Thanks 400,000 subscribers hi friends the fluo sketches i'm back today with another art advice video guys most of you are super cool hard-working driven ass artists who will find success in art because it is your passion this video is not for you this is a video for artists who say they want to improve it art but make excuses for why they can't and often they leave comments complaining about their dilemmas on other artists social media this is gonna be some tough love today because I want you guys to succeed you might not even realize that you're making excuses and that maybe you're being a little lazy or negligent in your art journey so here's a list of excuses that I hear artists make number one I'm not naturally gifted guys art is a learned skill the only way you're going to improve is through hard work and practice anyone saying otherwise is lying don't make comments to your favorite artists about how lucky they are to have this natural ability to draw those kind of comments belittle the amount of work that that artist put into their craft what experienced artists have over less experienced artists is hours and hours and hours of practice and they've drawn for so many hours because they love drawing this might seem obvious but the people that get really good at drawing are the ones that love it and that causes them to do it a lot and then they get better at it nobody is born with an innate ability to draw well I was obsessed with drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil and my drawings were just as shitty as the other preschoolers drawings the difference between me and then was that I kept drawing for years and years because I loved it and that's how I improve number two I don't have the right tools the tools don't good art the artist does if you hand Jen Kamla broken crayon he's going to be able to make amazing art with it because he's an amazing artist it's not about the tools he uses my tools for many many years we're printer paper and mechanical pencils and then it's still my favorite thing to draw with traditionally if you want to be a digital artist but you can't afford a tablet that's okay I couldn't either so I used to draw with a mouse which was right-handed even though I'm left-handed and I know this sounds like your parents telling you that back in my day I used to walk to school in the snow uphill both ways but I really didn't used to use a mouse to make digital art I used free websites for drawing like oekaki central I used my family's really old Windows computer or I would draw at school or the library I just knew I wanted to make digital art so I found a way now on the tablets if you can't afford it there are small tablets that cost less than $100 my first tablet was a small Wacom Intuos 3 which I use for well over 10 years I just used it the other day it still works great and I still love it I think that'd cost $70 it wasn't like a pro or a touch it was just a plain old in toast you can also get small Wacom tablets like mine on eBay lightly used for less than $40 spent $40 is a fair amount of money though so if you can't afford that maybe just work on your traditional art for now speaking of digital art I need to mention Cintiq Cintiq sorry type of tablet where you draw directly onto a screen for some reason a lot of artists think that they can only draw well digitally if they have a Cintiq and because Cintiq s– are so expensive only the artists that can afford them can draw well digitally this is a terrible excuse thin cheeks don't make you draw better the first time I use the Cintiq or even saw one was my first day on the job at a big animation studio drawing well on a Cintiq is a whole new skill on its own and at first I really preferred my little tablet so stop using I don't have a Cintiq as an excuse because neither do most artists number three there's no art classes available to me you don't need classes to draw all it does is give you structure and deadlines that force you to practice if you want to improve more quickly on your own give yourself assignments and deadlines and put in the work if you're worried about improving an Anatomy without fake your drawing classes just go outside go to a cafe and draw from life it's free number four I didn't go to art school either did I try again number five I don't have any followers and nobody likes and comments on my art listen to me you are a strong independent artiste you create something out of nothing that's amazing so don't let something like numbers get you down and don't use it as an excuse to not draw you know those big artists you follow on social media who are your heroes they started with no followers I have followers online now but that took a long time and that was never my goal numbers are so stupid social media can open doors for you in the future like job opportunities but only if you have the skills to back it up happy followers on social media does not make you a better artist not all artists with a high follower count are highly skilled so focus on improving your artwork not your follower count number six I don't have enough time this is specifically for the artists who are leaving comments saying they don't have enough time to draw for you negative nancies I see you have time to scroll through Instagram ask yourself are you making art a priority try replacing I don't have enough time with art is not a priority for me right now maybe try making a list of things that are important to you and figure out where art falls on that list even for people with no time if you're passionate about art you find creative ways to fit it into your schedule Disney for example we work a lot of hours some artists struggle to find time to make personal art in their few hours outside of work when they also want to do things like eating sleeping exercising taking care of their kids and spending time with their spouses what I've noticed is a lot of these really busy artists will bring their sketchbooks and pencils and watercolors to lunch and then they'll do some life drawing on their lunch break now there's a chore but because they love it number seven I started too late I'm too old eight age is just a number stop limiting yourself based on a number also try googling when Van Gogh started painting and then get back to me number eight I'm waiting for creativity to strike if you're bidding for some major spark of inspiration every time you draw does forget it story time I did an artist residency once it was for serious professional artists we had an assignment given to us in class and we could leave and draw for a few hours and then come back and turn it in one of the professional artists in class turned in nothing because she said that she's only inspired at night I think my eyes will back in my head you think professional artists feel creative and inspired 40 hours a week no we don't but we do our assignments because it's our job if you want to improve don't wait for some spark of inspiration just start drawing because you love it get into the flow of it and take breaks when needed number nine my final excuse on the list those sketches hasn't made a tutorial for this and thus I cannot do it I'm not even kidding about this one I get comments like this and demands that I make certain tutorials if you make this excuse you've got to stop relying in other people a drawing tutorial not existing for something you want to draw is not an excuse for you not drawing it you have to do the work yourself in conclusion if you are truly passionate about art then you will draw a lot and you will improve you don't need to make excuses just draw if it makes you happy I hope this video wasn't too harsh and I hope you guys enjoyed it again most of you are awesome and hard-working artists but maybe there's a few of you out there who this video could help if you guys think of any other excuses that artists make please comment them down below I find them very entertaining if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more videos bye the only way you're going to improve is hard work I'm not going to keep that there


