Fred Armisen, Art Aficionado: Portrait of an Artist by David Hockney

Fred Armisen, Art Aficionado: Portrait of an Artist by David Hockney

-Fred, it is such
a delight to be around you. I just feel not only
are you my friend and I like your companionship, but it's an education
to be around you, Fred. You are a Renaissance man. Are you okay with me
calling you that? -It's so nice. Thank you. -You're a comedian,
a musician, a writer, but the thing that I found out
about you this week that many people don't know, you
are an art connoisseur. -I am. -And you were
telling me backstage — You were telling me that
you have an art historian's knowledge of
every painting ever painted. -Every painting, yes. -And, now, there's a chance that
you're lying to me, Fred, and that's just something you've
said to impress me, and that would break my heart. But I would prefer that you
to come clean to me right now than lie to me. -No, it's the truth. -Well, we are gonna put it
to the test, Fred. It's time once again for "Fred Armisen:
Art Aficionado." [ Cheers and applause ]
♪♪ -Fred, this is David Hockney's "Portrait of an Artist
(Pool with Two Figures)" Fred, tell us about
this painting. -Oh, yes. An incredible piece that was
inspired, they say, by some of the older paintings and, you know, some of
the Impressionist paintings, where, back then,
it would be sort of gentleman near a swimming pool
and another person underneath a swimming pool, you know, like,
swimming in the water. -Yep, I think
we could all see that. -Yeah, but what I'm saying —
But take a close look at the blue,
which is really fascinating. It represents water, which is — -This blue or this blue?
-Down towards the bottom. -Okay, I gotcha.
-I love that. When I first learned that,
I was like, "Oh, wow! You know, blue equals…" And, so — And if you
look up at the gentleman, the red represents jacket,
so — which is great. It's just like
these things sort of — It's very impressionistic
and very celebratory. -So, now, that's all stuff you
learned from, obviously, your art education. What did you think it was before
you were told that? -I thought it was just
abstract colors. You know, I thought it was
the palette he used to sort of start painting. -Oh, wow. So you just thought
that was green until someone said "trees." -How did you know that?
I mean… -Thank you once again.
I mean, that's fantastic. It's just fantastic
how much you know. -Oh, thank you. -And can you tell me the
artist's name one more time? -This is —
-I already told you. -This is a group painting.
-Oh. -It's… -Different people
did different — -It's the Hockney family.
-Oh, the Hockney family did it. Gotcha.
-So everyone chipped in for it. -Give it up for
Fred Armisen, everybody. [ Cheers and applause ]

11 thoughts on “Fred Armisen, Art Aficionado: Portrait of an Artist by David Hockney

  1. I always thought that was called "David Spade and air bubble trapped in Speedo'. What the heck painting am I thinking of, then?

  2. That's by the way one of the most existential and overlooked revelations, "You thought it was green until someone said it was trees"! That's what life is, getting explanations and adding meaning to categorise perceived stimuli.

  3. Can you tell us of the art piece .. "The Human Orange that produces Sh!t"

    actually I'd like to draw this and put it on my channel… 😀

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