Eve Online: Tutorial for Complete Beginners! - Ep 2: More Tutoring!

Eve Online: Tutorial for Complete Beginners! – Ep 2: More Tutoring!

hey you folks quickly here and welcome to the second video in our Eve online guide for complete beginners in this episode we are going to complete the in-game tutorial which is going to teach us a little bit more about constructing our ship doing a little bit of combat as well as skills starting the next episode we are going to be looking at career agents and doing some things like mining Episode four would likely be looking at the exploration career stuff which is totally amazing and awesome now two things despite we're talking about these different roles right combat stuff mining stuff exploration stuff there are no classes in EVE Online any character can do anything in addition to that there's no experience points and no levels the only thing there are are skill points and where you apply them at this point in the tutorial the game would like us to go ahead and start some skill training which you always want to be training skills so because of various reasons the the old tool tip that was there but what she wants to do is us to open our character sheets we're gonna click on our lovely lovely face over here and that's gonna open up the character sheet which will not look like that for you it will look there we go it will look more like this sorry I had something collapsed in over here so here's your character here's my lovely 80s action hero terrible figure face over here get some information we enter name when we were born we're currently an alpha state clone that is the free account over here there's certain things you can use a lot of things you can do as alpha you can play the game for a very long time be very satisfied as an alpha clone but you can also upgrade it to an Omega clone which unlocks a few more things we'll look at those a little bit later current system over here my alliances so you know I'm part of the other glint a and whatnot but that doesn't matter too much just LOF little tabs to look at and I do encourage you to go through and look through this hey you can type up your own bio it free and everything it's kind of excellent lovely but for the tutorial we're supposed to be on the skills tab over here which is what opens by default normally when you open your character sheet so Ora says before we proceed let's start training a skills skill training is vital to your for your progression and the skills you choose will prepare you for your path in the stars under the skills tab pick a category and pick a skill you wish to train I would recommend the category spaceship command and the skill also called spaceship command alright well we may disagree with or I don't know it's what we'll see how it is so we're gonna hide her for a second and look at the character so in the skills there are many many different categories of skills over here spaceship command is a category of skill and there are actually 81 different skills in this category now you probably won't see all these by default because this little pulldown menu is probably set to have prerequisites for which is probably a better choice than show everything you can also say can train now so these are the skills I can train currently but if I go here I also have prerequisite for a few of these skills I'd have to buy a skill book to start learning those we'll talk about that a little bit more in the future I'm gonna go ahead and shrink this top bar down so that we have a little bit more room to work with over here well shrink the training queue just a little bit so I can talk about things so again many different categories of stuff over here and many different skills that you can learn now we are going to get into the nitty-gritty of these skills later on when we look at various jobs that we might do for example mining or exploration or in fact combat and especially with things like combat we're gonna look into specific skills when we figure out what kind of weapons we might be using and why you might use different weapons so um as a Gallente person we are big fans of a small hybrid turrets as a Caldari I think you'd be using I think missiles or small projectile turrets and so on and so forth you might start with slightly different skills and your ships might be by default sort of oriented in one way so what skill do you train well you know what I'm gonna kind of agree with aura for now we're gonna cue up a spaceship command so in the spaceship command category there's a spaceship command key scale over here and the reason I think she recommends it is because all does is make all your ships no matter what kind of ship you pilot they'll all be slightly better it's going to improve your ship agility by 2% per skill level so for every skill that you have in space your command your skit ships will be slightly more agile helps them turn faster big implications in combat but even outside a combat it's really handy to have a ship that maneuvers a little faster now we already have three levels in the skill as a starting character we started with that hey that's lovely and we have the ability to train a fourth level that gray pip over there we can do it the yellow blocks here these are Omega only you can't train fifth level of spaceship command unless you have an Omega account so it's worth noting there but that's gonna be fine so I can train the skill if I mouse over there's a pop-up window I can go and say it's train level four and of course like anything else in the game you can right-click on it and say hey add level four to the Q please and thank you so this skill is actually going to take one day and 17 hours to train in real time and this applies whether you're logged in or logged out if you log out you come back in two days you will have finished doing this that doesn't feel very exciting necessarily now some skills don't take as long the first level of a skill takes very little time second takes more third takes more so on and so forth so getting the first few levels in a bunch of different