Okay, everybody close your eyes. We’re going to travel back in time to August 2019 so that we can unbox this Scrawlr box and not be super behind… Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s unbox. Do… Let’s go ahead and break out our supplies. OOh, A whole book. Am I going to fill it? We’ll see. Oh my goodness and a naked man. Nobody look.
😱 Alright, let’s look at our artist of the month… drawing naked dudes. Who is this? Jonathan Knight. You will be hearing it from my lawyers about demonetizing my channel because I would never put nudity on my channel.
[Sarcasm] No box. You are a liar. Ooh. So first off we have our sticker. It is nice and colorful. I love it. Scrawlr box says what? Gay rights! And we have our list of supplies which I will be looking through so I know what the heck I’m talking about. And of course, we have our candy. We have Fruit tella. It’s like nut-tella but fruit. Let’s try it. Candy review time. Okay, so it tastes just like an orange starburst. So our first item in this box is this Crok book by Clairefontaine. 24 sheets hundred sixty GSM. There you go. I’m so tempted to fill this whole book with a bunch of little doodles like I did in the previous mystery box. We’ve also got this a Staedtler Lumograph 4H pencil. A Pilot DR Drawing pen in .05 Boop. And we cannot forget these chameleon color blending fineliners. That’s really interesting. We have fine liners that can blend into each other…? I’m excited to see that. It says to blend colors All you have to do is switch the cap to another pen, hold vertically for a better transfer or leave it for a few seconds and make vibrant color to color blends. I am super curious to test those out so let’s start swatching and doodling around and think of something to draw. Do I fill the whole book? Do I not fill the whole book? We’ll see. Wow You know, you’re gonna have a good time with fineliners when it comes with a two-sided booklet on how to use them. We have dos we have don’ts. We have times I mean POOF. I’m terrified, but I’m really excited to try these and see what they’re all about. Okay, actually what if we did like a rainbow, so if we went from one color to the next? and created like a rainbow effect, so… Let’s see. So I’ll put the red to the yellow they’ll put the yellow to the green green and blue then blue to this magenta-y pink purple. So let’s do it. Let’s see what happens. Okay. Yes. So Wow, what am I doing? So I want to start off with red so you put the cap in for It said no more than 30 seconds and depending on how long you want to be okay, whatever I guess we’re done. Okay, so we’ve got our red oh… That’s just yellow. I feel like it we have like a bit of an orange tint today everyone having issues I think getting it to change. Hold on. There we go. It’s a little bit more orange, I guess. Hmmm. I would describe that as a sad red. Let’s check out our yellow as is. Maybe I should have swatched these before I started mixing them, but I got really excited. What can I say? So there’s our yellow our sort of light green Maybe the pink should have went before red huh? But I put it after the blue for some reason It was looking a little purpley actually, what would it look like if so the style of the featured artist? We have some hatching and cross-hatching. So what would happen if we Mixed colors would it look like a different color? Could we do a gradient in that way? So… Say we cross-hatched them together… Can I get like a gray blue, maybe?
What if I did like the green and blue? That’s something I think I would like. I like green. I like blue. OOhh. Okay So the green and yellow make much more of a green yellow sort of lime greeny color than the others were doing. That’s kind of fun. I think the lime green and the orange and the purple are my favorites to mix. But we’ll just have to keep messing with them and seeing what’s up. Well, it’s trying to do our rainbow. Let’s continue on that trip. The tops aren’t making contact. Okay. Here’s our blue to pink. Nope, it’s literally just pink. Lit- Did- Did not work. Let’s try our blue with a pink top though. Ok, cool. That one worked. I seem to be having mixed results. Sometimes it just doesn’t work and sometimes it’s the best thing ever and it works so good and perfect. I’m starting to think maybe some of these just aren’t making contact for some reason..? I would love if they did make contact because You know, it would be fun. Okay, here’s a okay cool. This is gonna be a red to grey. Okay, cool. So our Grey to red wasn’t great “Grey-t” get it? I’m sorry. Where’s box when you need it to make fun of you. So the grey didn’t really charge too much… Let’s see our red to blue. Okay, I just took the red top off of the blue. The blue did not at all transfer. Oohh. Why did the grey go from blue to purple and then grey? That’s really interesting. Some sort of- OOohh. I really like that though. So that one worked for some reason. No red, what is happening? Am I stupid? Probably. So I really liked some of these gradients. I think they were really fun. I think it’s just really unfortunate that sometimes the tops just don’t quite hit the pen and I am shoving the top behind because I do want them to connect and I do want to see that gradient. Ok, let’s get the doodling. Ok, so I’m not a fan of this book and how it has this fancy embossed 3d cover because then I can’t draw on it and make it my own, but that’s fine. Maybe I’ll cover it up one day. For now, we are going to work on our title page. I’m not really sure what to draw and I want to keep it simple and fast and cute and it’s Halloween. I’m going to make this ghost related. So I am going to go to a Internet generator, look up random objects and draw ghosts with them. With that in mind I think the title of our book is going to be “The book… of…” Uhm… Hmm. The title alone is turning out really silly and I like it so it’s going to be called “The Book of Wrath & Rainbows.” So in case it wasn’t obvious the title wrath I guess comes from the fact that Spirits are usually at least portrayed in a vengeful wrathful