FASTEST CAR BUILT from JUNK WINS CHALLENGE! – Hacker PZ9 vs SPY NINJAS to Reveal Vy Qwaint Secret

FASTEST CAR BUILT from JUNK WINS CHALLENGE! – Hacker PZ9 vs SPY NINJAS to Reveal Vy Qwaint Secret

– Give me back my phone PZ9! (manic laughing) and my secret. Give me back, give me back! – Wait, wait, Vy, just hang on here. We’ll complete your challenge
as long as we can win that secret and win Vy’s
phone back from you. – I stole this challenge
from Carter Sharer and it’s the build the
fastest car challenge (manic laughing) – I don’t know how to build a car! – Me neither but I took all this junk that I found in your safe house. We’re gonna each build a car and put it through a series of
races to see who’s the best. – Scooter this more of a Daniel thing. – It’s a mine thing now, heh! – Hah, whatever this is. I’m not sure what it
is but I’m adventurous. – Ooh a hover board, I haven’t
used one of these since 2016. (manic laughing) – Well you think that’s funny? – Cht, Yeah. No. – Okay if we’re building a car I need something to sit down. This is black and white.
(patting) nice and stylin’ – [Chad] That’s a pretty cool car. – I can steer– – And you can fall! (screaming)
– Hey no cheating! – [PZ9] Just giving it a test run. – Okay what you should I
pair with my hover board? Definitely not a stool with no wheels. So the only chair left I think is this one and PZ9 is gonna be stuck
with this silly chair. (laughing) – You, you think I care. I’m gonna be sitting in
first place with this chair. I’ll use my creativity. It doesn’t matter what you leave me. This stool fine! But these YouTuber skateboards. How fitting for a YouTuber
like me. (manic laughing) – Hey! ( Vy screams) PZ9!
(manic laughing) Okay I’ve got my chair. I’ve got my hover board. I don’t really need
anything to build here! Look it just goes like this. Wooooooo! – Oh, you’re already done! – I have a feeling PZ9’s has
something sneaky up his sleeve. I’m gonna tape that onto
the arm to protect me. – Wait!
– You’re tryin’ to help me? – I was just merely examining
your technique, Chad! – Tryin’ to find someone
to copy I see huh. Just like you copied Carter
Sharer for this challenge. – Okay Chad, I got some
strings here or rope. I’m gonna tie it to here,
so, it can be attached. Okay spy ninja’s, I got
everything connected right here. Now it’s one vehicle. Let’s test this baby out. (screaming and squealing) Oh my gosh, woooo! (manic laughing) – [PZ9] I’m already finished, hurry up! – [Chad] Wait a second,
what’s going on here Vy? – I gotta give it the Vy touch ya know? – Vy this is about
speed not about comfort! – I gotta be comfortable before
I can get super fast, Chad. – [Chad] Oh, I forgot about that! Sorry about that. – Thanks. – Work with me. – [PZ9] Wow, you guys are so adorable! – Ah thanks!
– How pathetic? – Daniel, Daniel, come here, come here! Ah PZ9’s finally ready to
begin the race, thanks man. – [Daniel] Okay got it, PZ9 you suck! – (manic laughing) We’re
all here with our vehicles we’re to part take in these races. The first challenge is
gonna be a simple race from point A to point B. – You’re goin down PZ9!
– Hehehe – All right guy’s I’m
gonna set the timer here to see how fast Chad can go! – Here we goooooooo! – Go Chad!
– This is not. It’s not powerful enough! – [Daniel] Go Chad – Oh here we go, pickin’
up speed, oh there we go! Now I’m pickin’ up some good speed. – Yes!
– Yeah Chad! – Wooooooo!
(cheering) Turn turn turn, touch! – [ Daniel] Nice one, yes. – Going back, going back,
here we go, here we go! Yes! Superman! And time! (cheering) – [Daniel] 20.83 – Boom, pbt pbt pbt pbt! Yeah! – Beat that PZ9! – Beat that! – Maybe I will, but after you Vy! – Okay, I’m ready! Are you guys ready? Count me down! – [Daniel] Good luck Vy!
– Three , two , one, go! (yelling) (cheering) Turn turn turn! – Oh my gosh! (screaming) – Oh my gosh!
