Eve Online: Tutorial for Complete Beginners! - Ep 1: Starting from Scratch

Eve Online: Tutorial for Complete Beginners! – Ep 1: Starting from Scratch

hey folks quilling team here and welcome to an EVE online tutorial for complete beginners EVE Online is I mean it's by far one of the most epic sort of space simulator type games there is kind of bar none I've played tons of others have played semi elite I played the X series I played games from late like 20 ok thirty years ago honestly and really nothing matches up with EVE Online now it does have this kind of scary reputation that it is hard to play and hard to understand as a result of having unbelievable depth and breadth of gameplay and that is those things are true it's it's it's not so much that it's hard to learn really but it can look very imposing at first and it is a game where you are will always be learning if you played this game for a thousand years there's always something new that you're gonna be learning about it but that doesn't mean it's hard to get started the other things that people always say about Eve is that it has brutally unforgiving player versus player conflict as well as complex corporate politics you got to get involved these big groups of people to navigate now it is very true that the most epic stories to come out from Eve involve massive player versus player and corporate espionage and politics and all those sorts of things and they are an unbelievably cool part of the game if you want to get involved with that but there's no reason that you have to you can still have a ton of fun in EVE Online playing on your own or maybe just with a couple of friends in the middle corporation all kinds of different things that you can do for those who don't know EVE Online is now it is free you can download it for free either from the EVE Online website or from Steam and you can play for free there's no monthly fee either now if you don't play a monthly fee you're known as an alpha clone in the game and there are some restrictions to some of the things that you can effectively learn and develop the thing is you're not really gonna bump into those limitations for a very long time you won't really notice the difference between alpha and omega which so if you have a subscription to eve you are known as an Omega clone and it opens up a few more skills a lot of them are going to be like sort of later game for the most part so if you want to try you can do it totally for free there is a link down the description box to my or the description box yeah – my recruit a friend for this game if you follow that to create your account I believe what'll happen is you'll get there'll be the info on that page your account you'll get a whole bunch of extra skill points and I get something – I don't remember what it is though Plex something you look on the page and then you know trigger it off that's fine but that's it it's not it's not an affiliate link I'm not getting paid for anything like that but if you are gonna sign up to Eve you probably want to sign up with a recruit a friend link from someone because it gives you a nice little kick start with that in mind what we're gonna do is we're gonna start and create a brand new character over here this is on an alpha account ie one that is just free that I'm doing here um there we're gonna start off we're gonna go through the initial tutorial it's very recommended by the way when you play do the tutorial and then you're also gonna want to do something called the career agents and we'll look at those when we get into the game the the tutorial + the career agents which are effectively sort of an extended tutorial will teach you like the vast majority of everything you need to know in the game as well as it's gonna start you off with a bunch of money a bunch of free ships a bunch of extra equipment and module through ships you do not want to ignore those career agents because they are just like wow this is a hell of a good way to get started in the game the first episode here in fact most likely the first two are gonna be me going through the tutorial now in a real life you can burn through the tutorial in five or ten minutes if you know what you're doing but here we're gonna be explaining a lot of extra steps giving you some context and everything now if you feel that you don't need the tutorial itself the initial game tutorial covered you can skip to what will probably be episode 3 where I suspect we'll be doing the mining career agent and learning about mining episode 4 I will probably be doing the exploration career agent and learning about exploration which honestly is one of my favorite parts of EVE Online I freaking love the exploration mechanics I find they're so interesting there's so much to do the pure exploration the hacking that this of that oh it's wonderful and then after that the Potemkin maybe some of the questions the comments we can cover some extra some extra combat things although the tutorial sort of teaches you the combat we can talk about more things like configuring your ship and whatnot what we're gonna do we're gonna get there and wait to try to avoid going for 10 minutes without playing the game let's go ahead and make our very first character when you make your first character you will be asked to choose an empire to start as it is interesting it actually does say choose an empire to explore over here which presumably is because then you'll get a little bit more flavor there's basically no difference of what you pick for an empire it'll mostly just affect your starting area and your initial sort of starter ships that you'll have access to as far as I know even with alpha clones these days you are not limited to ships of only your empire I do not believe that applies anymore but do check the comments down below this is a guide for complete beginners and I'm still partially a beginner as well so I'm expecting lots of good clarification in the comments and do check for that but basically your choice of empire is gonna have almost zero impact on your your eve online experience over the course of the game that is really it so when you're starting off maybe you know take a look at like hey which one's got the coolest looking ships which ones are you most interested in you can also take a look at their offense and defense portfolio for example called re ships tend to favor missile weapons and defending themselves with shields as opposed to the Gallente for example that use blaster weapons and drones and defend themselves with armor and so on and so forth there's also a little politics tab here so you can get the sort of the flavor of the Empire and what their deal is the Ammar over here we reclaimed the universe in the name of God yeah they're they're kind of uppity over here these guys so there's a little bit of flavor if you're a more into role-playing and different things like that you can do it I'm going to start for this tutorial as the Gallente because these are the people I've actually had the most experience with I actually enjoy playing as them quite a bit I think they're the backstories kind of neat I kind of like the ship design as well they've got a lot of these sort of asymmetrical ships that are kind of nifty and I like their area of space so I'm gonna go ahead and loosely