Fairytale Art Series Repaint – Iridescent Wishing Mermaid Princess OOAK ArtDoll

Fairytale Art Series Repaint – Iridescent Wishing Mermaid Princess OOAK ArtDoll

This fairytale video is brought to you with the help of my patrons. Hi everyone, I am Maria and welcome to another fairy tale video. I am a huge fan of mermaid since little and this hasn’t changed even now I can’t believe I haven’t made one yet. So here it is finally. I am using Katrine. I know she might not be a usual choice for mermaid, but I find her perfect. I love her hybrid face, and she fits perfect to my project: an iridescent wishing mermaid. I also made up a short background story for her. You can take it in the description. I started using pure acetone to remove the paint because of the shorter exposure to it. I cut the hair off and then I switch to a hair trimmer. It helps me to minimize the pluck splitting. Because she’s a mermaid, I removed the ears, and I sanded away any of the excess. Then I used epoxy to cover everything up. I didn’t want to just leave it like this and because she will have a wig. I Love using two to four wig caps and for her I am using in white. I covered it with white glue. It takes a few layers before it’s ready for the wefts. Using too many layers will make it thicker, and worse after adding the wefts. I learned it the hard way. To glue the wefts to the wig cap, I am using clear permanent glue. I add them similar to a sewn wig with a little bit of space between the rows. This way they cover the scalp well, and I can style the hair in any way I want. And here it it how it looks in the roots Next I used flat iron to settle the hair down. For her face up. I wanted a serene and dreamy eyes. I use the first sealant layers to try around and sketch the eyes before I go on with the painting. Next, I use gouache paint to draw her eyeliner. To define the upper eyelids, I used pencils and for the lips, I prefer doing it with paints. I used again the gouache paint to paint her lashes. I sketch the iris before moving on with paint. To make the eyebrows, I use pastels to shape them. And I used paint to give them more detail. For the theme of this project, I used blue tones around the eyes. It can take a few layers to build a pastel color. I used white for the light reflection, and I also use a bit to finish the rest of the details. To make the blushing, I used soft pastels mixed with a bit of shimmer. I added gloss and fine glitter to the lips and the eyes. And glitter on the cheeks and where the ears will be so that they will match I Also glue tiny pearls in the corners of the eyes I Took her part because it is easier to modify and my aim was to make the body to sort of flow so when I connect the parts, they would just fit like a puzzle and the legs wouldn’t look like they stand out I positioned them and then I started sculpting I used wire as a support and I completely sculpted the lower part At first I didn’t use aluminum foil because I wasn’t sure how I want her to pose I didn’t want the foil to show if I had to make adjustments and once you mix the two-part epoxy it starts curing Once I was done with the base, I used the foil to save material and not to turn out too heavy At first my deal was to just cup the legs as one but while I was adding the epoxy aloft how it began to look So natural and I kept shapes After it has cured completely. I just sanded some imperfections and to get a better idea if I need to sculpt more I’d drew a variety idea of fins and I transferred some on a tracing paper to get an idea how they would look together. I picked the ones I liked and to make them for each side. I flipped the paper and traced them over It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just good enough for the wire later I taped colored foil and I glued the wires over it I wanted to hide them and I glued another piece on top To create curves I used my flat iron quickly because it can melt very fast and lose all of its color Next I used my Dremel to mod the body for the fence. I was also testing them to be sure. I don’t do too much I used superglue to attach them before cutting over I made the tale by creating two fins and then gluing them together. I would make it as a whole piece But my foil was too small and this actually was better because it gave me more freedom in positioning the wires And to blend everything I used again two part epoxy I Made skills around the fence using fine white epoxy. I didn’t want them over the whole body because it would be overwhelming I Primed and airbrushed it in white before painting it. I used colors that fit to her face up in the theme of this project Making her hands was an experiment and I didn’t record this because I was so sure it wouldn’t work I basically melted the foil over them. And for my surprises did it But I also added glue after just to be sure and seal them for the painting Next I outlined the scales with white paint I sealed everything before adding glitter This made such a mess, but I collected the rest and stored it back into the bottle not to waste it. I use James pearl sea shells and starfish that I made out of polymer clay as details And I used gloss over the scales I wanted to make her mermaid ears in the use foil again, I wanted them to match with her fins, but to be slightly different I blended them with glitter and decorated them with gems and tiny pearls I was aiming for more natural look and I wanted to keep the length of the hair I made it wavy by using flatiron and then I brush the curls out and I made a few more defined curls for fairytale look Following the theme I added seashell starfish and iridescent crystals Since she’s a princess I was so eager to make a tiara. I used silver wire and bend it to look more fairytale Also with a bit of resin I cured iridescent gems And I used again starfish shells and gems to decorate it To make her top, I cut a ribbon and to use glue to try and make it look like it’s blending and Of course, I added the matching details to it. I had some silver wire left and I thought why not make a royal jewellery image with a tiara Using resin I cured iridescent gems in it Thanks to all my patrons for supporting me and thank you so much guys for watching! I hope you enjoyed the video If you did share it with friends and leave a like it helps me a lot if you’re new here and like the video subscribe for more in depth on Notification Bell not to miss out on future videos if you want to see what I’m up to check out my social media accounts Thanks for watching and see you next time. Bye

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  1. Hey there guys! I hope you have fun watching. ^-^ 💕 You can help me translate my videos into other languages: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCNrePsiT0VZpTcms1TvM2pA&tab=2

  2. Hey, your accent is really cool! Where are you from? It kinda sounds like a mix of French, Russian, and Hispanic. Really pretty <3

  3. I feel like shrinking the head would’ve aloud the mermaid to come together a bit better but overall it’s one of the best dolls I’ve seen so far

  4. I absolutely love your videos they are amazing and your a tension for detail is incredible I love it . Right now your chanel is my favourite 💟please never stop please

  5. Wow! This is so gorgeous! @MariaLazar you do such amazing work! Such incredible talent. When I saw her face finished, omg, blown away! Beautiful! All your mods and decorations are so perfect, I absolutely love it! 💋 Subscribed!

  6. This is my first video of yours and I am in AWE. Ive only got to the wig but i can already see that this doll will be beautiful

  7. Wow, I didn’t know dolls could look so lively! Have you thought of making ball joints so you could keep the sculpted look but not have it stuck in one pose?

  8. Hello! 🙂 do you read webtoons? I feel like your art style and the art style of "freaking romance" would be a match made in heaven! I am so happy to have found your videos! I just subscribed 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Beautiful mermaid doll you maid. Later on when you do more mermaids make iridescent scales to go on the tail to match the fins that would be beautiful but a lot of work.

  10. you're so artistic and an expert in doll repaints. I wish I'd be good at repainting since I'm already going to start, I have alot of MH Doll nudes, some materials and still in need of other materials. Hoping I'd be good at it and sell it lol 🙁

  11. This is such a magical doll!! I wish there were more male creations like these cause i’d love to see what you could do to make a male doll like her

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  14. Es una Bonita sirena es la mejor creación tu ganarías a Leonardo dabinchi (creo que hacías se escribe )
    Sigue y más ✅

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