Firefighting with Niecy Nash | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Episode 14 | Laugh Out Loud Network

Firefighting with Niecy Nash | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Episode 14 | Laugh Out Loud Network

All right, uh… Another amazing episode
of “What The Fit.” I’m Kevin Hart, your amazing
host/personality. Today, I actually have one
of my favorite friends. I’m talking about Niecy Nash. I’ve known you
for a long time. – You have.
– A really long time. You don’t have to make it
seem that old, like… ( Niecy laughs ) So, Niecy,
I want to go hang out with some
firefighters today. We’re gonna go like–
it’s like one of
them firehouses. – Mm-hmm.
– And they’re going to, like, have some stuff
for us to do so we can see
how hard their day is. – Question.
– Yes. Are you keeping your shirt on? It depends. If there’s like a firefighter
calendar shoot, I told them I want to be July. And I’mma take
a picture with the axe, turn my wife on
with that, okay? I may not need the axe. – Hello.
– Goodbye. Niecy:Well, you know what,
I’m happy we working out today
I’m a little bit thicker.
And so now I’m trying
to dial it back. Hey. – Hi, guys.
– How y’all doing? Welcome. Hello. – Miss, how you doing?
– Kevin. Captain… Welcome to Drill Tower 81.
I’m Captain Marotta. – This is Captain Avila.
– Good to meet you, miss. – How are you, ma’am?
– Hi, Captain. – This is Captain Wikstrom.
– Hi. Hi. Kevin: Thank you for
allowing us to come today and hang out with you. We brought y’all
some stuff. – Awesome.
– We got you a neck brace. – Oh, thank you.
– And also, I know ya’ll be
in the smoke a lot. Some soap and shampoo. – Oh, sweet. Thank you.
– Ain’t no sense in washing up
and not having no shampoo. – I’ll make sure to
use this one.
– What happened to my makeup? The first thing
we want to teach you is how to pull a dummy. We’re dragging Kevin? Kind of. ( laughs ) Firefighter Riley
is gonna demonstrate how we’re gonna
save somebody. So the first thing
we’re going to do is we’re going to bend down, we’re going to pick
the dummy up, wrap hands around him, and we’re going
to drag him back. That’s how you get–
that’s how you– – That’s all you gotta do.
– Anybody, anybody in the fire, – that’s how you do it?
– Anybody. So now I want
you to do that. – ( snorts )
– Yeah. Okay. All right. Uh, what’s his name? – Fred.
– Okay. Mm-hmm. Fred! Fred! ( bleep ) Fred! You’re gonna have
to go get him. ( bleep ) ( grunts ) – It’s hot. It’s hot. It’s…
– That’s hot, it’s hot. The heat. Okay.
I’m making sure that the scene – is right in my head.
– There’s fire here.
You’re gonna stay low. Yeah. All right.
Well, I don’t know that
at first, so– – Kevin, he’s going to die…
– It’s smoky. if you don’t get in there! You can’t breathe,
you can’t breathe. ( grunts )
Get your ass up. Stupid ass ain’t listening. Told you don’t go in there. ( crying )
Where your legs at? They burnt your legs, Fred. Tie your pants up so no smoke get
in the bottom of your legs. And scene.
It’s not your turn. But you get where
I was going with it? It’s not
your turn anymore. – Tell me when to go. Uh huh.
– Ready? Set, go. – Oh, lordy, it’s a fire!
– ( chuckles ) Oh, Jesus! Help us, Lord! – No, Niecy…
– No? – That’s not– – This is my
scene. – Sorry.
– Kevin. – Sorry.
– God, now I got to come – all the way back.
– Well, it’s not a black play. – Jesus Christ.
– ( clears throat ) Ready? Come on, Fred. We’re out of here. No. Who struts like that? She might have
brought him out faster. All right, now is
the most important thing. We’re going to teach you how
to suit up in the proper PPEs. That’s our Personal
Protective Equipment. – All right.
