Fruits of the Literature Club [Part 1] - MC'S A BADASS!

Fruits of the Literature Club [Part 1] – MC'S A BADASS!

by playing the fruits yeah yeah yeah I know I agree I like the menu very excited for fruits this is one of the best say Hanukkah what the fuck she's in this game huh oh look at this figurations got just that damn info Oh I'm having fun with his menu where you can choose routes in this game well I just hit start so this is happening The Morning Sun hits my eyeball is causing them a squint shot having my experience I'm used to it but nevertheless annoyed this is one of the few times I wish I had longer hair alright we have one hour and a half left in our 12 hour stream do say re I just kind of hit start and I'm just seeing what this is well the few times I've had longer hair to block out the Sun for meeting my eyes but of course I am and a to keep my hair below a specific length the rhythmic sounds of the train hitting the rails I made a remainder Brian destined look at the window that I happen to be sitting next to and into the city store as I've heard about this place when I found out I was coming here I'll tell you had left a sour taste in my mouth the Train begins to lose momentum signaling our arrival momentarily I hear familiar digital sound emanating from my watch indicating the new hour that we have reached just as it does 23 other times a day the train comes to a complete halt the passengers around me myself included stand up and began to depart our vessel the moment I step out and did a nicely main maintain concrete our voice calling out to me why do I feel like this is say re fly by go ahead slightly towards the direction of the sound it's you know oh fuck that's not sorry see an old man that I'd used to be an acquaintance of mine ok knots get in sorry that's his challenge a cliffhanger triggers me every time I wouldn't pick knots key because we just didn't nuts your mod so I would pick one of the other girls we just did not see and Monica so I would pick either URI or saiary I would pick either URI or saiary going with what Sarah said so flight time to make a decision yeah so I'll be going with yourself Sarah's is finished I think that flower will enjoy the fucking and not to drop oh wait wait wait wait okay if there's like a specific thing that I'm gonna enjoy about Nazis you're out then that's that but if it was just like you know just picking not ski just to pick not ski you get what I mean then I kind of want to give the other girls a chance but if there's something very specific about not skis route that I like need to see ASAP and I mean I can do that but typically I try to keep it like even between the girls I really like saiary drop say re then so should i do say earlier knots because I'd want to do say re but if something really big happens in Nazi I can do not ski because what say are is completed in URIs which ones are completed again here coke my head slightly towards the direction of the sound and see an old man that used to be an acquaintance of mine turn to walk towards a man and expect to see you year old man from me is a man around five feet seven inches tall pretty short compared to the normal people I'm around his wrinkled face and squinted eyes turned into a genuine smile at the side of me same with you what are you doing here nobody you're no man what are you doing here literally just got into town oh you if anything special little boy one of his eyebrows lifts up nope just here to go to school space changes it looks as if he surprised what's that face for old man never thought I would hear those words get Maddie a mouth fly back in Hualien though you run so spry to go to school that I was not but times have changed and I'm ready for a normal school for once his smile returns Pat's me on the back of an all too familiar pattern no well that's great what are you doing here well I retired came out here to live with my daughter and her kids daughter now there is something I didn't expect you to say no everyone gets old and needs to settle down eventually yeah but I never thought you would I expected you remain with their majority of us and so you finally gave out well here I am you have a place to stay yeah I have a house I mean go to school eastern side northeast no I know it need a ride well I didn't have any other plan yeah so you were gonna walk there pretty much where's your luggage little boy everything I own is in the bag on my back I point one of my thumbs to a black Kevlar backpack I've securely strapped to me do whichever even Monica Zarr I was exciting fly at the end save sorry Ares good saiary than my good man Sara that Yuri sorry yeah I'll probably sorry wait say annika if Santa counts a rope then I would have to pick Santa come but I don't think she did he's not that old we're just calling him old man but he's not old so our protagonist as I can hurt so it's call everybody oh man you should have said in the beginning alright so if he's not that old I won't give him that old of a thing you always travel light don't you easier to disappear when necessary he chuckles come on let me show you to my car little boy by-your-leave the old man had a pretty stylish car my father used to have one of these 69 Mustang yeah she a beauty didn't she just I spent your retirement fund oh no I still have a good half left so out of the 800 grand they gave you you spent over a quarter of it already kids aren't cheap as well as a sexy of a car bro you are gonna be working at McDonald's when you are 80 the black Mustang accelerates into a Turnpike and eventually into the city street when we departed the train station I expected it to be a short ride to the place I'm living at but I was very wrong turns out the train stations about a 15-minute straight drive on the freeway doesn't seem like much if you're a driver but if you're walking like myself I would have taken as long as three hours the convenience of a freeway allows drivers to get across great distances and a much greater speed than normal roads so are you still on Ashley's detail Ashley the idle no I left that a long time ago trouble film up well I don't understand half of the things they're talking about I don't understand anything they're talking about bro lucky are you spoiling it no spoilers pls nope just as I did as much as I could then so ensure you weren't needed anymore pretty much bummer bummer I don't socialize well with others especially with a teenager with a small degree of popularity even among hormonal teenagers it sounds to me that you got some drama with this girl I don't know what you're talking about and look like tourism my casual glam to his face oh come on don't tell me you didn't try to get with her bra I don't understand anything is going on hold on let me figure this out okay so he settles down right with the daughter okay so we know this old man from somewhere it seems as if we're just moving to where we live obviously with the doki's we're just moving and he was somebody who used to live with us and he's moving as well not live with us but could we new so that makes sense but what are you talking about with Ashley okay so are you on Ashley's detail so I actually must it gets the vibe that she's like some pop icon or whatever the idol no I left that a long time ago on her detail does that mean like on her staff or whatever trouble for mop no I just did as much as I could you weren't needed okay so they kind of fired you or whatever okay okay that okay okay I think I understand what I need to understand oh come on don't say I didn't try to get with her are you serious no no good you know that isn't loud that and I don't really have a need for any type of relationship right now Ashley is important let them learn right off I really look at it you will eventually doubt it you remain quiet for a few moments I keep thinking on my comment about a relationship it's not like I don't want one it's a fact that in the position I'm in I would have a lot of unnecessary stress it's not every day that I can just breathe and live a normal life by day every day is a small matter or better than us with it but that's another story we're almost there again I appreciate the ride you should stop by one day for dinner I think my daughter would love to meet you huh why is that I ruffled my eyebrows Adam because you're basically like me when I was younger she's always nagging me telling me about our younger years you haven't right of course not I know better I was about to say don't lecture me on policies I'd live by for 30 years fly I'm trying to make sure I'm understanding what's going on okay ruffle my okay you're basically like me she's always nagging tell me about my younger years you have it right bro all of the things they're asking like art like they're purposely being ambiguous you have it right telling about my younger years ah you must have done something in the past if H comes easy to solve man I still think I could take you yeah that'd be interesting jaysus are we a fucking spy or something no or not I know I still am active you know how so Grantham a was all but it sounded pretty fit body oh he still is active you guys might get older especially where I come from they tend to just look themselves yeah it's a screw it I record all these years I earned this then they just let their bodies race on Alcohol Tobacco and junk food yo I want to be one of those buff old men when I'm like fuckin when I'm like 60 years old I want to be one of those Buffalo men who like still works out I don't know man another learn nice throw up I mean there it's about anything either know we are Batman okay we're a Batman you're saying too much we are Batman confirmed I teach a self-defense class downtown well that's one way you should Popeye give us some of the ruffians of my classes a little reality check why is that because you and I both know to never underestimate an opponent okay well are we actually a spy right now they could be just as clever at ends of a rare more skill than you how the out one by four all exactly now we're not a spy there's no way I'm C's too dense to be a spy as he says those words we turned a steep corner and find herself and a pretty nice suburban neighborhood one thing that I like those MC seems a lot smarter here just the way he's talking and his demeanor seemed smarter than he typically is that's it yeah this is it he's like more serious you know I pulled the Polish metallic door handle an exit the car like we got the man and given one last gesture farewell thank you Jeff you got it my name is jet for switching gears in living he gives me one last smile well then let's check this place out I look around the neighborhood and notice that the suburban block has the same architecture for all the buildings mm-hmm that's disgusting I like I just read that I took a look at the spacing between the space between the house I'm living in one next to it on both sides I check the integrity of the fence that borders decent strength I take a stroller on the perimeter of the house taking note of the number of windows their position on the structure and their height from the ground second-story window should be fine I take note of what looks to be the balcony in the back door