skills is super fast for example we already have the first level of mining forget we could go and get the second level of mining frigate it would only take two hours so it's a little bit faster and then if we if we didn't have if we were just getting the first level of something it could be like 10 minutes to get the first level of skill now as an alpha character once you have queued up a day of stuff you can't add more things to the queue if I want to add another skill to this queue because this is one hour or one day 17 hours if I want to add mining friggin so let's say I try to train level 2 does not fit in the training queue if I cancelled this what I could do and it remembers my progress you can see that the square is sort of got a slash through it because we have some some progress towards that skill level if I instead queue up mining forget and then spaceship command that's fine because you it's only it only it doesn't stop you from adding things that put your queue over a day it just once your queues over a day it doesn't add it let you add anymore one of the advantages to upgrading to Omega is that there's no limit to how many skills you can you can queue up you could you could load up like 6 months worth of skills in here if that's your plan and that's totally ok the other advantage in addition to unlocking more categories of stuff is that you actually do learn skills twice as fast as well so what there's omega is quite nice and I believe if you do make a new account like this we got a little pop-up over here I think your first month is like half-price or something like that if you want to go that route but don't you know you don't have to rush it you don't need it right away it's going to be a-ok there may also be some unallocated skill points over here as a new character you might get some as a bonus depending on how you sign up for your account you may also have some you may also have a gift waiting for you there you go here I've got some bonus skill points waiting for me over here I think because of the current event that's going on I do have to be in a station to be able to claim this so we'll just wait on that and also if you do they sign up versus like with the recruit a friend I think you'll get like 75 I think it's 750 thousand skill points as a bonus which is a lot for example spaceship command over here it doesn't actually show in this pop-up hold on if I cancel this and I go here spaceship command is two hundred fifty six thousand skill points so basically and it this is like almost two days worth of research right so basically with the recruiter friend thing you get like six or seven days worth of free like of skills acceleration which is really handy when you start off with for now just so that I have something in a queue um I will you know what I'll just leave spaceship command in there just cuz no matter what I end up flying for the rest of my career and Eve it'll be handy to have this here so we'll leave that there probably what'll happen at some point when we get to like the mining tutorial or the exploration tutorial I might change my mind and move some things but we may as well sink some skill points in there while we're waiting that's gonna be okay alright so or I should be pretty happy with that excellent done and your skill training is now complete I will notify you when the skill training has been completed now let's go back to the agency and the twirl won't do the next step we'll try to go through these a little faster because they will mostly be similar we'll activate the next one measuring the threat larger vessels are not always more effectively than ship-to-ship combat the smaller ship is the more difficult that is returns to track it warp to the site using warp cubes so we're gonna go to the next area and and this is very true now the math and the mechanics behind this are not something that you're gonna want to get into at this point in EVE Online but very small ships ships that have a very small signature as well as ships that can move again you want to be moving relative to the person you're fighting and not not towards your way but kind of sideways which is what orbiting does for if your ship is fast if your ship is small big giant ships with huge giant guns will not be able to hit you in fact it's entirely possible they will literally never be able to hit you at all if they're just trying to use big giant artillery against you which is kind of amazing that's why the amazing thing about EVE Online is even if you're a new player and even if you're just flying small ships you can still be a massive threat so we got the circadian seeker over here I'm gonna control click at the target it I'm gonna ask to orbit and then once we're locked in I'm gonna start firing at this guy boom there you go and I think this for this encounter here I think they gave this guy fairly I don't know he is hitting me there but I'm moving mostly towards him at this point keep that in mind so once we start moving a little bit more laterally to him oh he's using heat-seeking missiles I don't know if this turn I don't know if this tutorial step actually has anything to do with anything other than letting no big ships might have a hard time hitting here I guess that is true although big ships can be designed in other ways to deal with small little frigates like while actually we're flying a Corvette here including things like drones and whatnot but again you don't have to worry about that right now sort of beyond the point so we're just beyond the topic oh we could dodge a little bit more if we went ahead and turn on the afterburner as well we went ahead blew this guy up he does have some loot behind but again it's not going to be worth anything a few metal straps or a civilian component or some things I'm not gonna worry about it we've got another ship here so I'm gonna go ahead control click to lock on I will orbit again I instead of control clicking I like it because it's fast you could just click him you can right click to lock or with him selected you can hit the lock button