with Gallente so then you choose your bloodline here which has again very little change on on gameplay whatsoever it says right here influences your character's appearance only does not affect access to skills or ability it was really don't stress about that you could pick your whole character set up at random and I won't will hardly have an impact in your character I'll just go ahead and choose a this fella here from the main Gallente bloodline that's going to be fine do the people single mentor Gallente I'm assuming Gallente but maybe I should have checked that before I got started hey here's her character creation screen over here I'm just going to go ahead and land my Z's various things because we're gonna get into game as quickly as possible but there's a lot of character customization wow this guy looks like he's out of a bad 80s movie I love it I love it it's so terrible oh he's wonderful oh good stuff in the game I believe you can change your hair and your clothes fairly freely but if you want to do like changes to your face structure which by the way you can click and drag these things and have some pretty dramatic changes to your character's appearance I think there you may have to spend some money for like you know cosmetic surgery basically but here's the thing about your character appearance it's mostly not going to come up the thing with your character is basically right over here this is gonna be your icon and chat and that's basically the only thing your character appearance has any real impact on here in EVE Online because mostly you just gonna be flying around a ship like that is a bad dye job I love this guy so much I'm so entertained by this fella so there we go you're also going to choose your ancestry and your education again very very little impact on anything over here it's gonna there's sort of a starting start incorporation in this game you will always be in a corporation if you're not in a player on corporation you'll be sort of in a kind of generic e NP c NP c stands for non player character by the way NPC corporation it's not it's not a real corporation but in as part of the gameplay you're always part of something so this will have a bit of an impact let's say we were activists and we're gonna join the federal Navy Academy over here and our name is gonna be because we're gonna be playing solo we're gonna be quilt solo not Han Solo but quill solo over here check availability excellent we're good that's gonna be my character boom this is what other pilots are gonna see us as eight I look real cool here done and done and with that we're gonna jump into the actual tutorial over here well go I'm gonna go through all the tutorial steps I may paraphrase some of the instructions that way what the idea is when you play through and you do the tutorial itself read all the text from their point of view of the tutorial combine that with what you heard me say and hopefully between the two you won't be too confused so here's your vessel in a second auras gonna talk to us hello captain I realize is your first flight but I'm receiving a distress signal in your vicinity it appears to be a Concord research vessel under attack from secret drones the distress signal says they have data vital to fighting the seeker threat we should investigate this captain uh-oh turns out the ship has been destroyed vessel has been destroyed but we may still be able to recover the data they mentioned first let's try find in the reckon space so aura here is gonna tell us how to navigate our view if you left click and drag which is what she's telling us to do here you can look around this way she doesn't tell you to do this but the mouse wheel lets you scroll in and out which is what I'm doing here now for me the default zoom behavior is kind of inverted from what I like when I scroll the mouse wheel to me it goes kind of backwards by the way you can play this entire game literally with just the mouse you'd never have to touch the keyboard at all if you wanted to if like me you feel that the zoom direction is inverted if you hit escape you're gonna bring up the option screen over here if you go to display and graphics the first tab and go down to invert zoom direction so I have that enabled because to me this is the quote/unquote correct zoom that I expect over here so I've gone ahead and enabled that as far as I know most of every other room one of my settings should be pretty close to default so we should hopefully get a fairly similar experience in there all right so auras telling us that the wreck may be detected by my sister or the wreck has been detected by my systems pick out the wreck and select it so you can focus your efforts on it so she just wants us to be able to select the wreck now in this tutorial there's this little pop-up to lead you to the wreck normally you won't have something like this to sort of guide you visually oh and if you hold down the the mouse button the left mouse button on an object you'll get this this pop-up this contextual menu pop-up I personally don't care for this I tend to not use this pop-up it is kind of quick if you like if you're getting you know sort of meso memory and you know what the direction the various things are it's cool but I'm like what does this icon mean I don't what's a plus oh look at okay you can right-click and get all this as a text thing so here's the other thing that I tend to do again I hit escape I go to I think it's general settings yeah right over here open the radial menu that's what that is when you when you left click and hold on something the radial menu you can change the delay personally I just set this in my middle mouse button because I basically never click that that's what I do a lot of people really like the radio menu you might love the radial menu so I encourage you to not necessarily do this right away I'm gonna do it because for my particular preference about how I use the interface I don't like it because I tend to like left-click things too long and things pop up when I don't want it and whatever so now I can left-click to my heart's content and that menu doesn't pop up it's just personal preference okay so she wants us to click this rec so we're just gonna go ahead and click this rec now it is selected over the top right corner this little window right over here see that I'm selecting this shows your current selected item so it's normally docked or right over here you can move these windows pretty freely if you'd like to adjust your view I'm gonna leave it there for now anyway that's normally way to leave it so we've got this item selected so now aura wants us to approach the rec with the with something selected you get a variety of buttons so there's an approach button which is what aura wants us to click here the other thing you have to remember you can't basically right-click anything in the game and you'll get a menu that lets you do stuff so for example if I were to right click on this battleship wreck I could also approach it you do not fly ships by hand in this game you mostly give your ship commands there is one way I will technically tell you that you can sort of pilot your ship by hand oh it's covered right now there's there's a button for first person camera and if you've in first-person camera like this you can technically