as I walk towards the front of the house I noticed a girl walking down the street she's wearing a counterpart of the uniform I was given for school sorry this is sorry so she must be going to this game so was I she has somewhat of a skip to her step her blue eyes look up in the sky and flowers as she passes by I really like this music I really like this music it kind of has like a just like a chill kind of carefree type of vibe her hairs of a coral pink color she has a bright red bow on the left side of her hair looks sloppily positioned I row my eyes because I swear I see her below that girl seems to just emanate joy I scoff and turn myself to the door kid we learned that the world isn't all sunshine and rainbows she thinks I like the door and enter bro our MC is so much more serious man our MC is so like brooding immediately I'm greeted with a shirt oh I like it though I'm tired of him being dense with a short hallway around three steps before the kitchen opens to the right I mean he might still we obviously would say Ari the kitchen's rather modern and well furnished but I mean even like yes MC is much denser than usual but I mean even for people who are dense it can be tough to see what Sarah's going through I check the fridge and nothing I check on myself not knowing what else to expect place is furnished but there was just curious close the fridge and look out to the living room which word is it Real Talk though this is a nice ass apartment man look at your fucking kitchen man look at this look how many cabinets you have this is a big kitchen and you got an island too this is a nice place got your couches double couches take a look in the living room and out the windows I look and see if I can see the space directly below the window I can't walk across the room and up a small white door later a laundry room fit with a washer and dryer already from playing this mod I'm liking the detail I'm liking the detail I'm liking the backstory that's set up it just feels and and you know when you have that little custom like art or whatever for the text it feels very high quality this is one of the mods that I play that feels very high quality luxury it will definitely be easier than manually washing and drying my clothes why would you need to measure how tall a houses huh measure out tall houses extra stuff yeah I closed the door on that upstairs immediately on the left is my bathroom and across from that is my bedroom this seriously did not spare any expense with the decor here and my bedroom is a closet a dresser bed desk and several miscellaneous items to make it look I lived in to make it look lived in oh okay I see then they got a bunch of books for you to read too okay damiana TV downstairs you got a TV upstairs you got a computer already in there I took him over to place my backpack into the bed and survey the area from my window how much is the rent in this place man you're paying like $4,000 a month why can you whisper the link to me for this MA I mean I can send it to you once I get a good understanding I walk out of my room next to Sarah is a sliding glass door that leads to a balcony obviously I'll be playing this until 2:00 and then I'll be playing this pretty much every day after that till it's done so I'll finish this for sure before I leave for vacation on Friday I learned some of the background or from gotcha life I walk out into the medium-sized count Cement balcony I lean forward on the wall my firm supporting me and look out into the neighborhood I could eat some great school kids playing with jungle gyms some well-funded patent purchase I was to see a home and petting his dog in the front yard neighborhood watchman here huh I looked at my life and notice that same girl I saw earlier in her room I didn't realize I live so close to her oh this is actually really we have our patio since when do we have a patio brah our rent is like $5,000 per month our rent is actually $5,000 per month Center for science can you play if you're out I'm gonna be playing every route yeah huh I'll be applying this every day and so it's done did the last man over bedroom I notice you're moving around the left side of the room to the right she's moving something most likely a change of clothes this I would like to add it to the collection oops my bad you're good bro she's moving something most likely a change of clothes she stops in front of the window facing to the side she makes a few faces which confirmed my initial theory is correct she's looking into a mirror she undoes her red tie pulls off her gray jacket starts to unbutton her right undershirt bra are you literally watching her undress right now the last window of her bedroom damn bro you could actually watch her undress you keep it on say Ari yep turn away from the viewer turn inside damn whoa eight twenty nine twenty whatever home huh okay so this is August 29th interesting my watch me it's indicating it's now 10:00 right yeah wait 8 8 p.m. 4 more hours until midnight normally I'd be in bed by now why would you be in bed at 8 o'clock what but I'm awaiting an important call it doesn't bother me since I have gone days before without sleep bro you're actually a spy go on days without sleep you're actually a spy losing a few hours for one night isn't gonna kill me keep my feet at the opposite end of the couch lean back why is that I even see a badass why is there I don't see a badass we actually are Batman zero was right for Bevin I consider to read the book that I have my ends I made sure to turn on the news earlier I got a general idea the community here made it a habit of mine to always check the local news to scout out the area see whether there is high crime no crime but let our political activity the usual yeah so he's looking for crime Oh undercover cops bodyguards now undercover cops undercover cop that would make sense why you'd be moving I'm not a big fan of politics but knowing the local debate helps me understand the people better I could be completely wrong by the way I could be absolutely completely wrong and just be spouting nonsense I appreciate the sound effects as I have said and any mother has sound effects I appreciate it because it makes me feel more immersed in the story the sound of my phone going off sends a shiver down my spine it isn't the sound that sends it isn't the sound that since I'm feeling at my back is a reason for it and to the phone call six o'clock home this is the next day six o'clock hits I'm ready for school okay so it doesn't go into the phone call so it keeps an element of mystery thing and I stub my toe ouch stub your toe six o'clock hits I'm already ready for school for a normal person not used to writing uniforms the school's outfit does seem a bit excessive since I've been in uniforms all my life this is nothing to me you're actually like an FBI agent I'd take a look at myself in the mirror for a quick medical check no wounds or scratches overnight okay you're an FBI agent I take another drink of water and playing on my day I will follow my normal school schedule and on my way home I was stopping a grocery store to pick up some food then head home once I get home I will go on a run to get me further familiar with the area and when that is done I will be on free time take a blast looking in the mirror retrieve my bag I mean that's kind of inspiring to like have a schedule like that I guess whoo I like this BG there's a nice BG high quality as they reach a gate to the school I noticed a congregation of students in the courtyard there are little groups of students out of around each other all doing different things I wonder if we're gonna have like an issue with the bully or something like that I don't know just because apparently we can fighting this Bob some other phones just ignoring each other some are running around acting like children and some are socializing with each other like normal people I ignore them all this'n there isn't there isn't a reason for me to talk to any of them with one backpack strap wrapped around my shoulder I enter the large white concrete building after self tore the school I reach my first room the school itself wasn't too large I'd definitely been a much larger compounds that's regard to life I was a problem to find my locker my first class in the lunch area students pass by me I'll casually take talking and complaining about everyday things someone laugh to myself about some of the petty things these and experienced people complain about gives me the sense of gratitude for where I've come from I never complained about my phone having a micro crack and then I didn't get the money to go to the latest movie stupid things like that slightly irritating me the bell rings did I enter the classroom third period has ended and it was now time for lunch I noticed that the girl who lives next door to me was in my class and had overheard several classmates and the teacher callers say re the name instantly engraved itself into my mind that hesitation student said up from the Desson departed I stand up stretch quickly grab my bag and leave the classroom so if we're like a spire whatever the fuck we are then why would we be joining a literature Club are we suspicious of Monica or something as I approached my locker and get ready to switch on my books but before I can even touch my locket you're someone grunting I perks up a letter and I head towards a sound sorry it's on the outside side of my locker and I threw my head around the corner yeah it is yeah I see that same girl who's in my class and like right next to me having trouble with their lock she seemed to be genuinely having a hard time with their lock having trouble there aren't you I reveal myself from around the corner well no I got it you sure you look like you can't seem to unlock that it's hard to do this thing I walk next to and touch the lock what is the combination uh-uh what afraid I'm gonna stereo textbooks that I happen to have the exact same copies – no she forgot it that's the issue she doesn't know what it is okay fine oh she doesn't know it is 9:27 17 nine and twenty nine times three is 27 there's no row okay come on there's no pattern the lock clicks there you go what you got it so fast I'm very familiar with that with these types of locks I sure to properly orient the combination lock that's how you unlock these thank you I waved my hand or Locker and turn around hey wait hmm she probably noticed we're her neighbor you're that new guy in class today oh yeah yeah I remember seeing you wait yeah yeah I remember seeing you I was talking home yesterday walking home yesterday oh yes I remember you too the name is fly why I like that name it's what I was given anyway goodbye it's what I was given bro E you're actually a spy I sorta way from Sayer again and return to my locker where are you going I'm gonna put away my stuff then go II don't forget what I showed you okay thank you the final bell signifies the end of the school day I grabbed my bag in the party down the hallway as I walked in the hallway I passed by two girls who are in invade about something I didn't care too much about to notice something about manga so this is Yuri and not ski I had a schedule to stick to so I didn't stick