36 thoughts on “From Boring Afternoon Photos to Fine Art Black and White

  1. Hi sir again very beautiful video so much to learn from you.Sir can i get a signed book of paris from you.Cheers Buddha bless you and your sweet family always🙂❤❤❤

  2. I must say, that I really enjoy the way evolution you come through as a photographer. I remember the first videos, where every photo had a maximized slider to left/right for shadows/highlights…not to mentions other things like a lot of magenta. Currently you try to not over do with sliders which is very helpful, especially for someone who starts his/her adventure with photography. To sum up, I really enjoyed this video and previous also. It teached me a lot… Thank you! 🙂

  3. When I first saw you on YouTube, I knew I needed to get LightRoom. You are very generous with your information and have taught me so much in the year that I've been following your website, so thank you very much. Your editing process and workflow has been invaluable; however, it would be extremely informative to learn the next step: What is needed and how best to get my edited photos printed and hanged professionally. Thanks again for all your hard earned knowledge 🙂

  4. Nice video Serge, I would have used Silver Effects Pro but it is amazing to see you at work and I love what you are doing, learn a lot of these tutorials. Merci!

  5. I loved what you did to your photograph in Lightroom. If you can achieve this in Lightroom what would Photoshop, Silver effects pro or and of the other applications geared to B&W? Also, I am waiting for your complete bundle specials between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Oops, is it ok to say Christmas? 😇

  6. This was quite interesting to me, im not really a fan of B&W and its rare for me to like it over the color version but i liked what you did with the building and clouds with the water foreground, i might give it a go as im in a bit of a photography slump at the moment, thanks for your good work Serge 😉

  7. Brilliantly informative thank you. You are really opening up the potential of LR to me. I found the tips about where to position the shots very helpful too.
    Thank you for continuing to put out such great content. X

  8. Love black and white photos, my favorite. If possible will go out shooting tomorrow and see what I can get. Great tutorial!

  9. nice tuto !
    for pictures with flowers at F/6.3, do you focus on flowers ? the castle doesn't seem so blur !
    You master Lightroom + brush but I am not fan. very limited. either i use photoshop (i like your b&w courses on photoshop !) or most often Sylver efex pro 2.
    Because i migrate more and more to Luminar (looking forward to V4), i would be intersted to see tutos and courses on fine art black and white in Luminar using Accent AI2, sky enhancer,…
    There is a free huge megapack from skylum for B&W but still difficult to reach same deep dramatic BW than with sylver efex pro 2.

  10. Inspirational ! I so much appreciate the time and effort that you take to produce this content which is of immense benefit to us all. Thank you Serge !!!

  11. Great job.I have purchased lots of your tutorials in the past. And It has taken my editing to a whole new level thank you 👍

  12. Just as the final result is about to happen an ad for your panorama retouching video comes across the screen. Please correct that.

  13. Hi Serge, I've followed your channel for a good number of years now and still enjoy the lessons, You can always learn something new in Photography.
    I just upgraded my camera from a Fuji XT10 to an XT2. So far I've been playing with it just to get used to it. Later this week I'm going to Berlin for a long weekend so looking forward to trying some more monochrome shots. There's a little battle going on in my head now saying JPG straight out of the camera Vs Editing RAW. Newer cameras have great film simulation modes. What do you think of modern JPGs ? Regards, Drew, Edinburgh

  14. More amazing shared knowledge completely for free (although I am a fully signed-up member of a lot of your courses and packages)… big thanks as always – you are the best – I love what you have helped me achieve with my photos.

  15. This was so instructional to watch and learn. You make it look so easy. Definitely going to use these techniques on my photos. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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