use the arrow keys to pilot around but it's not very useful and it's not very useful for a variety of different reasons um EU online is not a twitchy fast game you can you're gonna take your time you're gonna tell your ship what you're gonna do and you can just sort of sit back and lean back and things will happen now sometimes there are some high-pressure situations especially if you do player versus player combat but it's not one of these like you don't need a joystick in fact I don't think the joystick would do anything in this game for example and whatnot so I'm gonna right click on this and my shoes approach and then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put the selection window back over here which is where I like to have it so I'm gonna approach the battleship she just wants us to get close and then we're gonna be able to get a little bit of data out of this does a little indicator here as well you can stop your ship this button right over here lets you stop your ship so whenever we get close enough and the pop-up will change what can stop the ship that way this is a place where the bored shortcuts very handy the default command to stop a ship I believe is ctrl + spacebar you can check your your shortcuts over here in the escape and then hit shortcuts you can check all your various key binds over there if you want to know what something is so I'm just gonna hit stop the ship here because I'm pretty sure our momentum is gonna carry us long enough there it is and that's gonna be okay excellent so we've done that now we're about to be attacked so aura was able to download the core that's great but wait there's an enemy incoming enemy drone some people might panic at this point we're actually okay at this point we're encouraged to look at the overview the overview see we're gonna get shot it's fine it's fine look this is our health over here we've got our structure our armor and our shields our shields are taking a little bit of damage let's not worry about it for a bit here's the overview so the overview shows you all kinds of stuff in space that's nearby this is a lot handier than trying to desperately look around and see what the heck's going on you look at the overview hmm something's in red red is bad this is a bad guy so she would like us to approach this enemy so that we're quite close to it okay I will do that I will right click and choose approach this is not often what you're gonna do going into battle you're not normally gonna approach someone like with just the approach command but we'll see now here's the thing we're actually gonna want to do she wants us to orbit this enemy over here so this is our enemy again I'm not panicking we got lots of health don't worry I'm gonna right-click this enemy to orbit it again there's a bunch of different ways to do it I could find it visually this way and try to right-click it but that's I mean that's that's difficult to do the other thing if you do have it selected for some reason like we do over here there's an orbit button on your selected items list very handy but the other thing and this again right click on all the things hey there's a bad guy I'm going to right-click him I'm gonna choose orbit and I'm orbiting at 500 meters so now our ship is gonna just try to spin around orbit around fly around this thing in a circle now she doesn't really explain to you why this is handy um we're gonna get to it in a moment but there's two reasons you're gonna want to orbit someone in combat one is you're gonna try to keep them within optimal range of your weapon and what your optimal range is it's gonna vary wildly depending on your ship and your setup and all kind different things the other thing is when you are moving specifically when you're moving sort of sideways relative to someone right if you're moving directly towards or away from them then this doesn't apply but if you're moving in some way vaguely sideways to them which we are if we're gonna be orbiting you're actually slightly harder to hit when you're moving to the side so anyway this is why you tend to orbit people in combat hey she wants us to lock to target now we're gonna right-click on this target or right-click on the seeker over here and choose lock target no we could have also hit this button here which is grayed out now because we're currently locking the other thing you can do is you can control hold control on the keyboard and click on something to lock it which is my personal favorite way to do it because it's super fast you just hold ctrl and click you click look like you can lock multiple targets how many targets you can lock is gonna be dependant mostly on your skills and various things but we'll get to that later now that we have the target locked and selected and note it take it took a couple of seconds for us to lock this target now we can start shooting now here we have our weapons this over here is our phaser our only actual weapon over here these are various modules we have a minor like a tool that we can mine asteroids and we have an afterburner that can increase our speed but we have one weapon here a civilian Gatling gun with our target selected if I click on this you'll start to see turns green and it starts to wrap around in circle every time a circle completes our ship is gonna shoot we can just barely see see little beams coming out of our ship there it is it's just shooting away and we had a little bit of info here if we're hitting them or grazing them or missing or doing whatever I'll show you a cool trick if we right-click on the seeker and click track what it's gonna do our ship is here and the camera will keep pointing at the enemy ship over here we've also right-click and choose look at and what it'll do the camera will actually move away from our ship and be looking at the enemy ship instead anyway we've gone ahead and blown up the ship congratulations your first taste of combat great work time to go home I'll need you to dock at your home station where I will transfer the covered data to Concord so she's pointing out the square icon here in the overview if we look over here at Europe at 7:00 now you will probably have a different station because you might start in a different area you may have picked a different empire or even possibly the different backgrounds may have led you to be in the different area so you might not be in Derbent but I am over here but most importantly this square the square thing this is a big station so what we're gonna do is we're we're gonna right-click on it and she wants us to choose doc now doc is actually gonna do three things for us I'm gonna go I'm gonna hit stop here so that we're not moving so I can give you I'm gonna tell you the step-by-step process that doc is gonna do for us in one convenient step but what we have to do it's very far away there's a distance meter for all these objects here dirt pot 7 is 13 per point to a you away a you means astronomical units and that is the distance from the Sun to the earth that is a very far away we can't just fly there at a normal rate we're gonna have to warp there instead is what we're gonna do and that goes very very fast but warp goes in a straight line to your target you can't interrupt the the warp you have to pick a specific known target you can't just fly willy-nilly