around to pay any attention to the frivolous conversation as I reached to get to the sky you're a voice call after me fly wait up turn around immediately I prepare for someone to charge me but I'm only met with the sight of saiary running to catch up to me why what do you want also why are you shouting you're gonna draw attention if something bad is happening as of what wait it's like the bad is happening woman as if something bad is happening woman oh sorry anyway I had a question for you a question something I can answer I guess you can ask so I know you're new here and all and I don't want to overwhelm you have you looked into any other clubs we offer at school clubs a library please well we have a little groups of students who participate in extracurricular activities for fun and gets experience for college okay what is your point of asking me this well I was curious to see if you'll join mine you have a club yep I'm the vice president of the literature Club let it's your club so you just read books and write all afternoon that's a pretty mean of blown way to put it well excuse me but it doesn't really sound very attention catching I think I'll pass on that proposition for now not even if I ask really nicely no meanie I've been called worse we actually don't give a fuck we're actually a badass spy we are actually about s5 weight in this mod you and Sarah are childhood friends no we are not because we just moved into town we just moved into town fortunately for her I'm very efficient keeping a straight and professional face when needed every morning every afternoon in evening I always have a friend who would pay our class a visit and make sure we were all professional we all were professional anyway I'm going home you enjoy your club okay bye sit away from her and head home as I watch the streak on the portable oven rail I occasionally glance over to the homework I was given normally listen social history subjects for a breeze for me however math was a different subject the math I normally use in life is much different than this general principle they teach in schools insured through two different ball games but for grudgingly I continue to finish the work taking a few breaks of time to continue to make my meal I settled on the lean cut of meat cooked a medium rare with asparagus and rice damn in LTI see all our high nutritional value and our very filling I cook several steaks and prepare different proportions of the asparagus or rice for later meals it's better to prep your food now and eat it later in my opinion that's what I used to do in my old school where I lived in a dorm with about 80 other students students made a really interesting to wake up on signal to eat quickly and get my morning hygiene routine done yeah bro your spy I slide into my homework I slide my homework into a special folder I've designated for work I needed to do while home this yeah we're like super organized not dense sharp I finished making the final steak which I plan to eat tonight since it was the freshest as I sit down at the table I eat silently but I'm telling you man yeah telling me mmm nutty hmm during this time I just clear my head and finished eating my food at a fast pace it's an equivalent of medication for me as it is to others oh meditation to me back of my old school is very hard to remain focused while eating since we only had about 10 minutes our food that included getting the law grabbing our food getting into receipt and then eating normally by the time you made it through the line you already lost five minutes so eating fast was paramount but I was during these times I learned to focus on that on eating if I cleared my head it was much easier fun it hot like calming I gained quite an appetite after my run around the block earlier I have a good idea of the ins and outs of the neighborhood some may ask why I do this but the answer is simple no you're way out of any situation you never know when you need an immediate escape well I was returning from my run I saw sorry arrived at her house I had the opportunity to say hi but I dismissed it there is no reason for me to get involved with that girl or anyone for that matter why would she even ask me to join her Club there are a couple possibilities she's lonely she's attracted to me and she is looking for a way to get to know me more or she's just inherently friendly and bubbly but it's kind of all of the above really yeah pretty much all of the above but it's got a foolish to just push a request on someone you only just met a lesson I learned very well as a young child ever since then I'm always cautious about where I am and who I need someone even is simple looking assayer I can hide an evil past one that we cannot run from I shake my head breaking myself out of these thoughts we are not dense our MC is not dense feels good man I finished my dinner long ago me nah need that this mod is one of the best yeah man I've heard that from for a long time I've been wanting to play and I'm glad I'm finally starting it I quickly cleaned the dishes and put them away I chose the next day school lunch parrot has arrived and I do my book exchange is normal once I close my locker right here another grant from the opposite side probably say Ari appear around the corner and sure enough there she was she looks like she's struggling with her lock again before I confront singer I watch her carefully she's definitely trying to disarm the lock then I showed her yesterday so that's good I guess I watch her carefully to see if she's successful click the lock releases and she opens her locker with a happy smile turn around and return to my locker before I could really do anything I hear thank you fly just saw me damn she has good peripheral vision no problem Sara notices things I call up for my locker clothes a silver colored door and turn to notice that Sara's right behind me Jesus Christ woman hey hi did your parents ever tell you not to sneak up on people like that you didn't notice me walk right past you evidently not oh I'm sorry I liked you in session I attempted to scare me if you did then I would have to fight you what no I'm just joking with you that isn't funny where I come from that type of humor is just the tip of the iceberg oh wait that's me where I come from that's every humors just the tip of the iceberg mm-hmm anyway would you want well I was gonna ask if you thought about the literature Club thing yeah I asked you yesterday oh he just wanted to join your little Club this again pretty sure yesterday I told you now well it was worth a shot I guess anyway I guess I'll talk with you later leaving so soon huh don't give me those puppy-dog eyes and run away at a simple rejection and like you're gonna face a lot of it don't just run away from them plus I started eating lunch alone yesterday you're dead yeah I mean someone to eat with today no you're probably just gonna be a meanie again I'm not being mean I'm just telling you the truth the truth is not always easy to hear so okay I'll join your literature Club sorry you're really know haha you're so mean if you try to pussyfoot around the truth it hurts more better than I denied your invitation now than to lie to you later that's true I don't like this listen how about we go eat now you don't ask me join the literature lab again I won't be a meanie I make quotes with my fingers other than that we should be fine okay lunch with Sarah Sarah and I make our way to the lunchroom it's a gym size multi-purpose room that has been riddled with several rows of wooden tables definitely enough to fit the number of students eating lunch in here we get our food and sit down at a nearby table Sarah and I began talking about each other and by each other I mean her so tell me about yourself lie there's not much to tell well there has to be something why did you come here to go to school I went to another school far away and decided I needed a different nu start oh what's that just felt like it just felt like it is the same views that my old school for don't ask about it you don't need to know what about you why are you here well I started to go to school here when I came with my family that was 12 years ago and you're how old I'm 18 ah so you're pretty much found on your life here yep interesting so what do you do for fun sorry Oh lots of things I like to draw I like to read I like to run around and play and I like to play with animals so overall you're pretty random yeah yeah well then what about you hey what do you like to do read read is that it if you like to read why don't we join the literature Club well I exercise a lot but I don't really consider that a hobby of mine I needed to maintain a level of fitness at all times huh why just feel like it okay anyway we're done with lunch let's go back to the lockers okay I close my locker the rest of the class's books in my bag thank you for eating lunch with me fly no problem oh yeah would you walk home with me after school today me why because we also live right next door to each other searches for excel and welcome on I walk alone I walk alone oh come on Oh fine yeah but there's one thing I catch no it and I decided to walk home with her I knew she had something hidden usually when someone asks you something there's a motive behind that question I don't seem surprised to say Ari what is it oh my god what you have to come by my literature Club what I told you no but you said you would walk home with me and I walk home after the literature Club we can very easily change my answer to a profound no but I promised the other members that I would introduce you today she's still doing this she's trying so hard don't make promises you can't keep they were all really excited to meet you one member even said she would bake cupcakes yeah how many of you are there in the literature Club no in general you females are so goddamn persistent oh yeah Ikes it's quite annoying really please fly you really mean a lot to me if you did I don't really care if it means anything to you user others lazy tastic to persuade me to join your club yep you don't have to join just at least stay and wait for me to finish you can meet the other girls in the club too that way you're onboard Jesus Christ woman you don't let up do you fine I will wait for you yay sorry does a little hop are cheering vish victoriously women really annoy me they caught something nagging you even when they don't have the right to know woman tells me how to eat my food or rent a shower or to do pretty much anything other than my own mother and she earned that authority over me the only reason I let a few men order me around is due to seniority over me watch out of that chain you can no longer control me it's one of the reasons I was taught the class at my old school now that I think of it it was one of the woman who could order me but she's gone now it wasn't a longer at the beginning was it cuz you like work for her or whatever maybe that's who it was I'll see you later too late today fly so he tells me the room number of the literature club before trotting off to her next class well I shovel I shuffle towards my next class I arrive at the room number that Sara gave me after lunch classes went over for about 10 