FAST & EASY Hand Painted Wiggling Titles & Elements Pack in Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial

FAST & EASY Hand Painted Wiggling Titles & Elements Pack in Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial

Oh man I love that song so much it’s so
awesome Hey everybody and welcome back to Gal I hope you guys enjoyed that
opening sequence as much as I did In this video I’m showing you guys an
awesome new pack that I love is called hand-painted titles it’s a motion
graphics title pack that you can just drag and drop and premiere it’s freaking
awesome it’s fast it’s easy to use these guys that made the pack they spent 500
hours making it inside of After Effects to make it simple and easy to use in
premiere in just seconds so I’m going to show you how I overlaid all that awesome
text in the opening sequence with elements and then at the end of the
video I’m also going to show you how you can use some of the elements just for
your general videos like arrows pointing down for like a YouTube video for a link
in the list or in the description or let’s say you need to have social media
icons pop up I’ll show you guys how you can do that as well so without further
ado let’s go ahead and jump in all right you guys I’m inside of Premiere Pro CC
2019 and this is my final sequence where I’ve stacked all of these little popping
elements as well as the hand-painted titles on top of each other and what I’m
going to do is start from scratch and show you how I built some of these
elements not all of them but some of them that’ll get you started in your own
video so let’s go ahead and go to this other sequence here where I don’t have
any of the elements or the titles on screen I really want to show you this
one here because this was a music lyrical video I actually had some of the
elements move to the beat of the music so at this moment I chose to have two
sparks appear to the beat so you if I play this back you can listen so those “don don” that’s where I want
to add some sparks so where are these elements where are the titles where do
you import them so I’m in the graphics workspace and this is where we’re going
to use the essential graphics panel so if you go to browse I’ve already
imported them and they’re called hand-painted but if you haven’t imported
them yet what you can do is go down to the lower right corner click on it to
install a motion graphics template in here you can choose which version for
the version of premiere that you’re working with so if you’re working in
2017 not 2019 yet you can use the Google Fonts 4k or the HD version now what I
used was I used that any font here for 2019 because with the new release you
can now use any font and a mogrt which is fantastic and because I work in HD
I’ve already imported the hand elements too and just the hand elements pack as
well as any font HD so if I wanted to instal any font 4k I would just hit
open so let’s go ahead and search for handpainted here inside of essential
graphics and you can see all of them here if smash works releases any new
versions of this hand-painted pack after you’ve already purchased it no worries
they will send you the update right away so let’s go ahead and get started with
the elements so I’m going to use that the hand-painted elements HD I’m just going
to drag and drop it in here and it loads on up so here you have all of them if
you want to just choose one this is when you use your slider so you can kind of
go through all the different elements like so for this first one I use the
spark element which is element number 9 you can also just type it in like so so
this is element I used here for that beat so let’s go ahead and find where we
should place that so right about here we want that to go so I’m just going to
move that over looking good now here I’m just going to change this color to white
like so and then also move this over into the upper left corner here like so
so you can use these parameters to rotate scale
or move the position now there’s a second beat so it’s so right here I want
another element to come up so I’m going to duplicate this by holding the alt or
the option key on your keyboard clicking and then releasing and then I’m just
going to move this over to meet the playhead and here I want this to be on
the right hand side and I’m just going to lower that down now let’s see how
that looks all right that’s looking pretty good
so now let’s move on to another section with the lyrics so I can show you how to
use the titles let’s go back to browse so here I’m going to use any font HD
because my sequence is in the HD format and I’m just going to drag and drop this
down and it’ll just take a second to cache and then it will load on up and
here what we’re going to do is the lyric so it’s “I’ve been coming alive” and it
will update and then we can choose any font that we want remember
only in the 2019 version can you update to any font that you like so I highly
recommend updating to 2019 if you haven’t yet so particular font that I
use was called Klaudia with a K and let’s go ahead and update that and let’s
make this font just a bit bigger I think that looks good and then let’s change
the color to white and let’s go ahead and bring this down like so now this is
where you can actually choose if you want it to render faster you can
actually move the texture details under text details you can move this over and