you warp to it when you arrive you drop out of warp and you're there so the first thing that happens to get somewhere is you're gonna have to align to it if I right click and choose align to all that's gonna happen here is my ship is gonna face that object which is what's happening there so we are now facing that object next what's gonna happen is we are going to warp to it now we can work to a particular distance I can say hey warp to 100 kilometers away but we're gonna want to work right on top fit warp to 0 meters boom we're gonna do this warp drive active so normally when you right click and choose warp the first thing we do was applying you to the target but we've already lined but normally you wouldn't bother doing the align manually unless they're very specific things they're very specific cases where you might want to live that's what that's much later topic so by right-clicking on something and saying warp to it your ship would automatically first online and then start the warp and then once we're here we're once again gonna right click on this station now you can right click on it interview or in your overview over here and we're going to choose dock now see it's grayed out because I'm still warping if I right click again now that I'm done warping dock is available again it's worth noting that I don't have to have done the align or the warp to do this if I had just clicked right click dock from the start my ship would have automatically would have automatically warped and now we'd be docking but I want to show those individual steps over here so we're now gonna dock to this giant space station Oh ho-ho looks really cool and depending on exactly where we warped to it can take a few seconds before we actually get pulled in but there we go we are now docked to this station this is currently our home station stations are where you can store your ships and assets while not in use repair your ship and safely use your content finder the agency to uncover opportunities new me even so she wants us to open our agency screen what I'm gonna do is I'm just going to minimize aura for a second and we're gonna talk about a few more things on the screen over on the left this is what they call our Neo comm over here and this is where you can access tons of different windows of different things for example aura over here she got minimized to that bar that's all right over there we got a chat window going on but you are automatically again I mentioned earlier you're automatically part of a special sort of rookie corporation when you join in so we got a corporation over here and there's chat inside of this corporation there you also get automatically added to the rookie help channel which is what's going on there if you don't want to be in this channel you can right-click it and close it but I definitely recommend leaving this on of course these windows can all be dragged and resized so you can see things a little bit easier you can see all the names of the pilots that are in here wonderful stuff we're gonna go ahead and just bring this quite down over here there's also local chat this is for the system that you're in so people just pilots that happen to be in the system that you're in can have a little chat in there as well we're gonna go ahead and shrink this quite down right now because I mean I could minimize it but I'm just gonna do this for now that's gonna be okay so the neocon all these little icons over here can also be accessed through the menu on the top this little key button over here if you click on this you get a full menu ashes in a way which is a little bit annoying a full menu with many different categories worth of stuff and everything that you see here is in this list somewhere and we can add to it like for example this little help there's a little help button over here we can open the help we can close the help excellent I right-click on this I can go ahead and close no that's weird how come I can't remove this oh maybe I can't I can't remove the shortcut maybe during the tutorial that's interesting okay this is the map button I'm gonna go ahead and right-click it and remove this shortcut I no longer have the map as a shortcut over here if I go into the menu and find the map which happens to be in this first category activities and map I can right-click it and say oh did you add the shortcut back over here lovely you can also click and drag to reorder things very handy dandy okay so I just want to talk a little bit about that we're gonna or most of these buttons for now there's some good stuff hey your inventory that's pretty good ship fitting hey do you want to find out about your ship let's take a quick little peek if we click on fittings there's gonna be dealt with later in the tutorial but this is our ship right here this is a voucher this I'm flying a belter because I am Gallente if you're a different Empire you will get a different starting Corvettes as far as I know all the court starting Corvettes are equivalent or basically equivalent we have a civilian Gatling gun installed which we just used to blow up those ships we have a minor component for mining asteroids which we'll use later and we have an afterburner that the game will teach us how to use relatively soon we also get a bunch of stats on our ship over on the right side which we can expand we're gonna ignore those for now I'm just gonna close this window and I will finally click this agency button over here the agency is a handy dandy little place where you can find stuff to do in the game this there's this home page over here and then there's the tabs at the top so agents and missions encounters you want to do exploration do you want to do resource harvesting like hate you want to mine asteroid belts a little quick and handy ways to find all those things for now the game wants us to go to the tutorial over here which is what we're gonna do and we're gonna do the first step of this tutorial begin the investigation long-range scanners to firm the presence of seekers those are those drones at a strange record site clearing them so investigators can move in is your mission we're gonna activate this tutorial step there we go now whenever you're on any kind of mission you'll get a little bit thingy over here tracking your current mission and telling you what your current step is so our mission is begin the investigation we have to get the space to do that we have to undock now the tutorial is given this to pop up here and saying hey click this button to undock you can always do that you can always hit this as well there's a little shortcut over here for your current mission that makes it quite easy for you to see what the next thing is stealing spree over here depending on when you watch this video may or may not be a thing this is sort of a daily little challenge for people we're just gonna go ahead and hide that for now and you can do that you can you can hide any of these by clicking on the little name and if ever you're on a mission you want to stop there's a little button here to do this so I'm gonna go ahead and undock as instructed doo doo doo take some moment there we are lovely so we're now in space and we need to travel to the mission location when you're ready begin your mission walk to the mission site using the warp to