Famous Characters as HUMANS Reimagined Art Challenge video | Mei Yu (Fun2draw)

Famous Characters as HUMANS Reimagined Art Challenge video | Mei Yu (Fun2draw)

hey everyone welcome to fun Friday guess what weekly fun Friday videos are back hey so the home situation has been improving slowly there's still lots of things to do still but I'm glad to say that I'll be doing weekly videos for you again I know many of you have been thinking of me over the past several weeks and I really appreciate that thank you all for your kind thoughts it means a lot to me today I'll be doing an art challenge where I'll draw famous non-human characters as humans let's see how they turn out it's been a while since I've done another human challenge video and in case you're new or you want a trip down memory lane no I love those you can see my previous human challenges on my channel I still remember the very first one I did it was so fun I've actually been wanting to draw someone from this show for a long time but I've never got a chance to until now so thank you for all of you who have been suggesting if you're a fan of this show what's something that you like about it like the characters the story or something else I'm curious because I haven't watched this show yet for this one and the others in this video I try to incorporate the characters distinctive features into my own designs while is adorable all right see how fast you can guess who this is before becomes obvious if you can put your time stamps in the comments it'll be fun inking curves can be challenging especially in like one stroke I have to keep my hand really steady many of you asked me what inking pen I use I'll show you at the end [Applause] I stare amaryl ifirst time I saw Vulpix in Pokemon I forgot which episode it wins but oh he was just so cute [Applause] [Applause] you for my reimagining I decided to make a dress and hair darker inking the paint splatters was a lot of fun I love how the brush just glides like over the paper and like how some of the strokes aren't solid does he look friendly or creepy to you you okay I haven't had the time to watch the movie yet but it must have been great the original was one of my most favorite films growing up I thought it'd be fun to design Simba in the modern world I wanted to color my reimagining closer to the original character as I could in case you want to see the opposite of this challenge watch how I turned famous human or humanoid characters into animals for those of you who are wondering what I use to ink my art I usually use a brush pen like this let me know who is your favorite also with their name still be the same if they were human what do you think comment to share and see you next week on fun Friday bye

21 thoughts on “Famous Characters as HUMANS Reimagined Art Challenge video | Mei Yu (Fun2draw)

  1. It's so good to have you back! Glad everything is working out again!

    I love your Drawing Characters as Humans Videos, and I was wondering if you would do Websites as people? Like Google, Bing, and other big websites.

  2. Simba WAS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! I grew up watching The Lion King which is why I was disappointed in the remake.

  3. you should draw the seasons as people! or zodiac signs as people 🙂 like if you agree! btw love your vids, you're a really talented artist <3

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