  1. I wake up 3:30 AM every day to draw from 4:00 till 6:00 because I work in job not connected to art and have A LOT to do after it. Still I am able sometimes to find additional time to draw in the evening.

  2. You are so right . But for me if I read comments most annoying comment is ' you are just gifted it' .. Every first piece of art going to be not good. Even second. And even maybe after year. It all depends how much time you spend and how much effort you put in.

  3. I used to say “ ı dont have any studios or teachers or workshops anywehre near where I live “ but thenI I realized I was being lazy, I bought books and used the best teacher which is real life, drawing from life helped me SO much


    Congratulations on 100K subscribers as well 😊

  5. lol how did u read my mind of can't think of good ideas onn are u psycic lulu? lol great video as always. 🙂

  6. I really felt that time one when I was in my last year of high school I barely drew at all (only doodles in notebooks because it’s a compulsion : P) because I wanted to get the highest grades I could. I don’t exactly regret it because I achieved beyond my academic goals but I’m realising it’s a whole year of no meaningful art practice which I’ll never get back and now I feel really behind :S I feel like when you’re young it’s easier to be brave when drawing because even if it’s bad you can use the “I’m only 16!” Card. So make the most of those years 😆 I’m trying to be braver about drawing now and not caring whether it’s bad at first.

  7. Great video really nice advice, the only thing I really see issue with is people not having natural aptitude at something. There are some people that are naturally gifted. But they still have to nurture their skill in order to be even better, but anyway congrats on your milestone.

  8. I only have 9 followers and I friggin rock. I think one of them is my mom. So, high five ✋🏼

  9. Man where have you been Lulu these last 6 yrs I've wasted since I graduated from Computer Animation and been doing something that isn't my passion. You are a true gift from God! Thank you for existing and for having the kind heart enough to share your experiences and knowledge with other artists that need that inspiration. Truly aside from your amazing artistic abilities, your talent to motivate other artists like myself is something I hope only God can repay! You are like a beacon of light that has pushed me back to my true passion! God has opened my eyes through you. Thank you so much and let me shut up now!! You're the bomb lol

  10. I bought a Cintiq a few years ago and barely used it because it was uncomfortable to use. I like to draw in bed. I sold it and workeed as a portrait artist for a while, pencil and paper, thats all. I bought a cheapish Huion tablet recently, and couldn't believe what I was missing out on. Dont make excuses that you cant afford top of the range stuff. Once you get a taste of what these things can help you create, you'll be amazed.

  11. I kid you not, the ad after the video was about an artist (in this case a photographer) not liking their art. And then the app being push gave them divine inspiration on how to photoshop it to make it better. This ad company needs to watch this video.

  12. I'm studing Graphic design and working and i never draw for myself because I use the "I don't have time excuse" 🙁 I really need to stop it and start drawing, but it's hard to make the time when I'm so tired, but I'll try 🙂

  13. The one about starting late always use to be my excuse. So I one year went half my Freshman year not drawing because I was "late". Eventually I learned the horse radish it was. And I practice as much as I can. I may not be as some of my friends, but I keep my passion for it deeply.

  14. hey laura lets say you for example dont know how to draw dogs for example. And you know that is something you want to improve and get better at it.