way, so I wanted a word that sort of described ghosts and had an “R” sound so I could have it be with the word rainbow. So… Wrath and rainbow. There it is. Alright and there we have the book of Wrath cover page. So what do you guys say I go to the Internet and use a random item generator and Create some little ghostly rainbow doodles. [Music] 🕺 💃 And finally our sketchbook is complete. So let’s have a complete tour of “The Book of Wrath & Rainbow.” So, like I said, I used a random item generator to come up with different items to a doodle ghosts with. So it is just a bunch of random items with ghosts in it. And to be honest I really struggled using the fineliners. I just really wasn’t sure how to use them. I guess when it comes to my style and I did try to use them in a way that was similar to our featured artists using cross hatching and using the colors to create a rainbow, but either it just wasn’t … I guess in my nature of how I draw or I wasn’t used to drawing that way and it took me a while to get used to it. But most of these are just simple line doodles black and white with a splash of Gradient color. Which I really like this one. I think this one’s really cute. It’s a tree that turns into a ghost and it’s been cut and there’s a lovely gradient handle. I think that one’s really fun. So projects like this where I fill a sketchbook they aren’t the most I guess… I’m not completing finished pieces of artwork, but I do think it’s really fun to do something like this because I… create little ideas here and there that aren’t masterpieces, but they can always turn into something a little great. So I think these are really fun. We have a ghost tooth just silly little things that you know, turn your brain off and doodle away. Nice gradient from yellowy green to red Unfortunately, it seems like half of the Pens we’re not working as far as gradient goes. So what I realized was that the pink and green tops Unfortunately were the only tops that created a nice gradient. The other tops were not making contact with the Pens and so it didn’t make a gradient which was really unfortunate. Now this spread is the best spread if we are talking about spreads that use the hatching and cross-hatching to create a nice and gradient of color and have really rainbow colored effects. This is the best spread that I have in this book. I think maybe it’s just because it was fruit? I’m not really sure what it is, but it was just really a lot easier for me to do the color and stuff on this one and I really struggled with the others. So take it in. This is our best page. Just random objects with ghosts coming out. I really like how this one’s a Polaroid photo but it’s a ghost coming out of the camera. On this one I tried to recreate our featured artist. Was it David? The Statue of David? But I have an ant instead. Just some random art with a ghost. I really like this one. I think the glasses were really simple and it was a cute addition to the ghost and the gradient turned out really good on that one. So I really like this guy. Loved this gradient here. The yellows the pink turned out great. Sometimes the gradients turned out really good now for the most part they were kind of hit or miss it seems. I really like the the coloring of shading on that one. That was fun. We have our pencil and our pencil ghost. That was really cute. I like the colors on that one. Nice and simple. I think this is where I started to get a feel for how I wanted to use the fine liners. So this is a lovely gradient. We go from the pink to purple to blue, which was really nice. And this is when I was like, you know, maybe I should just use the faded line to create something abstract in a way. So obviously it is a bouquet of flowers but you see that gradient from pink to blue which was really fun. So instead of trying to draw something I just scribbled something that resembled something and I think that was really fun. So I continue to do that So here we do have a slight green to yellow gradient doing plants and then I did flowers from Blue to red? I guess. Again. I decided to use the gradient for something a little more subtle so we have these little shiny sparkles go from the pink and then to blue. This gradient lasted so long I tried to get it to go to blue there was so much charge from the pink that it was like pink halfway through and then it started to fade to purple and then I just never got that blue. So these two are really fun. I guess this is just like money floating away. And then over here we have the lights. Really fun. This one’s just a threaded line. Again, just kind of embracing the fact that there’s a line changing color. This one’s also really cool. I think the gradient turned out great. And yeah another good gradient right here. And that was it. This is probably my favorite one which is kind of funny because it’s literally the last page. I just really like the way the gradient went from green to yellow for the plants and then on top of that I added flowers that went from pink to blue. But not only did it go from pink to blue but the pink and the green complement each other and then the blue and the yellow complement each other. So it was this a lovely little gradient between the flowers and the grass and I really like this one! So the last page is my favorite page.
And there you guys go. I hope you guys enjoyed watching me fill yet another sketchbook with little doodles. It’s just a really fun exercise I think to get your brain going. So thank you so much to Scrawlr box for sending me this box. If you want to get your own Scrawlr box, check out the link in the description. Thank you guys so much for watching. Stay golden! And now a huge thank you to my wonderful patrons for all of their support. You guys are the best. If you want to be in the credits at the end of my videos, see secret sketches, coloring pages, early access and more, check out my patreon by clicking the link in the description. Thank you guys all so much for the support. Bye! [Music]

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