alright he's locked on now and we're gonna try to close to an orbit I've targeted my him with my gun pew pew pew pew pew I guess a these missiles look super cool I've actually I don't think I've ever flown a ship that uses missiles and I'm kind of tempted to do it just because they look so amazing yeah it's very tempting so we'll go ahead and shoot this guy the other thing I don't think this tutorial covers there are many different types of damages for your weapons well there's four different types there's kinetic damage which is just like you're hitting someone with a bullet directly there's thermal damage so burning burning damage maybe lasers there's explosive damage which as I believe what a lot of these missiles do and there's eemm damage electromagnetic damage which some types of weapons do do different types of Defense's have different strengths and vulnerabilities versus them for example I think shields are quite good against explosive damage but quite weak against electromagnetic again more advanced than you need to worry about right now but it's interesting that all this is in here all right we got to do the next step of the tutorial again we'll try to burn through these fairly quickly so now auras gonna tell us about the afterburner it's a module it can turn on and off and lets you go places faster so oh she wants me to activate it i'm actually i have to stop this module and then turn it back on there you go I think I tried turning them before it turned off completely and that she wants me to warp this site it's interesting tells us to turn it on but warping will turn it off again anyway so but yeah it acknowledges that yep this is a module that's there one thing that's interesting about Eve is the game only ticks or processes things once every second this is one of the reasons it's not a very twitchy game if you if you do try to do more than one thing in a second um it it'll only take like blast click basically whatever but you can sort of do more than one thing in a second as long as they're different things but if I try to turn the afterburner on off on off on off all in the same second it's not it's not gonna do that it'll only care about the last click that I put in basically it's again it's not you don't have to freak out in case emergencies player versus player combat is it can get pretty hairy but other than that you know just breathe it's okay alright sleep or if some sort of sleeper gate we've been spotted yeah right so we gonna have to blow up another ship over here at this point of the tutorial seems pretty stale if you double-click on something which I just did it will approach so this starts me moving the right direction and again with it selected I'm gonna say hey I would like to lock the target and I would like to orbit as soon as the locking is done which is what that timer is there we're now locked I'm gonna start shooting you can increase the speed there's various things you can do that increases the speed that you can lock on to a target there's also a maximum range that you can lock onto targets and that depends very much on your ship as well as a large amount of skills that you might have interestingly enough you can also you can do the invert you can actually start screwing up there's people's ability to lock on to you I'll put the afterburner back on for the combat here there's electronic warfare stuff that you can do which makes it so that ships can't lock onto you from very far away they'll have to get very close before they can log on to you no no that I think you can impact the speed at which they log on to you and you can do it in such a way that you're screwing up enemy ships so they won't be able to necessarily lock onto any of your ships in your fleet properly and that's another thing that you can do with a relatively small simple and cheap ships and participate in these massive fleet battles right you've got these huge battleships they do will against each other in space and you're just here with a little frigate screwing up the enemy ships so they can't lock on to your ships and meanwhile you're small and light and the big ships won't be able to hit you as well on the other hand an organized fleet will probably have other ships that are built to deal with little scrappy dudes like yourself over here so we're having a hard time actually staying within the the orbit range that I've selected here think this guys moving around fairly quickly as well one thing we might want to do is we might want to explicitly do an approach which is what I'm gonna do here we're gonna turn and try to fly directly to him then try to close the range and then I'll once again go and hit an orbit command at that point as I'm trying to close in here mm-hmm yeah so move in fact faster makes you harder to track and makes it easier to keep the enemy at your optimal range so I'm gonna try to do that there's a button actually that's quite handy here which is the keypad range and again you can right click and say listen I would like to keep this target within 5,000 meters not necessarily set up in orbit but we'll move directly towards it or slightly or away from it or whatever as need be or we're closing in so we're gonna hit with a little bit more accuracy here just try to finish the battle a little bit faster there you go let's go back into an orbit behavior now now that we've actually closed into a reasonable way yeah we don't have to worry about losing these guys so we got our shields we got our armor we've got our structure shield takes a little bit of damage there you go more bounty no lootable as even if you wanted to now we're gonna upgrade our ship excellent locate a station in space right-click on it and choose dock so our stations are these little squares so I'm gonna right click on this and choose dock so unlike the first time we did this in the previous video I'm not manually aligning or warping and then manually docking I'm just saying dock so my ships gonna align it's gonna warp and then once we get there it'll automatically dock very very very handy dandy so somewhere