First Look - Blackstar Artisan 10 Limited Run

First Look – Blackstar Artisan 10 Limited Run

hey everybody Steve here from Black Star UK at a strings just to show you a very exclusive look at a brand-new amplifier range that's coming out from us which is strictly very limited there are three models this is one of them this is the artisan 10 and it's 10 watts class a single-ended combo and the reason it's 10 watts is it's our 10th anniversary this year so we're still very very young but we've done a lot in that time and this is to commemorate our 10 years so we've got an artisan which is an er 34 single ended output tube which is this one we have an artiste which is a six cell six single ended output and a series one which is a kt88 in very simple terms the kt88 series one has a very nice clean and a lot of high gain the artist has more of an American feel about it with the 6l6 but this one has more of a British thing going on now if we look at the top panel of the amplifier just to break things down a little bit for you we've got a volume or a preamp stage there's an optional mode switch which I'll talk about in a second this one has a single tone dial so all the way rolled off is more of a darker sound all the way rolled on is more of a brighter sound we have a reverb circuit built in there as well which is a nice simulation of a spring reverb and a master volume as well now what the mode switch is doing on here which by the way is foot switchable it's giving you sort of a simulation if you like of a plexi style amplifier that's being wired with a patch cable together so you're running it a little bit hotter but it's a very similar tone to the initial sound of the amp and the other amps have different modes on them as well that do different things so the turn that you were initially hearing at the beginning of this video was the clean channel with a little bit bite there so if I was digging in hard with my pick I was getting a bit more of a brittle tone so what I'd like to do is pump the the preamp volume all the way up and what's nice is because we got the master volume we can bring that right down if we're at low levels or high practicing recording but you are getting a real nice single-ended class a combo full of goodness but at the moment I'm running the preamp all the way up and the master volume about half way and I'm going to run from the clean tone to the over driven tone which is like blending the two channels together [Applause] super-classy tones great for blues guitar players alike so like I said earlier these are extremely limited and exclusively available for order from a strings so make sure you speak to the guys thanks for watching see

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