location button on the info panel in the top left so right over here there's a shortcut to walk to location you can only warp I think I mentioned this you can only warp to like a thing that you know about you can warp the things on your overview over here simply by picking something and right-clicking on it they have to be at least 150 kilometers away so I wouldn't be able to say it warp to any of these as an example the otherwise you can't just warp to an arbitrary point in space unless you've bookmarked it but that's for something later on so the only way we can get to the site for this mission is by clicking on this button here which is what we're gonna do so we're gonna click on that our ship will automatically align to the destination which is what it's doing here and then it will initiate the warp so I think it's gonna send us I'm not sure if it's sending us there or not don't worry about hitting things once you go to warp you are I don't know in the phase state of reality or something I don't know you're in hyperspace or something so you can't actually collide with anything during war but that's perfectly fine note that while you can technically collide with things when you're just flying around which will sort of stop you you won't take damage from collisions as far as I know if there's if there is ramming damage in this game I am not aware of it alright Bruins sleeper in clave seems someone attacked it very strange to view items in space hold down the left mouse button and move your mouse around to rotate your cameras yes I can look around here I'm gonna zoom out a little bit that is kind of an impressive building that's all smashed up this game does look lovely they're seekers here our mission is to eliminate them so we got bad guys we've got two different bad guys over here so again she's talking about approaching in all this what I'm gonna do first of all is I'm gonna use ctrl and click on the first seeker and then the second seeker just target both of them again I'm not worried these guys aren't gonna kill you it's a tutorial you're gonna be fine the thing is with missiles we're taking a little shield damage but we're okay we're gonna hit I've targeted both of these so they're both locked I can toggle my selection this way or by clicking over here either way is fine this first guy I'm gonna go ahead and approach rather than approach and then orbit I'm just gonna click this orbit button or right-click and choose it orbit either way you want is fine and your ship will approach to move into orbit and then with this thing locked on I'm now gonna go ahead and hit my gun here note that there is hotkeys for this the civilian rat the Gatling railgun is hotkey to f1 you can see the little tooltip here so if I were to just hit f1 or click either way my Gatling gun would begin to fire so that's what we're gonna do over here and we're gonna shoot on the ship pewpewpewpewpew just wait a second for this to happen I want to talk about optimal weapon ranges and things now this game is not all about combat the tutorial is teaching you combat because it's a good way to learn about navigation and also you don't want to get into a fight and not know what to do but you can go a long time without getting into any real combat so that one's dead so I'm gonna now say I want to or 'but the second one and i'm gonna go ahead and target with my Gatling gun on the second ship over here there it is you can view for flavor here looks cool but I mean I could look away I could at this point I could like be checking my email or something yeah okay that's a really bad thing to do in combat but I'm very confident that we're gonna win this one so I'm gonna do that yeah you can see things going back and forth there's all sorts of different information flavor about the different fights notice we're getting money added to our next bounty payout by killing these bad guys here now these are non player characters um there tend to be referred to in the game as rats which I think may have been sort of short for like pirate you know PI rats rats something like that so if Tommen talks about ratting in the EVE Online they're talking about going around and blowing up these non player character enemy ships and there's no experience points in this game in any way whatsoever there's no you're not getting you're not going to grind XP by killing bad guys but you are going to get a few things first of all you're going money from the bounties that have been placed on these generic bad guys which is great the other thing is you might be able to loot them the tutorial here doesn't cover this part at this time but if you look in the overview you can still see if I expand this is especially let me move this a little so we can see see these guys have left Rex behind and see how these icons they have a little square in them and if I mouse over it says contains loot item if I go I can go and loot this guy now there's a few different ways to do it you can right-click and say open cargo the other thing you can do is at this point if you just double click on a wreck it's the same thing as opening cargo now you have to be quite close to open a cargo I think you have to be within 2000 meters ie 2 kilometers but if you just double click or if you click and choose open cargo and your ship will do the right thing it says cargos too far away alright ship is on automatic approach so it's gonna automatically my ship is gonna turn around and fly towards its target now we're not at the portion of the game where it talks about the afterburner yet but I'm gonna go and turn on the afterburner and this is gonna almost double my speed you can see in this tooltip my maximum velocity without afterburner is 350 meters per second with afterburner its 542 so we're going to move a lot faster with this afterburner on here so – let me close the difference the distance these guys now we're gonna check the loot now when you're doing the tutorial do not stress about looting these guys because all their loot as far as I know is not going to be something that you can necessarily use or sell in fact I think they may all contain a civilian afterburner but we will learn about looting over here Oh bits of metal scraps hey that actually has a little bit of value not much but some so this is what the the wreck contains this metal scrap over here now and over on the left here is my ship quill solos of a looter my fellow turns my ship and this is specific my cargo bay I can put things into my cargo bay two ways one I can grab the metal scrap and just drag it over the other thing and this now it's just my inventory the wreck is is closed we're not looking at it the other way which I will demonstrate on this second wreck who also has metal scraps this is a button down here for loot all and I clicked that so now all the loot all three metal scraps so one stack of one and one stack of two is now in my inventory so not worth much but hey we've done it and that's pretty cool these wrecks are still here but they're empty they no long I have a square in them if we mouse-over it says it's empty the wrecks day around though if we had a salvage module on our ship we'd be able to strip apart these wrecks for potentially some extra loot and once the wrecks have been salvaged then they go away they also