out over there just aligning right now and yeah we will be we did take a little quick little peek last video at our fitting screen over here which is what's on our ship but this next step we're going to be working it with it some more we're gonna be changing some components on our ship dude to do he's gonna arrive if there was a timer for this rather than just distance note that warping ever takes long but I'm impatient alright there's a lot of stuff in space over here some people have been forgetting this is a massively multiplayer game other people are out there doing stuff leaving notes to each other I don't know what what the deal is but there you go we're gonna dock we'll talk in a future video we'll be talking about all this different stuff in the overview with these different colors mean and so on and so forth for now in the tutorial just keep ignoring it there we go all right once we have docked open the engine seat and go to the next tutorial we will do that activate the next tutorial and or there enough in the fitting window locate your primary weapon in your high slot okay so there's a button over here for fitting so this is where you fit your ship or structure with weapons and equipments to configure it for a chosen role I don't know why they use the they chose the word fitting but there it is if you ever want to see what other people do for their ships you can always google like your ship name and then fit or fitting and you can see what other people are doing in terms of designing their ship so we want to open this and what Aurra wants us to do is she wants us to remove the modules in our high slot so ships have different slots for modules and they have a high power slot mid power slots and low power slots over here different ships will have different amounts of slots in each of these various categories our little starter ship at least the bellator and I think you're starting Corvette will be the same that's too high to mid and too low over here so Ora wants us to remove the two things in our high slot over here so we can do it as always by right-clicking if we want and we can unfit so we will do that Boop so now it's empty look it actually removes itself from the model too which is cool the other thing you can do is you can hit this little button right over here unfit module and there you go another thing has been removed over there she wants us to leave the afterburner in there with the fitting window open click the inventory button okay so that's we're gonna do we're gonna leave this open for a second here's our inventory button now the inventory window has several different things going on in it over here this is the ship we're piloting right it's highlighted in green this is our ship and with this selected this is our ship's inventory remember we collected some metal scraps from the first episode of things there's also the ship hangar if we had any ships docked here at the space station they would show up in the ship hangar currently there's only one thing in here highlighted in green this is the ship we're flying but you could have many different ships all parked to the state space station we then have an item hangar so this is loot these are items that are stored and I don't know our Locker here on the space station they're not on our ship they're just in the locker now she would like me to go and fit the highlighted turrets which is these light electron blasters so we have to you can see the quantity over here to light electron blasters she would like them to fit like us to fit them onto our ship we can do that by clicking and dragging we can actually just drag it anywhere in the window here and it'll go ahead and drop it into the appropriate slot which is in this term a high slot we can actually if we open this window a little bit bigger we can see that these are all high slot items there's the Gatling gun and the minor that are removed and here's the other electron blaster so we're gonna go ahead and drop that onto our ship excellent whereas before we had a single gun now we have two and these are also a lot better we also have ammo so these weapons here that I'm equipping require ammunition so we have some ammunition for it here these iron charges so if we grab this and drag it onto our ship what's gonna do and you'll see it there there we go these two guns have been loaded with these ammo this ammo looks like each gun can hold 200 bullets we had a thousand we have 600 left I think her advice was also hey why don't you take these iron Chargers the rest of them and put them in your ship's inventory so if I drag it over to my ship so my ship's cargo bay has those metal scraps as well as the iron charges now my guns can reload in combat if they run out of bullets they will reload from the inventory before we leave I'm actually gonna go ahead and grab the last two things over here I'm gonna go and put them in the ship's inventory as well because I think we're gonna be leaving this station soon as part of the tutorial so I'm gonna bring everything with me anything you see what the word civilian is basically worthless can't really be sold and you're not really gonna want to use them long term but I'm gonna bring them with me anyway just in case so I can go ahead and close this window and it can close this one by the way if you're on Windows or on the Mac I guess you can hit ctrl W to close a window like that as well so she wants us to go and start the next tutorial stuff which we will do battle in the ruins so we have to go somewhere we have to undock keep in mind so our mission here saying get the space hey do that by undocking I'm gonna click this button right over here which is the same as having hit that big undock button over there so now we're feeling now we're feeling badass we were gonna do so much more damage than before now we didn't actually look at the stats of these various weapons that something we will look at later when when we're gonna be making our own fittings and tuning our ships for various behaviors but right now we know that's gonna be pretty good so battle