9 thoughts on “Exposed: Wood Floors

  1. It is always fascinating to watch you working with your hands, they seem to have a beauty of purpose. Watching a video like this it's tempting to see just the practical side of it but I wonder if there is is hidden metaphor. Perhaps, stripping away the old carpet is a search for quality… a getting rid of the unecessary.

    I'm glad that you found such a good floor beneath.
    Kind regards, Peter

  2. Lot of work involved. Glad to see that a woman is doing this. I plan to redo my floor since it is so expensive tohave someone else do it. After I see what's underneath the carpet I plan to use the paper bag floor method. You're a tough cookie to do all of this work.

  3. Thanks Naomie76 for your response. I did lift the carpet in a corner and there is concrete underneath. As you suggested, I could paint the floor and then use area rugs to absorb the winter cold and to keep my knees from being susceptible to the hardness of the floor.

  4. awesome!
    I've got a kitty that has all of a sudden started being bad in a corner of the dinning room. there isn't hardwood under but finished plywood. I'll cut out the carpet (with help from your video) and then make a transition for the kitchen and the living room. Great how to video πŸ™‚

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