FOUND PZ9 HOUSE & FACE REVEAL PICTURES! Regina Missing and Trapped In 24 Hour Escape Room Challenge

FOUND PZ9 HOUSE & FACE REVEAL PICTURES! Regina Missing and Trapped In 24 Hour Escape Room Challenge

– What up, spy ninjas! We found PZ9’s house! Regina’s already on the way here, but what’s awesome is
maybe inside of his house there’ll be pictures of him, and we can finally figure
out who his true identity is. – We’re getting pretty
close, let’s call Regina to see where she’s at. – Pick it up, Regina, come on. – [Regina] Hi, it’s
Regina, leave a message. – Ugh, voicemail? That’s kinda weird. She always answer her phone. – Maybe her battery ran out. – Right, she’s clumsy so she
might’ve dropped it somewhere. – She probably dropped it
in the toilet, knowing her. Oh, there’s PZ9 right there! Quick, hide, hide, hide! Quick, get down. Right there, right there. – [Vy] Wait, wait, is that him? – [Daniel] That’s him. – [Chad] You see that? – [Daniel] Is That PZ9, I thought. – [Chad] That’s him. – [Chad] That’s his house. – [Daniel] That’s gotta be his house! – [Vy] Yeah! – [Chad] Guys, we’re out in
the open here, let’s hide. Hide, hide, hide! – I’m pretty sure that’s the house, because Regina told me,
and it looks like that. – Okay guys, maybe he left the door open, so let’s go inside and see if there’s any pictures of the real PZ9. – There might be other hackers
in there, so be careful. – [Chad] Be careful. – You go for it, Vy? – [Chad] Is Vy the brave one, Daniel? – I think so. – We need more training. It’s locked. – I’ve got an idea, let’s trail PZ9. He must have the key on him. He’s right there. Get behind this bush. What is he doing? – [Daniel] What’s he throwing in the air? – [Chad] There’s something in his hand. (Metallic ringing) Whoa, shoot! He dropped something. That’s the key, right there. Oh shoot. Hide, hide, hide, hide! – Can’t lose the only
keys to my apartment. (Laughs) – He just said that was
the key to his apartment! – He’s just throwing it
around, like careless. – And we’ve gotta that key
to get inside the apartment. – Let’s go. (Intense music) – Oh, oh, did you see? He barely cleared that fence! – I think he needs to
work on his ninja moves. (Intense music) – [Daniel] He’s relaxing in a hammock! Look, his butt’s almost
touching the ground! – Where’s the key? Is he holding it? – I don’t see it anywhere. – Oh, I know. I have my spy essential kit with me. There’s binoculars in there. – Yes. – Yes. – [Chad] What do you see? – [Daniel] Do you see it? – [Vy] It’s not on the hammock. Oh! It’s on the ground! It’s on the ground, I see it! – [Chad] It’s right there, on the grass. – [Daniel] It’s laying
right on the ground. Let’s, let’s go get it! – [Chad] Yeah, yeah! – Wait, hold on. Isn’t it kind of suspicious that it’s just laying on the ground? Why wouldn’t he, like,
have it somewhere safe? – Vy, no, I had to dress
up as PZ9 that one time. Those pants, they don’t
have any pockets in them. That’s why he left it on the ground. – They must be girl’s pants, ’cause girl pants never have pockets. – Let’s, let’s… Let’s go get it! – [Chad] Yeah! – Stay low. – A little faster, let’s go guys, come on. Don’t let him hear us. Okay, PZ9’s right there. There’s his finger. Okay, all right, I’m gonna
take my backpack off. I’ve gotta be as quiet as possible. I can’t wake him up. Here we go! – [Daniel] Good luck. There you go, Chad, be careful! Get down low. (Intense music) Watch out, lie down! Oh gosh! He just woke up! Okay, he’s sleeping again, all right. Chad, get the key. Oh no, Chad doesn’t know where it is. – I mean it’s right there,
that was on the ground. – I don’t see it anywhere. – We should get a better angle, Daniel. – Okay, let’s go round here. – [Vy] Okay. – [Daniel] Behind this. – Where’d it go? – [Daniel] I don’t know, Chad, I don’t see it anywhere. – [Vy] I think it’s on his chest! – [Daniel] Oh yeah, on his chest. Right there, that’s the key! On his chest, Chad, yeah! You’re right! Oh man, PZ9 is a light sleeper. (Intense music) Get outta there, Chad! – I’ve got the key! We can get into his apartment now! – You know, I have a really