timeout after a while anyway we have successfully completed this mission or are now wants us to open the Neo comm or go to the Neo calm click the agency button and accept the next step in the tutorial fortress in the rocks sounds great to me let's go ahead and do that so now we have to warp tune you a location I will go ahead and do this my afterburners still turned on as I go into warp it will turn off most modules cannot run during warp so they will automatically go ahead and be turned off along the way maybe there is C it's off now that we're actually entering the warp drive or the warp state room man this game does look good by the way ctrl f9 hides the user interface great for screenshots but you can take the print screen or f2 if you're on Steam really good I've taken so many screenshots of this game it's like I don't know why I don't think I'm gonna share them with anyone necessarily but there you go let me let me bring this window down a little bit this is a little too big covering things up a whole position captain sleeper sentry towers have been deployed you'll need to use weapon range and fall-off here I'll assist you if you I've highlighted the closest target in your overview look at the distance column to see how far it is from your ship okay so this sentry Tower is highlighted in blue because of the tutorial we are currently 11 kilometers away from the Sentry tower and 25 from the next one so the distance to your target has a major impact on how effective your turrets are mouse-over your turret and see the optimal and fall-off range of your weapon so my turret here is the civilian Gatling railgun as a fall-off range of 70 let's call it 70 400 meters and an optimal range of 50 250 300 something like that they don't really talk about what this means over here other than you want to be in optimal range to fight and that is true ideally there is your weapons can miss sometimes they hit sometimes they miss there's actually quite a number of things that can affect whether or not your weapons hit or miss one of the big things though is range assuming no one is moving assuming everyone is just standing still if you're within optimal range your weapon will never miss if you are further than optimal range then your fall-off range starts to come into play where and that tells you sort of a hint as to your accuracy basically if you're more than fall-off range I think outside of your optimal then you're at least 50% chance to miss and it just goes down like that don't worry about the specific numbers or the math that runs it right now but the thing to know is if you're with an optimal range you're gonna hit a lot okay depending on how other ships are moving they may be able to still dodge even within optimal range but with an optimal range you will hit most of the time and if you're just outside of optimal range by a little bit you're still gonna be okay it so happens now depending on who you're playing as you may have different weapons with vastly different ranges on your personal ship this one here has a range let's call it about five kilometers so we would like to be within five kilometers so that we are within our optimal range and we're hoping and we could get closer but it's not gonna help us and for all we know these guys have a super short-range weapon so we don't want to get any closer than we have to so first I'm gonna do is I'm going to target this guy so again ctrl-click is one way to do it it's the fastest way you can also left click and lock target or if you select it you can always hit this button so I'm gonna lock this target and then what I'm gonna do is I want to orbit it to 5,000 so again you can right click either on it here in the overview or here if you want and choose orbit and choose 5,000 the other thing you can do is hit this button here now this button is set to your default orbit range which starts off at a thousand thousand meters is too close it's closer than we need so here's what I'm gonna do I mean I right-click over here I'm gonna choose orbit but rather than choosing 5,000 I'm gonna way down here and set the default orbit range to 5000 for this ship the way I have mine designed or the way it was set up for me here 5,000 is an ideal optimal range for combat so I'm gonna set that and now this button seat says 5,000 meters now if I just click this it'll go to 5,000 meters which is what I want I'm also gonna start shooting so I'm outside the optimal range right now so I might miss some there you go I did miss a little bit but there's still a chance to hit and as I get closer and closer the chance it's gonna get better this weapon here doesn't use any ammo so I may as well start shooting right away who cares and honestly a most pretty cheap you may as well start firing the second you have the option to do it so now we're gonna hit a lot more with the slightly outside of our optimal range but barely so we're gonna hit almost all the time wow we got hit there as well yeah I can right-click on this and say hey look at it's not my camera is around here well look at this thing it's kind of nifty groovy if you if you've done that you can right click anywhere you want and in this pop-up there's gonna be an auction look at my ship because I'm gonna go back to looking at my ship over here boom it's dead lovely so the second type of turret still up so I'm gonna select it I'm gonna orbit it at 5,000 I'm also gonna lock the target over here and I'm gonna start shooting now and will mostly miss until I get close to that 5000 meter range we're missing we're missing but that's okay and bullets are cheap and this gun doesn't even use ammunition so we're gonna go ahead and may as well start firing all right I'm gonna turn on the afterburner so we can close the distance a little faster I am impatient mr. Torrio's gonna be long enough as is oh my gosh with 37 minutes basically so we're going to be putting a cut in the date in this in just a moment here what we're gonna do is we're gonna continue this tutorial in the second part of this beginners guide series that I'm working on here we're gonna finish the in-game tutorial and again the the second the second video will end the tutorial the third video will be looking at the career agents and probably doing some mining if you're into that there's still a lot of interesting stuff that we're gonna take care of in just this normal tutorial come on blow it up already grrrrrr it is it's shields are down has basically no armor there we go finally dead done excellent captain oh you know what well no so what she's gonna want to do I think the next step is gonna be some skill stuff so that will definitely be a next time thing because skills and Eve are a really interesting concept and very different from basically every other game I'm just gonna go ahead and stop the ship over here and I'll wait here for you guys in part two again if you do want to sign up you recommend you use a invite a friend link I've got mine in the description box down below because it should start you off with some extra gear and whatnot and if you're new to the channel hey subscribe like comment favorite sacrifice a small animal I don't know whatever it all helps we don't know how YouTube works but we figure all those things probably helped I'm gonna see you next time folks bye bye

