EVERY Best SAO Fight Ranked | Sword Art Online Kirito Asuna Fights

EVERY Best SAO Fight Ranked | Sword Art Online Kirito Asuna Fights

The top SAO fights ranked. The best ones
and why I placed them on this list. Definitely get your own list ready but
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Anyway let’s go ahead and dive into this kicking this off Kirito vs.
integrity Knight Eugeo vs Kirito. Oh Kirito vs his best blonde buddy. Who could have
ever seen Eugeo quietly going over to the dark side. You had these fated friends
with similar swords they must have been destined to fight one another. Despite
the circumstances the actual fight was quite the pleasure. Eugeo had always been
this kid who had great potential. Being set up for this fight versus Kirito
as Integrity knight Eugeo it finally felt like Eugeo was able to display his
full potential. Thankfully at the very end the Eugeo made it back briefly
anyway. Kirito vs. death gun actually Kirito and Sinon. So you had Death gun being
the ultimate big bad from the GGO Arc. The one behind all the various VR murders. It felt like laughing coffin just laughing and taunting at Kirito from beyond
the grave. Death Gun seemed to be the perfect
matchup against Kirito and Sinon. The guy had access to weapons like the
suppressed sniper, a freaking space crafted weapon plus an invisible cloak
to sweeten the deal. Not to mention actually
having the VR abilities to match back against Kirito and Sinon. Naturally SAO fans were happy to see the bright light show from Kirito’s light saber
moves however what really made this SAO that gun match for me was a Sinon and
Kirito combo. You had Kirito really getting pushed to his absolute limits.
Ultimately with Sinon’s last help that tipped the balance in his favor.
Good game death gun. Kirito and Eugeo vs Fanatio specifically the blu-ray edition.
I know there’s been some of you vocal SAO fans about SAO Alicization not having
those shiny multi swinging action sequences. To be fair to SAO season 3
there’s an actual story reason for that but to be fair to you that goblin fight
early on did feel like it said a high level of expectations that wasn’t going
to happen in the underworld for a good while. Fast forward to the integrity
Knight raid battles. One by one Kirito and Eugeo were slowly progressing
floor-by-floor. Oh my god is that an Aincrad reference? With Fanatio you
finally had the vice commander of the integrity knights later you found out
due to Fanatio’s not so deep securities she had trained herself to
further improve her sword. At the cost of Kirito ending up like freakin Swiss
cheese SAO fans finally got a spectacle of fight versus the integrity
Knights. Of course none of this would have mattered if there wasn’t meaning
behind those powerful blows. Kirito and Leafa verses at salamander guild.
This is one of those SAO fights that’s pretty often overlooked. This fight was
another one of those situations that showcase Kirito’s will and
determination to advance forward. Sure they could have just lost given up being
completely wiped out then tried again the next day but no not today. The opposing team salamanders armed with tanks and ranged magic users that should have
easily devastated Kirito and Leafa which they did. This leads into
another reason I loved this. Overlooked is how easily Kirito would have
died and was actually rapidly dying had he been there solo you know just himself
without support from Leafa. Hell yes thank you supporters and healers. Then
the rest of history at the very end a cherry on top with a nice callback to
SAO via that gleam eyes transformation. Kirito versus Kayaba the a
SAO creator round two. Kind of funny how this contributed to
the Kirito overpower claims. Kirito previously lost to Kayaba by using his cheat –
I mean unique skill. In reality Kirito should have had near zero chance
against the creator of the SAO death game. Honestly for me I don’t feel like
the actual fight animation is much to boast about. Good chunks of reused
animation but mixes memorable and perhaps iconic mr. literal weight of the
fight. It was do or die time for Kirito. Eventually Kirito ended up screwing up
using his swordskill just like Kayaba hoped for and yes the great Kirito did
lose which it’s another reason I loved this. Unfortunately how the anime
displayed this has confused millions of anime fans. Oh my god Kirito revived
and resurrect somehow hacker! Despite it being Kirito only
imagining himself dying not actually happening. Ultimately you had Asuna
coming in and shielding Kirito from the death blow which is another reason I
place us here. Kirito did lose but then got a second chance
only after Asuna push forward and her sacrifice. Kirito versus the World Tree
Guardians round one. It feels like this has another underrated SAO battle. You were so
so close. You only had this final obstacle separating Kirito from his beloved
Asuna or at least he thought so. The only problem it just happened to be this
impossible quest. For any hardcore video game people you should definitely get
some reminders from this fight. This actually reminded me of my MMO days just
recalling how often I go it and I would run into these impossible raid boss
battles or challenges. For Kirito’s struggling out in Alfheim Online he naively
tried to solo the damn thing and yes we’ve all been that person. You even saw
glimpse of him almost trying to imitate his former dual blade style only to
fail and take damage instead. Ultimately Kirito’s will and determination fueling his
struggle allowed him to get close to the finish line at least visually but
no failure was pretty much guaranteed. In the end a crushing defeat
for Kirito. Yes Kirito did die despite the claims of him supposedly
being overpowered. Kirito vs. Quinella the most recent SAO anime finale.
After around two years in their underworld adventure it finally led to
facing against the overpowered church leader Quinella so much to love here.
First off you had Kirito using the incarnation system to go back to his SAO getup. Kirito finally dual-wielding too. Sayonara to his former SAO blades.
Welcome the new era the red rose sword plus the night-sky blade combo really the
symbolism of Eugeo right there with Kirito.
Quinella herself was actually handicapped at the start of this fight.
Despite that quinella was fully aware about the SAO sword skills and how to
counter them. This whole Quinella fight does service as this parallel to Kirito’s
mistake in the Aincrad arc. This time Kirito was actually successful without
using his beloved starburst stream. Although victory came at a heavy toll.
It’s like the god’s smashing Kirito from the heavens. The dual blade swordsman lost an