minutes Sarah meets over to show up at a specific time I check my watch and wait for that time to come all right ed we go open the door to the classroom and enter it looks like in normal English classroom take a quick second look around the room but I wasn't long before a blue eyed monster obstructed my vision like that so glad you claimed okay didn't really have any other choice oh I like the different text I like the different colored text there say Orry you didn't say the new member was a boy yeah I didn't seem important at the time yes sir he's just low oh I like the different color text a lot I liked that detail Natsuki that doesn't seem like something important physical um memories a club member tall prefer a purple haired girl arrives at the front of the room with three of us probably coming to my defense with alcohol wait a minute I ever heard these two arguing about manga yesterday yeah that's right but boys are on everything plus he looks like kind of a dick to I look at the club room for less than 30 seconds and only five words and I'm the dick so he'll only said five words get the urge over my mouth what I restrain it I'm gonna be here forever long this club does its business for I better keep the tension low because believe me I know how difficult things can get when you're forced to be around a group of people who don't like you new meme no any not ski Monica's the green assuming such a thing about someone right off the bat is pretty hurtful yeah my feelings are real hurt pink here to girl named not ski presumably let's away rot angrily gritting her teeth the most recent girl the moment the brown hair is the last to come to my defense she has a brown a confident demeanor and stands upon her she catches my eye for a second yeah whatever I'm sorry apology accepted Griner there's nothing wrong I apologize for her but I so accept it out of respect I wonder if Monica is still self-aware in this mod I wonder if she's still self-aware in this mod and how that would play out it for like a spy type character hi I'm Monica fly I'm the president of a literature Club there's anything I can do to make you comfortable here with us just ask I'll make sure to take you up on that Monica looks oddly familiar exactly that's that line is in there for a reason I showed the feeling and dismiss it so Monica yeah what type of things do you do here at the literature Club I could have sworn I told you she is it oh you did maybe I just like didn't pay them to do it my bed okay so she's not self-aware then so I wonder why she looks oddly familiar then hmm interesting whatever things you do here at the literature Club I'm very glad you asked bye he focused on the study in the application of many forms of literature interesting series smile perks up what interests you in literature Club nothing I'm only here for say Ari oh she looks so sorry you screw squirming in her shoes I was quoting her home today and she insists that I wait for her here so I'm just a guest but I do hope we'll join oh well I do certainly hope you join if you're interested another member will get us registered as an official Club so if you have under five members your club is our like Club wait if you have under five members you need at least four right let me see something hat okay so obviously she apologized we talked to Monica nothing okay so we pretty much just tell her gonna okay yeah I just read that okay yeah all I was correct a since I had a bureaucracy here okay so it's five members here isn't it for in the original game as in for the minimum but in this case it's five how very observant fly I heard you renew which is why I'm surprised you caught up on that so quickly well whenever I go to a new place I was like to survey everything so I understand the social norm oh well I hope you enjoy your stay with us today fly say annika hmm you're just about to start all right Monica's voice was confident as her stature were us it was a highly entertaining to observe she definitely got me off-guard for a second there I didn't expect anyone at the school to possess even a shred of sheer confidence but I was clearly wrong for mal Monica presented herself and the fact that she's president of the literature club immediately shows me she's an academic something continues to dig in my mind about her she looks so familiar why why does Monica look familiar there's a reason for that peanuts key when you're gonna pass out those cupcakes I'm starving for Mom sorry ass while taking a seat the girls of a few des arranged up for on the table as Sarah mentioned it's been widened so that there's a space next to Monica and one space next to say re nuts can URI watch over to the corner of the room where Nazi grabs a raft Ryan URI opens the closet take a seat next to say re nuts he probably marches back to the table train hand okay are you ready tada whoa don't see mr. far off the trader review a dozen white fluffy cupcakes decorated to look like metal cats the whiskers are drawn with icing and the little pieces of chocolate we used to make ears so good I had no idea you were so good at baking not ski yeah well you know just sorry haven't take one so he grabs the one sir he grabs one first then Monica I follow it's delicious sir he talks with a mouth full and has already managed to get icing on her face I turned the cupcake around my fingers looking for the best thing go to take a bite that's he's quiet cannot but notice her sneaking glances in my direction is she wanting me to take a bite finally buy down the icing is sweet and full of flavor I wonder if she made it herself this is really good thank you Matt ski why are you thanking me it's not like I made them for you or anything yeah well sorry said someone who's making cupcakes in preparation for my arrival well maybe but not for you you know you dummy okay I give up I'm not C's weird logic and dismiss the conversation he returns to the table tearing carrying a tea set so this dialogue here is the same maybe it's in a certain rap I wouldn't tell maybe you and Monica were childhood friends save you and say ravine childhood friends that's an interesting theory that's an interesting theory you keep a whole tennis set of tea in this classroom somewhere the teachers give us permission okay I'm kind of kind of skip past this part because it is Arizona game dialogue anything new of course allah i will read but this is original dialogue from the original game and many miles have this okay so it looks like this this line here is new get a sign here's new I'll take a sip of the tea and immediately recognize what type of brew it's a strain of oolong tea now one of my favorites but better than the girl at my old school called tea nevertheless I drink it so Monica why is it that you started your own Club for what I've seen so far there are a few large girl clubs already now well you know to be honest I can't stand all that politics are on the major clubs alright this is the same so this is the same here is the same yeah mm-hmm talking about how you have to convince people to join the club all right so that is the same such different girls all interested in same girl Monica mr. Burke earlier to find these three okay so this is the same okay here it is although I don't intend to lower my guard on this getting fly to join the club sticks areas so fly and what kind of things do you like to read me well I don't really have a preference I worried pretty much anything I can find the preference it was the most recent thing you read an educational book about birds oh my Birds if you don't mind me asking this is interesting we have a smart emcee who's not dance having an intellectual conversation with URI that time I was genuine I read pretty much anything I can and I haven't come across a book about bird spotting that's pretty interesting if you say so what do you like to read URI well let's see Erie traces the rim of her teacup with her finger my favorites are usually novels that build deep and complex fantasy worlds alright so this is the same your goes on yep mm-hmm finds cover in the world of books all right so this is the same here same as the original game text I have read a few pretty good horror novels all right so this is the same as the original game same thing here telling her she likes to out about cute things and then say or is just telling not Scout qgs now she's getting triggered because they're using the C word – we just asked her I would just said you write your own poem say okay well I guess sometimes why do you care I think that's rather impressive nowadays do you show your poems no why that's your it's your eyes you wouldn't like them ah not a very confident writer yeah okay so you say that normally say that normally mm-hmm and then your user little thing all right so it looks like this is pretty much gonna be the same and Monica comes up with her idea for everybody write a poem and then she pretty much said now that we have a new member but obviously the problems gonna happen is that right by never not uh we never agreed hold on I raised my index finger hey what's that remember I said I wasn't interested at this time I'm only here as Sarah's escort home all four girls stare back at me with dejected eyes it's probably best that I just saw you flat out right now that's right I'm sorry I thought hmm I remember better than for me to lie to you all the girls continue to look defeated and heartbroken damn it hirato difficult was to get out of these situations with girls keep remembering back to the first time it really affected me okay so I like this little line right here because the way MC is he doesn't care to say no bye no bye no bye no bye why but because it's remembering whatever is happening in his past where it affected him that emotional part could make him to kind of break that character where he just doesn't care and say yes so I like that little line damn it Ashley yeah it was Ashley mm-hmm I like that I looked down at the floor on back of a second later the girls are still fixed on me with her ties you know I am gonna have to do this bullshit aren't I huh Ashley huh here goes I'm just thinking like morrible more of a things that psychist is actually alive where we supposed to protect her and we didn't succeed or I don't know but that doesn't mean it won't change I have to look back at the at the at the video and like kind of analyze it that's great that gives us a little leeway to try and convince you but arises up and smiles confidently her eyelids are shot but I can practically see their excitement yes so he raises both hands in joy I guess that's okay if I find out this was all for the cupcakes I'll be super pissed okay everyone I think with that we can officially in today's meeting on a good note all right so it's the same writing a poem to bring to the next meeting meanwhile the girls continue to chit chat his yuria now see clean up their food okay fly are you ready to walk home very much show hmm yeah whoo I like the sky I like the sky what is that I can't tell with type of emoji it looks like spaghetti or something that is one thing I will say there's quite a bit of vanilla a context in this ma yeah I mean typically I'll just do what I just did you know I won't