– [Daniel] 16.76! – She beat my time, wow! – Yes, speed racer Vy, woooo! – There’s no way PZ9’s is gonna be able to beat 16 and a half seconds! – Well let’s find out shall we? – Wait can you even get up there? – That’s a high seat for big boys. I don’t think you’re quite there yet. – Yeah, ’cause you guys
are all little league. (manic laughing) – You can’t even touch
your feet to the ground. – [Chad] Awe, they’re floating! – [Daniel] PZ9 your suck! – All right well, you guys
set the bar pretty high. See if I can make it. – Let’s see if you can set it pretty low. – Right, I’m ready! – Three, two, one, go! – Oh yeah! (screaming) – Turn around, turn around! (yelling) – You didn’t plan on how to
turn that thing did you PZ9? – I don’t know how to turn! – [Daniel] PZ9 you suck. – C’mon PZ9 turn around! – Oh my gosh!
(screaming) – [Daniel] Not so good PZ9! – Ah hah!
– That ain’t gonna work! – Nooo! – You gotta flip those
skateboards upside down. – Ahhhh! This is a catastrophe! (screaming) – Even the Go Pro fell off! I think your going to fail PZ9. – [PZ9] Is the clock still running? I think I can beat it! I can beat it! – [Chad] I don’t think
you can win anymore PZ9! – [ Daniel] PZ9 you suck. – Hey I’ll give you a little
push, I feel bad for ya! I’ll give ya a little push. (screaming) Van Damme splits! – [Daniel] That was close! – Stop, time! (beeping) – [Daniel] 50.40 Oh! – That was fast right, haha! – [Daniel] Back to the drawing board! – You might want to
restrategize your car building. – Yeah figure that– – [Daniel] Dang PZ9 you really suck man! – Haha, I’ll get ’em next time, geez! – Wait a go Vy! (cheering) – Round one down! – Yeah I did amazing, the fastest. The tiniest but the fastest one here! You’re the slowest! – No matter, ’cause the next
round is gonna be all mine. The fastest time to
pop all three balloons. Will be the winner of this round. – Alright guys! Since I was the winner in the
last round I’m gonna go first and my spy gadget of choice
is the extendable baton. – Oh yeah! (cheering) – Oh it’s gonna make it hard steering and holding this at the same time. – You can do it Vy!
– Okay. – Best of luck to you Vy! – You, be quiet! – Three, two, one, go! – Yeah! – Pop that balloon! C’mon Vy you got this. Oh no I can’t!
– Turn around! (screaming) – Ya got too much power! (screaming) – I don’t know which
way, I can’t control it! – [Daniel] Wow, hey! – [Chad] This way, This way Vy c’mon on! (cheering) – Go, Vy, go, go, go! (cheering) C’mon Vy, one more! (screaming) Oh my gosh, no! (cynical laughing) Oh you dropped your baton! – Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I’m turnin here! – [Chad] Yeah! (cheering) – [Daniel] One minute and one second! – Turning around is really hard on this! Let’s see if you can beat that time PZ9! – I got second place last
time, so I’m goin’ second. – Hey that was almost really impressive. (chuckles) Hey okay, okay! – That’s right, be afraid of me. – Okay my weapon of choice
is the kama, check that out! Now you may be thinking to yourself “Chad it’s not safe to use ninja gadgets on a crazy wheel device like this.” That is very true. That’s why I’ve chosen the plastic one. So I can’t hurt myself,
but I can hurt a balloon! – Ready Chad, three, two, one, go! – Here we go! (cheering)
– [Daniel] Go Chad! – Towards the balloon, here I go! Check this out Daniel! Get a good shot of this
balloon right here as I pop it! (cheering) Here we go! – [PZ9] Pretty effective! – It sure is, watch out PZ9,
you don’t wanna get sliced. (cheering) And, oh shoot! Aahhh no! All right I could have shaved
off a lot of seconds there. But I got it right here, oh! ( cheers) Time! – Wow that was amazing! – Thanks Vy, beat that, PZ9! – That’s gonna be tough, let’s find out. – PZ9 you’ve made some improvements here to your little skateboard scooter thing. – [Daniel] Not so good PZ9. – Oh yeah this is gonna be so much faster. But safer? I don’t think so! – What spy gadget are you gonna use to be poppin’ these balloons? – Ah I didn’t bring any spy
gadgets to the safe house. But, I did find this wooden
ruler with sharp corners. (cynical laughing) – You ready, are you even stable? – Haha, eventually. – Hey don’t break our
skateboards in half PZ9. I know your kind of on the heavier side. – The only thing I’m gonna
break in half is your time. – All right you rule breaker, let’s go! – Count me down losers! – Nope!
