Fine Art Practice BA (Hons) Student View - University of Worcester

Fine Art Practice BA (Hons) Student View – University of Worcester

my name is Harriet and I just finished my final year doing fine art practice at University of West Oh when I came for the open day I saw work up that I had never seen before and it was a different standard to what I was used to coming from school and I was very overwhelmed I guess with the magnitude of the space and the possibilities that could be created though the experience with the course for me it's been very varied there have been a lot of options a lot of modules choose from which means you have a wide selection between painting and printmaking and then the actual final practice module itself so it's very varied the first modules for me I think would have been the final practice one because it's a 30 credit so it runs over the whole year and I'd have to say drawing which is in my first year I really struggled with it but that's the one that made me realize that there's a big change and it made me learn a lot the standard of teaching is really high because the tutors all artists themselves and the technicians as well so they pass on what they've learned from their experience and they can do to you in the best way because it's from experienced contact time with the tutors it's really good from what I've investigated with other universities especially where we came here we're really impressed with how much time you can see your tutors on for how long they're here nearly every day so if you've come in on your day off and you're not meant to see them you can still just pull them aside and ask them questions and they'll be happy to answer them there are field trips so to speak within the course and they are always abroad so you have a different culture experience and there the past trips that have happened being New York Florence are cilona was going to happen I think happening soon so very big cities a lot of art culture a lot of interest and the trips are really helpful to the course I actually based my whole module one of my modules on going to Florence I'm hoping more degree will lead me on to continue my practice in my own time in my home and to apply for exhibitions and potential art jobs later on you can come down to the garage whenever you like join the weekdays and it opens as early as half a and you can stay later on if you need to and the security will be around to shut up after you people should definitely consider the facilities of the garbage because they're different to just any art studio we've got a wide range of resources here and so got printing machines got printing tables wood workshop sort of film screening lecture theatre so you can do dark space work and you can work with films in there and project space to a smaller space so you can just have a closer into yourself and we have outside as well so it's a really good space

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