click the skip button because I know some text is different but I'll kind of breeze through it and I've played so many times that I can pretty much tell what original game text is and then I kind of just stop the new text and read that with that the two of us depart the club room and again to make our way home some-something blazing with little no no clouds obstructing it it is rather hot today which makes me run at a little more which makes my run a little more arduous but it's not like I really care I've done many runs some monitored and much honored temperatures that's pretty difficult as a favor given a limited amount of water for the entire run our walk so far was not bad series took up a few conversations about what I do outside of school I of course I'm not gonna tell her the truth about what I do I have more than one document restricting me from doing so yeah we're definitely a spy are just someplace trying to respond yeah nothing really yeah you mean there's nothing you do outside of school damn I love this bad SMC man conversely to my escape this MC gets like most badass MC award but that's really only when they need me and lately it's been pretty slow so I guess I don't really do any barking well what did you do before you came here at my old school well I was in a large building where the students lived at least in my class your old class yeah whenever we weren't doing anything some of us sat around doing nothing some of us just picked up more extra credit work which one were you yeah I think the answer is obvious sorry shoots me a more questioning way or which I don't acknowledge well what type of job you have it's not important for a spy sure it is come on fly I'm telling you about me can't you do that too it's like I'm talking about bricks oh it's like I'm talking up bricks sometimes ouch that hurt judging by my facial expression sorry stick your tongue out of me meaning my life secrets must be earned my sweet blue-eyed angel series eyes go wide that's a joke by the way so he continues to barrage of questions all the way until we reach our neighbor neighborhood oh we're here yep I turned my back to her and start to walk to my house I'm really intrigued by the story here the way they made MC and kinda it just changed the whole story in it it's very intriguing wait fly what thank you for walking me home and going to the literature club with me you're some cheeky little tricks to achieve those milestones but it's fine you're welcome sorry oh I'll say re 9 1 September the first Kathleen said I could or say I'll DLC using my five fingers as the characters my phone rings here's my coat pocket and I grab as I lean back on the tree it was a dark night then the brush around and allow any large pockets of moonlight in I'm here good get ready Iona Collin slide the phone back into my coat is this the old man we were talking to before was he like our Oh maybe we are agents and he's our partner because typically they traveled with partners right I keep my posture against the tree notice a commotion down below looks down from my perch into the street below from my perch Batman confirm a black rolls-royce froze up to a curve oh you know a blackboard rolls-royce as I've done oh good several man get out of the car if I like quickly accepts it and drives towards a nearby parking garage normal a night crowd immediately sent someone approaching me so I turn around to face them it's about time damn or a fucking bad-ass man we're an actual badass I close my locker and get ready for lunch but of course I'm stopped I fly hey what is it you need I just want to see if you were okay huh well I started leaving your house pretty late last night you were watching me wha no I just haven't noticed you were leaving as I was going to bed hmm well I'm to go run an errand maybe I got my locker and run my hand through my hair Sarah leans forward about clutching her backpack well I was just curious uh-huh well I'm going now I leaned back upwards and start off away from sorry oh one more thing fly give me my combs again again today there is my hand on my face and scratch my forehead you're gonna make me wait around in that Club again aren't you well I kind of have to I'll go there after school I guess might as well I have nothing else better to do sighing I come to realize that there is probably a book there I could read as I wait yay I'll see you there after school mmm I mean if you'd like books then why not before I entered the club room saiary waited outside for me as I walked up I knew exactly what she was trying to do she was waiting to see if I actually showed up well I guess it's my fault for doing so the door closed behind both of us I'm shrouded in a much different atmosphere than the normal school projects I fly good to see you back again today Monica walks over towards me still putting on her everlasting smile yeah well I'm here to say hurry goes home still here for when she walks home huh mm-hmm well today we're reading poem so I hope you enjoy it sure I can't wait I'm super excited to read everyone's poems yeah yeah not as excited Yuri not at all not at all to be fair not many people can get excited like sorry does from the first few days I've known her I can understand that thanks for coming back sly I hope this isn't too overwhelming of a circumstance for you thinking you dive headfirst into literature when you're not accustomed to it okay so this was the same Sara told me didn't even want to be here if you don't take this seriously you won't see the end of it mmm manga collection yep hmm server the girls conversation so it looks like I have a profile down for each of the girls Sara's and energetic ditz not skis aggressive your is very shy insensitive and Monica's a leader granted these are simplified perceptions of them but nonetheless they aren't bad girls hey Mike I might see you grab one of my books from my bag and place it on my lap don't worry guys lies a pretty hard worker usually does all of his schoolwork in class and he does pretty well our social studies teacher was astonished I don't know what you're hyping the app for but I just did my work as instructed oh oh you're even brought you something today you know oh wait sorry okay so this is the same gym brings us the book all right so it's the same since I'm pretty much finished with my current book I will make sure to read this interesting I'll keep that offer in mind Yury looks pleased and related that she generally runs her finger fingers across a book that sits in her lap okay everyone Sarah and Monika enthusiastically pull out their poems Sarah's on a wrinkled sheet a loose leaf torn from a stable spiral notebook the other hand Micah rotors in a composition notebook I can already see Monica's pristine handwriting from where I sit got seniority reluctantly complies well reaching in other bags like that looks towards me but I think would it be good practice if if each of us shows you our poems as well is that okay sure set my book in the book that you're gave me back into my bag whose poem shall I read first I really liked the menus in this mod very much so I mean it doesn't matter who we do first it really doesn't turn assayer he was already staring at me waiting oh what's this if she knew I was gonna pick her either that if she was hoping I would pick her first I mean it makes sense we're not really as familiar with the other girls as we are with sorry so let me see what you wrote here you go me alright so this is the same as the original as I read Sarah's poem I noticed her handwriting what I expect it sorry let me guess you're at this moment you walked out today right I said it's the same since this since this isn't a sign of those game to yesterday what point since and would you want breakfast other than that it's a nice poem you really think so mm-hmm yay it doesn't matter really doesn't turn in that ski when we make eye contact she looks away for a second clearly perplexed mind if I read your poem not ski don't saying anything she slides a bone to me facedown Eagles can fly the most basic ball in the game yeah I told you that you weren't gonna like it okay so this is the same same thing and as it falls flat at the end especially if it means I don't have to hear any more rude comments from her they don't even bother me but I'd rather not hear him either way I pass the phone back to her so that little line at the end was added in there let's go with URI URI may I read your palm here it looks disheveled and shiny hold your palm in her hands to turn ghost under the light same thing I'm sorry I have such terrible handwriting I so this is the same this is the same even though shorter is only descriptive yeah the same talking about how it's not about a ghost all right moving on to Monica I cut my head towards Monica Monica yeah would you mind if I read your poem of course on the wall same thing so what do you think it's very freeform I think that's right word for it this is the same you say the same thing here she's talking it she still says Epiphany she's still talking about her Epiphany here's something I'd like to focus on when I write okay I like this I like this point that she makes here so she pretty much gives a hint like when you're stuck on writing just write something and then fix it later and that works so much I remember in college when I did that it was so much better I just like brain farted pretty much all over the page and then I just type a bunch and then going back and polishing it it's a lot faster that way very wise words you're truly more intelligent than you initially come off Monica yeah thanks for listening FS throw him back to her across the room Sarah monic are happily chatting my eyes land on urine Natsuki they gingerly exchange teach a paper sharing their respective poems okay so this is the same they're gonna have their argument and that's why nots he gets upset because she use the Q word mmm they're having an argument there's argument music yeah his old boobs line boobs magically grew a size bigger slice out of showing up so this is the same as the original game here it's quite I'm kind of breezing past this one if we're gonna get a choice here all right so this is new this is new year so when they ask us who we should go with I'm not here for more than two days and I'm already dragging there's such a frivolous altercation both girls stare at me waiting for an answer listen girls this is probably one of the most stupid arguments I've ever heard and I've literally heard two grown man argue over soda and you'll be beat each other death because of it fact of the matter is you both should definitely not be attacking each other because of something like this from what I understand there are reasons writing as so many variations each with different impacts and emotion I look to not ski not ski huh you're running simplistic because how you choose a ride dark my cold dead gaze to Yuri and Yuri yes your writings were far more complex because of its how you choose to ride that doesn't make either of your girls is riding inferior both of your poems are great and I was impressed by both of them okay I guess damn lay it down fly now if both you would keep me out of your petty and frivolous arguments