– There’s no losers here! – Nope
– [Daniel] PZ9 you suck. – So there’s no one to
count you down I guess. – All right three, two, one, yeah! – Well there you go. Whoa!
– Oh my gosh! – Good balance! Right the balloons are this way. The balloons are this way
PZ9, c’mon you got this! (cheering) (yells)
That was really good. Balloon’s over here,
the Balloons right here. – Sharp corner, hey, hey! – Ooooh! Get this next one instead! (screaming) Yo watch out for the boxes PZ9! – [Daniel] Dang PZ9 you really suck man! – [Chad] You got it! (screaming) – [Chad] Oh, what’s the time Vy? – 37, 33.
– You know what? I think we should give
him an award of 5 seconds for making such a cool tumble. (manic laughing) – Man I suck at this! Ahhhh, next Challenge! This next challenge is all
gonna be about destruction! Knock that over, knock these two over! Then you knock that one
over and the grand finale. Pyramid of boxes! Run right through it. Don’t hurt yourself. (manic laughing) – [Vy] I think the grand
finale is knocking you over. – Psha Hey, not yet! – [Vy] Awe. – All right Vy are you ready? – [Vy] I’m ready! – I’m gonna need some extra
bonus flash points on this one. – [Vy] Oh getting a little flashy, huh? – Yeah! – [Vy] All right when you
cross this line here Chad that’s when the timer starts. – Got it Vy! – And three, two, one, go! (yelling) – Aya, spin kick, aya Boom! (screaming) – [Vy] You almost got me! – You gotta watch out Vy! Let’s go forward. I’m little bit heavy. There we go. Big problem! Oh no, oh my gosh! I’m gonna go backwards, it’s
all good, it’s all good. Backwards, hiya! – [Vy] Wow! – Comin’ around this
with a spin kick, awe! – [Vy] Awe miss! – Oh shoot it flew away! Hey, PZ9 get out there! Hey! – How do you use those gosh darn things? – It takes a lot of practice PZ9. Check this out, check this out. Wow, knocked it over! No problem, spear Hand! Wooo! Ha, wha, ha, ha, ha, woooo!. I gotta get full speed. Full speed ahead! (yelling) Hiya! (cheering) Vy what do I get for time! That’s pretty good destruction. – The moves were flashy,
but the time was trashy! – Hey!
– [Vy] Hey! – Vy I think you should be up next. it is Vy’s Turn. – That is right. – You think you can beat my time Vy? – I think so, I will try
the lesser flashy approach and just go for speed. – Vy’s pretty good a
pushing over Lego blocks if you remember. (laughing) – [Chad] Flash back to her
pushing PZ9 right here. That’s what you get for
breaking into our safe house PZ9 – I know right? It’s so easy to hate to
love me or love to hate me. – Well it’s easy to hate people
who break into your house. You want people to like you. Just don’t break into their house. That’s pretty good advice, right PZ9! (manic laughing) – I don’t know!
(chuckles) and in three, two, one, go! (yelling)
– Whoa! Whoa! That’s my girl she can kick it! Wow Vy, you are good! In reverse! – 360 Spin to kick that! – [Chad] Yeah, one more Vy! Umbrella kicked it over! – Back it up! – Don’t hurt yourself Vy Qwaint! (manic laughing) – Hey PZ9 should stand
right next to the boxes. – [Chad] Yeah! – Engines ready! (engines revving) PZ9, give me my secrets
back, respect my privacy! (yelling) (cheering) – [Chad] Stop Vy, stop, whoa! And here is your time! (cheering) That was a great time! You definitely beat me Vy. Now as long as PZ9 doesn’t beat your time. – This is so much fun! It’s a battle royale against
boxes on wheels, whoa! – PZ9 over there tryin’ to
get his scooter. (chuckles) Oh man I think he really messed up with his scooter design here. It’s way too tall. – Well it’s so much cooler and bulkier and stylish and
ya know maybe it powerful uh! – [Chad] Ow, you rollin over my foot man! – [PZ9] Your foot’s in the way! – Don’t run over my foot! Can you believe the nerve of this guy? Vy how do you think he’ll do? – I think he’s gonna
suck, he’s gonna be slow. He’s gonna get too flashy,
he’s overly confident. – Yeah I agree with you Vy,
I think he’s gonna lose. Although his scooter is pretty
good for this type of event. Okay PZ9, give the count down Vy. – Three, two, one, go! – [Chad] Wow, he’s fast! – Hi!