– Here we go. Three, two, one, go. – Take your shoes off.
– ( screaming ) Put your hood on. ( screaming ) Kevin, you’re losing.
Come on. – There you go. Pants up.
– They got people dying? Get it together, man. They ain’t dying. Good. Zip it up. – Kevin!
– Stay on your side. We dealing
with a situation. It got hot.
Goddamn! Is the fire in here
or out there? My booty is too big. We’re going to make
sure it’s zipped. – I got you, man.
– ( zipper zips )Structure fire
for Kevin Hart,
Niecy Nash
at Drill Tower 81.
Reported structure fire,fire on the 4th floorwith reported victims trapped.Metro clear.– Let’s go. Right this way.
– Wait. Question. Question. We ain’t got time
for questions, Kevin. I feel so bad.
I got to go to the bathroom. – Niecy, let’s go. Come on.
– I got to– Well, do I just do it
in the suit? – Yes.
– All right. – Get in.
– Hey, can I drive– – Can I drive the truck?
– No, Kevin. No. – Can I drive this?
– My– no. Just let me drive the truck.
Let me pull out. – You can’t drive it.
– Can I pull out? No, not today. Why she get to drive? It takes a professional
to drive. Oh, my god,
y’all need to
have the air on in here. Is that your first time
in a fire suit? No. I used to strip. ( blows horn ) Okay. This is it.
Here we go. Oh, my god. – Okay.
– Come on out. I’m coming out! Hey, we got a structure
fire up there and two babies are trapped. I’m on my way! We got to climb up
to the roof. We got to cut a hole and get
that smoke out of there and rescue those kids. – Let’s go!
– ( chainsaw revs ) What the ( bleep )
just happened? Here we go, Kevin. You’re going
to follow him right up. Oh, this is real. Let’s go. Let’s go! Let’s go! Niecy, what are you doing? – Let’s go! Shit!
– I’m going. – Shut up.
– Wait a minute. I’m coming! Great, grab the rung,
Kevin, grab the rung! Tell the people I’m coming! – The rung!
– Huh? – Come on.
– Wait a second. – Here we go. Keep going.
– Let’s go. I’m gonna use the chainsaw
to cut a hole on the roof and let the smoke out. All right.
Stand back, stand back. All right, Kevin,
take that pole, hit–
push it, push it! – ( yelling indistinctly )
– Push it, Kevin Hart! – ( yelling indistinctly )
– Let’s go, Kevin. ( yelling indistinctly ) Right on the side,
Right on the side. Harder. Harder!
You killed my mama! – I made it.
– You got to come this way. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! – All right, Niecy.
– Niecy. Come on.
We got to do this, Niecy. – Punch it. Come on, punch it.
– Jesus Christ! – Punch it.
– Niecy, punch that goddamn… – Shut up, Kevin.
– …thing! ( grunts ) There you go.
Grab it on the other side. – Pull it up. Niecy.
– Pull it. Oh, no,
there’s smoke in there! – There you go.
– ( squeals ) No, Niecy, no! Watch out! – Go get ’em, Kevin!
– Move, move! Get her out of there! I’m coming to save you! Yeah. Hold it.
I’m jumping in! – No, don’t jump in, Kevin!
– No, no, don’t jump in! – Don’t– no, no, no.
– No, don’t jump in. – We don’t go in there?
– No, we don’t go in there. I was ready. – Somebody else is in there.
– I was ready. – I know you were.
– Okay. Kevin, we came up here
to rescue a baby. There’s a baby stuck
on the roof. Yeah, where’s the baby? – I’ll take that.
– Watch out! Watch out! – The baby rescue.
– Clear! Clear! Niecy, we need your help.
I think there’s two babies. – I think there’s
two babies, Niecy.
– Everybody watch out!( music playing )Niecy, I got ’em. I got ’em. I got ’em. You okay? Huh? – How we get down?
– The same way we got up. Wait a minute.
I got to go back down that way? – Yes, ma’am.
– Oh, I don’t know how to. – I’ll help you.