I would appreciate it let's go sup sunken Andrew seats and a feet damn I have no clue why she talks about that in the flaw Oh what she talks about the looming Monica talking about her Epiphany I think she did that in another mod she wasn't self-aware in as well another moment with you maybe about another moment he was not finished show you never know sir stands up and cries out after I silenced myself no it's key Yuri you guys are my friends guess it was the same that's the same big and beautiful so this is why series vice president I whisper into her ear to be honest I may come off as a good leader and I can organize things but I'm not very good with people didn't even bring myself to interject its president that's kind of embarrassing okay so that's the same an argument like that I'll be a completely stupid in nature is still difficult to resolve it's there a handle that much better than I expected of her it sorry for you you also did well handling yourself there to fly let's just say I'm used to these things nevertheless thank you okay everyone just about time for us to leave how did you all feel about the sharing poems it's a lot of fun well I say it was worth it it was alright well mostly bye how about you Jose interesting turn to say alright bye you ready to walk home sure let's go hey sorry beams at me sorry beam sorry about what happened earlier yeah what do you mean you know between urea Natsuki does that kind of thing happen often no no no it's really the first time I've seen them fight like that I promise they're both wonderful people you don't you don't hate them do you what jumping to conclusions and assumptions like that is foolish sherry so one thing that I'm interested in maybe see what do they say about boobs so Matthew what they say in the original game about boobs is not skinny are fighting and Nazis like oh I mean Yuri tails Nazi like oh well at least I don't go out of my way to make everything I do look super cute and then that's just like oh well at least my boobs didn't magically grow a size bigger one fly showed up and that's that's the line there and then later when Sarah is resolving it for them she tells them like oh I mean your boobs are fine they're big and beautiful so that's that that's the all boobs line in the original ROM in the original game one thing I'm interested in seeing if this kind of plays out like the original even though obviously our MC is different and saiary still has her depression later i imagine that our MC would quickly catch on to it instead of being dense if it gets to that point jumping to conclusions and assumptions like that is foolish sherry it gets people killed bottom line no I do not hate them takes quite a lot for me to hate someone I just want to see what your opinion was I could see where they make it friends with you yeah you know fly it's nice to get to spend time with you in the club if you say so I do me every day it's gonna be so much fun what's sexier cells and got on the fact that I haven't joined the club oh yeah I guess we haven't yeah we'll just see what the future holds Sarah I bet Sarah on the shoulder turn the walk away from her but she grabs my arm why what do you want woman coming out more today I have things I have to do sorry mmm really yes so he bowed to me while I wave her off towards your house so here in spite of me and she skips towards your home oh she wants to hang out more with us I roll over to the left side of my bed increasingly getting more irritated on myself each time I'm usually never this restless until I just got done with work I lift myself off the bed and look at my window it's getting closer with se-ra starting to remind you of what was your name the girl from earlier then that is clear and empty which is something I'm familiar with there have been many times I was forced to remain motionless and in brush on a night like this waiting in waiting there are even times whenever it rained constantly but after a while you get used to it I remember back at my old school some days during PT it would be freezing and pouring out of course our instructors didn't care here my classmates and I didn't think we could continue I swear some of the water my underarms have began to freeze I hated it but it's not me just how far a human body can go in severe conditions it's clear I won't be sleeping for a while so I get myself up out of bed I might as well take a walk as I walked down the nicely maintained sidewalk at the neighborhood I passed by Sarah's house Sarah's a bubbly girl one thing you could say is ready to come by her energy is uplifting she reminds me of ya I stopped walking no I mustn't let myself bros leave my mouth for the pain sourness to them no but every tragic thing happened with your I guess your last lover maybe she reminds you of her you're getting slowly getting feelings I continued my Walker on the block but my mind continually haunts me about something she wouldn't want me to I resume hadn't look up at the night sky so this is why I couldn't sleep huh I leave to live a normal life but the past remains with me no matter how far I run if I could just say those two words to you my conscious from that II to me you were very important to me after all you were there for me when no one else was when you found me you showed me I could actually be useful with your outstretched arms offering your enemy those eyes projected nothing but acceptance and love you were useful to someone somewhere fly even if it's for a day you will know you did right when your memory lingers oh wait that's her that's her you're useful to someone somewhere fly even if it's for a day you will know you did right when your memory linger because three senses you spoke em and grave themselves in my mind damn you woman even when you're gone you still have such an influence on me damn I learned my head in a futile effort to strengthen my resolve I wonder if she was like taken hostage or whatever because we're a spy or I don't know hi everyone we have 18 minutes left in our 12 hour stream oh I'm sorry Oh flies in here with you today actually I haven't seen him at all today I am gonna go write it too because I have to wake up like early tomorrow and I'll probably have to eventually get started on the whole video process thing so yeah 18 minutes left and we have successfully completed our second 12 hours dream actually I haven't seen him at all today he was in any of the classes we share Oh probably cuz we didn't sleep much last night maybe we slept in oh well I'm sorry to hear that hopefully he's not sick or anything hmm he probably got scared and ran off to a new school move ahead not ski that doesn't sound like fly I mean we've only known him for a few days but he has a specific URI what's the word trope no not trope demeanor yeah sure demeanor yes he doesn't look like the type of guy to get scared easily let alone by a few girls at a literature club I certainly hope not it was pretty fascinating person did I just say that a lot why yes you did URI creepy Mesmer like it creepy how do you presume that well his eyes they look right through you so nuts he you were staring at fly's eyes mmm it's okay if you were I think all of us find ply a little interesting what do you find interesting about him sorry well for starters he's really smart he also knows a lot of stuff you don't learn in schools and he's nice well mostly well he certainly does seem to have a lot of interesting abilities observational of course why God as tough as he told you about that you wouldn't learn in schools well for starters you tell me what to do when you go camping in a new area sounds weird at first we're gonna get used to it makes a lot of sense kind of like knowing where you are and where everything is uh-huh he also told me some cool things about the weather and the weather yeah like pagans office storms coming without any clouds I guess he's the jack-of-all-trades then huh I didn't know any better I would assuming girls were talking about me well I yeah that's great that's a great scene so excited five in years since the beginning I've actually survived a whole 12-hour doki-doki stream yes feels good why it does this one went by fast to be honest these streams go by fast to be honest because a lot of these mods have a lot of content now when you get sucked in the story just goes by really fast yeah that's my name where do you all have these looks on your faces for we were wondering where you were you kind of went missing on us all of a sudden yeah well the man we did kind of think you're in off don't assume should stupid things walk over the Nexus sorry I'm not gonna take my seat my retinas he at any of our classes earlier what do you ask I was worried that's all don't worry about me I just had something do today it calls me know it's a good version of the day yeah but was it don't worry about it sorry look around with the other girls Monica and Yuri are talking about Mike I can perceive as an upcoming event the festival nuttiest sitting intently at her desk waiting for something that happened so what have I missed so far not much actually we barely started ah on the other end why'd you show up here huh what do you mean well you don't want to join so there's no reason for you to come at the end of the day well let me tell you this so got to hang with the homies yeah I'd turn my body to facers I don't think you would have let me hear the end of it if you walked home alone whoa don't wanna I think I've come to learn that from you right now well who makes you think I would do that well for starters you constantly badging me with questions about stuff that you have no business in for example not even a min ago you asked me only me missed some of the school day I love that sorry pose I love that sorry pose then when you're not satisfied with the answer you're giving you try to circumvent that for later which I assume later you were ask me again why missed some classes yeah sorry so damn cute am I wrong wildfly you pretty much got the idea of mine to say re now down well you don't got the minus area now down yet it's rather obvious by now okay fine I won't ask you any more questions then say Gooden just take no for an answer when it's given to you all right Monica you can continue I won't stall your club any further you're installing us Sally we were happy to wait for you even if you didn't show up how very thoughtful we'll start in just a moment okay hey fly hmm I'm little hungry where you come with me to buy a snack no yeah please no we're not I have my reasons yeah or go in yourself but I wanted you to come with me say alright can you take out your purse buy that all of a sudden no reason really alright so this is the same thing we're gonna expose her ass she opens it mm-hmm yeah mmm so either you're not hungry yeah or she wanted money this is the same thing talking about the retribution that'll be here as next line yes you were I left out you hurry just does that shit man just like ah it's like Jerry hey why are you listening those so she's saying only buddy we can responsibly afford that's your attribution and then we say very well puts very well put she likes it when she speaks her mind revolutions retribution and then she gets