Following a Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

Following a Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

(peaceful music)
– Hi, welcome back. Certainly glad that you
could join us today. We’re Evan and Katelyn. – Today I thought we’d
follow a Bob Ross tutorial, ’cause that’s something
we’ve been wanting to do for a long time. – I just want to get so excited, but you know what? We’re just gonna
channel Bob Ross. We’re gonna be calm.
– Whatever happens. (laughing) – Happy accidents, you
put your personality into the painting. There’s nothing that, no, you
can’t mess up these trees. – It’s a mountain; we’re
gonna be painting a mountain. – There’s trees
with the mountain. – Let’s get into it. Let’s just jump into it. (laughing)
(blooper beep) – Let’s just jump into it. – So we’re gonna list all
the colors we’re using today on screen right now, and
down in the description, not something Bob
Ross usually says, will be the links
to everything else. And we actually started this
whole project yesterday. We cut out our own palettes ’cause we couldn’t
find some big enough. Went ahead and made
our own easels, ’cause we didn’t have
one and we’re cheap. But I think that now
we’re all ready to go. – [Katelyn] This video is
sponsored by Squarespace. From websites and online stores to marketing tools
and analytics, Squarespace is the
all-in-one platform to build a beautiful
online presence and run your business. – I thought today
we’d do a painting that has a fantastic mountain, and I get a lot
of letters saying, show me how to
build a big mountain with snow on it, so I’m
gonna show you a mountain that takes up most
of this painting. And I’ve just covered
the entire canvas with a very thin, even
coat of liquid white. – Alright, thin even
coat of liquid white. – So we have a little
bit of experience painting in acrylic. Liquid white, it’s
looking a little brown. Neither of us have
ever painted in oil, so I’m not.
(Evan laughing) – We don’t really
know what we’re doing. – And that’s kind of
the fun of it, though. I feel like this
is not very liquid. – It’s not runny,
though, that’s good. – Yeah, we learned
from Jenna Marbles, you don’t want it too runny. (Jenna gasps) – [Jenna] It’s dripping
into my sunset. – I can also tell why
he doesn’t do this at the beginning of
every one of his videos. – ‘Cause it’s the
most exciting step? – Let’s just have a good time. – Good time. – [Bob] We’ll use a
little phthalo blue. I like phthalo blue.
– Phthalo blue. – Making little criss-cross
strokes, little X’s. (Bob chuckling) And just beat the
devil out of it. – I keep the devil in a bucket. (banging)
Okay. Oh!
– Oh. – We got paint all
over the laptop. Oops.
(energetic music) – Oh no.
– Oh no. – [Evan] You know,
we’ve always wanted to decorate that laptop, right? – Easy for you to say,
’cause this is my laptop. (Evan giggling) No! – Let’s make a cloud now. But that’s easy
enough right there. And then very lightly, just barely touching the canvas. Okay. – Oh, are you adding
more liquid white? What are you doing? – Sorry. Look at that, that’s beautiful. – Yeah, mine looks
like brush strokes. – Mine look like just,
like I’ve jabbed it. The background is the
foundation for the whole thing. ‘Cause you can’t go back.
– Right, right. – Oh no, oh no, no, no, no. I’ve gotta beat the devil. (banging) Bob’s too much. – Unrealistic expectations.
– Unrealistic expectations. I think that I might, I might just do a
little bit more. (brush banging) – Yeah.
– Dang it, look at you go. How are you just so good? – Bob.
– You’re like mini-Bob. – Mini-Bob. (Evan groans) – Uh-oh, uh-oh. They’re not like
blending nicely anymore and that’s why I–
– Kept on adding white? – Kept on adding white.
(brush banging) Uh-oh. – There you go, there you go. Are you ready to move on? – [Evan] No! (Evan whining) (brush banging) – Your shirt is
unbuttoned so much. (seductive music) Bob! Bob, what are you doing? – I wonder how long
this is gonna end up in the final edit?
– Oh my god. – ‘Cause we’re like–
– We’re an hour into it. – Today we’re gonna
have our bravery test right in the beginning
of the painting. – A bravery test? – Midnight black. Jump right in.