46 thoughts on “Eve Online: Tutorial for Complete Beginners! – Ep 1: Starting from Scratch

  1. Thank you so much for this! I have just started playing this game, and I felt I was missing a lot of information. Even though I have already done the tutorial, this guide covers so much more. I learned a lot! I had no idea that you could make those shortcuts like that. I also did not know you could target more than one thing at once. I already feel more confident of a player because of this 🙂

  2. I love all these people who say you'll hit alpha restrictions 'very soon' or 'almost immediately' but they're using eve timescale and you read their comments further and they mean 2 weeks/one month of playing. Expecially if you are only exploring the game, and you try a bit of everything, it may take even longer before you feel the need to omega.

    That said, everything that is based on PvP competition (not necessarily combat, like industry where you have to 'beat' someone else's prices on the market) is not going to earn you any money, omega clones are vastly superior in skills to alpha ones.

    And of course, one month is really a short time in the eve timescale. When I used to play you could say it took one year (assuming you don't know what to do exactly from the start) to build the so called core skills for flying sub capital ships…

  3. Awesome intro, but depending on a Capsuleer's career choice, one could run into the Alpha limitations rather quickly. I'm not criticizing those limitations, I understand why they are there. But it really only took me about two weeks to realize I wasn't going to have a good time mining or exploring J-Space as an Alpha. Not in the long run at least. But for dipping my feet in and testing the waters, it did me just fine.

    I went ahead and stopped watching after a bit so I don't know if you already covered it later on, but if not then it might be worth noting that Alphas have access to 20mil SP of skills, but can only use the skill queue out to 5mil (or so I've been told.) So in regards to corporations, it would be handy for rookies to get a feel for where they want to specialize before committing too many points elsewhere, especially if their new corp has a limited range of ships covered in its fleet doctrine. I put a lot (for the time) of points and ISK into Minmatar combat ships before I realized how perfect railguns and Caldari ships are for my fighting style.

    I'll shut up before I start rambling too long, but it's cool to see EVE is alive and kicking after 16 years or so, and cool to see people still putting out helpful guides for it as well. Rock on, and I'll see you out there in the Black. o7

  4. I played Eve at launch, was with the corp that built the very first battleship BPO in the game, the Scorpion, that Sin Corp and Moo Corp used in those heady early pkaying days.

  5. Think this video series has made me decide to give eve a shot for once. A friend gave me a ton of money when I started my account years ago but I barely played it at all. I’m not sure I even made it out of the tutorial.

