Epson Artisan 725 printer head cleaning fix

Epson Artisan 725 printer head cleaning fix

hey everyone this Mike I had some issues with my Epson Artisan 725 where I printed something and I don't print a lot with it but I printed something and it came out junking as you can see I've got bulk ink running to it so from time to time the head clogs up but I've actually printed a lot with this so it's not unexpected so here's how I fix it or here's how I try to fix it I turn the Machine off and as its turning off you can hear the carriage you know do its little movement I pull the power plug or you can hit you know clean the heads and when you hear it moving around you can pull the power plug that's just so you can move the head that won't be locked into position and you don't want to put too far back that way I think it's still a lot what you want to just get a paper towel and I tore off the end so it would kind of fit this way and then I'm going to fold it about the width of the bottom I'm trying nice crease it doesn't pop back open and we'll lay it down in there well first I'm using purple power and then I'm going to saturate this with purple power all right lay it down in there get it as close to the printer head as you can and then push it down so that you hopefully can move the printer head over it I don't know if you can see that in there I'm not sure if you can see this but it's sort you see it's already putting a lot of color on there and when it sits in one spot so what I'll do is I'll run it back and forth a little bit and then after we feel comfortable that we've you know and you might want to fluff it up a bit like lift one side and then push it across and then lift the other side lightly not hard you want to rip the paper towel okay so after after that I'm just calling it sit I might pull it through a little bit and get it to like a clean area and then saturate it a little bit extra and then put the printhead over top of that area so that's what we're gonna do we're just gonna let it sit for you know X amount of time hour 2 hours whatever and that will hopefully break down any of the ink that is dried on the head and then when I come back I'm gonna make another napkin our paper towel and put it in there and I run it back and forth across it then we'll try to print so we'll see how that works I have the kit that you take the ink cartridges out here yeah well you take the ink cartridges out and you hook a hose up to it you fill up the solution and you slowly push the solution through to where it cycles through and I never could get that to actually clean any of my printers because from here to the head it really I've never really had a clog it could I guess but I've never really had a clog their wear clogs is right at the exit point on the printer head where it it you know exposed the ink and that stops that ink can dry so that's the only part sheet and it creates a layer like a skin you know if it's sat for seven years yet could drive further back through the line but if it just sits for six months or a year you know I've had good luck with doing it like this so let's see how that works I'll come back when I do the rest of all right it's been a couple hours actually not sure how many probably see probably two hours yeah I know so I'll rip this paper towel I'm gonna go ahead and fold it up and get it ready now you know some people say this just isn't worth it you know it's just not worth it I'll pull this out cuz they blame it on the bulk ink and you know it could be the bulk ink that's clogging it but most likely it is but I don't use the printer every day I don't even use this printer every week I think if I had factory car keys in there it's still with start because when I use it all the time it works fine just hold it down feed it over you see initially got a bunch of them out there it's all that ain't coming off there then we'll pull it through huh I would think let me put it in the middle I'm gonna grab each side of this and actually lightly pull up on it rub it across there and from here we'll give it a try looks like we got it you'll get like a little excessive ink on the first print because what I did forget to do one day I'll show you that all right that's fine that's perfect no lines of course the lines in a space that you see if supposed to be there but there's no lines in this blue or the red wicked okay one thing I forgot to do and it's pretty important is open this back up and then take a dry yeah now up there just take a dry one dab it on there all right we're back in business I think I can show you what it printed before cuz my daughter had a school project let's go look shall we take it over here under the light that's the way it was printing before pretty use the roll in advance fluorescent lights and see if I could change the ISO while we're here maybe I can get it better better yeah so that's what I end up printing for and then after I cleaned the heads just doing the regular head cleaning that's the best I could get it and you see all the lines across there I need to try something that's black because that's looks like the black is what was worse let's go try some a black printer I have a backup and won't print and I think I want to make this one smaller just because it seems a yeah I buy this stuff by the gallon just keep filling this up and it's pretty good degreasing breaking down ink the main thing you want to look for it doesn't have to be purple power it can be a window cleaner it could be anything the best thing to do is find itself that's got ink on it yeah spray like Windex or whatever you want to try on rag see if you can wipe up the ink off the plastic if you can then it'll work yeah well all that tell it today we're cool hope this helps bring your printer back to printing really good you don't have to buy any expensive kits now if you do this and doesn't work you may have it may be jammed up somewhere else you might need to get one of those kits to push it through so hope that helps peace

14 thoughts on “Epson Artisan 725 printer head cleaning fix

  1. Thanks for the video. I did this but with rubbing alcohol. Worked a dream. (I didnt leave it for 2 hours though, as the alcohol evaporated quickly)

  2. I'm using Oil Eater cleaner degreaser (from Costco or Home Depot?) on a square of paper towel folded 4-ply to unclog the nozzles on my Epson Artisan 837. It works better than the stuff I bought on line.

  3. This worked like a charm on my Artisan 835 which had one blocked color. I just used isoprophyl alcohol and it got things working in about 5 minutes.

  4. Sad to say this didn't work for me on my Artisan 837. Wish it would have though. Looks like I may have to take it to the shop and have them replace the head on it.

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