– Oh my god. – [Bob] I think there’s a big
rock that lives right there. Just put in a basic,
– How do you even use a palette knife?
– Basic shape. – Oh my god. – [Bob] We’ll just
have another big rock. There we are.
– I can’t undo this! – [Bob] I’ll bet
you’re saying, Bob, you’ve done it this time. – [Katelyn] Bob, you’ve
done it this time. – [Bob] The mind
has finally gone. – I went more like this. Should I go like that?
– Oh boy. – Oh man, you’ve gotta
do this with confidence. I’m doubting everything. – [Evan] See this is why,
once you start doing this, you can’t go back and change
the sky or the clouds. – [Katelyn] No, that’s true. – Yeah, we’ve got some rocks. – I’ve got some smears. That are rock-esque. – I think you’re
gonna have to call it. – Says the guy that spent
like 20 minutes on clouds. – [Bob] A few little shadows
that live up in there. – So he’s doing it
reallly lightly. (brush clattering) Shoot! Uh-oh. That’s gone forever. (Evan exhaling deepily) – Bob just says no pressure. – I feel pressure. Mm, oh no. – The palette knife does add
some instant character, though. – Character… – Alright, I’d say after
the sky you were winning, not that it’s a competition. – Oh, I’m still winning. – You’re still winning? – Yeah, mine look way
better than yours. – No, look, look, look- – [Bob] Load a lot of
color into the bristles. I wanna bring it to
a nice, sharp edge. Maybe this is a big
glacier that lives up here. – Oh my gosh. – [Bob] Just begin
dropping ’em down. Don’t be afraid of it. You don’t have to overly– – Should we do those? – Can we do the
white strokes first? – Yeah, let’s do
those white strokes. Oh, I see what he means. It does form a nice– – [Katelyn] I’m not
getting a ridge at all. – Are you doing the wiggle? – Oh no, I forgot the wiggle! Oh, so thick. – Wow my shirt is really
unbuttoned quite far. – I know! Ladies. Okay he kinda starts at the top. My snow is black! Get outta here. [Katelyn] No… no…
(Evan laughing) Dang it, how’d you
not pick up the black? Don’t play it, I’m not ready! – Don’t be afraid, Katelyn. – Look at this.
(Evan laughing) It’s so hairy looking. It’s so hairy. Oh no!
– What’s that, baby? – I put more black on it. – You know Katelyn,
what if that gray was your happy little accident, and you just have
a gray mountain? – This is not my happy accident. I’m not happy about
this accident. Get it un-gray! – I think it looks–
– It looks like fur! It looks like a wolf’s fur. – [Evan] I think it
looks beautiful, Katelyn. – We’ll use a single brush. – Hey, yours is already gray. – [Bob] Oh, look at that. Mm, ah oh, oh, there. – Whoa.
– Whoa! – [Bob] Just let it
go, I don’t know. ♪ Let it go ♪ ♪ Let it go ♪ ♪ Let your rocks
hang out in snow ♪ You ready to rock and
roll all day long? – Sweet Susie. – I just need pants
wrapped with paper towels so I can wipe stuff off. – It’s interesting, both
of us have distinct styles. – What’s your style? – Drop out Bob Ross. (both chuckling) (dramatic crashing) (slow motion sounds)
– Oh. There’s all your paint. What are you? This is for your toe. – Yeah, how is Bob
just so good at this? He isn’t dropping anything. He’s so quick. – Oh, that’s never
coming off of our floor. – We had so much
confidence going into this. I mean, you know what? It’s just happy
little accidents. – [Katelyn] That’s, no, that’s
gonna stay on our floor. No!
– Alright. (video game beeping)
Ready? – Yeah, are you ready? – I don’t know. And we are about
halfway through. (video game descent music) – We’re halfway through. Oh, oh no. – Yeah, we’re about
halfway through. (Katelyn vocalizing) – You gotta see–
– Beat the devil outta you! – You’re gonna see nature
in a different way, Katelyn. – But this is not
how I see nature. This is just how my brush
decides nature’s gonna be. – [Bob] One wild
mountain, isn’t it? Mm.
– Mm. – Ugh! – [Bob] Just add white to some. – He’s getting fancy. – Ugh, how does
he, how is he not? – Okay, okay.