– No, I can’t. – Yes, you can. I’ll help you.
– No, I can’t. What the ( bleep )
is going on, Niecy? No, like, seriously, I can’t.
Shut up, Kevin! Niecy, I got two babies
in my hand crying like
( bleep ). I ain’t got time
for this, Niecy. – I can’t do it.
– Get down that ladder. – Yeah, you can.
He’ll be right behind you.
– I can’t do it. I’ll be right behind you.
And we’re in front of you. – Here we go, Kevin.
– Watch out. Kevin: I need one of y’all
to go down first so y’all can
catch the baby. – Give me a baby!
– I gotta throw it down! Hey! – Catch the baby!
– Oh, wait, wait, no! Oh, what the– oh, my god! He killed the baby! Niecy! He killed the baby,
Niecy! Heads up! Heads up! There you go. – Hold on to me.
– Here we go, Kevin. – There you go.
– Watch out. – One at a time.
– One at a time. Let’s go. – There you go.
– Jesus Christ, Niecy, Get on the goddamn ladder! Shut up, Kevin!
I’m having a panic attack! Panic your ass down
this goddamn ladder, Niecy! I want my mama! – There you go. Come on.
– Are you behind me? I’m right here. ( panting ) I got you. I got you, Nightingale, and I got you, Rowanda. Let’s go.
You’re almost there. – You’re doing great.
– Good job, Niecy. ( panting ) I just want to say
there is no fire that’s too hot or that’s too big
for me to handle. – One more, Niecy.
There you go.
– Last one. Good effort right there. – Good job, Niecy.
– Give me a damn hug. You did good. Huh? You did good. – The baby.
– ( bleep ) the babies. The babies, the baby. Whoo.Report: car fire
for Kevin Hart
and Niecy Nash
at Drill Tower 81.
Here we go, Kevin. Kevin: Oh, my god. ( siren wailing ) – Niecy, let’s go.
– Kevin, this is it. This is the real deal! Get your mask. – Okay, tighten your straps.
– How do I get this– Pull the straps tightly. I’m going to put
your air in, okay? – Okay, go.
– You ready? Breathe. You good? – I’m good.
– Okay. – ( respirator hissing )
– Set it down on the ground. – Be careful, Niecy.
– All right. I got it, I got it. ( indistinct ) Let’s go.
Get in there. Aah! Get in there.
Get in there. Come on. All the way in there.
Come on. All the way up. Go, Kevin!
Whoo! Good job, man.
Shut it down. All right, Kevin! – Good job, Niecy.
– Good job, man.( music playing )– Whoo!
– That was awesome. – Good job.
– Oh, god. It was a workout. No, that’s
a different level. – It’s a different level.
– Good job, Kevin. Let’s take– let’s take this off
so your body can breathe. Whoo! Now throw yourself
right here. All right. Whoa. Oh, my god. That is a different level,
Niecy. And I’m in shape. And I’m not. You did
a great job, Niecy. I have faced every fear
I have had. – I’m afraid of heights.
– Uh-huh. – I’m afraid of fire.
– Uh-huh. I’m afraid of being hot. I’m afraid
of saving children. – Niecy…
– Here you go, some water. Niecy,
at the end of the day, this show
is about embracing what we don’t normally do
and you did that. Kevin, you did such
a great job today, I am going to let you
drive the truck. What?
You got to be ( bleep ) me. Hold on.Structure fire
for Kevin Hart,
Drill Tower 81.Reported structure fire.Fire on the 4th floor,
with reported victims trapped.
( siren wailing ) ♪What did you do?♪ ♪Yeah♪ Oh, my god, Kevin,
why are you in a toy fire truck? – ( laughing )
– ♪What did you do?♪ ♪YeahThis is Kevin Hart.
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  2. Ol Kevin was sucking some wind on that car fire. I think he got a little too excited! I've had rookie firemen use up a 45 minute bottle in about 8 minutes. Yes, they get made fun of.

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