ahead with the cookie from Natsuki so this is the same same text and then she wants not to eat chocolate one takes a bite of it all right so is this something new yeah let's see okay so that's the same mean bike of my chair instead each of the girls I noticed that Sarah and Monica are discussing something and I listening covertly take one of my books out of my backpack and prop it up with my hands I said the same phase and reread it over and over again you're probably gonna see when I may have compared all the other clubs though hmm well we can't give up the festivals are a chance to show everyone literature's all about okay so this is the same something that speaks to the creative minds so he's gonna talk about something that speaks to the creative tummies well that's all about food yeah creative tummy saiary always hungry but she's not though anyways I need to work out the details of vent I guess I heard correctly yesterday however I haven't heard of any event coming up a lot class perhaps a club exclusive event from the way they were positioning the proposition of cupcakes they're attempting it to attract your members or another people try getting me to join it isn't like I haven't entertained a thought my afternoons are much more empty than I originally anticipated but do I want to though I do enjoy reading it's my only pastime for majority of the evening I mean if you enjoy reading why not hola what's that mater 2099 how you doing how are you I will be ending this manu in like ten minutes I've been streaming for 11 hours and 50 minutes so I'll be ending it in ten minutes but if you if you want to watch anything you could always obviously watch the stream and then and then I'll put it to youtube later too so and I already come here to box area home every day hmm I'm broken out of my trance like dog bye sorry waving her hand in front of my face huh what do you want I've been calling your name speak up then I look up at her what is it do you know what to be here fly you're really investing yourself in the activities activities no one's doing anything I'm literally just waiting for whatever you guys you girls have planned and I am reading is that not related to literature I guess yeah were you talking about sorry while you guys correct you just look really tired do i yes so I thought maybe you're dozed off I can assure you guys very much conscious I was thinking about something Oh also I've noticed you're late to school at times huh you're asleep sorry yeah not every day that's not very convincing how many days is fast week have you gotten up on time let's it's a sacred I knew it come on all right so that's the same mm-hmm you were clearly in a rush this morning okay so right are we gonna have a are we gonna have the event are we gonna be budding up or sure and getting that close to her with the demeanor that our emcee as in this in this game oh I think we're gonna do it I think we're gonna do it I do think you have a boyfriend yet yeah oh it's time it's time me this is so funny oh this is so funny what is it like a care for your own looks I was just thinking how weird it is that a friend who does these kind of things well we live next to each other it's an classes with each other and I walk you home afterward let's just say I don't want to look like a slob when I'm around you need to care about your appearance sorry the more developed the more disheveled you look the ears easier it is to stand out to people a good or little like feet out of there like position and everything but isn't it okay to stand up like being unique not for everyone some people prefer to remain hidden in crowds so he looks at me when I say that sentence you can just say it out loud you know oh you're talking about yourself are you not how did you know I smirk it's okay though I've never liked this do you mean we woman I'm doing this for your own good there's no way to be considered here still I appreciate it hey be careful fun might come off sponge rather difficult to close sure gonna pull a close the button near jest yeah we're definitely getting closer to sorry you're definitely gonna be reminded of whatever chick what's her name I keep forgetting it Jesus does this blazer even fit you anymore yeah yeah but I bought it give her up buttoned it you would have noticed sooner that it doesn't fit you anymore you should probably lay off the junk food uh-huh yeah it's eaters doesn't care sir smiles why are you smiling means that my boobs are getting bigger I retract my aunt's from her blazer anyway you look much better now like someone who has some degree of self respect I won't lie it's a little strange to see Sarah's blazer buttoned up like that so another thing about us kind of being more spy oriented we're a lot harsher we're not we're not dense but we're a harsher does she's not like our childhood friend so I don't know maybe some of the things that were still sang to her can still affect her but I would imagine if she did have some sort of depression I would imagine that we would catch on to it with this MC but we shall see we shall see for the short time I've known her it has always been unbuttoned the fact that the school lets it go is even more puzzling but it's so stuffy it's not worth it at all that's his the same thing Jam buttons it your Patronus rolls around you're an odd one sorry mm-hmm I'm gonna use the bathroom so he trots out of club room click on the room here's her face buried in a book Monika's casually running down one of her notebooks and that gives the spiritus closet seemed awkward if I just sat here doing nothing which girl do I go talk to wait a minute can I do this in the original game I cannot do this in the original game I cannot okay interesting interesting I have five minutes left and then I will be ending the stream because I have to wake up early we have done 11 hours and 55 minutes we're almost there we've almost completed 12 hours everybody here will be witnessing that let's see so I don't think I can normally pick or maybe I can I forget who do I want to spend it with probably Monica I think I think in this I think I'm gonna do Monica because in this in this story like Monica is the one who's familiar to us right so we don't really have a relation to Matt's here URI but Monica's familiar to us for some reason so I kind of want to explore that I had to pick one Monica chuckles quietly to herself I glanced in her direction in her eyes made she smiles and hope to gaze I decide to scoot next to Monica Monica oh my fly what's up just wondering what you were up to I heard you giggle yeah yeah I was laughing about a silly little phrase I thought of yeah let's hear it okay if you say so okay whatever you want then remove the first and last paragraph huh yeah well I'm just exploring it since I always feel that you should write whatever down then fix it later let's get a relates to that but in a more comical style okay so just you have no context I see you're in a venture on outdraw comical yeah I guess it's um what is what a cup smiles at me so I walk past the music room earlier and I started playing piano oh you did I was doing lunch right yeah I wasn't trying to spy or anything I just heard someone playing as I walked past what's not bad so I looked in solves you yeah I'm not that good yeah I just started playing read something actually well when I heard wasn't that bad so you're just sort of playing on your own volition yep that's pretty admirable yeah you think so it takes a lot of courage and learn something on your own I've definitely found that out on my own I remember as a project at my old school I was told to navigate myself out of a rugged wilderness at the school regularly used for multiple purposes if I didn't successfully get myself out of the area I'm back to school on three days help relieve and I would be my own difficult to survive in an area where you've never been I was only given a few bottles of water and a couple of rations yeah okay learning something on you okay it was difficult three days but I managed to do it ever since then I realized that surviving on your own off of basically nothing is much harder than anticipated ever since I try to train as much as possible well I enjoy it so I don't find it difficult at times yeah your muse me Monica so fly you're quite the mystery around here am I now huh yep and I think it's because none of us know anything about you I mean you did kind of show up out of nowhere to be here at the school oh my no sounded quite rude I'm sorry rude he pointed out what was fact and yeah I gotta have the feeling you girls looked at me like I was an alien at first it sounds very big Monica yeah I wanted to pick Monica just because our emcee in the trout recognized her I kind of wanted to like explore explore that in fact appear the other girls still look to me like that oh it's not like I mind I mean I'm used to it well I won't lie I'm a little curious about you hmm perhaps you could answer a few questions for me so I can kind of get to know you better Monica wants to get to know me better there wasn't careful I would assume that she has somewhat of an interest in me which can be good and bad well there are questions I can answer I don't see why not great so bye first off how old are you I'm 18 damn so this flies 18 Monica smiles at my answer she's probably happy that I'm going along with this game of hers I'll humor her for now what's your favorite color don't have one anything you prefer maybe blue I guess pockets have searched in a few times with the back of her pen signaling that she is thinking favorite animal lion-o for courage you're on the right track like a smile grows you have any siblings none hmm what do you like to do for fun fly I like to exercise and read it's pretty much it exercising read huh that's really interesting you say so last question for now sorry mentioned that you had a part-time job what do you do nothing of importance I'm only calm when I'm needed Oh I guess our Monica isn't satisfied by my answer what do you do for fun Monica well I like learning new things challenging myself and of course writing so you're the definition of academic and yeah I guess I just like to be the best I can be and what possibly brought you to that drive what do you mean well no one just wakes up and decides what you have chosen for yourself there's generally generally a trigger that causes that you're pretty smart aren't you fly I guess so I learned that from an elder in my life Monica Dodge is my question something presumably bad happened to her in the past that she doesn't want to reveal I didn't answer her question so it's only fair for her not to answer mine however the hurt look on her face somewhat weakens my stance I'm sorry if I had a sore spot for you Monica no no it's okay fly so what got you into literature I try to change the subject to something she's passionate about literature her demeanor immediately changes back to the normal Monica well I just love that it's applied in many different ways in fact the different ways that's interpreted and oriented can definitely change someone's mood easily it just fascinates me that's good I guess I have to agree with you Monica the different ways that literature's