    How would you personally get better at drawing those dogs so it goes from stick man dog to a awesome dog portrait or dog concept art piece.

  15. Number one hated excuse for me that I have heard is "I'm not a good artist because I can't draw in X style which is popular and only X style artists get followers on DA…" Facepalm… (NSFW, Anime, Fanart, etc… you get the point. Instead of looking at each style or media as its own market… I blows my mind how many people say this.) While yeah fanart and nsfw get more attention that isn't a determiner of skill set or being a good artist its more a determiner of playing the field and to whats popular or in demand… It's sad how people cut themselves down because of that. (I have artists I wish I could mimic there style's too but I like my own better because its me and my voice. That has it's application in your field with style consistency and it is a good skill set to have and its something I may be working on here soon, so wish me luck.)

  16. You're probably not gonna read this, but I have been having the following issues you mentioned, except the last one lol. I needed this. Thanks for the advice. Hopefully it helps

  17. Thank you for this! I am currently struggling to shift my current career to Animation. Every after 8 hours from work, though I am tired. I can't sleep without creating art ❤️ Yes, you are also right that having no pen tab or any materials is not an excuse to hinder you to improve your skills. I just bought my pen tab (Artist 12 xp-pen) after working in 3 years 🙃

  18. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Printer Paper and Mechanical Pencils! (Never Mock It) <B <B <B 😀 Although it does help to have the right papers and higher quality tools because it will achieve help speed along your results. I'm working on a piece currently with just Crayola's and I love my pencils don't get me wrong but a higher quality colored pencil will achieve results quicker due to the way they are made. Wac core verus Oil based pencils etc… the binders making the difference. The pigment may lay down faster. So for me comparing Prisma to Crayola here: I found out I took me 30 layers to achieve something in Crayola (fighting wax build up) that I was able to do in 4 with Prisma. So its kind of more realistically a little from column A (skill, time, and practice) and a little from column B tool quality (art hacks like blending through practice) when it comes to point 2. But this is my opinion that I acquired through 20 years of work on my art. For me my art suffered stagnation because I failed to push myself after a while with depression which turned into not drawing anymore for a few years but I can say its faster picking it up a second time since the skills are still there. And for me it was almost good to have that period of stagnation since it caused me to reappraise the way I looked at a lot of things. I found that I was able to put more effort into my pieces and that stuff actually improved from the 3 year break. It's kind of weird because you look at my cartooning and lineart and then there is nothing and bam the first piece I work on a cartoon burlesque which I'm still trying to top… happened to be a fluke! XD I found the more time you spend on an individual piece and the more methodical you are the better it comes out.

    Hahah you brought up Cintiq I'm so sick of hearing that? XD I love my cheap small Intous 4 and its 15 years old and still works.

  19. "Can you teach me how to draw that?"
    Me: "No."
    "But I cant draw that" in a whiny voice
    Any one else have this problem?

  20. Some of my friends say that they like, always being artblocked, and they dropped drawing for months to get back creativity and inspiration. What do you think?

  21. Laura. I appreciate your insights and humors from this video. I agree with everything you said in this video and I understand where these are coming from as you went through these excuses to be where you are! This video along with "feeling discouraged" are the videos I watch every time I feel lazy or down to draw! Thank you!
    P.S Shocked to find out Van gogh!

  22. As someone who's also from a small southern town and who goes to a non-art university, you give me hope that I can become a professional illustrator/character designer. I admire your work ethic and your work in general, and totally agree with every point you made.

  23. I never became an artist cause im semi-color blind. <-thats legit. Also, I can't cook well because color has to do a lot with it e.g. stake well done. …

  24. This was brilliant! And thank you for mentioning the difficulty in going from an Intuos to a Cintiq. I just upgraded from an Intuos 3 (used that for over 10 years too!) to a Huion Kamvas Pro20, that I love. But my first two paintings were so bad (and I'm never sharing them), that I wanted to go back to my old tablet, lol! There's definitely a learning curve involved, but I'm getting the hang of it now. I'm just glad I wasn't the only one who struggled with this!

  25. Here's my problem. I have a ton of drawing mileage and I love to draw but I hate the fact that my art isn't A+ quality. It does take god given gift to create that level of work. Not everyone can paint like Sargent or draw like Kim Jung Gi. My work is good and at one point I was satisfied. But I don't want to be good anymore. I want to be extraordinary. Practice can only take you so far. But I think every artist has something special to offer therefore I will continue to create and see where I end up.

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