too bright for the whole environment so I decided to take a little bit of those acrylic inks and dab it just a little bit with a darker green and here is our great Deku Tree and I can’t help but think of Deku from my hero academia bonus points if you watch it and I have to admit for something really simple and it was really difficult to put together because of that sawdust wood recycled clay but I’m really glad that I chose a tree otherwise all the cracks would have been a little too much but thankfully here the cracks really look organic and they look like they were made on purpose as part of the actual tree it just goes to show that really the devil is in the details so the airbrushing really saved me so please remember to check out the Arbor Day Foundation donate button this is going to be it for a huge collective I want for the whole world to know that not just youtubers but the community that we have built here on the platform we’re a force to be reckoned with because when you’re a grain you come in like a hurricane so if you can donate even one dollar it doesn’t have to be a huge amount it makes a huge difference that is one more tree on planet than there was just the day ago and if you can’t donate to feel free to spread the word because it’s an important milestone for many of us at least we can look back and say hey we were able to do 20 million trees that is crazy the donate button will be available until the end of the year hopefully until maybe even we reach the goal fingers crossed so it will be on all of my videos from now on until the end don’t forget to let me know which tree is your favorite in the fantasy fiction and nonfiction or just in the fantasy world and video gaming world this week’s shout outs go to that’s salty valaria Ventura lists someone you Teresa candy are in Deacons you lakorn 2008 and myself I don’t know why I don’t show nobody shouts me I’m shoutout myself remember if you want shoutouts don’t forget the hashtag nerdefication squad in the comment section below other videos release or hashtag nerdecrafter on Instagram Twitter or Facebook any time with any of your creations until then I will see you grains in the next video

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  1. i didnt know that english is your third language! You speak so fluently and with correct grammar, i thought you were North American! English is my second language lol ๐Ÿ’œ love your videos! A simple heart would make my day ๐Ÿ™‚ even though I'm late (plus I'm not seeking for attention)

  2. NerdeCrafter: it's like a artists dream; surrounded by pencils-


  3. My fave magical trees are Yggdrasil (as in the one in Norse myths) and the Tree of Life (from the MMORPG & animated series "Wakfu") <3

  4. I came with tons of salt today. Let it be known that if you use emotes in a live stream there is a very probable chance your account will be suspended. Let people know! And let this godforsaken sorry excuse for a company known as 'YouTube' fix their crap before we all boycott it. I'm sick of this carp and I'm sure everyone else is too.

    Sorry for the hate but we bring salt here, GRAINS UNITE!!!!

  5. I love it! The Great Deku Tree looks great! Plus you have Scorbunny in the background ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm excited new games next week

  6. I love it! And when you were naming trees I kept thinking "and the deku tree… Wait is that right? Deku is from MHA.."

  7. Low key, I think it would be like a cool idea maybe hold like a mini auction for the #teamtrees with this/and or other and use all the money earned for #teamtrees ๐Ÿ™‚
    I mean I donated with out anything like this
    I just think it would be a kinda cool idea

  8. I cant donate but I've recently switched my search engine from google to ecosia which will help plant trees just for searching stuff on the internet

    Edit: they have so far planted over 73 million trees!

  9. Jackie : donate to plant trees for areas where we don't have them
    Also Jackie : the clay is "moist

    My mom : * triggered*

  10. My favorite tree is the sacred tree from Inuyasha not only because it's huge and beautiful but because of its significance to the anime. I'm so broke right now. I got bills to pay. I'm gonna try and donate to the cause next week though.

  11. Currently can't donate do to my debit card and bank having issues but definitely will once that gets fixed

  12. Would it be possible to add the link to the website in the description or in a pinned comment? Even though the link is super easy to find, just to encourage more people to donate, because in some countries (Like here in Aus) the little widget doesn't work, so we can't donate from there.

  13. yes i've been watching My Hero Academia i wish i could help wit the tree saving thing but i don't have anyway to do that cuz i only have cash, also my favorite tree is Grandmother Willow โ™ฅ_โ™ฅ

  14. I actually watched this about 10 minutes after you posted it, but I was watching on Roku and couldn't comment. Is that an egg dish you are building on? Glad someone finally found a use for one of those things.

  15. #nerdificationsquad Donated 20!! I love this fundraiser and your deku!! Looks great. Didn't remember him from Zelda been ahem a few years. Reminds me of greenman. Same thing I think. Tree spirit.

  16. only managed to donate $2 sadly but hopefully I can donate some more next month when I get paid, if memory allows it (or if I see more fundraiser vids lol) but I hope we can reach the goal, we're so far from the goal with so little time and with it being so close to christmas as well, I really hope we can manage it ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I love all the different ways YouTubers have done this
    I find it so โ€œkind to our planetโ€ in a way โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜Œโค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  18. I really really wish I can donate but I cannot donate for the fundraiser in "my region yet"
    It's so sad….. ๐Ÿ˜ง
    I would really have donated 20 if i could!!
    But I still really love you…

    The salt overdose with a crap kit!!
    But also the sculptures on the box itself are creepy tbh

  19. I guess you forgot about the adult themed background. I mean, it seems that this whole review and sponsor are adult friendly… So…. It's missing it's background Jackie!

  20. If you canโ€™t afford the dollar just use Ecosia instead of google, they use ads from your internet searches to create money to plant trees. You can even see how many trees youโ€™ve planted with the search engine.

  21. I missed your sculpture videos . Itโ€™s been ages since youโ€™ve made a video where you just created something rather then just reviewing

  22. Nerdecrafter I have a kit for you to review it's called quixels I don't know if you have to by it online (because I'm Australian and I got it in Australia) but I think it would be a good kit to review thanks

  23. I have never done air brushing, but as to your light or dark first question, I would think that it depends on the paints that you are using.. if they are โ€œtransparentโ€ colours, then I would think work light to dark as you do in watercolour, if opaque then I would think dark to light as with acrylics.. does that make sense? Btw I have never realised that English is your third language.. wow! It makes sense now you said it, but you do an amazing job with English, I donโ€™t think you should be so hard on yourself lol… and the tree turned out fab!

  24. NerdEcrafter I think you put the light first because you add it for base color then you add the dark for shadow or shading or whatever XD

  25. There's a Sesame Street book I had as a kid, "Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree" that had a sassy magic tree. Dat's my fav. โ™ฅ

  26. Also I forgot to tell you that my friend who is from Japan is finding me a Japanese boyfriend, I'm so excited, but nervous at the same time.

  27. The clay looks a bit โ€˜meatyโ€™ – like wet sausage meat! But good job, the sculpture looks fantastic! My tree has to be the Ents.

  28. I canโ€™t donate but Iโ€™m studying Countryside management in college (british) so when I get a job (hopefully) I can help take care of the earth


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