you can see that all of the texture has gone away let me zoom in so you can see
this better so one is fast render meaning you can you know move through
your timeline with ease and you’re not going to have any delay but then as you
want to add texture after you’re done with you know making the style of the
text how you want you can move this to 2 and you can see now it’s in a Bristol
brush type of look and you can make sure that paint bleed is checked because it
gives it more of a rough look and I really like that or you can try wet
paint number three and that’s what the wet paint looks like or you can choose
4 which is the wood stamp so let’s just go ahead and keep it with
that let me zoom back out here again and this is what it looks like now how did I
get it to animate on screen well actually just use a built-in effect
called wipe and just drag and drop it on top and then I extended it out and I
just played it back until it matched the lyric duration so it’s a little bit too
slow so I’m just gonna move that back a little bit that works pretty good so
that’s what I did for the first one and then it repeats again so so right here
she starts to repeat let’s roll this at it back because we want it to end at
this playhead and now I’m just going to hit alt option click hold release to
duplicate that and just bring it over so it’s a repetition so that was a bit slow
so we need to move this over to the left a bit and then here she starts to say
“again” so we’re just going to use the arrow key to move over and then roll
this edit back click on this clip alt/option key drag and drop to
duplicate let’s click on the wipe hit delete to get rid of that and then here
I’m just going to write “again” now you can use the effect controls up here to
move this up sometimes I find that that’s easier to use it’s more clean and
smooth so I’m just going to bring this up a bit here like so using the effect
controls here I’m actually going to add an element on top of this it’s a circle
element and this is where I’m going to go back and just go grab this little
spark I’m going to alt option click drag and release to have this pop appear over
here but instead of the element number 9 I’m going to use element 22 and this is
just a circular pop here so you can see it kind of gets bigger like that so what
I’m going to do is I’m just going to move this over like so and I’m gonna move this to the beginning of
the clip and then I’m gonna bring this down so it’s right in the center and
then I also added another little fun squiggly little element it is element
number seven I’m going to alt option key select it rag it up to duplicate and
then I’m going to go to element number seven and I’m going to just move this up
a bit here and now this kind of just kind of nicely floats across the screen
which is pretty cool and then I want to show you guys how to do social media
elements using fonts so once again let’s alt/option key select this text layer
drag it over and now let’s delete now let’s zoom in here and let’s delete this
wipe now here is where we’re going to use a font that displays text ads social
icons now I downloaded this one it’s called fontdinerdotcom sparkly it’s free
from and you can see that it will turn my text into social icons so
this is where we have to go in and actually click on the keyboard and find
the right key for that social icon so T I discovered was Twitter and then Y I
discovered was YouTube and F is Facebook and C is Instagram so when you click out
it’ll display all those icons and here we can actually change the size and then
we can move this over so let’s go to the right a bit too far and then up just
like that and if you wanted to have a call to
action on top once again alt/option select bring up drop and now it’s
duplicated and here we just want to change this to be Klaudia again or
whatever font you want to use and then we can change this to follow me and now
all we have to do is bring this up just a bit and I want to have the line wiggle
happening on both of these, so I’m just going to select that and turn those on
and now let’s go ahead and let’s hit command S (ctrl S) to save our project saving is
important and then let’s go ahead and render it out by hitting the return or
Enter key on your keyboard all right now let’s just quickly go through and show
you how it looks alright there’s those elements and then
here is the lyrical part and then here’s the social mediayou can see you can just stack
play around with these I haven’t done all of the elements but you can see how
many elements I duplicated to build that lyrical sequence in the beginning
there’s probably like about 50 elements here so have fun stack away duplicate
customize have fun with this hand-painted pack so I hope that you
guys enjoyed this video as much as I did I love this hand-painted pack if you
guys want to get it for yourself I’ll put a link at the top of my description
box just below here if you guys need any other priority support urgent questions
or any mentorship opportunities like one-on-one trainings head on over to my
patreon community and join as a patron and I
look forward to seeing you guys there that’s it for this video let’s go ahead
and enjoy this musical outro see you guys next time bye I’ve been calling you

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