Five Days With L'artisan Parfumeur VLOG || Tripleinc.

Five Days With L'artisan Parfumeur VLOG || Tripleinc.

hello ladies and gentlemen it's Bradley I think we're stopping by the channel triple tank got a mini vlog lined up for you all today and it's gonna be on the house of lark is on parfume they're a niche fragrance house that I am so excited to share with you guys my findings and these amazing five cents that I'm gonna be shown with you so I actually discovered this house for the first time last month when I went up to DC and in my vlog video largas on perfume a also Noir exists when my favorites was larges on t42 and food to have seen as well saffron for me wants my favorite definitely was our artisans been crushing and today and obviously I was super impressed with this house so I got these five samples from REO Shoshana she's very nice to give those to me and I wanted to wear each of them but I'm gonna do this vlog style so for the next five days in a row I will be wearing each of these fragrances and letting you guys know sort of what I think about them from the opening to the dry down and kind of taking you guys with me and so you get to see what I do for five days so this little bit of a different style of a vlog video I'm going to try make it fun fast and entertaining for you guys and remove tackling these five will artis on fragrances super excited so I will be seeing you guys in a week's time back here to let you guys know my final thoughts but for me it'll be about 10 10 seconds actually but you get the picture so I'll see you guys in little good morning everybody bright and early this is gonna be starting day one it's a little bit chillier out today's and I'm going to a dance appointment this morning actually so I'm gonna be wearing this one noir X cease I hear this one has chestnut maple in here I believe and some smoky notes so I'm expecting a sort of a gourmand II sweet smoky sense let's see what we get from this one of course I'm gonna be letting you guys know later on what my thoughts are and about it as I wear it out throughout the day but anyway here's the first go just one spray I'm liking it already definitely picking up some smoky notes in here and definitely maybe get the chest knife smells like roasting chestnuts over the fire and also the maple syrup I get that a lot it's kind of syrupy sweet and very rich and delicious so far I'm liking this quite a bit it's definitely satisfying my sweet tooth I think for a winter time and maybe cooler fall days when you just kind of want a nice cozy sense that's hope this wasn't too strong I only did one spray and it is kicking right now very heavy smokey maple syrup type of ascent very interested see how long it's gonna last because it's quite strong right not just with one spray from a sample this one definitely has some punchiness to it it has a lot of power behind it which I like already all right guys I'm pulling it here to get my teeth clean at the desk point and I will be right back and let you know my thoughts and how this fragrance starts to progress so see in a second that comeback minty fresh been a little over a half an hour so no more excuse has been drying down to my skin for a little bit now and I guys hey guys I literally felt like this was filling up the entire dentist cubicle I mean it was really really strong and stuff is potent you know it hasn't changed a whole lot I feel like if anything some more dried fruit too started to come out I still get the maple I still get the chestnut kind of smokey syrupy sweet and very heavy I'm kind of liking it I'm kind of digging this this in I think it's definitely more of a night out nighttime scent but like I said it's a little cooler today and I think it's working great and the cool sort of crisp autumn air I'm gonna continue to wear so the rest of the day and come back later on in the evening to give you guys my thoughts on how this actually wore throughout the rest of the day but so far so good for know Rx peace okay guys so it is about six hours later from when I last saw you in the morning and we'll give you guys sort of my thoughts on how the water ex keys from largas on how this one dried down and how it wore I my skin throughout the day so right away I am very very impressed with this one this one just has an autumnal smell to me like it really does smell like autumn like falling leaves you know bonfires and stuff like that it has a smokiness like chestnuts a slight kind of Bernie nuttiness in here and maple syrup it is very heavy and very loud that's where I was filling up the dentist's office when I wore it this morning with just one spray now this one has stayed pretty linear if anything the smokiness is sonic has kind of gone away and it has dried up a little bit this definitely has an artistic value to it is very mature and very nice cozy and warm and I think an awesome autumn sense now with the performance it did projected very very strong it was like killer strong within the first two hours about but then after that it settled down a little quicker than I was expecting it's going on about six and a half hours now I can still fairly easy detected on me with just one spray so I think the performance is pretty good with this one you will get your money's worth for that and so far this one gets a triple ink seal of approval off to a good start so far with day one this one was really good one work perfect for kind of a rainy chilly day so I'm feeling good to start things off excited for day two let's go good morning everybody it is now day two of my five days with laughter's own parfum there a vlog video series very rainy and kind of a cold chilly day not very nice to be outside so that is plan to do a little bit of filming I made a little bit of video editing and the some Thai picked is probably the most challenging and the most heavy fragrance and it's a good day today to wear it because this is a little more of a daring scent and I don't only want to be around a whole lot of people one since it's a little on the colder side today it's gonna fit very well and I've just put it on this is a lude from la razón Park from there now I'm gonna actually try this at Ariana's perfumery and this is probably my favorite food that I have come across so far my fragrance journey and I'm happy right now I'm just in the initial opening it's like green pine kind of a mood scent very spicy does have that in here tons of notes leather as well incense Smokies spicy but what I get from it at least in the opening is very strong and it's a nice spicy sort of a green forest e food really unique definitely heavy definitely strong and right away I'm thinking is we fit a little more in the winter but then again a cool day like today it works great it's definitely masculine definitely in your face has a slight sort of a kind of a svet kind of as Bo stinky smell underneath but that's definitely over masked by very nice spicy piney sort of woody sense reminds me a little bit of a more upscale version of Burberry London so guys I'm ready to start the rest of the day I'm gonna come back a little bit later on and let you know how this one dried out on my skin and my final thoughts on it we started off on a great note with noir exes yesterday and looking to keep things strong with a lude today so excited to wear a dress this one catch you in a few okay everybody welcome back so it's a little later on in the evening now and I've had pretty much full days wearing of a loot from larges on gotta say it continues to be probably my favorite mood scent I love this one today it works great well say a little bit of the downside the performance wasn't as strong as I was expecting I would say noir excuse which I wore yesterday was stronger than this one I'm going on a little bit over six hours right now and it's very very close to the skin I can still smell it but just barely and definitely did project as much as noir X East as well so once it's a little closer to the skin as me not as beastly or as loud I think I'm actually okay with that because this scent I don't think I would really want to push away too much this was very masculine and actually got comment with this when I went out to lunch today and the did really really nice can hear the svet and it stayed pretty linear on me and just as a really nice warming spicy and really did remind me of like those sort of pinecones those cinnamon pinecones that you get around