  6. I haven't played EVE for almost 10 years. Do I want to play it again? Of course I do! Will I? I don't know. It is a MASSIVE time sink.

  7. Not gonna lie, if you want that 750k skill points you should make an account then use recruit a friend from that account to make another. The rewards you get from the recruit a friend are pretty amazing, like 350 plex (which is like 1.3ish billion ish or about 66% of a omega subscription) and 2 training boosters (200 mill) worth of stuff. If you buy plex you will get a skill extractor (worth 500 mill) So DONT USE quil18's code, make one yourself.

  8. I like quill, but I found the 'oh, use my recruit a friend link to get some free skillpoints, I am not sure what I get, something insignificant I do this for you' kinda cheap. You know well what you get, you're not dumb, quill 🙂

  9. Hey Quill, great video! Just curious though, whatever prompted you to make an EVE tutorial? To be honest, I didn't think you would ever come back to it after that Eve stream. 🙂

  10. "I'm gonna tell you the step-by-step process that dock is going to do for us, in one convenient step" – soooo, you're explaining it all in one go then? 😛

  11. "Some restrictions… won't really notice the difference" lol. Yes. Yes you will. Most guaranteed money you can make in EVE without having to move systems is mining. With an Alpha Clone you can ONLY use the Venture. Before I see replies of probably people saying fighting AI is the best way… I can make 100m+ per day in high sec mining. I like mining though.

  12. Hi, my name is Chazz and I used to be addicted to EVE online. living vicariously through Quill18. Can't risk going back into that hole again. 10/10 would recommend

  13. Always wanted to try this, everything I have seen on it looks nice. but I've heard of the new player slaughter that happens, I just want to fly around an mine, make money rinse an repeat. keeps watching

  14. Hey quill18 – If you are playing this game I can supply you with a free Absolution (I have the bpo for it). Let me know if you are intrested 🙂

  15. ouf, im at a point in my life where i dont have that kind of willpower to put into a computer game. Seems way too complexe, wish i had found out about this thing 10 years ago. Looks addictive af.

  16. Quill18 man im psyched, from a fellow Canadian the only two games i play are actually Dwarf Fortress and Eve! o7 from Alberta dude

  17. Picking an empire is mainly about the looks of your character. The options (aka races) are quite different for each Empire and your choice is final. So make sure to check them all before deciding.

  18. This will be interesting ^^, . I should play these games more, I have X3 on my computer, but haven't touched it for an eternity for some reason.

  19. Playing eve online is like peeling an onion as you go through the layers there are tears and when you get to the core you find more onion and more tears I love this game but I hate peeling onions

  20. Lost my pretty new and fancy ship to dcing back then (was a Drake if I remember right). Got mad and haven't touched the game since then. You aren't (or weren't back then) logged out for a while if you dc probably to prevent exploiting Alt-F4ing when you stumble into something you cannot handle. People will tell you that you shouldn't fly anthing that you can't afford to loose, which is correct. Also a warning to anyone wanting to dive into this: Anything any player is able to do to another is perfectly fine. Any scamming, harassment or general douchebaggery you can imagine in your wildest dreams is perfectly fine and encouraged even. Not saying there aren't fine people in EVE, but the amount of douchebags is above average in this game. You have been warned.

  21. I tried Eve online a while back. It was the most boring time ive ever spent in a video game lol. Guess not my type of game.

  22. It's simply not true that alpha is a proper free mode of which its limitations are not immediately felt. Right from the get-go, you are extremely limited as an alpha in Eve when it comes to making ISK (in-game money) and the kind of careers you can pursue. A mining and industry career is simply not viable as an alpha and you can only do missions up to level three. If anything, alpha is not more than a time-unlimited trial mode which is misleadingly advertised as a true F2P mode.

  23. Watched you for a long time, all the space games you play got me into the genre, which got me into the game. Im now a director of a 200 man null corp. Thanks Quill

  24. Also quite a few things wrong here, no offense Quill.
    You´ll notice the alpha limitations quite immediatly depending on what you intend to do.
    Mining? Only in a venture. Industry of any kind? Yea no. Cloaking? Forget it.
    PvP you can do fine and dandy, as well as some pve based mainly in shooting things.

  25. Started playing EVE again after a ~3 year break just a week ago or so. This game is really awesome. All the storys you can tell after playing it for a while. It's awesome! We should form the "Brussels Space Alliance" and cleanse some Wormhole and call our Homestation "Petra"! o/

  26. EvE was the strangest gaming experience I ever had. I started mining in hi-sec, then lo-sec, and I was approached by a friendly mining corp to help with their operation since I specced to drive freighters thanks to randomly finding one that was unmanned (weirdest thing). I had to move to their home base, and THAT journey was the oddest thing. It felt like packing and moving across the city. Had to skim through one nullsec gate, and that was scary since I was in my nice juicy freighter, but I made it through fine. When I arrived, I helped with several mining runs… until I got bored and left. It was… somehow fun and boring at the same time.

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