Epson Artisan 835 - HOW TO CLEAN PRINTHEAD-⬇️Link In Description ⬇️

Epson Artisan 835 – HOW TO CLEAN PRINTHEAD-⬇️Link In Description ⬇️

hey YouTube what is going on Brandon here with another printer video today we've got the Epson Artisan 835 basically if you're having any issues with your print quality or just a certain color is not printing and you're having those types of issues and you've already ran your maintenance this is another step that you can take to go ahead and restore your print quality so the first thing you're gonna want to make sure is that the printer is completely off you're gonna want to make sure that it's off and you're gonna want to have some supplies so you're gonna want to have basically and it's very basic and it's very inexpensive to do this rather than taking it to the technician you can go ahead and buy some isopropyl alcohol now the closer to 91% the better you're gonna want to have this and you're gonna want to have a syringe just like that okay a syringe like that will work and basically all you're gonna do it's very simple with this printer all you're gonna want to do is take your syringe I don't want to fill it up with isopropyl alcohol and then you're gonna want to have you're gonna want to bring it over here and put it on the knob on the nozzle like that you're gonna want to have a towel handy as well okay so if your print quality in general is no good you're gonna want to go over each nozzle just like this okay so you're gonna want to hold it down just like that and you're gonna want to push it from up here you're gonna want to push the isopropyl alcohol through so if it's just a specific color that you're having issues with you know just do that one color I wouldn't recommend doing all of them if you're just having one issue with one color but if you're like I said in general if you're having a general issue with your quality go over all of them and this is pure isopropyl alcohol that's what you're gonna want to use it's that simple guys that's that's basically all it is you do this two or three times make sure that you also are drying up this area if anything gets wet but you're gonna want to make sure to hold this down as tight as possible okay and use two hands when you're doing this obviously that's basically all you got to do there's no taking the printhead out there's no complication here it's just take out the ink make sure the printer is off and you're gonna go ahead and push some isopropyl alcohol through there you can find these types of syringes at your local CVS or on Amazon they're fairly easy to find they're not difficult to find there and they're very inexpensive this isopropyl alcohol as you see I got mine from CBS you know and you can pretty much find them anywhere you know Walmart very inexpensive and it works it really works so that's basically what it is if you have any questions at all make sure to comment below thanks for watching and until next time

7 thoughts on “Epson Artisan 835 – HOW TO CLEAN PRINTHEAD-⬇️Link In Description ⬇️

  1. Hi, I'm trying to find a link to the same product or the confirmation that this one works on Epson Artisan 830. Thanks.

  2. Not very informative and more video of you actually doing the steps to show what happens would sure help…PLEASE provide more information.

    How do you get a piece of paper towel under the print head when it's locked to the right hand side and will not move?

    I'm seeing nothing but air in the tubing on 2 colors from the cartridge installation area to the print head(s). This is obviously a problem. How do I get ink to flow into these tubes again?

    I'm not "forcing" the alcohol into the system using the syringe because there is a lot of pressure preventing me from doing so. I can hardly get an ounce or two to even go into the lines. So how are you able to put that much Alcohol into each line?

    Please provide some feedback and more video of the steps you're referring to.

    Anyone's help or feedback would be appreciated greatly.

  3. I have similar setup (PX820FWD) and the fluid does not move through the syringe and the tube, even after much pressure applied.

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