– How is he not pulling all of his rock down
with it on the brush? – [Bob] About that like that. (Katelyn groaning) – [Evan] You sounded like a cow. (Evan imitating Katelyn) – You sound like a wookie! – How does he do this? He makes it look like that
barrier is fresh snow. You know what? I’ve gotta beat the
devil out of it. – Me, too.
– That’s what I gotta do. (Evan whistling) You know what? We’ve gotta beat the
devil more often. I did decently. Katelyn, look. White. I did a white, mm. – Is it white? It looks gray. It looks darker than this. – It’s mostly white right there. – I think we’ve got a pretty
nice old mountain there. – It’s ridiculous!
– It’s a really nice mountain. – Oh my gosh. – Some nice little trees way
back here in the background. – It’s tree time! – This is the magic. This is like the Bob Ross
magic time, right here. – Yeah, I’m so nervous. – Tap down.
– Tap down right? – Tap down. – [Katelyn] I feel like
mine just looks like, – There.
– Like I’m sponging it. – Mine just kind
of blend together. – Maybe we’re
hitting it too hard? – [Evan] Impress it,
just try to impress it. – I’m trying to impress you. – It’s working. – [Evan] This isn’t something
that he recommended. – What are you doing? – I’m adding some foilage. – It’s foliage. – Foilage. – Foliage? – Foliage? Look at that. Is that good or was that bad? – I dunno it’s
not what Bob does. So the blending at the bottom, he does that with the big brush? – [Bob] Tap firmly,
and then gently, gently lift upward. – Tap it, tap it. Ooh look at that, magic. Oh, yeah! And then gently, gently–
– Swipe upwards. – Good tip, Bob. – [Katelyn] Good tip, Bob! – Alright, and then
gently, gently. Oh, nope, nope. Mine wasn’t clean enough. – The devil! (brushes banging) – Yeah, but they can’t see you. Look up, look up more. – I can’t look up and do
this at the same time. – Hang on. Do it.
(brush banging) Alright, what are
we doing next, Bob? – And in my world,
I think, yeah, maybe there’s a steep
little thing right here. – Alright, same color,
just a little bit darker. – [Katelyn] Darker, yeah. – [Bob] Maybe it comes down, we don’t know
where it goes here. – [Evan] That’s hard, ’cause
mine was already pretty dark. – [Katelyn] Darker! I love this like
foggy, blurry part. This is the best. – You know what?
– It’s not bad. – Yeah, during almost
every part of this process, I’ve been like,
(loud bang) I don’t know, Bob, I don’t know. I have this doubt in my heart, and I don’t know what I’m doing. But! – It gets there. – It gets there, yeah. – Yeah.
– Huh. (brushes banging) – In my world, lives
a little waterfall. Do you see it? – What, through the trees? (Bob whooshes) – Down.
– What? – [Bob] A little waterfall. – Okay, wait. That was trees, and
now it is a cliff because of a vertical swipe. What?
– What? – Do we go for it, or we just? – Well, yeah, we have to. – Add in some trees
on this side of it. Just to give the
indication that back there, there’s a little waterfall. – What?
– Far away. – Ahh, oh my gosh! – We can take out little–
– Okay. We gotta do it. It’s so good. – I think I’m gonna go crazy, and I’m gonna add it
in using a pencil brush or like a liner brush. – I don’t think
that’s a good idea. – Oh jeez, oh jeez. – What did you do? I don’t even see anything. – No, no, no, I’m just nervous. He has a smaller brush. He has a smaller fan. – Are you ready?
– No. I’m gonna do it anyways. (suspenseful music) – Well, it would have been okay, but you kinda wobbled there. – Nope, this is getting
more and more dark. I should’ve just
stopped after one. – [Katelyn] I think
you need to have like a confident stroke.
(suspenseful music) (both giggling) – Don’t laugh! Hey!
(Katelyn gasps) – [Katelyn] That
was pretty good. That was pretty good. (suspenseful music) – [Evan] Hey! (lighthearted music) – Not bad.
– That’s really good. – [Katelyn] It’s not bad. – I think let’s watch
what’s going next, ’cause he’s about to
do something crazy. – Yeah.
