48 thoughts on “"Fly Me to the Moon" with an original rap verse

  1. Well technically you can’t play among the stars by flying to the moon. To scale, the distance between the sun and the nearest star is from Britain to Spain, while earth to the moon is about 5m (rough estimate)

    If you were to fly to the moon then you’d be no where near a star, and even if you did go to another star the next one would be light years away.

  2. I tabed it for ukulele. hopefully its semi accurate. i also added and changed a few things
    The solo is from ukulele underground


  3. Holy ducking shit, that was so good, i loved it so god damn flipping much please do some more fridgin music my dude

  4. Your lucky you have a girlfriend who cares about you and loves you most and is there when you need her I would do anything for one

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