Fineliner art

Fineliner art

Today we’re using a water-soluble fineliner and a water brush With just these two tools you can get a lot done. They’re a great combination when you want to draw on location and pack light Just by lack of a better idea i’ll draw some of the stuff that is sitting on my desk: a pen – that’s not too hard to start with I’m adding shading with hatching lines but I’m not doing that very neatly because later i’m going to go over these areas with water. You’ll see. then also a pair of scissors… that shape seems quite tricky, but if i draw the negative spaces i can get it about right drawing the negative spaces means you’re looking at the shape around the object and by drawing that shape around the object, in the end the inside shape of that will actually be the shape of your subject I’ve just made a note of that I will make a Draw Tip Tuesday video about negative shapes soon to bring a bit ofbalance to this drawing I’m adding a third object, which is a quite tricky one as well: a metal clip. again as long as I focus on the overall shape i won’t be overwhelmed by all the details of the clip; they can be filled in bit by bit after drawing the basic shape. anyway, more about how to draw seemingly complicated later right now i want to show you how you can change this ‘flat’ line drawing into something more exciting and create some sense of depth pick up that water brush which basically is a container of water that you squeeze to feed the brush with water you can also use a normal brush and a cup of water of course then with gentle strokes touch the sides of the ink lines and see how it reactivates the ink and how it fans out
Look at your subject and at its shadows and add water at the shaded areas of your drawing. you can add more water or you can pick up some of the wet ink to use in other areas but do it quickly and with light touches and don’t fiddle too much, or you will overwork the paper I love this effect, and you can create amazing painterly drawings with just a pen and some water try different colors too, or fat markers… combine thick and thin lines… play around, splash the water around and see what happens have fun! and if you want to learn more subscribe to our YouTube channel you’ll find a lot of tips and tricks to build your creative habit

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  1. I'm planning to do a few drawings right now with BIC Mark-Its, a Copic Blender, and I was thinking of adding my Staedtler Fineliners as small detailing. Would they work with alcohol based markers?

  2. Oh My God. This is a Wonderful idea. I never thought of using my brush pen like that. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for that idea.

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