in the ruins combat we are gonna warp to this location by clicking there start ships automatically gonna line so our destination is somewhere out there and again you don't actually have to worry about hitting a planet while you warp links there we go so we're closing in we're have to do one more round of fighting I know that's torille I got a sake it's a little bit samey by the end of it I think they probably could have compressed it by dropping a couple of steps if I'm honest but definitely not this one being able to teaching how to equip guns very nice so we got a couple of photos over here a couple of Century towers now here's the thing if I mouse over these guns my optimal range has changed look the optimal range for these guns is 1760 metres so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna right-click on the century I'm gonna orbit set the default and I change the default I'm gonna set it to back to like a thousand meters over here so that's my default orbit excellent I'm gonna go ahead and control click both of these and I'm gonna say I want to orbit the first century tower and I'm gonna start shooting now these weapons are much shorter range I've clicked on both of these by the way and the hotkeys for these are F 1 and F 2 so I could also use F 1 and F 2 you can see both my guns over here on the top right corner underneath the Sentry tower then targeting both these guns are shooting at that tower I could split my attacks I could have one gun shooting at one person one gun shooting at the other but that would be bad and the reason that would be bad generally speaking there may be reasons that you want to do it the reason is if you split your guns and at some point you end up with two half dead enemies two half dead enemies do as much still do their full damage so there's a longer period of time we're gonna be you're gonna be getting shot by two people at the same time whereas if you focus fire you put all your guns on one target you kill that one as soon as possible then you only have one other person left shooting at you so it's much better it takes you just as long to kill everyone but you take less damage Plus this lets us make sure that we're optimizing you know our optimal range and things like that by just focusing on the one that we're more range with out if she don't know if missiles can miss I really know very little about missiles there we go we blown up another one oh there's a secret allude over here I'm gonna double click on them I tend to do that first I double click so we start approaching directly and then I'm like okay we'll do that if I try to lock on here I'm not gonna be able to it's too far away my maximum target lock-on range on this ship and with my skills is 26 kilometers so after wait till I'm within 26 kilometers its 27 and as soon as I'm within 26 this should light up here on target range Oh actually I don't know if I have to refresh it or it could be that just it was a rounding is that was that probably at twenty six point eight and I needed to be within twenty six point three or something like that so that may have been it anyway I've locked on I'm gonna start shooting now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna drag this tube with this weapon onto the other one there you go both my weapons are now on one button so I just have to hit this one button so if you drag modules you can combine them there's also a little handy button over here so this allows us ungroup our weapons oh I can't actually do it while they're shooting well you can ungroup them again and so on and so forth I tend to group my weapons on these small frigates because you don't have a lot of weapons they tend to be the same gun and you tend to want to target the same thing but you might be in a situation where you've got a bigger ship maybe you've got a combination of long-range and short-range weapons for different things so you may want to organize your groups differently but here it's quite handy to combine these to turn on the afterburner and make sure we're on orbit mode over here now we're just gonna go ahead and blow this guy up but yeah we have to get quite a bit closer before we can start hitting this guy accurately if you are flying Gallente so small hybrid turrets are Galante's weapons of choice and there are two variants of small hybrid turrets there are blasters which is what I'm using here blasters use really big amount of damage but you have to be very close the other thing that the small hybrid turrets they use are rail guns rail guns have much much longer range they don't do as much damage but they have much longer range so which one is better Oh depends on what you're doing for just fighting these sort of NPC mobs I'm quite a big fan of like short-range high damage weapons mostly because they're not that intimidating generally speaking so I just want to kill them as quickly as bomb Plus how intimidating can be something be if it's dead then another target here double-click just start moving towards it I'm gonna control click to start targeting it because we're within range and then I'll say ok start orbiting and maybe I'll save some ammo here because we have very little accuracy at 20 kilometers because again if we take a look our optimal range is 1700 and the fall-off is another 3300 so really like once I'm but within say five kilometers 5000 meters then I'll turn it on I'll still miss a good number of shots but I'll have some chance to hit I won't literally just be throwing away money again bullets are really cheap so it's not much of a problem but yeah me as well you know token effort here let's take a moment to reload if I right-click on these I can reload all my guns doesn't take the guns offline for 5 seconds here but I figured that ahead of time you can also do I believe ctrl R is the hotkey for reloading it's always a good habit after every combat to go ahead and reload all your weapons so that when you get into the next combat you'll start off full so I'm missing a lot missing lot there you go starting to hit as I close it I don't have to get