arm from the fight. Try dual welding now but most important was the last of his
best blonde buddy. goodnight sweet prince. Kirito vs the
Minotaur. Definitely not only one of the most iconic SAO fights but honest the
anime fights in general and that isn’t just me putting this SAO fight
on a pedestal. SAO lover and SAO trolls alike know of this fight
instantly and it’s perhaps partly what started the whole Kirito is supposedly over
power stuff. For the actual fights only you had Kirito Asuna and friends
fighting this overpowered floor Boss. You could thank a certain smart
individual for that one. The first part I love from this fight was actually
something from Asuna. Asuna displayed how quickly she was
willing to act. If it was in her power Asuna would trying to rescue
others possible death be damned. Then naturally what makes this episode and
fight so iconic is this being what make Kirito known as the infamous dual blade
swordsman talk about anime flex. I was simply hiding my full power and I
still see anime fans wrongly claimed that Kirito solo-ed this Minotaur Boss
despite the reality. The boss was already injured not to mention Klein and Asuna
helping out further not to mention Kirito the others fighting the floor
boss in a way that would have helped further maximize their damage but it also
wasn’t without risk. You saw Kirito drop down to his last blood of HP which is another
reason I loved this battle. Kirito really had only one hand out the grave.
Asuna vs Yuuki sadly for us hardcore Asuna fans Asuna was put on the
sidelines due to story reasons in the second half of the SAO Season 1 anime.
It was finally time to make it up to her being the focus in the
mothers Rosario arc. You really felt Asuna’s struggle here. You had Asuna’s
securities and everything going on mentally above. It was all finally
hitting that boiling point. To your surprise and Asuna’s surprised she
got this unexpected challenge how about it Asuna? Wanna try and fight the great
and powerful Yuuki? And to this day I still recall when this episode dropped. I swear
I rewatched the Asuna vs Yuuki fight into the double
digits. I definitely teared up more than once. It
was pretty awesome and even inspiring to see how Asuna started this fight. You had
Asuna with the weight of everything going on in her life Plus at the same
time actually trying to put a battle and sword hits into this female newcomer.
Finally Asuna was truly able to put everything aside for the moment. With a
complete focus mixed with her years of SAO VR experience Astana definitely gave
Yuuki a run for her money. It did feel like Asuna may have taken
a move out of the Kirito book with that one punch. Dirty Dirty. And such a
spectacle Yuuki versus Asuna with that top tier soundtrack to match
rest in peace Yuuki. Before the number one best SAO fights a few quick
honorable mentions Kirito Asuna and the guilt versus the skull reaper. Recall
that absolute terror you felt seeing this beast. You had this Reaper coming
down and just one hit ko ing person after person. Even with Kayaba using his
cheat defense not good enough. You knew they were fighting a losing battle.
Ultimately it was Asuna once again that pushed Kirito to get back in there.
This whole thing does lose a few points due to the full fight not actually being
shown. Kirito versus Kayaba round one. At the time you had no idea that it
was actually Kirito up against the SAO creator. No you only knew was the
unique dual blade skill versus a unique divine defence from the gods. Really just
a warm-up before round two. Kirito versus Eugene. Fans of SAO love
this fight since they saw this overpowered Kirito versus another top player. I
loved this battle and not only since I showed this pretty awesome air fight but
it was one of those great time that it showed Kirito thinking outside the box.
So how to stop this overpower character with an even more overpowered cheat
weapon? Why not borrow a second blade. To bad Kirito didn’t happen any system
assists there. Those years of SAO sure paid off. Kirito and Eugeo versus
the goblins. SAO season 3 really a warm-up for this Alicization
adventure. This goblin fight in fact it can elevate in a few levels for the
anime and perhaps it did his job a little too well. More of what was
displayed actually wouldn’t come for a good while for the season 3 SAO clashes.
Kirito Asuna and everyone versus the final Sao boss the entire raid battle
started to finish. I still recall watching the SAO ordinal scale movie here
in Japan private screening too. Th SAO movie film like this
perfect blend. An outstanding mixture that built on every single SAO arc that
came before it. The cherry on top? How about actually
completing the SAO Aincrad castle. Over the years since SAO season one I’ve
seen a ton of SAO fans and SAO haters alike that wished SAO continued for a
few hundred episodes the Aincrad story. Part of what was missing was this
complete floor traversal eventually the SAO progressors on the front lines with
countless losses bathed in sweat and blood reaching that ultimate final Boss.
Ms Aincrad over here gave you hardcore loyal SAO fans a juicy mouthful. Any gaming
veteran knows full well how frustrating these final bosses could be. You got the
pesky Boss with vibranium level defense armor. Oh you got multiple barrier
shield too? The cherry on top for this death Sunday is a raid boss spamming
their one-hit ko moves. That’s always fun. Thankfully Yui showed up right on
time and let’s be honest the actual final boss fight should have been much
much tougher. Even with several more unique sword skills. This ultimate
showdown gave everyone a chance to shine That included Liz and Silica by the
way weren’t they low level in SAO? Agil and Klein who made him suck a little
less. Naturally you had Kirito with his ultimate star burst stream final hit too.
What a kill stealer! However the outstanding moment for me
here definitely involved seeing Asuna finally using her mother’s Rosario move
in the anime years earlier too. So come on some company please please make an Asuna
Yuuki mothers Rosario combo figure. I would drop my pants for that,
I mean wallet. Really quickly once again a huge thank you to Crossing Void.
Hopefully this video got you inspired for some action! Crossing Void should be
able to satisfy you. It now has available globally free so definitely check my
link out and download it today. Anyway go ahead and post your top 5 or just your
favorite SAO fight. Was it in season 1 season 2 or season 3? Definitely smash
that thumbs up subscribe for more juicy anime videos check out these past SAO videos my Hero academia videos and I’ll see you guys later!

