EQUIPPING Clay-Luigi with REAL CHAIN OF LIGHTS (Luigi‘s Mansion 3)

EQUIPPING Clay-Luigi with REAL CHAIN OF LIGHTS (Luigi‘s Mansion 3)

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create Luigi from Luigi’s Mansion 3, but that’s not all we will equip him with a real chain of lights to make him a real ghost hunter. Let’s get started! We’re creating Luigi from Luigi’s Mansion 3, which I haven’t played yet but I watched many many Let’s Plays because this game looked so adorable, so amazing! I played the other two titles in this series and I am looking forward to play it on my Switch in the near future. I haven’t bought it yet, but let’s focus on the creation because this one will make it to the shelf first, before I order a game. This is the armature with aluminum wire and we need dark blue for the trousers. Today’s creation is quite special in different ways. First we are equipping him with a real chain of lights in the final version, which looks amazing and second I am getting thirsty. Just kidding. I am planning to do a part two of this series, because I have still some plans with this character. I want to include him into a framed artwork. I have done that in the past for Marvel with Spider-man for example. And I want to create a beautiful scenery from Luigi’s Mansion 3. So, be excited about a part 2 of this video. These are the different or the main colors I am using. This is the grass green and the other one that is blue I think it’s just called dark blue. These are the main colors of Luigi very similar to Mario. If you have a green red color blindness. These are the shoes we are creating next. We are putting them onto the wire which looks weird. I don’t know why and the main part of this character is almost finished We are just adding some more details to the shoes. These are the soles. It’s caramel brown and adding also some details underneath which no one will ever see because this creation is standing, of course. Take some white for the gloves. These gloves are created a bit different to the hands in Fortnite skins like the Storm Knight, for example. I hope you liked that video from last week. The hands from the Storm King were created quite differently, but this one, Luigi’s hand I’d say this is the easiest way you could create hands by just cutting the fingers. You have these tiny tiny white dots. Three white dots and now we can start working on the stripes on the pair of braces. I think they are called just like that. Let’s add them to Luigi II that he won’t lose his trousers while going on a ghost hunt and then we can also add these tiny yellow buttons right in the front. It already looks so characteristic for Luigi and we’re ready to go into the oven. Freshly-baked Luigi still pretty hot and before we go on and create the head of Luigi… It is also available in our online store. The blueprint set.You get everything you need. You have the blueprint of course, the main colors and the chain of lights is also included. These are the colors which you don’t need that much. This is translucent green which gets a little bit transparent in the oven. clayclaim.com check it out if you want to buy this set or if you want to just have a look and then buy stuff by your own. It is available in our online store clayclaim.com Now we are working on the head. This is I think this is the favorite part of the creation. I don’t know why maybe because I didn’t screw up on this face. Because naturally, I’m really bad in creating human faces, but as Luigi is not really human well he is but he looks more like a cartoon character. This is the shiny detail in the eyes. I can’t screw up on cartoon characters. I think so. I hope. Well, you may judge, but human faces are a struggle and I talked about color blindness before. I have to make a confession. I have blue green colour blindness when it’s really dark. Yeah, I don’t know why. For example when I am playing board games with friends, or with my wife and it’s getting quite dark and you have a player which is playing blue and another player which is playing green, well, I am always playing green. I am always picking the green color in board games and always I mess these two colors up and we’re ready to go into the oven! Freshly-baked head! Why did I bake this… …lonesome head? Well, I wanted to save my progress because when for example making a hole to stick it onto the torso or working on the head on the cap or working on the hair for example, you screw up with the face. You are smashing it, you’re touching it and suddenly the cute little Luigi’s nose looks like a huge enormous Bowser’s nose, for example. This is the hair so I highly recommend baking it as much as you feel comfortable with it. This is a broken modelling tool. I’m not really sure if you have noticed that. In the latest video the one with the Storm King I used a new modelling tool. It’s still a secret because this modelling tool is breaking apart a lot. I asked a friend and she has… a manufacturing company creating tools and so we are working on our own modeling tool