Fluid Painting Techniques l BLOWN FLOWER l Acrylic Pouring

Fluid Painting Techniques l BLOWN FLOWER l Acrylic Pouring

Hi everyone, See below in the description box for colors used! And be sure to check out Rinske Douna youtube channel! She so kindly showed us her technique! My blow dryer was to strong for this so I used my lungs! Blow the white over the puddle first!

71 thoughts on “Fluid Painting Techniques l BLOWN FLOWER l Acrylic Pouring

  1. Hello !
    What a beautiful painting !
    If I don't want cells , could you tell me how Can I mix the paints ? With what ?
    Sorry for my poor english, I am french.

  2. That’s really creative and pretty. When you first started I wasn’t sure. Just goes to show don’t make snap judgements.

  3. Beautiful. I’ve tried lung power but I get light headed and 🥴 dizzy. I will try the hair dryer like Rinski does. She’s marvelous. Anaheim makes it look as easy. Thanks for sharing

  4. Were you using a straw? Came out very pretty I haven't subscribed yet I watch another of your videos and see if you just have that horrible YouTube elevator music that's just a real turn off for me thanks for sharing

  5. Hi Erica..i tried this and after blowing my paint around, it seems like i had a lot of paint still puddling in the middle of my small canvas…should the paint be on the thinner side for this? TY

  6. This is very lovely ! However, Rinske doesn't use any medium, no Floetrol, she uses only water and I guess it is what makes her technique so surprising. No silicone either but many cells. And she is Dutch so the last "e" in her name sounds like the fist "E" in "Erica" … RinskE

  7. I love your flower, but how do you make paints so liquid in a way that you can blow the paints. Mine dried and did not mine one inch

  8. Beautiful! I’ve been having a lot of problems using the blow dryer… I will try just blowing it out…thank you for the inspiration!

  9. Hallo Erica 🤗
    Es ist eine wundervolle Blume entstanden, ganz bezaubernde Farben 😍
    Ganz herzliche liebe Grüße aus Saarbrücken, Tine 😘😘😘

  10. Wow, that was the cleanest fluid art pour I’ve ever seen! Your newspaper didn’t have drop on it, lol. I kind of cringe with all the access paint normally going to waste, but you’ve done it in a way that saves product! And it still looks beautiful… well done.

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