EXO Kai & Sehun Nail Art | #EXODEUX

EXO Kai & Sehun Nail Art | #EXODEUX

Hey guys, it’s Becca! Today I’ll be showing you how to recreate this easy design inspired by the grungy nails that Kai and Sehun had in EXO’s OBSESSION concept trailer Start off by applying a base coat to all of your nails The first nail is almost totally black with just a little bit of space at the cuticle To get this look, start your stroke at the free edge and ease up as you get closer to the cuticle so that you’re left with an unfinished edge Seal in your design with a matte topcoat Use a nail art brush to make a vertical black line in the center of your nail Again, you want the top part to look a little bit textured If your base coat dries glossy then you’ll want to top coat the whole nail with a matte top coat Since my base coat dries matte I decided to just top coat where I painted to add some dimension For this nail use the brush from the polish bottle to make three irregular strokes down the nail If you want to you can use a brush dipped in black to add some more details Seal in your design with a matte top coat For the next nail just make two full brushstrokes vertically down the nail One about a quarter of the way down from the cuticle, and one about halfway down Seal in your design with a matte topcoat For the last design, section off one half of the nail and fill it in with black Seal in your design with a top coat and you’re done! All the products used in this video will be listed in the description below Thanks for watching!

13 thoughts on “EXO Kai & Sehun Nail Art | #EXODEUX

  1. Hey guys! I hope you like this tutorial!
    I'm really excited for EXO's comeback and just couldn't wait to do some nails for it!
    The teasers for KAI and KĀI were released earlier today and as an erigom I am DEAD.
    What team are all of you guys on? Team EXO or Team X-EXO? 🤔🏳️🏴

  2. Ahh I’m so ready for EXO’s comeback too!! Who’s your bias? Also these nails look so cool, Kai really can pull off anything 😤

  3. Please could you make a nail art tutorial for TXT dream chapter star / run away?
    Btw really love your videos you are so talented 😳😳🔥

  4. Everytime I used nail polish, I always accidentally make my nails look like this 😁
    But now, thanks to you.. 'I was inspired by Kai and Sehun' could be my reason. Or KĀI and SEHŮN??

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