apply can deliver a mult multitude of emotions exactly she smiles let's smile I don't know why it feels like I've seen him before I like the theory that maybe Monica used to be a childhood friend and that would make sense maybe we kind of like forgot about it and I don't know I like that theory it could it could be just not true but I like it I have something extra plan for today so everyone could come up to the front of the room so it's about the festival so this is the reading it looks like yeah so I think I might be able to skip most of the dialogue here because it's just the reading except for the new dialogue that we say gonna be performing mmm they're all nervous they're saying that they don't want to do it Chris Monica's hair upset about that so nothing different yet I agree I don't think it's too much to ask Thanks aromatic I've been trying really already getting remembers okay so this is the same that we say yeah she says fine and then URI says her line style this club is seriously gonna be the death of me right so we're going to be practicing reading all right let's promise that all the way they fly okay so this is the original one that she has nothing different there is I'm not clicking the skip button is because I don't want to make sure I skip any new dialogue that's why I don't click this skip on I don't wanna skip anything that's new all right so URI goes in on our poem after image of a crimson eye yeah this is the same thing that our MC normally says mm-hmm there he goes next reading your meadow yo you're still streaming ya craze I'm actually gonna be finishing like after this day I have officially hit 12 hours four minutes ago but I just want to finish this day so I'm kind of skipping right now the dialogue that's the same as the original game there is I don't click the skip button like I just said is because I don't want to skip any new text so it looks the same so sorry shares her poem what is this year imply liked it yeah I guess that's a good sign so he finishes reapplied what does that even mean give a necessary I says the same and then knots he's gonna go up jump our poem is called jump normally alright so same thing here alright so I was talking about the festival's gonna be tomorrow oh I like how they kind of floated out like that I don't think they normally have that little animation they're ready to go Sara yep okay same dialogue same dialogue here it's okay if I you don't have to say it the same thing alright so this side look should be new I walk home with Sara once more but it feels something is different this time Sara's much more quiet than normal sorry why are you quiet yeah what do you mean normally it would have been talking about something I would normally – now ramadi playing at the moment I am playing it's a hot right now right now I am playing out fruits of the literature Club this is one of the most I guess well respected talked about mods one of it one of the best mods I'll saw I'm really excited to play this one but ever since we left the club earlier you've been very silent I don't want silent spot if it's from you it's creepy I guess it's because of one thing you said back there huh he said that you weren't important but you are are you saying fly everyone's important and I'm sure you're not an exception I don't know where you saw hell-bent on this fixation didn't your mom ever tell you this my mom yeah we were abundant but buttoning up her blouse or whatever well I never met her so I don't really know okay oh I'm sorry for bringing it up woman what is with the sad face I don't care yeah but everyone needs a mom figure well I guess there was one woman she took me in while I was young and cared for me oh sure she was like your mom Ivan or they call her mom like a woman she was my guardian for sure oh so she was kind of your mom then I guess you could say that so we're home okay opening up a little bit more to say Ari yep listen fly I know you don't want to join the literature club but I just want to say thank you yeah it's made me really happy no you haven't made that many friends at school yet but I guess I'm just saying I appreciate you staying after school for me sorry honestly I've kind of enjoyed my time at the club I can't see cuz I'm watching on audio oh no worries no worries well what don't look off your face I guess this is my silly way of saying oh let's do this I am gonna join the letter to your club well wait for real yes but there's no need to get as excited as you are I'm so happy fly no say Ari so he ups up and wraps her arms around me get off me I move her arms from around my torso listen if you're gonna make an assault such as that on me I need a damn warning so sorry I'm just so happy so he turns and starts to skip off to our house I feel like we're gonna start to uh I don't know like appreciate her more like maybe we'll kind of watch her leave or something by fly yeah yeah I watch her leave exactly I just make a mistake I guess we'll see crack a smile yeah and began to walk home smiled and last for more than four seconds before my phone rings already the sitter wouldn't be as often mmm Sarah's bedroom yeah I said it would join um wait a minute this is the same night that's great I'm relieved vodkas worse emanates from Sarah's loudspeaker she has been talking to Monica for a few minutes as she puts away in laundry we finally have a fifth member picking me an official school Club yeah that is right sorry one by one puts her garments away in her dresser no that's your really clean on my room is it still messy yeah I don't really clean it that often well what a fly came over and saw that well what do you mean by that well they would say your room are dirty silly how would he be in my room yeah so it takes a second to decipher Oh Monica man yeah huh Monica yeah Sarah's your action causes Monica to giggle that is gross all right all right I'm sorry I step onto the back patio that leads to my backyard silence outside makes it much easier to think sit down on a lawn chair and lay my head back is that looking at the Stars yeah exasperated sigh I Eve someone relieves my frustration maybe the company has been calling me more and more going in more and more but not even for my intended purpose for odd jobs here and there go get this go deliver that just shut up already really wish I could say that I wasn't trained for office work top it off when I was permitted to come here I was told I was gonna be a reserved to only be used when absolutely necessary you were here you would correct this frivolous behavior but you're not and I am on my own would you been proud of me for what I did I looked out saw an executive in his face why am I being called what is your intern too scared to look you in the eye so let's enter on the behavior from I'm not gonna oh so just love a view from the look in his face when I step posted on made me smart I wasn't trying to do your internship I'm not your toy do not treat me and use me as such normally I would have been at Brandon Auto for correction but I think the executive understood that he is out line because I was assigned to another person okay fortunately I'm never gonna escape that underlying concern in the back of my mind no matter what something I will never be able to run from something catches my eye to my left it's a auras house her bedroom light is on and she seems to be changing clothes but that isn't what caught my attention I hear something in the bushes nearby the rhythmic sound of silence footsteps so obvious it looks like okay so did we just have okay so that was something that just happened it's permitted to come here I was told okay I see okay so we kind of told you I often come in loader ground and suddenly move towards the front of my house could it be no it can't be close my eyes and wait for the sound again Brazos why mission gotcha ask okra on the bushes that lead alongside the sidewalk remaining on the street lamps and other miscellaneous lights here on the quarter notice a boy around my age trying to gear up in the series window divine him run by the back of his shirt collar and pull them down first for later good bro the fuck are you what is your problem chose to get up off the ground but I place my foot on his chest and home down mine what do you think you're doing at a girl's bedroom like that look ain't gonna go spread room like that look down at him meet his eyes mind your own business I reach down to pick up by his collar once more I'm making it my business he pushes me back well attempts to but I predicted this so the sands make contact with my chest I wrapped my hand around his left arm my right arm reaches her at his right I bring my left arm in Mertz pulling him closer to his sole body type he's first thought over towards me giving me the perfect opportunity I shove his right arm down bringing his neck closer take this chance my right elbow strikes him in the drum I let him stagger back is ice pinched in a panic fashion I step closer forcing him to move further away you're gonna continue or you leave yeah your eyes what's with your eyes take another step closer good he called some struggles to breathe here just out to lunge at me I swing my left leg in a clockwise motion orienting it so I can make contact with this rib cage good he collapses on his knees a mix-up at me I grab a bite and force his attention I said leave if ever see you again I will not hesitate as I am now war you are up on my hands are on his throat do you understand he nods push him backwards right gets back on his feet clumsily it runs off watch I'm playing like a dog with to tear between their legs Dario Monahan sees a fuckin badass man RM sees an actual badass Suri's Minoo opens I get as close to the wall as possible concealing myself from review to be caught right now and not do me any good sir he looks around for a moment then closes her window here I lie down a matted stare at the ceiling that boy I've never seen him before so either doesn't attend her school or I missed him but why was he attempting to peep at saiary like that doesn't matter anymore but what I did was what I did necessary I mean I could have just let him peek at sorry so the good side of me just feels absolutely anger at what he did oh you're a little jealous I really grown to like these girls mm-hmm damn love room the next day all right I am gonna save it here wow that was a nice little action scene to end it on

4 thoughts on “Fruits of the Literature Club [Part 1] – MC'S A BADASS!

  1. 1:11:16 oh the feels, this is one of the things I liked about Sayori's route, finding out more about Ashley, she's not his last lover, even though sayori reminds him of her.

  2. Honestly, Sayori's route received some criticism and I agree with it, its not the best in my opinion, it was okay all the way through chapter 4 but chapter 5 just kinda shot it down for me, especially if you compare it to Yuri's route which I haven't seen the end to but is already a far cry from Sayori's, it much better done, but on the good side Natsuki and Monika's routes are not complete yet, so all the criticism from Sayori's and the feed back from Yuri's will hopefully make them really good.

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