weird feeling about this. I think the key was really
suspiciously placed, like right here. Wouldn’t he keep it, like
somewhere else more… – Like I said, it doesn’t
have any pockets, Vy. – But wouldn’t he try to like, hide it underneath his
sleeve or, or something? – He doesn’t know we’re spying on him. – What if we go up there, turn the door, and then a trap falls on us? We’re all trapped. – Come on, let’s just do it. I’m so excited, we’re gonna finally see the inside of his house! We’ll probably see pictures of his face! I don’t see any traps
that are gonna fall on us. – [Daniel] Okay, wait, wait, wait. – Hold on, let me call Regina real quick. Okay, okay, it’s kinda weird, she’s not picking up her phone, I’m getting a little worried. Did she get lost, or what’s going on? – You know Regina, she’s not
the sharpest shed in the tool. She might’ve forgotten
to charge her phone. – Don’t you mean the
sharpest tool in the shed? – Yeah. – Oh. – Who’s the sharpest shed
in the tool now, huh? I turned it. No traps, okay, no traps. Let’s open the door. Oh! – [Daniel] (Gasps) (Gasps) Oh my gosh! – See, Vy, what did I tell you? No traps! – [Daniel] No traps, Vy! – We’ll see. – [Daniel] Be careful though. – Nice. Now time to find PZ9’s face. This is PZ9’s kitchen. Look at this, Starbucks! – [Daniel] (Gasps) – Remember when we saw PZ9 at Starbucks? He goes to Starbucks all the time! There’s no name. All right, let’s keep looking, see if we can find a
picture of PZ9’s face. – Guys, look at this! – Whoa, I know who this is! All you spy ninjas keep leaving comments, you think PZ9 is Stove. It is a picture of Stove
on top of the stove! – So it’s the double stove! – This must be who PZ9 is, right? – [Daniel] No guys, it
can’t be Stove, right? We already know PZ9’s name is Melvin. – It’s not Stove? – Yeah, it can’t be. – I don’t know, I mean, his name does have six letters
in it, and so does Melvin. – That’s true, unless – – Look at this on the back. It’s a picture of a battery. Isn’t a battery part of Project
Zorgo’s secret language? – My decoder wheel! – Decoder wheel! – Yeah, what does the
key equal right now, Vy? – So key equals nine.
(loud bang) – (Gasps) – Whoa! Whoa whoa! – [Daniel] They’re back! – I thought PZ9 was
sleeping in the hammock. Is he back? – [Daniel] Did you lock the door, Chad? – No, I didn’t, but now it’s locked. I don’t see anything, take a look. Do you see anything? – [Daniel] Yeah, I don’t see anybody. – [Chad] There’s nobody out there. – Help, I can’t see. – Vy, being tall is not one
of your spy ninja abilities, okay? You’re good for crawling and
sneaking through small places. We gotta find where that noise came. It mighta been in this closet. Whoa! – Oh, Chad! – Just kidding, guys, I fooled you! – [Daniel] No time for tomfoolery. – Tomfoolery? What were you Daniel,
born in the eighties? – [Daniel] (gasps) You take it back! – Hey, that’s not that long ago. I think that noise might’ve
came from this fireplace. – [Daniel] Oh! – I’ll listen high, you listen low. – [Vy] Okay. (Intense music) Wait, what is this? – [Chad] What is that?! – It’s a picture, isn’t it? – I think it’s a picture of me. – You need to spend a
little more time at the gym before looking like that. – I mean, just a couple weeks, right? – Is this PZ9, do you think? – PZ9 is the best fighter. This guy looks like he’s
a really good fighter. – Or Mr. Olympia. – Maybe it’ll say his name on the back. Goodness, another one
of those silly symbols. Darn it, his name is
not on the back of this! – I know what to do,
I’ve done this before! You can do a reverse Google Image search. Let me get my laptop. There’s no WiFi here. – We can’t get on Google
without WiFi, without internet. – [Daniel] Oh, no, no, guys, guys. You can use your iPhone as a hotspot. – That means the computer can connect to the phone’s internet. – Oh, here, use my phone. – I’ll set it up as a hotspot. Dang it! – You’re so smart, Daniel, you’re such a good hacker. – Yeah, but there’s no