– I just know it. He’s about to like
blow our minds with like the next shenanigan.
– A waterline. – Yeah, adding a waterline. – Or a waterline.
– Yeah. – Take some black,
Prussian blue, sap green. – Oh no.
– Green? – Let’s take some crimson
and brown in there, too. Both browns, what the heck? We don’t care. Right up through that dark.
– What? (Katelyn groaning)
– A big evergreen tree. – He’s doing a line
right down the middle. Barely to the right.
– There it is. – Oh boy.
– Oh! – [Evan] Oh my line
is way too fat. – [Katelyn] I feel
like my canvas is wobbling all over the place. – Yep. ♪ I can create
trees like magic ♪ ♪ My name is Bob Ross ♪ ♪ Making trees like a ♪ ♪ Landscape ♪
♪ Boss ♪ ♪ God ♪ – No, like a boss. – [Bob] Tell ya what,
let’s have a bunch of ’em. Alright, hello yellow ochre. – He just went
(imitates rapid fire) and he just created
a little forest. Alright. There are trees. – [Katelyn]
Interesting how like, as soon as you move
past a section, your brain is like, it’s fine. – It’s fine.
– When you start a new one, you’re brain is
like, it’s terrible. – It’s terrible!
– What are you doing? – [Bob] There we are. Alright.
– Oh, he turned that big
one into two trees all of a sudden.
– I like the big trees. We’ll do one more. – [Katelyn] Three trees! – [Bob] One more. – Oh jeez, I need more, more of everything. – It’s interesting how
different our forests look. Look at that. You put so much more into yours, and I’m just
leaving mine kind of like impressionistic, maybe? Or maybe I’m just being lazy. There ya go, Bob. – Okay, Bob.
– Let’s see what he has next, ’cause I’m thinking he’s
gonna put a field here with like poppies,
like yellow in it. – [Bob] Pull some of that down, so it’ll reflect
right into the water. – Oh, it’s an island.
– There. – Wow.
– We go across. – Wow.
– Oh my gosh! – Wow.
– Okay. (Evan chuckling) – Bob’s getting all fancy. – Bob’s getting real fancy. – Alright, let’s see
what color this is. I kind of like test
what color the brush is, like kind of on the–
– On your arm, ugh! Oh, that’s gonna
be hard to get out. This is oil paint. You’re gonna have to soak
your arm in turpentine. You’re committed now. I’m running out of
room for a reflection. (Katelyn imitates
manic laughter) – And then he pulled down
and then across, right? And then like, down. Oh no, oh no, no, no. – [Katelyn] Look what
happens when I pull down. Look at this. Look, it just puts
a white there. – [Evan] Oh, jeez. – And now it’s just
an over-blended blob. Bob!
– Yeah, I’m getting that white, too. – Oh no.
– Aw, we were doing so well. – [Katelyn] Yeah, I know. – [Bob] Not much bright
red, just a little. – Red?
– Bob, you’re crazy. – [Bob] Little
things back in here. – Now it’s fancy, Bob. – Wow.
– Oh, look at that! Oh my god, look!
– Take a little black. – I know!
– When you back away? Oh my god, okay. I’ve gotta beat the
devil outta this brush. – [Evan] Man, I’m gonna try to
add a little bit of that red. – The bright red?
– Bright red. Alright, alright. – So I ran out of water
at the bottom of mine. I guess I could try
to add some back in. Should I do that? – You can try. – [Katelyn] I’m gonna do it. – You know the crazy thing is, none of this is dry yet. So it’s hard to go back
and retouch anything. – [Katelyn] I just feel
like I lost my water. – Uh-oh. – Don’t say uh-oh.
(Evan laughing) – It’s just the land
is just spreading. – Take a Filbert, go right through that dark here.
– Filbert? – What’s a Filbert?
– On the other side, we’ll go through white. (Bob vocalizing) And make some little
stones in there. (Katelyn exclaiming) There, wherever you
think they should live. – Oh my gosh. – [Bob] Get a little
but of the liquid white, put us in a little water. – He’s already done
with the rocks. – 20 seconds, max. – Alright.
