Finding Art in a Brutal Place - Brought to you by Hyundai Motor Company

Finding Art in a Brutal Place – Brought to you by Hyundai Motor Company

[Applause] the Barbican traditionally shows work that crosses disciplines to shows artists scientists researchers and this exhibitions really brought all of that together my name's Anna halls grave and I'm assistant curator on the AI more than human exhibition at the Barbican Centre London I have worked at the Barbican for just over a year now I came to work on the AI more than human exhibition before that my background was in architecture and design so the Barbican is somewhere that I've always wanted to work it's a building that I've studied before and always admired for how brave it's been in its experimental approach in terms of the architecture in its original design and also in terms of its programming it feels like it's always pushing the boundaries and is always at the forefront of what's happening next hi I'm Neil McCallum I'm head of public and international enterprises and my role is to produce these larger exhibitions regular intervals that take place throughout Barbican Centre way back in 2002 we did a big exhibition game on that looked at the history culture future of video games then we followed that with watch me move that looked at animation then last year we did a show of science fiction so this in many ways AI modern human is a kind of logical conclusion to all of those interactive culture orientated exhibitions ai is a key marker of the zeitgeist is what's really happening right now say this exhibition has been the perfect opportunity to marry the work of artists and scientists musicians it's a really broad survey of AI from the beginning of time to the present day importantly in the exhibition the artists aren't just artists some of them are collaborating with scientists some of them are scientists in their own right and I think that AI is really being used as a tool by lots of different people to find out different solutions and to be used in different ways and more unusual ways and I think that the fluidity of how it's used between people is really important it's been a real privilege to be able to tell their story these are people who are doing cutting edge research into the technology of tomorrow but there are people who have perhaps never considered showing their work in a museum or a gallery setting so we've had to work really closely with them to find out what their story is and how we can tell that to a public audience I think the timing is perfect ai is really at the forefront of everyone's minds at the moment I think whether we're aware of it or not you know the extent to which we are all complicit in our daily lives with AI so this exhibition is really asking questions it has been people are they aware of that their involvement in AI and are they happy with the information that they're giving over to these different our bodies and websites and really just causing people to question this revolution that's taking place around them curating the exhibition's been a challenge it's been exciting but it's been challenging there isn't a collection of AI you can't go to a museum that already has this existing AI collection it's all about reaching out to new people and having conversations with the leaders in this field in that sense has been different so curating or the shows where you've maybe got a collection to work with or you can look at more historical material I hope people are curious when they walk into the exhibition I hope that it it challenges their perceptions of AI and I hope that this will give them the opportunity to discover a bit more to understand how AI is already being used in their day-to-day life and really see that opportunities for them to collaborate with AI and to use it in different and unexpected ways I hope that it will surprise them and give them a sense of wonder and intrigue gende a motor connecting oriT and technology

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