FLESHTONE Tips! (Miniature Painting)

FLESHTONE Tips! (Miniature Painting)

Hi guys, welcome back! So there’s a tendency when painting fleshtones
for the colour to be quite saturated, often leaving you with a fairly unnatural orange
look. SCREAM!!! The problem is that most out of the bottle
fleshtones are either very flat or they have too much orange in them. And that means that the skin will either be
quite boring or it will end up looking like an Oompa Loompa I don’t like the look of it So, to get around this, it’s a good idea to
desaturate your base colour by mixing in other tones. One of the benefits of this is that as well
as making the skin more natural you can change the base mix slightly for each model and this
will give you a subtle variation between each figure. So to illustrate what I mean, I’ve put a few
paints on my palette. I’ve got a standard flesh tone. A red. Brown Light green And grey Take some of your flesh colour and add a bit
of red. And now add some brown, OK that was a bit
too much there but that’s OK, don’t worry. And we’ll also add a bit of grey, just to
tone it down a bit. So again I added a bit too much there but
we can knock it back by simply adding some of our flesh tone. Alright! So, that’s going to give you a much
more natural look if you use that as your base colour. And, just to show you what I mean, here’s
one I did earlier using the same sort of idea. You can also get some interesting tones by
adding a light green. Whoops! Way too much! If you do add too much, just take some of
your base colour and add it back into the mix. Actually I may as well make a bit of a gradient
here so you can see the difference that adding the green makes. I used this same tone on this model here,
and you can see that it gives quite a natural look. So yeah, just experiment yourself by adding
different colours. I’ve found that green and purples work really well and also blue can
be quite effective. Just try and have fun with it and see what
you can come up with. Alright so, thank you once again for watching
I really appreciate all the likes and shares I’ve gotten recently. So thanks for that. If you have any questions just comment below.
Alright, so that’s all from me, bye for now. SPLAT

12 thoughts on “FLESHTONE Tips! (Miniature Painting)

  1. That's great, nice tips, so once you have that base colour, what do you do for highlighting, do you just add something lighter to the base mix you have? Thanks

  2. Love your stuff man. Was just wondering if you would consider doing a video on smooth color transitions and blending. I really like your style and would love to see how it is achieved.

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