reception here on your phone. – Put it up higher, here, maybe… Yeah, I’ll put it… I’ll put it up here. – [Daniel] Okay. – Maybe that’s high
enough to get internet. – [Daniel] Okay, cool. Is it working now? – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah! Right here. – Way to go, Daniel! – [Daniel] Thank you! Kick five! – Let’s take a picture of this right here. – I’ll hold it up in front of the camera. – All right, one, two, three, click. – Nice. – Upload it to Google Image, and do a reverse search. – [Chad] Wait, there’s the picture, let’s click into it. What’s his name? – [Daniel] What’s his
name, what’s his name? – (Gasps) – Oh! – It says Melvin Anthony! – Melvin Anthony! – [Daniel] Melvin! – This has got to be PZ9! – [Daniel] That’s him! – No wonder he’s so strong
and such a good fighter! – Oh my gosh, look at those abs! – They’re not that great. (Loud bang)
(All gasp) – [Daniel] There’s that sound again! – It’s coming from over here! – [Daniel] Wait a second,
guys, wait a second. Something weird is
happening to the camera. – Oh no. – Wait, guys, can you see us? There’s something up with the camera. – It’s glitching! – I think someone’s hacking into it! What the heck?! – Daniel, fix it! – I’m trying! – If you’re a spy ninja, can you hear us? – Hello? – We’re losing connection! Guys, it’s turning off, I don’t know what’s going on! – [Vy] What? Oh! (Dramatic music) – Guys, I’m trapped in PZ9’s house, I had to hack onto Chad’s video, because I don’t know what else to do. PZ9 trapped me in his house. There’s a keypad right here, but I don’t know the combination. I’ve been trying to get Chad, Vy and Daniel’s
attention by screaming, but this must be a soundproof door. Watch this. Chad? Daniel? Vy? Hello, I’m in here! Ma! I think the only way they could hear me through the soundproof room, is if I make big old booms, you know? ‘Cause those are low frequencies, because low frequencies
can go through the walls, with the vibrations and stuff. So every once in a while,
I would drop this thing. I don’t know what it is,
but every time I drop it, it’s been catching their attention. Three, two, one, drop! (Loud boom) Let’s go to the door and
see if they’re coming. See! No friends are coming. I’m just going to try to
get out of here myself. But wait a minute. Hello? What’s happening to my camera? It’s getting hacked! Oh no! Hello? – I’m trying. – I think it’s slowly coming back, Daniel. – Is it working? – You’re doing it, Daniel, yeah! – That should be good now. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– I think – It’s back. Oh, awesome, you’re such a good hacker! – I hacked it back. It’s kinda weird, the code
that somebody hacked us with was very similar to the code I use. – Oh, really? They’re a PZ member? – It’s definitely a PZ member, I think. Not a very good one. – Oh. – Anyway, let’s keep
investigating this house. We’ve gotta find out where that boom was
coming from, that sound. It came from over here somewhere. – Yeah. – [Chad] A toilet. – A dirty toilet. – Project Zorgo’s always pooping. – Darn right. – Turn on the lights.
– [Chad] Turn the light on. – It’s not turning on. – [Chad] Shoot. Let’s investigate anyway. – You go first, Vy. – Uh, okay. – [Chad] Be careful. (Intense music) – (Screams) – [Chad] What? – [Daniel] What? – Dirty toilet. That’s the scariest thing ever, ugh. – [Chad] Ew. Okay, there’s nobody in the bathroom. (High pitched squeal) What was that noise? It’s coming from out here. – It’s coming from here. – Something inside there. – Oh my gosh. Are you ready, Daniel? – We’re going to open it? – Whatever comes out of
there, we gotta be prepared. – I am prepared with my feet. Sha! – All right, I’ll open
it, you guys attack. – [Chad] And I’ll kick. – Three, two, one, go. – [Chad & Vy] (Screaming) – Wait, it’s just a dryer. How’d the dryer turn on like that? – That must be the noise
we’ve been hearing. – Which one’s the dryer? – [Chad] The top one, Daniel. You’ve never done laundry before, Daniel? – No, Vy always does it for me. – Ugh, that needs a washing, ugh. – That’s your fault.
