Finding Art in Unexpected Places | SoulPancake Street Team

Finding Art in Unexpected Places | SoulPancake Street Team

-Today I’m gonna go out and try to find beauty
in our surroundings. -I am gonna go find
the most beautiful thing I could possibly find
and frame it. -I want to look for things
that most people might not think is beautiful
and make it look beautiful. -Think I’m gonna find — [ Chuckles ]
I have no clue. -I want to find things that are,
I find of interest to me. -I think I’m gonna find things
in nature and people. -In flowers, butterflies -Graffiti, garbage. -Food, I like food. -Let’s see here. -I had no idea that this is
what I’d be doing today, but I’m excited about it. -This is awesome. -I’m just going to be
spontaneous, something that I see
that I think is beautiful, I’m just going to frame it. -Oh, oh, oh-oh, oh -Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh -Oh, oh, oh-oh, oh, oh -Ooh, ooh, ooh -Ba, ba, ba-ba, ba, ba-ba,
ba, ba Ba, ba, ba-ba, ba,
ba-ba, ba, ba Ba, ba, ba-ba,
ba, ba-ba, ba, ba Ba, ba, ba-ba, ba, ba-ba, ba, ba Ba, ba, ba-ba, ba,
ba-ba, ba, ba -You know,
I think our lives go so fast that we miss the beauty
in the simple things but it surrounds us,
it’s everywhere. -There were so many
beautiful things on the street
that I walk by every single day and never even take the time
to stop and notice. -I’m not really an artist
or that big into art, but it was cool looking
at things in a different way. -Beauty is how you see it, and there are many, many things
that are beautiful and people for some reason
don’t find the beauty in it. -I think that if
we took some time, if we looked up, we look down,
we looked at each other, we would find that there
is beauty everywhere around us.

90 thoughts on “Finding Art in Unexpected Places | SoulPancake Street Team

  1. Beauty is not when there is something worth seeing, but when we are capable of seeing everything in its own beauty. =)

  2. So if we did not know the gross taste of spinach we would not be able to appreciate the deliciousness of chocolate? Anyone who knows what book I'm referencing here gets internet points πŸ˜‰

  3. This is remind me of paulo coelho's book.. Ummm I'm forget the tittle.. "Pilgrim" something.. Soo beautiful.

  4. I choose to believe everything is beautiful instead of nothing. I live in a universe of possibility instead of measurement and calculation.

  5. This is such a great idea! Just in the beginning, you get a personal view on what a few different people think is beauty, which is completely individual and is very well transmitted, just by asking "so, what are you going to frame, today?". And then, the people actually have to look for something beautiful, which is something everyone should do everyday… try to find beauty everywhere and anywhere. And the final result was so cool! I cannot rave about this enough. Great video.

  6. That old guy was really cool. And one if the guys was going up to all sorts of people and framing them. Brilliant

  7. It could be one of the WORST days of my life but when i sit back and enjoy one of these videos i can NEVER hold back a smile! πŸ™‚

  8. soulpancake makes me so happy like it shows how even though we look at the millions of ugly things in the world there are twice as many beautiful things as well

  9. Isn't this just what's also known as "taking pictures"? Getting something in frame? Seeing beauty in the everyday?

  10. You gyes make beautiful videos! You should do this in other contries to, that would be amazing! You all make me HAPPY! <3

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