Christmastime really nice works great for a very cool rainy day like today and I'll just kind of do some casual things so I think it fit today perfectly definitely my favorite la razón that I have tried so far off to a really good start we're looking forward to tomorrow and see what I'm gonna do next day two in the books good morning everybody welcome to day three as right as a Sunday morning this morning I'm heading off into church and today I'm going to be wearing this tea for two from la razón park from there this is maybe one of the most popular offerings I know a lot people really love this in the autumn and it's supposed to be a spicy tea scent from when I tried it about a month ago I really enjoy it so it's time to give this one a first official wearing on my skin that's spray right there I'm liking already spicy tea let's go wow guys what is even going on right now I can't believe this literally each day keeps getting better and better and better with these scents I thought that the first date Noir excuse was great I thought yesterday's elude was phenomenal and today tea for two just blew everything else out of the water if you can believe that this right here guys legit right here completely legit I love tea for to even the first time just wearing it I can tell I'm gonna love this one so much I may need to pick up myself a bottle of it's because it's really good the opening guys just killed it for me it has Gingerbread in here spices it kind of smells like a spicy sort of a chai tea I don't get a whole lot of overwhelming tea from this but I do get just warm ginger bread like soft spicy we would have smokiness just beautiful beautiful sentence it was very classy they came across very classy but at the same time comfortable and casual it just was very nice refined sophisticated it smelled beautiful and man the quality in here was absolutely phenomenal this is an Eau de Toilette I believe it's not a screamer or a shouter but what it did do it did sit fairly close and it did last a decent amount of time however it's been about three or four hours and I can barely detect it out of me so it is a little bit on the weak side but that's okay we don't need all of our scents to be super beastmode strong and from the environment that I was in today I think it worked perfect with a lot of people sitting around me and actually did garden our continent with this one as well just did great guys tea for two gets a huge thumbs up for me I think this one is full bottle worthy in fact I may be picking up a bottle this one and you may see it pop up later on this autumn just saying Tea for Two easily my favorite I've tried so far man it's just beautiful and really does smell like the autumn and it just smells classy but sure you have very elegance and just down-to-earth and it's just awesome like great signature scent worthy in my opinion guys it's going great so far day three in the books got two of them left and can't wait to see where this goes good morning everybody it is day four of larches on week if you will so I'm gonna call it now and today I'm gonna be rocking this one saffron trippy wants it's gonna be a rainy day today so I thought I would wear this one will only have two left and I love this one when I tried it back in the beginning of August I was absolutely amazing this name actually translates into troublesome saffron and it's gonna be a spicy roads in Ellison from what I remember it's I'm actually really excited today to give us a try on my skin and see how it wears now wearing it in the class today so hopefully I will get some reactions and my classmates that are around me and I'll let you guys know how it is all right guys that should be good enough let's go well when it rains it pours guys so I just got back from my class and let you guys know what I thought about saffron turbulent from larches on to be honest I think it worked very very well this is it fragrance actually is the weakest that I have tried so far over the four days of testing needs and it's little bit unfortunate because I think it smells really really nice it's a very sexy sensual kind of a rose vanilla saffron combination smells really nice it has just the right amount of spiciness in here the rose works so good and the vanilla I just wish it lasted longer this one just doesn't really want to project or push off my skin that much which is a little bit unfortunate because it smells fantastic yeah this is definitely unisex think was smo very very good very attractive on a man or woman i just smells great on anybody I think and just has a nature of being just very interesting and just smells great yeah guys I mean I'm going on a little over two hours right now I can hardly smell on you so maybe you really got to apply a lot of this for in order for it to last but just by some smell alone and the absolute thumbs-up for me just wish it lasted a little bit longer alright so I'm about to go grab some lunch and I will see you tomorrow when I have my last day wearing the final fragrance of the five days of art is on so until then I'll see you day five it's been quite a journey so far guys I've really come a lot more appreciation of the castle clatters on perfume there but I am at day 5 – last and final day this one right here amour not torn now to have a little bit of Sun and this opening guys this actually has gunpowder and caramel has some of the notes with like milk very interesting very unique the opening is incredible I get a caramelized burnt sugar type of a smell with a little bit of like a gunpowder no it's kind of crazy but I actually do get that now I have an evening shift at work I'm going into tonight so hopefully this will work really really nice for me it's a Friday night I'm – going out a little bit after that so hopefully this is gonna work well for that hopefully it'll perform as well so I'm gonna get back with you guys after my shift is over and let you know the results all right guys so just had a long long night and man let me tell you about a more knock torn from larger Sun what a great way to end my Larter's on adventures so far with this fragrance this is great I love this opening that it has it has gunpowder which I totally get in here it has a smoky slightly metallic sparkling just explosive nature to it in the opening and it has caramel a slightly burnt charred exploding caramels basically what I guess is sexy juice like I don't think it was necessarily appropriate for the work time in the evening but I think on a date smelling great on a guy or a gal would be awesome like really so so good so Michael out tonight we'll see and I think this was gonna be a really really good one to wear throughout the rest of the night so wish me luck that was wrapping up my five days with lardy's on parking they're great great fragrances really I have a lot of amazing things to say about this house definitely be getting some bottles of it and you can expect to see them on my channel coming up here pretty soon so you know see you guys back in the morning with the wrap-up peace Wow this house this house just blew my mind that's how good luck is on was very very impressive stuff all other fragrances seem to be very unique very different so I kinda want to wrap up this vlog video and let you guys know my findings my absolute favorite of all of them it was really really tough the two are actually three that really really impressed me we're first and foremost t42 love that spicy chai tea sort of a vibe that that one had another one was a more not torn beautiful beautiful sexy date nights and in my opinion the Gunpowder the caramel so so good and then a lewd the very we're both spicy food fragrance these were the three that really impressed me the most however saffron turbulence and noir excuse were also really really solid since like all of these were haskell hits from me each nameless or I think easily over an eight out of 10 on my rating system just to give you a heads up on that anyhow smelling fantastic the entire week and that was awesome so please let me know what you guys thought about the House of la razón park from there and we let me know what you guys think about this video in the comment section down below by dropping a comment hidden that like button if you enjoyed be sure to subscribe to my channel for some more fragrance content that's gonna get from you guys will hope we see back on the channel sometime soon until the next video see ya