– No. – Hey Daniel, I think you’re old enough to do your own laundry now. – Can one of you guys teach me how? – Sure thing, that’ll be on
the next spy ninja training. – Let’s see what’s in here. – [Chad] All right, be
careful, it might be a trap. – It turned off. – [Chad] It’s empty, it’s empty. Okay spy ninjas (gasps) what’s this? – [Vy] Wait, is there more stuff? – [Chad] It’s a picture of a dude! – There’s a person here! – And look, there’s even
more people in the dryer. With symbols on the back of them too. Can you do that cool thing again, Google Image search? – Yeah, yeah. – Take a picture of him. – That’s Melvin. – Melvin? Okay. (camera snaps) – Melvin! – [Daniel] What? (camera snaps) – Melvin?! – And then this guy? – Also Melvin. – Wait a minute, they’re all Melvins? – What the heck?! – But those are all different people! How could they all be Melvin? – So one of these has to be
the real PZ9 Melvin, right? Well maybe if we can decode the symbols on the back of the pictures, maybe that will reveal which
one the real Melvin is. – Okay. – [Chad] Oh shoot! Whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, woah! It’s getting hacked again, Daniel! – Hello? Hi, spy ninjas. I think I hacked back through. Woohoo! I’m the best hacker out there. Let’s just look around here, see if there’s any ways I could get out. I’m in a bathroom. There’s all this junk, a blow dryer? I guess this is a clue
about PZ9, he has hair. It’s a toilet. At least PZ9 trapped me in a
place with a toilet, you know? So I could do my business. All right, let’s investigate this toilet. I don’t wanna use my hands
because PZ9’s kinda gross. Oh, wait! Huh? Human beings in the toilet? Why is there a picture in the toilet? But, I’ll take one for the team. Imma grab some toilet paper, grab onto this, Ugh! Okay, I got it, I got it, I got it. Okay, so what do we have here? Do any of these people look familiar? Oh wait! That man right there. I know him, I watch his
videos all the time! He’s part of Wong Fu Productions! Wait, there’s something on the back, there’s something on the back! It looks like a diamond! So this clue has to do
with Wong Fu Productions, and a diamond? I’m stumped. Maybe it’s for Chad’s
10 million subscriber diamond play button? He’s so close! He’s almost at 10 million! You guys could get him to 10
million subscribers quick, there’s a button down
below, it says subscribe, if it’s red, click it, make it gray, and also hit that bell symbol, ding! And you guys will be notified every time Chad posts a new video. I just need to write them a note. I’m trapped in the back. All done. How am I gonna give them this note, if they’re not even
coming close to this room? They’re in the living room right now. Think! Think! Think! (gasp) The vents! Does this vent right here
lead to the living room? Okay, I’m gonna rip it up. All right, I’m gonna try
to put the notes up there. (Gasps) Three, two, one! Ha! The note, it’s up there, I got it! Look guys, the note, it’s right there, I got it up, stuck in there. But if there was only a
way that I could get it to blow into the other room. Wait, blow! Blow dryer! The blow dryer I found before! That’ll shoot up air into the
vent to make the note travel. Here we go! (Blow dryer blows) A little bit. I got it! It’s working, it’s working! (Static) – You’re getting it, Daniel! It’s coming back, I think. I think it’s coming back, Daniel! – Is it? – Your reverse hacking is awesome! – It should be good! – Oh, oh, spy ninjas! While Daniel was reversing
hacking, I decoded these. – [Chad] Nice! – What’s it say? What’s it say? – It says all these random
letters and words right here! – [Chad] What does that mean? – [Daniel] It doesn’t make any sense. – It doesn’t make any sense, yeah. – Key equal nine, right? You’re doing it correctly? – Yeah, I mean, spy ninjas double check me if I’m doing it right or not. – Maybe the key is not nine anymore, maybe they changed it again. Maybe Project Zorgo
uploaded a brand new video that like, shows, wait, is there a bug or something? – Wait, is it snowing, what’s going on? – Maybe there’s a new key on the… Whoa! – [Daniel] This vent! All these pieces of paper
just feel out of this vent! – [Chad] What the heck? – [Vy] Oh my gosh. – It says writing on some of them. – [Chad] Whoa! – Who’s sending these? It looks like you can put these together. Maybe it’ll spell something. – [Chad] Okay, yes, piece these together. (Intense music) Good job guys, it says, “I’m trapped behind the door
in the back of the house.” (All gasp) – Wait, whose trapped in the house? – [Chad] Who is? Wait, where’s Regina? She’s supposed to be here right now, maybe she got here ahead of us. – She must be trapped behind
the back of the house! – Yeah, we haven’t see
the whole house yet! Wait, Daniel! – We didn’t check here yet! – But that’s the front of the house, the front of the house is that way, the back of the house is back this way. Here’s the dryer and washer. There’s a door behind this door! Look at that! Get in there! – It’s locked! – Regina, are you in there? – [Chad] Regina! Listen to it, listen to the door! – Hello, Regina? – [Regina] Help!
– [Chad] I can hear her! – [Daniel] Shh. – [Regina] Help! – I can, I can hear Regina! – Regina, can you hear us? – She’s a little muffled. – [Regina] Yeah, it’s a soundproof door! I’ve been calling your name. – Oh, you have? Can you get out of here? Come out here. – [Regina] I can’t, there’s a code! I don’t know what it is! – There’s a code? Maybe it had something
to do with these symbols right here! ‘Cause it didn’t make any sense when I tried to decode it! Spy ninjas, I must be
doing something wrong with the decoder wheel! Please, if you have the decoder wheel, you need to help us! Leave a comment down below
and solve these puzzles! – [Regina] I think you
guys are trapped too! – Wait, we’re locked in here too?! – [Vy] Wait — – Wait, no, I don’t think we are, here’s the front door! Oh shoot. Unlock it. We are trapped in here, guys! – [Vy] What?! – Oh no! PZ9’s gonna be here soon! – Oh shoot! (All screaming) (Static)

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