to 1,700 but again if I get to within 1,700 then my mischance will go very low oh my god there's tons more opponents so again I'm gonna double click I can't lock on to them yet I'm just gonna double click so I start moving towards and I do have my afterburner on I mean hit ctrl R to reload because I mean it's well I got nothing else to do right now that's a quite a bit of an enemies over there but I think we'll be ok so we'll prep will tell ok orbit and yet the lock target just lit up so I'm gonna hit that because within range in fact I'm gonna go ctrl click ctrl Kip I'm gonna lock multiple targets I'm just gonna shoot at the closest one I'll wait till we're a little closer just to avoid burning and Oh for no reason try to lock onto the fourth target I'm not gonna be allowed to my current skill slash ship slash whatever only allows me to lock three targets at a time but it's very easy to get a skill so you can lock more target not there's not much point or reason to lock more than this I find it convenient so all right we're closing in a little bit here we're gonna start firing at this guy boom boom boom he's a larger ship as well so it's gonna be easier for us to hit him ship size is a big part of the game um okay he's dead so the next ship here I'm gonna hit f12 start shooting it I'm also gonna say hey I'd like to orbit this guy if I take a quick moment if I open my ship fitting under defense not defense under targeting there's a value here that's signature radius it's effectively how big your ship is and how easy it is to hit so different ships have different signature radii and that will make them easier or harder to hit again range lateral speed all those things come into play you don't have to like care about those numbers right now but it is very interesting again that it's there and later on when you're trying to be an expert and be like the best pvp or you're really gonna want to sort of like min/max those numbers just to take advantage or as a bunch of stuff as possible here for now we're just gonna keep blowing up these big ships and it's slightly too over long in my opinion tutorial on the other hand one of the reasons I think they may give you this many targets each one of these ships is giving you money they all have a bounty so these bounties this ship here has a 10,000 pound each every time we kill one of these it gets added to our bounty queue bounties get paid off at regular intervals so you don't get the money instantly but you'll get it within probably a few minutes and it will just accumulate all the bounties so the next time we get a bounty tick we'll get 30 or 40,000 dollars or whatever it is depending on how the time you worked out all right everything's been cleared up we do have some extra cargo here there we go civilian afterburner again anything what the word civilian is basically has no value but I will give you a slight hint here if you can collect another civilian afterburner or two it'll actually make a step in a coming career thing slightly easier I'm gonna see if I can snag a second one I guess we have one on this ship so that because I have a civilian afterburner equipped just in case you were wondering you quit me more than one afterburner does not help so I'm gonna pick up another one over here there you go and I won't bother again they basically have no value but that's fine they're too close this do the next agency mission and now your career awaits so this mission is gonna ask us to travel or to to travel to a place where a career agent will be so we're going to go and and complete the step of traveling there in this episode so she says in the agency go to the agents and missions tab okay then go to the career agents tab now there's mission agents and career agents and the way they work is fairly similar career agents are basically mission agents that are sort of more tutorial they will introduce you to various game concepts and career agents also give you free stuff lots of money some free ships that are appropriate for the various roles some some various modules and various things like that do there's five different career agents there's business exploration industry and military and an advanced military do each one of these first of all it's a great way to learn secondly oh my god you're gonna get so much free stuff it's amazing I think you can actually do each one of these three times each and it may be worth doing that just to just start things off the very least do each one of them at least once because yeah it will really get you set off each one of these happens to be in the same area they're all in the CalSTRS system which is three jumps away if we see here and specifically in the counselor system they're all at the federal Navy Academy where are we is a great question we're gonna answer that next time hint we're in the stirrup in system so next episode we're gonna talk about navigation we're gonna get our way over here how to navigate the map of the galaxy check it out here's we are here here's we are yes good English we're in the derping system zoom out zoom out zoom out zoom out zoom out zoom out these are all stars that you can visit all over the freaking place not only that but there's actually a bunch of stars that will import systems that will not be even listed on here because they're only accessible through wormholes and things like that there's so much in this game it's it's kind of obscene actually it's kind of amazing so we are gonna be doing a travel it's actually we're gonna be going to the Telstra system right over here that's what we gonna do next time folks and we're gonna start on the mining agents specifically which actually I say that I think it's the industry industry path over here which is gonna teach us about mining it's also gonna teach us about processing stuff as well as using blueprints to create items very exciting stuff and then I think after that we'll do exploration then after that maybe we'll do some more combat or something we'll see how it goes thanks for watching folks I'm gonna see you guys next time bye bye