– [Chad] He’s fast! – Hi!
– [Chad] He’s fast! – Hi! – [Chad] Can he turn? Hey you’re on the wrong side of the net. Turn around PZ9, oh there you go! That’s a good idea! Now he’s comin’, he’s comin’ full speed. – Don’t miss this one. – [Chad] He’s comin’ full speed. Ah yeah, now the boxes! Oh he’s got ’em down! He got’em! (cheering) (laughing) – Yes! – No! – That was so fast PZ9. Oh my gosh, I knew you
scooter was really fast! – Wow he totally figured out how to work that thing by this round. – We got one final chance Vy to be him and keep you secret safe Vy. – And for the final round, why don’t we go against each other? (manic laughing) – We’ve popped balloons
on stationery items now it’s time to go one V
one and pop each other’s. – Get ready for the balloon battle royale – Battle Royale, haha, I love it! – Whoever is the last standing with a balloon still attached wins! I think Chad’s gonna win because we’re the awesome spy ninjas. – This is his last
chance he has to beat me and then he has to beat Vy if he wants to win this entire battle. – Yes, and then my secret is safe. – Three, two, one, go! (yelling) – Turn around, turn around! Oh my gosh he knocked my cardboard off! He’s coming around! – You’re lucky I’m left handed. – Oh, he knocked my stick out. – He dropped his stick! – Gotta get
– Daniel come get it! – Oh shoot, oh no, he’s comin’ after me! But I got a trick up my sleeve! Turn! (cheering) – Ah c’mon! – You did it! (cheering) – Now it is me verses Vy for that secret! – It was so dumb, I had him! I think Vy has a pretty good chance of knocking this one off. I already cut your vehicle
down in half last round! – That’s true, I’ve
only got half my armor. And this is about Vy’s height too. So, I gotta keep this side away from Vy. That’s my plan. – It’s time to get entertained everybody. – Spy ninja’s if you think the winner of this whole entire battle is underneath this umbrella ella ella. Give this video a big
thumbs up right now, wooo! And in three, two, one, rule! (yelling) – C’mon Vy you need some power! (screaming) – You’re umbrella hit me! I’m gonna go around to the back side. That’s my trick! Here we go, here we go! I’m gonna get her from behind! I need more power. I gotta get a running start! Oh no! Go, go, go, go! (screaming) My new strategy is going backwards. (screaming) – No no! – Sha Sha! – Hey it’s the balloons,
you guys are messin’ around! – Backing up! – My vehicle’s falling apart over here! Hey, ya! Here we go, here we go! Awe I nicked it! You’ll never catch me Vy! I’m too fast for you! – I don’t think you guys
will ever catch each other! – Here we go, I got her now! Check this out ! Oh shoot, I’m turning
I didn’t mean to turn. (screaming) Here we go, watch out Vy, I got you now! (screaming) – Oh my gosh he’s down, he’s
down, this is my chance. (screaming) – Oh no, no, no! (screams and cheers) – She popped my balloon. – I got it! – I guess the winner here is Vy Qwaint! – Congratulations Vy. – Thank you! We all know who’s the best
spy ninja of the group! Vy Qwaint! Well we have our first place winner! – Vy, good job Vy! – That is me, the winner! – Where’s that secret? – You know PZ9? The reason you number 9 in Project Zorgo. You probably don’t even
know how to hack properly. – Yeah, you’re more of
a fighter than a hacker! – Yeah, there’s probably
nothing in here right now. – Ah, so what, here take it, geez! – Now I guess the spy ninja’s will never know what your hiding Vy. – Hmmm you know what PZ9? I’m pretty confident
there’s nothing in here. You did not hack anything,
so, I’m gonna give it to Chad – What? – [Chad] Awe, thanks Vy! Take the camera PZ9! Vy are you sure you want me to open this? I mean I wanna protect your privacy and all I don’t want everyone to see it. Ya know your secrets from
your phone that he stole. – Yeah show us Vy!
(chuckles) – I am very confident
there’s nothing in here. I have nothing to hide, you guys! – Okay. – Nothing to hide from you Chad. – Well I know that but,
what about from the world? Let’s go ahead and see what’s in here. Oh there’s something in here. Wow look at this. It’s a piece of paper with holes all over. Okay it says Vy Qwaint has betrayed! Betrayed who? It’s missing, and she has been– Vy, who did you betray! Who did you betray Vy! (manic laughing) – The rest of the secret
you’ll find out tomorrow. (manic laughing)

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