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  3. My favourite fight was Kirito unleashing Starburst Stream.
    And Kirito hit a stinger at Chuldelkin as The Black Swordsman.

  4. Yay awesome bonus SAO video ! And I also indorse the need for a Yuuki / asuna combo figure !

    My top fights are :

    1. Asuna vs Yuuki
    2. OS Boss Battle
    3.Kirito vs fanatio
    4.Kirto vs death gun
    5.Kirto vs Eugene
    6.gleam eye fight
    7.Eugeo/Kirito vs Alice
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  10. My Top 5, in no order actually

    1. Kirito's team vs the Minotaurs

    Caliber arc love. We get to see everyone fighting, Yui and Asuna as support,Sill Connect, If an naysayers say Silica and Lisbeth are weak, they put work here, even Klein helped. This also saw how having a Archer like Sinon fighting from a distance helps with not having all your fighters up close.

    2. Asuna plus Sleeping Knights vs Floor 23 boss

    Foxen gives the Asuna vs Yuuki fight attention for a lot that was going into Asuna's mind at the moment, this fight I'm giving attention myself. With a bit of help from Kirito (Klein too), Asuna and compan took on the boss, and of course seeing Yuuki use the Mother's Rosario move

    3. Kirito vs Leafa

    You thought I was going for the World tree assault round 2, did you? I feel this fight needs mention with how the Kirigaya cousins were going through. We never got a conclusion, but the pair finally made up in the end

    4. Kirito and company Gun Gale battle

    For a anime original fight this was awesome to see everone in GGO, at the time Fatal Bullet was out. It was a great first battle for the Alicization arc. Also Silica on a machine gun

    5. Kirito, Alice, and Eugeo vs Quinella and Choudkin

    I amgoing to count this while 4 episode as one big battle of phases: two mini bosses before the final boss. I don't think anything needs said than: penatratlong sword, Sword Golem beat down by fused Eugeo and Blue Rose sword, and Kirito vs Quinella final bottle

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    I hope he gives in to temptation and brings Eugeo back…..

  18. My Top 5 Battle In Sao
    1.Eugeo v Kirito (R.I.P blonde)
    2.Eugeo v bercouli
    3.Kirito v kayaba 2
    4.Kirito and eugeo v alice
    5.Kirito v minotaur

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