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  1. Missiles "cant" miss no. but they have a, A maximum travel distance, and b, they can be shot down with defender missiles

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    i find the grid view way easier, you just quickly scan through for the icon of the thing you want..

    also, missiles cant "miss" per se… but they can be outrun, both in terms of their maximum flight time and they just become inert, as well as how fast the warhead explodes. for example, a larger missile will have a slower explosion velocity, which means if youre travelling faster than that, even if the missile hits you and denotes, the explosions flamefront is not fast enough to actually damage you.

    theres also explosion radius, and ship signature radius, which determines how much of the maximum potential damage you take.

  4. 👍 Useful.
    I always have to slow Quill's videos down to x0.75 speed, especially the tutorials. Great YouTuber, but man he talks fast (maybe everyone one does in Canada). Anyone else do this?

  5. Minor point about skillpoints: It's 256,000 SP for Spaceship Command level 5 – level 4 takes much less, something in the region of 50,000 SP. The display shows trained/total and not trained/next or even current progress to the next level which is kinda stupid.
    Also, I looked it up, the new reward for recruited new players is going to be 1,000,000 SP up from 750,000 which is quite a boost.

  6. A good quick way to add skills to the queue is to just double click the skill. Doing so will add the next skill level to the end of the queue.

  7. moar, moar. Just started myself on my own with the injectors week event going on. Wish you uploaded these a week prior. Oh, well. On a side note, learned so much from the tutorials that made my life so much easier. Thanks!

  8. Caldari use hybrids not projectile when it comes to turrets, but most of their ships have bonuses to missiles. Projectile is Minmatar, Energy turrets is Amarr. The other 3 can use missiles, and each has a missile centric boat or two, but nearly all Caldari combat ships have bonuses to missiles.

    Also, missiles can miss. The smaller your ship is, and the faster you're going, the greater the chances of that. It also depends on if you're being hit by the assault(rocket, ham, torpedo) or normal(standard, heavy, cruise) type missiles, and which size. The larger the explosion radius, the more it's spread out, so the less damage you'll take. The faster you are, the better chance you have of outrunning the explosion. It's similar to dodging turret fire. Not quite the same, but similar.

  9. Hey Quill18.
    I love most series you upload.
    I was wondering what happened to your Holy Fury series with the Extra Life donation names? It ended without end and my name was never used.

  10. AHHH GOD NO, I dont want to subscribe to EVE again ;_;. On the other hand, a corp ran by us would be kinda sweet…. I kinda want this

  11. Quill explaining why something he's showing might look different for us is the real first grade instructions

  12. For missiles (and torpedoes) there is a thing called 'explosion radius' and 'explosion spread speed'(? or something that was long ago). Same as big gunssmall agile ship comparison if your ship is tiny one with 20 active signature radius and torpedo explosion radius is 200, its explosion will deal only 1/10 of its damage. And if your ship is faster then explosion spread speed you may basically fly out of explosion damage even when hit.

  13. shoutout to all who now consider playing eve: the eve community is the online gaming worlds absolute cesspool of lowest disgusting people imaginable. some 90%+ are mentally unstable 40yo pedophile neckbeards living in their moms basement, the rest are even worse. you cant trust anyone, noobs are regularly farmed and hounded even im high sec space and disregard of what most recruiters will tell you, its unlikely you can afford to pay for plex from mining or somesuch.
    tl;dr: dont do it anon, its shit.

  14. Thanks quill. I have heard of this game before but never registered it. And then I saw your video talking about it. And for some reason I wanted to play it before even watching lol. Now after watching I do want to lol.

  15. So far all I'm gathering from this is you need Omega to do any of the advanced (fun) things…not a fan of freemium games…

  16. I actively play eve online with a small gang specialized corp out of a wormhole. I've tried many different parts of eve, but always felt that small gang pvp was the some of the most challenging and rewarding gameplay. It can also seem impossible for a new player to get into. If you wanted to ever make a video to help teach people those skills, I would love to take you on a roam through null sec, so you could get live comms of small gang warfare and tips from veteran players about small gang warfare. I think it would be great for a larger channel such as yours to show a side of the game many people dont know exists in capitals online.

  17. 28:30 Bounty "ticks" are paid 20 minutes after killing the first NPC.

    Also, what you call "lateral speed" is actually called "transversal"

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