and this is so exciting that I am skipping talking about the chain of lights which I am demolishing right now. This is the translucent green. It gets a little bit transparent. We did a lot of transparent experiments in the Rippley tutorial as you know. We found some different unique materials to create Rippley. This is the translucent green and this is the starting point for the vacuum cleaner. This is grey. If you are buying the set in the online store you get white and black and well there is no grey included. Just take… the secret to a good a real proper grey is taking a lot of white but only a little bit of black. This is the red, Indian red. I think it’s called Indian red. I’m not really sure about that, but the real red the true red is included in this set and we make a very thin layer which is wrapping around the translucent green, because this is how it looks like. I will show you later an image of the vacuum cleaner Luigi is using and we have this great block of clay underneath and now we are working on all the details, the crazy details on the vacuum cleaner. For example, we have this wheel on each side, which is a layer of red, black and silver. Silver clay is also included. You only get that in the effect color set and make just very very thin worms. And we are attaching these on each side. Maybe we should remove this red piece of clay as well, yeah. That looks great. Now let’s take some more further silver clay for all the details on the down side of the vacuum cleaner. This is the part where the… What’s his name? I haven’t played the game, so I’m really sorry. Luigi has an alter ego in the game which is made just out of slime. A green version of Luigi which allows him to travel to some difficult areas in the levels. I am not really good at describing characters, am I? If you have seen some gameplay, you know what I’m talking about. So, this is the part where it comes out of the vacuum cleaner. We have some further details on this side of the machine and it looks nice. Look at that! Another very thin stripe of red clay. This is the handle right on top and we have some… this is apple green, yeah. Apple green and now this is the torch. Not torch, flashlight. I’m not really sure what I am talking about this evening. Sorry for that. It fits perfectly the light of the chain, chain of lights and we’re ready to go into the oven for the third time. Freshly baked parts of Luigi. Now the fun starts. We are going to assemble all these different parts and we start with the chain of lights. It still works before we screw up with that. Look at that! The translucent clay! It works! I take some superglue. Be really careful with the superglue. Please be really careful with superglue. This is the image I told you about. I take a straw and I’d love to take a silver straw, but as I don’t have a silver story I have just this stupid colorful straw, which well sometimes looks great in your drink, for example, but we take this we work with what we have and we cut the straw open just like that because it looks like the version in the image. The pipe, the tube of the vacuum cleaner and we glue everything right together. The wires we need to make some space for the wires and the final version looks just like that. Some super glue on the back of Luigi and we are almost done. We’re almost there. We just take some acrylic paint and we are coloring the tube from the vacuum cleaner with silver and the handle of the flashlight is going to be black with some tiny details. We have some silver details, but also some red. Now the hairdryer which makes the acrylic paint dry very very fast and we can add another layer that our colorful straw can be hidden underneath. So we have some red as well on the image. Let’s put these tiny tiny buttons right there. Oh, it already looks so amazing. I’m so so curious what it will look like. Well, we have this black outline on the flashlight. I’m so curious what it looks like when we switch the light on! Look at that! It’s Luigi from Luigi’s Mansion 3! I hope you enjoyed today’s video with Luigi from Luigi’s Mansion 3. Now if you want to build your own version, your own Luigi we have prepared the blueprints kit in the online store. Let’s see what’s included! We have all the main colors. You get a block each of these. Then we have for all the tiny tiny details. I included all the different colors. This one is the translucent green which gets a little bit transparent in the oven and the chain of lights is included, as well. And what’s missing? Well the blueprint, of course. So, I make sure that this one is included as well. Build your own Luigi clayclaim.com I hope you have a great weekend and take care guys. Bye! And now we are going on a monster hunt. Oh, no, I don’t want to go on a monster hunt Mario! This is the Italian accent. I’m not really good at that. Okay, you see now advertising his own stuff in each and every video he’s making! This guy is selling out. Come on ClayClaim! You’re better than that.

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