20 thoughts on “Five Days With L'artisan Parfumeur VLOG || Tripleinc.

  1. u liked the tea for 2.. You may like YSL TUXEDO 🙂 smells like tea. unfortunately i only get 2 hrs max wear time 🙁

  2. I liked fou d'absinthe best (in an artistic way), but it had the worst performance. Tea for two is pretty good but it didn't blow my mind to be honest. I really love the drydown though. Camelia Intrepide is the better tea scent, but that one is rather feminine and it starts to suck after 3 hours because it gets soapy.

  3. This video has been deemed "not advertiser friendly" by youtube, and therefore has been demonetized. This is the 4th video of my last 8 that this has happened to, getting very difficult to keep making videos on this platform…. working on my Patron page now

  4. Love the video Brad. This house sounds appealing. Looking forward to trying these out. Always enjoy your outdoor shoots because you get to see nice scenery as well, which can set the mood for what you want to review. Kudos bro.

  5. Loving them Puma Rickie Fowler polos, fam!

    Brilliant take on a brilliant house. Salute as always.

    Loved the transitions too! =]

  6. Your vlogs are always amazing, but this one is the "Tea For Two" vlog! Awesome concept!

    Need to check out this house! 👃

  7. Yeah Brad, yeah Brad, yeeeaaaaah Braaad! 😀 So glad to hear your thoughts on these! L'artisan Parfumeur is one of my favorite lines. Nice to see more love for this house. 🙂 Tea for Two = OG. Always a great choice. Safran my love. Mmmmmm. Not the best performing L'artisan, but definitely my favorite. It's one I've worn consistently over the years and always go back to. Wear it all year round. This one can be over sprayed with no worries. Noir Exquis didn't work well on my skin. Sad, because i loved the note breakdown.

    Hope you do more vids like this!

  8. Great vid, Brad! Each day told it's own story and made it more entertaining. As for Noir Exquis, I haven't heard of the autumnal feeling so I'll have to try that. I've heard it's great for the Christmas season with the whole chestnuts roasting over an open fire kind of feel.

  9. L'Artisan Parfumeur is a very solid house that deserves more love.

    The new bottle to me is a flop. I wish they kept the old bottle with the golden cap.

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