– Okay. – [Evan] Black, brown, white? – White brown. – [Evan] And paint thinner. – And paint thinner. You’re just dipping
the dirty stuff. – Yep, just dip it in. – Oh my god, you’re covered. You’re literally
covered in paint. – Just gotta roll
with it, ready? – [Katelyn] Okay, yeah, yeah. Where are you
putting your stone? – [Evan] Put it right on top? – [Katelyn] I think
so, right on top. – [Evan] Rock,
rock, look at that. – Rock, oh yeah,
look at those rocks! Yeah! Oh they’re getting worse.
(brass music) – Aw, you know.
– It’s okay. You’re only at he
finishing line. You just can’t mess up. Oh.
(Evan inhales sharply) (Both giggling) Oh, god. What’s even happening? No!
– I think you need more paint. – Okay. You just did this, how did? Oh, oh.
– Look at that, stones. (Katelyn murmuring) – Oh, sorry.
– Ooh, you bumped me! – Oh no! – You made my terrible
stones even worse! (Evan laughing) – Oh my gosh!
– Oh, Katelyn. Watch this, watch
this, watch this. Stab it in, roll up, roll down. – [Katelyn] I don’t like that. – You know what? Maybe we just don’t
have as many stones. – [Katelyn] I’m kinda
thinking the same thing. – [Evan] Now mine just
look like chocolate mousse spilled on my painting. (Katelyn laughing)
Shh, shh. – [Katelyn] No! – I forgot to dilute it!
– Yours were good! – I forgot to dilute it. It’s not like there’s
a competition. Or is it? – [Bob] I’m gonna put in
one little bushy up here. Happy little bush.
– Oh my god. – [Bob] Nah, there’s
two, you’re right. – [Evan] Alright,
let’s keep on going. Let’s see what else. Remember everybody, if you
take care of your brushes, they can lat of years. (brush banging) That yellow? – [Katelyn] Just that yellow. I’m doing it! (Katelyn mumbling) – Oh, this is way too much. ♪ Happy bushes hanging
out on my crappy island ♪ – We can sign this rascal. Call him done.
– Oh, that looks good. – [Evan] Wow, we’re
gonna sign it. – Most important part! So we can tell ours apart. – [Bob] I hope you’ve
enjoyed this little panting. Give you a challenge,
it’s a lot of fun. – I’m liking it more and more as I’m farther away from
the act of creating it. – I like mine more and more as I’m farther away from it. (both laughing)
(drum rim shot) Wow, you know what? They actually look
pretty dang good. – [Evan] They actually
look pretty dang good. – I am surprised.
– It’s so interesting, both of the have some
things that I love. I think I like your
rocks a little more. I like my snow a
little bit more. – [Katelyn] I like
the blue in your snow. – You know, it’s like rich?
– I like everything else about mine more.
(Evan laughing) But yours is still pretty nice. I think we both did
pretty dang good. – We both win. – We both win. Was it a competition? We never really decided, but. – I also just got your hands
completely paint covered. Both of ours are. – Well, at least my nose
isn’t covered in paint. – Oh my gosh. It’s like, it’s like… – [Katelyn] The floor
may be a disaster zone. My husband may be
a disaster zone. But our paintings are
pretty darn awesome, I gotta say.
– Yeah. I think that I went through like a cycle in this project. – An arc of emotions?
– I went in, yeah, I went in over confident, I had immense doubt–
– Through most of it. – Through most of it, and then I’m really happy, yeah. – You just have to
have faith in Bob Ross. – And yourself.
– And yourself. – Well thank you guys
so much for joining us. Happy painting, and
we’ll see you next time. – Bye!
(both laughing) (blooper beep) (lighthearted music) You know what else
is kinda like art? – What’s that? – Making a beautiful
website with Squarespace. – I recently made a
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third party plug-ins that I have to worry about
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that it’s gonna work. If you just happen to have
a happy little accident while you’re making
your website, Squarespace is there 24/7 to help you fix these
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for you free trial, and when you’re ready to launch, go to for 10% off your first order. – Thanks, Squarespace!
(blooper beep) – What are you handing me your foot for?
– And on my too. – Oh!
– And on my too. It’s on my too! – [Katelyn] Okay.

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